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Harmonious proportions, precise lines and sleekly contoured surfaces give the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe the unique ability to satisfy the driver who wants a luxurious and sporty coupe yet needs a car capable of carrying four adults in comfort and luxury. Sporting a length of inches 5, mm and wheelbase of A significant part of this extra length has been used to enhance seating comfort for the rear passengers. For comparison purposes, the Gran Coupe is 4. The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, in keeping with the tradition of the 6 Series Coupe, offers a unique combination of top-class sporting dynamics, stunning design, luxurious touring comfort and a

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Bmw audio 650

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2010 BMW 650i - Radios & Sound

BimmerTech was founded by a couple of guys passionate about modifying their BMWs in every possible way — starting from iDrive system and camera upgrades, through comfort mods and BMW coding, to most importantly all sorts of multimedia retrofits including audio improvements. Our first big hit revolutionized the game of BMW audio upgrades with the world's first fully customized amplifier upgrade: the Premium Audio System.

Thanks to our superior knowledge of everything BMW and an unparalleled level of attention to detail, the Alpha One speaker system came out of the shadows and onto the market. Since musical preferences vary from one person to another, 'one size fit all' audio systems never cut it in the long run.

They always leave you with a sense of missing out on those perfect notes and tones. We designed a special BMW harness and bracket for our Amplifier that makes installation quick and simple. Simply remove the stock speakers and pop in the new Alpha One Speakers in the same way. Customize your sound in so many ways with high-end audio features such as Digital Signal Processing DSP , a band graphic EQ, and numerous sound-shaping filters. Most of that time is needed to remove and replace the trim, since the amplifier and speakers themselves are truly plug and play.

Every BMW is different Forget about 'one size fit all' audio systems. You know what they say — a jack of all trades is a master of none. But this is just the beginning of your BimmerTech sound system experience. BimmerTech offers an exclusive service for adjusting the parameters of your Premium Audio System not only to the cabin of your BMW, but above all to your preferences — the music you're listening to and the way you like listening to it. Our sound engineers will tweak your audio system, after the installation, to make sure it hits all the right notes and tones that resonate specifically with you.

They will substantially change the way your audio is delivered — making it more punchy, well-balanced and clearer than ever Good at IKEA projects?

Take your [[tagName]] bass performance to a deeper level in less than an hour. If your stock speakers lack tight, detailed notes and low frequency range, a simple DIY swap for our woofer upgrades will deliver it all. Enjoy the most powerful sound your audio system has to offer.

Adding our amplifier will squeeze the most power out of the 2 Ohm woofers. Keep your sound natural. With the most powerful magnet out there, your woofers will hit the right notes and tones at just the right time. No cable cutting or installing additional parts. The Alpha One woofers install is only disconnecting and removing your 2 factory woofers and popping the new ones in. Maximized bass response makes you feel your music in your fingertips, but if you want your audio to take you on a personal trip of its own, adding the Premium Audio System is a must.

All you need is a simple swap of your key stock speakers to achieve smooth, crisp and clear reproduction of your favourite tracks. Solid audio materials do their job solely when in the right hands. Our passion for engineering is what makes the sound so powerful, natural, and crystal clear.

Replaces the most essential speakers and woofers from the front part of your [[tagName]] to achieve the highest quality sound at the best price. Made to please even novice DIY-ers. No wire-cutting or getting extra parts — just an easy swap of the old kit for the new one. We made our speakers to match the speaker enclosures and impedance of your factory kit. This way the install is as straightforward as disassembling and pulling out the old set of midranges, 2 woofers and tweeters and popping the new one in.

Step-by-step instructions included with the kit for maximum ease. But if you feel like you want this job to be handled by professionals, our installers are at your service. Exceptionally well-balanced bass and treble is what makes the sound so on the spot, but if you want to experience every note of your favourite music to the fullest, the Premium Audio System is your go-to choice.

That way, your music will sound more appealing than ever. Solid audio materials engineered to perfection — your key to achieve the most well-balanced, loud and natural sound. Replaces every [[tagName]] speaker from the bottom up to squeeze the full audio potential out of your sound system. We designed our speakers to match [[tagName]] acoustics and mounting locations, but with maximum power and clarity. No complex wiring or additional parts. Just unbolt your factory speakers, remove them and plug the new ones in.

