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CDs are not convenient anymore. As any physical medium is not. With 5G we need more 24b/192kHz PCM streams and recording/mixing/mastering.
Anything else is a waste of time/resource/manufacturing pollution!

Reminded I bought a “DVD-Audio” disc once at a Best Buy.

I’ve been a huge fan of HDCD since I discovered it way back when. I’ve had about 3 CD players that decoded HDCD, including an old Denon DCM-370 which I use often. One of my 8 stereo systems throughout my house consists of a vintage Pioneer SX-780 receiver, Denon DCM-370, and Polk Audio Monitor 10B speakers, and I am always blown away at how incredible this simple system sounds!

I have an OPPO 103 as well and when I get to the part with the ISO2DSD program and enter the players IP address and select Sony DFS and multi then hit Execute it says” failed to connect libsacdread can’t open (my IP address) for reading. Now I only have a strong Wi-Fi connection to both the player and PC no Ethernet connection. Thanks for any ideas you might have. I’m also aware of a command prompt method but I like this one as it seems easier.

SACD. players can be connected directly to a receiver either with a network cable or HDMI cable. but also with analog RCA cable to the receiver’s 5.1 input

21 minutes talking about the incompatibility of your receiver and your players…. I have a Sony X800 with a Yamaha RX-V581 and have NO problem whatsoever even with the Tv turned on.. and multichannel SACDs are fantastic…

i believe the worst thing about hdcd disks are the players who can decode them, and what is on the market today with a good price range? thanks for video, where did you picked up your hdcd disks from? cheers

I have 35 HDCDs. Not many but better than nothing.
My best HDCD is “Mike Oldfield Amarok”
Superior compared to the original CD-version.

Как сказал один знаменитый звукорежиссёр о современных ширпотребовских цапах: “Мой студийный конвертор типа мультибит производства 1997 года формата 16/44.1кГц проиграет CD лучше, чем ваши новомодные 192/24 бит игрушки. Если не верите, приходите ко мне проверить.”

Как всегда очень интересно. Спасибо. А у меня есть вот такой зверь https://www.ixbt.com/dvd/samsung-dvd-hd745.shtml умеет читать и DVD-Audio и SACD ) правда давненько его забросил,надо бы достать послушать.

In 2011 I bought a Sony BDP S590 Blue Ray player because after having heard an electrical engineer’s master tape on a professional reel to reel tape player I knew I had been missing a lot and wanted to try the SACD format. The reason for the Sony model is that even today any Phillips or Sony $80 $100 Blue Ray player will be able to decode the SACD format and you can always read the symbol indicating so on the box it is packaged in.

It set up nicely and worked well and I always used straight from DSD format to Analog without converting to a PCM format. Did I hear a difference? Yes and no. First with the Super Audio format you can turn off all compression and get a remarkable dynamic range by doing so and that alone is worth the effort. On the other hand on well sound engineered recordings I heard SACD as sounding much better with a more expansive image than normal CD quality, but, if little effort was placed on creating a wide stereo image by the sound engineer and more or less just blaring heavy metal music I heard no notable difference.

I don’t place much value on the statistical test you mentioned and as a mathematician I did examine it and found it lacking and the general inference that it indicated a result similar to randomly selecting answers on a multiple choice test is off the mark too because I doubt that equally likely for selecting yes and no is the case for any participant in the test which leads to all kinds of possibilities as inferences. Additionally a more recent statistical test was performed in Europe and while I have not examined the methods used the result was that the difference between SACD and normal CD was very notable.

I would not give up the attempt to actually hear DSD to Analog without conversion to PCM because when all is good including sound engineering it is remarkable from my experience.

I have a single SACD it is in the video it is that Pink Floyd disc. I bought new Yamaha BD-S681 for 340 Euros (probably not available in 2018), nowadays you can also have cheaper Sony. I plugged it into Pioneer SX-S30DAB over HDMI and had no problem to play DSD stream, Pioneer confirmed it’s DSD (info) and played without problems. I couldn’t quickly switch from CD to SACD, one has to eject the disc to switch layers on that Yamaha, but I couldn’t hear much/any difference. But I didn’t have much time to test it longer as I didn’t like Yamaha’s sluggish response to user actions and when it froze with BYE during turning off, back it went to the seller. I actually had problems with finding affordable SACD releases lately. Not sure yet whether I’ll try SACD again and if, it must be universal player.

