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Somerset has a few decent tourist attractions. Big Carl or the Sarens SGC to give it its official title is now on its first job — lifting huge prefabricated components into the two new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point C power station on the Somerset coast. The choice of EPRs is highly controversial, not least because previous projects involving their construction have proved costly and have been subject to severe delay. EDF has already embarked upon construction of four similarly-designed power stations — two in China, one at Flamanville in Normandy and another at the Olkiluoto nuclear power project in Finland. The two Chinese reactors are both now generating power although they took twice the estimated time to build. But neither Olkiluoto nor Flamanville is yet operational more than a decade after work began on them.

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Big Carl: World's biggest crane starts work at Hinkley Point C

The super-crane lifted a total weight of tonnes to install the first of three massive prefabricated steel rings which form the reinforced cylinder around the nuclear reactor. The 17m tall ring with a diameter of 47m — was lifted out of a bunker where it was constructed in factory conditions — one of the innovations to improve quality on the project.

Big Carl reached out m to put it in place during a night lift — timed to take advantage of lighter winds during a four-day operation. Despite the challenge of operating under Coronavirus restrictions, the final big lift of the year was one of many significant milestones achieved in These include the completion of the first 3. The power station will help Britain reach Net Zero by producing reliable low carbon electricity for more than 6m homes.

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Carl's Jr. The Big Carl

The m-tall Sarens SGC crane can lift 5,t at a radius of 40m. Its size and capacity allows large components to be built in covered factory conditions on site before being lifted into place, using a method of prefabrication previously used by energy firm EDF and China General Nuclear Power Group CGN to build reactors at Taishan in China. Big Carl, named after Sarens director of technical solutions, Carl Sarens, is powered by 12 engines and runs on 96 individual wheels as it travels between three different lift locations, using 6km of rail track. It will lift over pieces of prefabrication including the heaviest components for the reactor buildings, the largest of which weighs 1, tonnes.

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Photos | World’s largest crane ‘Big Carl’ starts work at Hinkley

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Big Carl Lifts ESTA Crane Job of the Year

big carl

Subscriber Account active since. SGC, more affectionately referred to as "Big Carl", is the world's largest crane, and it's now working on its first project: a nuclear plant. Big Carl was designed in-house by Sarens, a Belgium-based crane rental service. It recently began operation at the project this month, the BBC reported. Read more: UPS just redesigned its driver uniforms for the first time in decades.

Novum recently tried their hand at a new industry and worked alongside Tissot France on the specialist lifting ring at Hinkley Point C in Somerset, England.


By Christian Shelton 16 September Big Carl, the 5, tonne capacity super heavy lift ring crane with the nomenclature SGC owned by Belgian headquartered heavy lift and transportation company Sarens, has been assembled, rigged, and is ready to start work at the Hinkley Point C HPC nuclear power station construction project. Its first lift is scheduled for Monday 23 rd September. The crane will be on site for the next four years during which time it will lift more than pieces of pre-fabricated components. The heaviest lift will weigh 1, tonnes. One of its key lifts will comprise raising the dome of a building that houses prefabricated reactor building parts; then it will lift these prefab parts out of the dome building and slew them into the new reactor building.

Novum Structures work with 'Big Carl'

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Big Carl takes the strain: World's largest crane lifts steel ring into place at Hinkley Point C

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Big Carl’s biggest lift ends 2020 at Hinkley Point C

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The two-hour event was a combination of awards ceremony and a market webinar addressing some of the key issues facing the crane and specialised transport sector. The loads range from precast concrete elements to pipe sections, steel rings, and machinery equipment weighing from 10 to 1 tons. Sarens SGC, the largest crane in the world in both size and capacity, has a maximum load moment of Even at a larger radius of meters, it can lift an amazing 2 t. SGC, designed in-house by Sarens, has the most unique ability in the global crane industry to relocate the fully-rigged crane on site from one lifting position to another. The total weight being lifted was t including the tackle.

A ring crane is a form of large construction crane with a luffing jib.

How about this for an epic Lego build. The worlds largest crane capable of lifting T. I saw that on the Beeb's website yesterday. Since it is going to be at Hinkley Point for the next 4 years, I'm gonna try and go up and see it at some point. I would love to see that thing. Flying flamingo, those are epic, particularly that second one. I would hate to think how long that took to design and build or the sheer cost of the thing.

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