Shape, size, wiring, impedance… everything is the same. We made our speakers to match every bolt and screw of your factory kit, so that the install could be as easy as disconnecting and removing the old set and replacing it with the new one. Doing just fine with IKEA projects? But if you want a professional to handle the job for you, get in touch with one of our installers. The other half lies in a finely tuned amplifier.

We preload our amp with DSP tuning files right before shipping, so that your audio is customized for your musical taste right off the bat. Designed to replace your factory amplifier in less than an hour without any advanced audio knowledge. We made an amplifier upgrade one of the quickest and easiest upgrades you can do. Your amplifier will come adjusted not only to the cabin of your vehicle, but also to the kind of music you like to put on while driving and the way you listen to it on a daily basis.

You drive a BMW F30 i or different engine. Fantastic choice. You might think an audio upgrade is usually limited to upgrading the speakers, and maybe throwing in a subwoofer for extra bass.

Our aftermarket speakers for BMW and audio amplifier retrofit can make a world of difference to your car's sound system. But what should you buy first for great car audio? A digital signal processor DSP is exactly what the name suggests: signal processing done digitally. All our BMW stereo upgrades are designed with easy installation in mind. Confident DIYers will even be able to install a full set of speakers and our amplifier upgrade themselves, at home, in only a few hours. Learn more about how easy BMW audio system installation can be.

Don't want to tackle the job yourself? We also work closely with a global network of authorized dealers. Find your nearest audio shop. Upgrading from the BMW factory speakers to our Alpha One kit will make a huge difference to the quality of the sound in your vehicle. We use premium materials and a carefully honed design for improved clarity and performance, giving a more refined, enjoyable sound. Owners of vehicles with a basic factory stereo — without tweeters or a separate amplifier — will notice an even greater improvement when adding both components to their system with our Alpha One kit and Premium Audio System.

The Alpha One speakers are a marked step up from any other plug-and-play speaker kit on the market; both our speakers and amplifier are meticulously designed from the ground up for optimal performance in your BMW, for a truly remarkable sound out of the box. But a lot goes into building a great sound system, and standout speakers like the Alpha Ones are just part of the puzzle.

When buying a Premium Audio System alongside your Alpha One speakers, we are also able to tune the amplifier to match not only your vehicle, but also the speakers you have fitted Alpha One or OEM. We designed the Alpha One speakers to perform in BMWs with a range of stereo systems, including the most basic options without a separate amplifier.

The Alpha Ones will still be a noticeable improvement over the factory speakers. To make the most of your new speakers, however, you may want to add our Premium Audio System amplifier. Adding Alpha One tweeters to a vehicle that did not come with tweeters from the factory will require replacing a trim piece in the front doors, in which the tweeters will be mounted.

After selecting your model, you'll see the list of parts you will need to purchase to install your kit. Contact us for more information. Almost no mainstream aftermarket speakers have the power handling to take full advantage of the extra wattage provided by a more powerful amplifier.

Even our Premium Audio System is tuned at less than its full power output to prevent overloading the speakers. More powerful amplifiers are useful only in custom speaker installations usually requiring dedicated speaker enclosures. With either of these sets, we will tune the amp to bring out the best in your speakers. The Premium Audio System can also be used with other aftermarket speakers, but we are not able to provide dedicated tuning files.

We have chosen not to publish frequency response graphs for our speakers because we don't believe this information is useful in a car audio scenario. We took frequency measurements during the development process, but the sound that really matters is the sound in situ in the car, where we did the bulk of the tuning work when developing our Alpha One kit.

We have published specifications for our speakers on our website in the 'Specification' section to make it easy to understand what each speaker offers. In terms of other aspects of the speakers' design, we have purposefully chosen specifications that are well suited to use with either a factory BMW amp or our own Premium Audio System. This balance of capabilities is what gives our speakers such an impressive all-round performance. How many speakers you will need depends on your model and factory BMW speaker system.

But with BimmerTech, you don't need to replace them all at once; you can upgrade as many or as few speakers as you want.