I see a Dead or Alive 3 and Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball in your collection.
You sir are a scholar and a gentlemen

I am listening music through my cheap DAC in my monitor, an aux cable running to a 7€ amplifier, and to stereo speakers. No matter, how good the recording sounds on your end, to me it sounds just fine.

When the masters have been tampered with it loses sound quality,sometimes giving a metallic sound in the recording. If the mastering is analog, then leave it analog. I have some old cd’s using the analog mastering and they sound better than the digitally remastering ones I got later.

Microsoft, wildly, had a CD format that tacked on extra quality when discs were played on Windows. I remember playing a Joni Mitchell CD in my computer and bring like whoa, is this the same music. It wasn’t promoted at all, just a logo on some discs.

Does anyone remember this? It was probably around 2002 when I played that disc.

A few of my HDCD rips (thanks to dBpoweramp and whatever it’s software decoding solution was) include Blue Man Group Audio & The Complex, Dredg The Pariah The Parrot The Delusion, & Tool Lateralus.

However I still don’t know if they’re just flagged as HDCD by something in the production process or the ADC used, but didn’t use the specific advantages of HDCD…

Интересно как можно писать на блюрей диски!? И вот ещё вопрос в чём разница одежду flac и lossles формат!?

I don’ t know what your fav music is, but i really recommend the following SACDs: Frankie goes to Hollywood “Rage…” The 5.1 version of “Welcome to the pleasure dome” is a real epiphany!
Also top on list are the Brian Ferry/Roxy Music SACDs, also very good but not really SACD is the 5.1 Soundgarden “Superunknown”….

Sony formats always the best but mostly lose because the people are too cheap to buy Sony don’t mind paying outrageous prices for Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S whatever.

The 2012 re-releases of all three This Mortal Coil albums by 4AD were HDCDs manufactured in Japan, all three of them are exquisite sounding. It’ll End In Tears (1984), Filigree and Shadow (1986), and Blood (1990).

I never met problems in listening SACD. I say that SACD is on rise now. I have no clear explanation why DSD sounds noticeably better, but it does. (Disclaimer: I am not an audiophile)

вчера купил Musical Fidelity m1 dac подержаный, с ним кабель qed, бежал домой чтобы все заслушать, был ужасно разочарован звучанием, с компа через миниджек мало чем отличается, ждал невероятной сцены и хорошего баса. может я не наделен слухом?

Благодарю за информативный рассказ. В следующих роликах очень хотел бы услышать про аудио-диски с полноценным DSD звуком. Есть ли такие у автора и как звучат в сравнении с CD?

Salutation from Canada, Mr. Anadialog! Have you heard of the japaneese mastered HQM (high quality material cds)? I have a few of their jazz cds and they put a lot of analog vinyl to shame. In particular Art Blakey ‘s classic blue note album ” moanin ‘ ” Wow! The balance,the presence and the dynamic range are dynamite. You just have to stand up and listen…it’s impressive. And because it’s a cd you can play it a thousand times and always get the same pristine sound!

Most HDCD’s will see zero difference between regular decoding on a standard CD player and HDCD decoding. They were just made with really good equipment and good AD converters. you can see whats going on with the Foobar HDCD scanner. They have HDCD flags but very rarely do any of them use the peak extension to remove the distortion from the loudness war’s. Most just reduce the gain without peak extension and the transient filter. These will still light up your HDCD light and have no real difference just because the HDCD flag is there but using no features.

Best example is Green Day Dookie. This HDCD drops the gain and extends the peaks. This CD does sound much better have HDCD decoding!

You’re using “succeed the original CD” to mean “comes after” right? Because to me, succeed means REPLACE ENTIRELY. It was never supposed to entirely replace CD.

This guy treats an expensive item like shit, throwing away things like that is rude and you anyone should avoid buying from him! i bet he treats his wife like shit too LOL, (if he has one ):)

Either I’m in the wrong country (Australia, where lots of things don’t seem to be available) from what I have seen, no new SACD player has more than a stereo output, giving no surround sound capabilities. So there goes his last reason for buying one, which was already not saying much.

Hi, what about the so called SHM-CD versions which are comming from Japan? I’ve put a link so you can see what i mean.

Having a player, and a format, that can reproduce higher, and lower, frequencies then regular CD is great…if your speakers can do the same. If your speakers can’t (and, likely, they can’t) then there’s no way that those “inaudible” frequencies can have an effect on audible frequencies, or be sensed in a physiological way.

I still have some of those HDCD cds, for example some Neil Young releases, or japaneses ones. I also had cd players with HDCD decoding stuff. To be honest I could hardly hear some sonic improvement. Maybe some better soundstage was more noticeable. I guess the coding is different from having a file fully coded in 44.1/20 bits natively. I mean, if I can listen to music as a regular cd (16 bits), the information encoded in the four additional bits is complementary to the standard 16 bits coding, not part of the whole signal. The final point is, It didn’t fly…

id go for goat by the jesus lizard on a hdcd but you sukso hard its an ebaressment even to think youd be reviewing the sound…better not do that at all you scat worm

Nice turntable by the way. That table is the best value in analog sounding like tables over 10K easily.

Have you made video about Blu-spec CD and Blu-spec CD2? That would be interesting.
mr. Finglish (Bäd English Recs)

Good video! Some great points made. The AES paper you referenced was repeated since the people participating in the experiment were not all professionals. During the repeat using only audio engineers, the rate was close 90%. The reason Dark Side sounded the same is because it was recorded analog. Sorry, but you cannot add resolution, this goes for upsampling as well. The only advantage (possibly) was a higher quality converter used when transferred off the master tape. I appreciated this video since I’m a little out of touch with consumer audio and had no idea the limitations of the components. Thanks!

dub atape listen to it&get inspired forget aboutthese hmo hifi liars no real rnr came from these type of hmoz ever…ever…long live the spirit.

If you buy a Sony BDPS370 player, you will have zero problems in regards to copyright protection and compatibility issues. Make sure it hasn’t been updated because it can ALSO play burnt SACD.

Thanks for that, SACD is just a waste like Laserdisc are. I’ll stick with standard CDs and Vinyl and Blue Ray.

I will just put a couple that people don’t usually know and Have exceptional sound.
Keiko Matsui The Ring Most of her CD are HDCDs and all very good recording
And The Big one people miss and one of the Best Rock Recordings on HDCD Supertramp Some things never change From 1997 This HDCD blows people away on my system
I also Recommend a a cheap alternative to OPPO players most old NAD Players play HDCD with very good sound such as the C-341i with Burr Brown Chip Set

Watch out! By comparing two formats, you are also comparing two different masters. It is not possible to make a conclusion. The sound was altered from the studio.

Various versions of Windows Media Player and Foobar were able to decode HDCD. The lack of popularity falls on licensing fees to Pacific Microsonics for the HDCD circuitry on CD manufacturers. I have a high-resolution DVD-Audio disc with the HDCD logo. Why? I think it’s a leftover from the original CD release. The Tom Petty boxset PLAYBACK is HDCD encoded but it’s out of print.

I’m sure a person would have to have superior human ears to tell the difference between them… just curious have you compared the formats together (average human hearing is 20 to 20,000 Hz) CD’s far exceed my hearing range… I think for me personally it is how the master is mixed in the end… the thoughts and opinions of digital vs analog (analog being richer and warmer) I just really don’t understand at all digital if mastered correctly sounds like you were at the studio during the recording session… but in the final mix they have modified those portions to quote sound better… question sound better to who LOL

Keb Mo’ Slow Down Tom Petty and HB’s Hard Promises Roxy Music Avalon David Bowie Let’s Dance Bryan Ferry Bete Noir and Mamouna.