You can even choose speakers individually, if you aren't looking for a full BMW car stereo upgrade yet. We do not offer a money-back free trial. If you don't have the opportunity to hear the Alpha One speakers for yourself before buying, you can check out what our happy customers have to say about their phenomenal sound:.

Yes, we offer a full range of MINI Cooper stereo upgrades, for both the standard sound system and the premium factory options made by Harman Kardon. Required parts: [[additionalParts]]. Instead of simply upgrading your current speakers, we decided to additionally add our Alpha One Tweeters, to truly improve your sound.

Unfortunately we do not supply these mounting parts, and must be purchased separately. For more information, please contact us. Find your gear. We're the only BMW audio brand like this. Sound Studio-quality.

high-quality and price GIVI CASE TREKKER TRK33B + HOLDER BMW C 650 GT 2020 20 online shop

We have thousands of parts that are quality checked and come with a standard 1 year warranty! This part has been thoroughly inspected for quality assurance and includes a standard 1 YEAR warranty! Extended warranties are also available for purchase; please call for details. If you need any assistance please feel free to give us a call at My Cart Estimates Login Signup.

Afternoon All, I may have the opportunity to buy a BMW Audio System for the CS. I quite fancy it in a 'stupid must buy gadget and then leave.

BMW Radio No Sound From Speakers

Two-door luxury is very nearly dead. Decades ago, big coupes such as the Cadillac Eldorado, Oldsmobile Toronado, Buick Riviera, and Lincoln Mark-series ruled as symbols of the successful man—the longer the door, the more important the man. Decades later, those names have all disappeared. The latest 6-series is a return to the days when new meant longer, lower, and wider. Overall length is up by 2. The proportions are classic coupe—long hood, arcing roofline, short trunk. The body sits on an exceptionally long wheelbase And that lengthy wheelbase results in big swinging doors. Real men swing things.

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bmw audio 650

Usually this is what happens. And what doesn't. Then an Arc audio for the sub. If it is bass you are looking for the Sub is the way to go. The sound is clear, loud and just magical!

Remember Me? Private First Class.

USED BMW 650I Radio Audio

PowerBass was founded in with one goal in mind; to bring great audio products to the market offering sonic excellence, value and reliability. Powerbass is a vertically integrated company owning manufacturing facilities overseas with a top notch engineering and product development team here at our world headquarters in Ontario, California. Since PowerBass has been manufacturing quality speakers, amplifiers, and accessories for car, marine, and powersports applications. With products ranging from OEM direct fit replacements to even the heart pounding window flexing bass from our 3XL Series subwoofers PowerBass has the right speakers and amplifiers to fit every application and budget. Any purchases made from unauthorized sources may not be covered by our manufactures warranty.

Used BMW Amplifiers

Remember Me? General BMW Discussion. Results 1 to 10 of Thread: upgrading the logic 7 system for i. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I already made suggestions for your X5 on X5 World Did you do anything with it? In the X5, copper wire carries analog audio to the amp.

Design details, such as anodized speaker grilles and special color schemes, highlight the audio system in the special edition BMW i Gran.

Description: Extend the existing original radio to the wireless music receiver. Supported bluetooth configuration file: A2DP audio broadcast Music playback 10 m distance is possible. Existing CD changer is still available.

Looking to buy a motorcycle? BMW Parts Fiche. Select Bike Year: Year:. Select Bike Model: Model:. Select Bike Category: Category:.

Remember Me? BMW Models.

Crafted with a cutting-edge design and a ultra-shallow chassis allows for easier installations and fitment into a wider range of vehicles. The innovative dual swipe user interface puts you in control of your music and keeps your eyes on the road. Using two fingers, simply swipe up or down to adjust the volume and swipe left or right to skip between tracks. Plus, the dual camera input allows connection of a rear camera and a side or front camera making parking easier than ever before. Whats more, the ultra-shallow chassis design makes way to add-on the compact KTA Power Pack amplifier sold separately which mounts directly onto the back of the chassis. This revolutionary space saving design, delivers incredible power output and dynamic sound—making the PowerStack duo an industry first and honoured with the prestigious CES Innovation award.

Remember Me? User Name Remember Me? Hi there. I just joined the forum but I've been reading a lot of threads about audio upgrade options for my '

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