Ларчик просто открывается. Аудиофилиз-чистой воды болезнь и профанация. Поясню. Человек придумал лампу. Потом транзистор. Все тащились от транзистора. Потом придумули микросхему. Радости было полные штаны. Но на этом все закончилось. А скучно жить то. Нового ни чего нет. Вернулись к лампе,придумали аудиофильские кабеля, и т. Д. Прогресс окончен. Началось золото,стразы на ручках ценные породы дерева. Топтание на месте,высасывание денег и дуристика. И чего вы хотите услышать? Вас не волнует на како шнуре подключен микрофон на сцене и на каких рваных динамиках играют. Как пишут и чем пишут. Лучше и чище оригинала живого звука природа не придумала. Ходите в концертные залы,дешевле и полезней. Дай Бог вам всем просветления в головах

many late model DVD and BD players can also play SACD’s
Also most TV’s only have ONE of the HDMI inputs with the return channel enabled. I think the reason that your SACD player can detect the TV is because the HDMI input with return channel responds to signals even when the TV is off (my BD player can turn my TV on because my receiver is connected to my TV via the return channel, and the BD player can pass a signal to the TV to turn on THROUGH the receiver). Remember that when your TV is off, it’s NOT really off (or the remote control wouldn’t work). SO you might be able to work around the problem by unplugging the TV set when not in use (or use a switched outlet to power it), which is actually a good idea to save power (but your TV might forget some settings, such as the last channel you watched).

There just aren’t current DACs that have HDCD. Even the Oppo 205 dropped it. I have quite a few of these discs from the 90s.

Опять нам упорно втирают разные неучи про предел слышимости человеческого уха…. мля… ну сколько можно уже.

How high the bit depth rate is or low, you have (with digital) always a 1/2 lsb error. 16bit depth 24bit depth………

I found a good combination: In 2006 i bought a Sony DVP-NS92V. He has 6 analog Outputs. His sound is amazing. As AVR at that time i had a simple Denon AVR 1801. And this device has a 6 analog input! So it worked perfect..it was the pre HDMI Time. And some years ago i bought a second hand Denon AVR 2809. It has HDMI and (!) analog inputs. I had problems with the HDMI playback, so i choosed once again the analog way…it works and sounds perfect….after all this years i never had one problem with the Sony Player…really brilliant. As soundsystem a have some Tannoys combined with a very expensive and good REL Subwoofer…I recommend SACD highly! I’m a fanboy of this format…

Очень наглядно изложен материал. Теперь я понял, что мой dvd Pioneer 600, скорее всего меня дурит, проигрывая sacd.

Sony invented sacd and thus tried to control every aspect of it. Sony components don’t play nice with sacd. A universal player (non sony) with sacd dsd output over hdmi to a receiver (non sony) with dsd dac capability is an affordable way into sacd without compromising on sound quality. I use an old pioneer dvd player into an old integra pre amp. No compatibility issues.

I’ve got a mid-level SACD system and about 40 CDs all classical. The sound is jaw-dropping. It’s better than Dolby 5.1 and certainly richer than standard stereo. Do note that you want to look for good recording companies some early SACD are only 2 channel although you’ll never hear the old Mercury Classics of the 50s sound as good. Buy something from say BIS. It’s great. I don’t doubt that rock music would be pointless the stuff comes with added distortion. But if you like classical or jazz it’s great. So I’d say the real problem is that both classical and jazz are genres that are in decline.

Keeping this a short as possible here’s my story. I am a life long musician/entertainer (aged 50) and DJ/Karaoke Host (It’s how I made my living). I have sever tinnitus in my left ear and low tinnitus in my right. It’s the price many musicians and Dj’s pay. I had completely stopped listening to music as I wanted to save what was left of my hearing. But I just couldn’t do it. I love love love music. So on a very meagre budget I started to accumulate what I consider High End audio equipment. The rationale was simple get great equipment (as my limited budget allowed) so the sound is warm and smooth and creamy thus easier on my ears.

I bought a pair of French made Focal 706V’s Chorus Bookshelf Speakers and a Focal SW 700S sub and a Yamaha RXV-3800 multi channel amp and a Cambridge Audio Azur 340c CD Player. I paid (Aussie Dollars) $400.00 for the Focal 706V’s, $400.00 for the Focal Sub, $350.00 for the Yamaha RVX 3800 and $400.00 for the CA Azure 340c. Everything was second hand. I loved the sound but I wanted more warmth, a bigger sound and I wanted to fill a large room (so I could sit at a distance from the speakers).

So I purchased a pair of used Focal 716V’s Tower Speakers and a Focal 700cc Centre. I paid $700.00 for the 716V’s and $500.00 for the centre. This was 10 years ago. So I had my first all Focal Chorus 700 series 5.1 set up.

But I still was not satisfied. I wanted more because I knew instinctively there was so much more to be had. No one I knew (friends and family) thought I was sane. They said “you’ve already paid way way too much on equipment what is wrong with you? Why are you not satisfied”?

So I used the internet to investigate my options. Things like Youtube and Facebook audiophile groups etc were of great help. After careful consideration I set my heart on Focal Series 800 speakers. I sold my 700 series equipment (I kept the Sub) and the Cambridge Azur CD player and bought some (all second hand) Focal 836V’s and some Focal 807V’s on stands.

I also bought a display model (half price at $750.00) Cambridge 752BD Blueray player which has a stunning DAC (Digital Audio Converter) in it. It was my hope to play SACD and Blueray Audio music and 5.1 mix albums. I paid $1,500.00 for the Focal 836V’s (retail $4,800.00) and $900.00 for the Focal 807V’s (the stands alone cost $600.00 retail so getting both for 900 was a bargain).

I am currently looking for a Focal 800cc Centre and a pair of Focal 826V’s to complete my set up. Hopefully this week I will be buying a pair of Focal 826V’s from a bloke here in Perth for $1,000.00. He wants $1.500.00 but was happy to consider my offer. He’s calling me this week to let me know if he’ll accept my offer.

I am sticking with the Yamaha RXV-3800 because it was a FLAGSHIP model and has 7 channels of 140w. The good folks at Yamaha told me that they really struck gold with the audio on this model. Later models (e.g. Yamaha RXA Aventage range) has better upgraded HDMI and all the new WiFi and built in Spotify and Airplay and Blutooth etc but the sound is not better than the RXV 3800. The new RXA range would cost me about $3,000.00 so I’m sticking with the RXV 3800 for now.

In the future I would like to replace my Yamaha RXV amp with a modern Marantz amp (about $2,400.00). The Yamaha amps are brighter than the Marantz (renowned for their warm creamy tone) and the Focal 800V’s are notoriously bright and need to be well paired with the right amp. If I had the money I would also buy a tube based amp for the front Focal 836V’s running out of the Marantz amp and into the Tube stereo amp. If I had more wishes come true I would rout all the channels out of the Marantz to 3 separate tube amps and simply delight in a fully immersed tube amp 7.1 set up. I would also add a Marantz 6006 CD player and a High Resolution Music Streamer / CD storer (Like a BlueSound).

But for now (and probably forever) I’m happy with my collection of used equipment. I have gathered a small collection of Blueray Albums (both live shows and albums) and yesterday I bought my first SACD “Brothers In Arms 20th Anniversary Edition” which has HDCD, SACD DSD and SACD 5.1 mix. The only issue I faced was that the Cambridge Audio 752BD will not play DSD so I had to tell the unit (in it’s preferences) to use PCM. The unit actually read the disc and played it but NO SOUND came out. I was using the RCA analogue STEREO outs to run to my Amp. Perhaps DSD is only for HDMI. I’m still very much learning.

But as for sound quality there is no denying that SACD was heaps and heaps better that HDCD (even if I was only using PCM). And HDCD was better than just remastered CD. And Remastered CD was much better than the original 80’s CD release.

I am yet to listen to any 5.1 mix but I am very excited at the prospect. I love 70’s albums the best and can not wait to hear Pink Floyd and Steely Dan in 5.1 mix. I also love 80’s CD albums like R.E.M and Dire Straits, Bob Dylan, Supertramp and X.T.C. I also love 90’s albums like Radiohead’s early works “Pablo Honey, The Bends and the remarkable “OK Computer”. I also love love love classical music like Bach and Beethoven in DSD so I have that to look forward to as well.

No doubt the quality of my speaker choice makes a huge difference to the pleasure of listening. As I had to sell one of my kidneys to buy the above mentioned used gear if you ever read that I have indeed bought all that extra very expensive new gear then please know I chose dialysis over having any kidneys. At least on my dialysis free days I will be enjoying superb audiophile quality music. ha ha ha:)

Well that’s me “keeping it short”

God Bless you alex in Perth

hi i been using 51 phono out to my amp for a very long time them new socket and plugs are a right pain i know the sony decode in the dvd players are not all that good
my ears are very good you got to be bat man to tell

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Здесь нет УНЧ 50-8. Одна плата на 2 канала, во входном каскаде микросхема. В остальном схемотехника аналогична. На выходе 2 пары транзисторов.

7112 удешевленная версия 7111. У 7112 нет эквалайзера, селектора выходов, индикатор только перегрузки.

помоему у-7112 неимеет своих имс предусилитиле.да и у-7111 не очень.

схему 11 нашел, 12 нет, либо выдает за 12 схему 11

Да, У7112 не имеет ИМС типа К157УД2 в УП (Экв. нет). У него ТБ выполнен в ОС всего УМ, но он звучит на порядок лучше чем У7111: имено из-за отсутсвия УД2 или её аналога.

Какие колонки и микрофоны подходить к У-7111?

Можно ли подключить микрофон Sony SN-89 к У-7111?

Попробуй, но возможно надо этому микрофону фантомное питание дать, чтобы он нормально заработал.

Здравствуйте. А может кто-нибудь прислать фотографии обратной стороны клавиш (накладок) выбора источника сигнала. На приобретенном мной экземпляре нет ни одной.

Так что, никто не поможет? Придется просто приклеить.

Заказываю конденсаторы для усилителя (восстанавливаю). В таблице схеме указано, что в блоке эквалайзера (точнее в темброблоке) есть конденсаторы С39 и С40. А найти их не могу. (Зато на плате УМ есть С1, а в таблице их нет). Может я все таки слепой и не могу их найти?

И в догонку.
Можно ли в блоке питания вместо КС216ж поставить КС508В?

Можно. Главное заменить их оба, чтобы были одинаковыми.

В процессе копки вылез еще один вопрос.
На плате усилителя мощности вместо КТ9115А стоят КТ626В. На сколько это критично? Не могло это стать причиной того, что усилитель сгорел?

Пока в качестве основной причины рассматриваю использование 4 Омной акустики, а на последок еще и в параллельном соединении на канал (2 Ома) – видать один канал устал и обе колонки повесили на тот, который еще дышал. В итоге кроме убитых транзисторов (удивительно, что не все, а только три из 14) имею кучу горелых резисторов. Там где резисторы (пара 1 ОМ R44 и R46) сгорели, транзистор (VT21 КТ855В) жив. Может он не совсем жив, и стоит его то же поменять?
А так замечательный экземпляр мне достался. Горел уже не первый раз (замена резисторов и транзисторов видна невооруженным глазом). Даже сборка КР159 заменена на два транзистора. Сейчас обуглены R29, К30, R44, R46, R33, R34, R36, правда по правому и левому каналам разные, и это те, которые помню. Причем некоторые в одном канале горелые, а в другом сейчас целые (вроде) но есть следы того, что горели ранее.
Короче веселый покойник. А я ему еще и добавил: проверял напряжение на плате БП (та по плечам разница 0,9В (+14,8 против -15,7) и рука соскользнула. В итоге VT1 приказал долго жить (шикарно так взорвался), и R2 пришлось некоторое время представлять из себя светильник (раскалился до бела).

КТ626В ставить можно, но нежелательно, поскольку он будет работать в режиме, близкому к предельному, т.к. его максимальное напряжение КЭ 80В, а в усилителе питание 76В.
Если транзистор жив, зачем его менять-то). Если выгорели R44 и R46, проверьте VT13,R31,R28, они обычно погибают за компанию. Если предполагается использование 4 Ом акустики, то выходные транзисторы лучше заменить на КТ818Г/КТ819Г.

Думаю, что буду менять все резисторы R27-R36 (много горелых, да и по типу разные местами, видимо не всегда углерода хватало и много млт поставлено) и R39-R46 (два горелых, разные типы по каналам, в левом вроде углерод, а в правом млт, плюс, не понятно почему, все живые параллельные пары в обоих каналах прозваниваются как 1 Ом, хотя это номинал каждого резистора – либо массовый непропай, либо непонятно что). Все транзисторы КТ626В по замену, КТ9115А уже в пути. 315 и 361 буду менять все, если будут горелые (VT12 и VT13 на подозрении первые), чисто из эстетических соображений – новые в другом цвете (в плате все оранжевые, а приехали зеленые и желтые). Плюс, есть подозрение на гибель VD4 в левом канале – цвет немного отличается от остальных диодов.
Кстати, раньше не видел такого монтажа транзисторов. Почти все КТ9115А и КТ940В (один, похоже менялся) впаяны так: крайние ноги выгнуты дугой от середины и до самой платы, средняя – просто чуть согнута посередине. В результате ноги работают как пружинки и транзистор можно отклонять в сторону без риска отрыва дорожки от платы.

Ну и еще совет – после такого глобального ремонта не устанавливайте сразу транзисторы выходного каскада VT14-21, а проверьте режим работы усилителя напряжения на соответствия схеме. Нужно только замкнуть цепь ООС, соединив выход усилителя с коллектором VT9. Это позволит не сжечь эти транзисторы при возможных неполадках.

Я правильно понял:
VT14 и VT15 опять выпаять
на радиатор поставить только VT10 и VT1
перемкнуть дорожки в районе VT10 коллектор и выход (они там рядом)
собрать усилитель
проверить значения напряжений по всем платам без нагрузки и сигнала на входе.

Все, заработало. Последней каплей были пробитый стабилитрон VD3, не позволивший с первого раза настроить ток покоя в левом канале (тестер показывал его как два диода, направленные противоположно, у второго. купил пару на замену, в результате один то же пробитый попался) и глючный регулятор баланса (вскрыл клепки, промыл спиртом, и запаял). Осталось провода правильно разложить, моську помыть, под кнопки мякиш подклеить и на полочку.

Вопросы на засыпку.
1. Регулировка баланса получилась не линейной. Т.е. ощутимое снижение звука в канале начинается только на ближе к самому концу области регулировки.
Сопротивление меняется равномерно (правда при подключении потенциометров к плате оно ниже, чем при снятом разъеме), дорожка вроде чистая и не протерта). Где может быть проблема?
Есть подозрение на недостаточно хорошее соединение с общим, так как при нулевом положении регулятора звука звук полностью то же не пропадает.
2. Еще при выключении усилителя дорожки индикатора звука загораются на всю длину. Как я понимаю это щелчок. Стоит впаять кондер параллельно первичке на трансформаторе, или так оставить можно?
3. При включении входа звукоснимателя идет фон, это плохая земля на экране корректора?
4. При подключении сигнала на вход тюнера звук есть и при переключении на другие входы. Причем со смещением баланса (правый канал громче). Нужно ли менять микросхемы в коммутаторе?

1. При данной схеме она и не будет линейной. Это в принципе и не нужно, т.к. разбаланс обычно незначительный. Если при крайних положениях регулятора звук не пропадает полностью, то это проблема в переменнике.
2. Это переходный процесс в схеме. Кондер параллельно первичке для этой цели бесполезен.
3. Вряд ли. У корректора высокое усиление. Фон есть с подключенным источником? Попробуйте замкнуть этот вход с землей. Если фон пропадет, то все нормально.
4. Вы занимались заменой электролитов? Если нет, то замените С15 блока А2. Он фильтрует напряжение смещения и при его высыхании может быть подобный эффект. Если да, то тогда DA1 надо заменить, или поменять местами с DA2, если вам магнитофонный выход не нужен.

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