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Finally, someone has made a Single Ended Triode Class A amplifier with deep, powerful, extended bass and highs that extend to the limits of human hearing. Together with the traditional smooth and detailed SET midrange, this is the best sounding amplifier we have heard to date. These are excellent sounding amplifiers with huge transformers. This amp puts out some amazing sound and has more than enough power at 16 watts per side.

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Tube Amplifier 6C33C

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Install the app. Thread starter Matej Isak Start date Jul 19, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Matej Isak Well-Known Member. Jan 20, 1 EU www. This seems like much worthy of sharing. This seems like something completely different and new. Acuhorn OTL amplifiers with an intriguing approach A new solution for tube amplifiers output transformerless. It is a very interesting idea to apply 6C33C tubes operating at the utmost level of Amperes in the world.

The high level setup class A per tube is up 8 times greater. For example, in the S1 amplifier one tube per chanel works like traditional 8 tubes. Monoblock M4 is the equivalent of incredible 32 tubes. Acuhorn in its new amplifier series fused the newest technology with vintage audiophile tubes' qualities. The latest power supply technology breakthroughs. The Vicor power modules as 10 times more excellently supporting splendid performance in audio.

We have a powerful amplifier in pure class A, the beauty of the single ended triode in the audiophile way. Each tube operates independently with self-regulation. Input voltage mains autoranging Vac H ready for worldwide work. The amplifiers include 21 Stepped Attenuator volume control - it is possible to connect without preamplifier. Easy to use - just insert the big tubes in their socket and start the music. Reinhard Well-Known Member. Mar 24, 80 3 germany. Can anyone tell a little bit more about the used technology?

Hello Reinhard, I'm trying to get more detailed info. Will reply as soon as I'll have more. Tom B. Member Sponsor. Jul 10, 0 A better overview of the circuit topology would be interesting. Never tried to push the power on this one. LL21 Well-Known Member. Dec 26, 12, 1, Matej Isak said:. Tom, in the smallest amp they use one tube per channel. SRPP not possible, Reinhard. Reinhard said:. Probably cathode follower with coupling cap output. Jun 23, 3, Monument, CO. I'd assume one tube with two internal sections, thus a gain stage followed by cathode follower buffer.

Which means a driver stage with substantial voltage swing, but I don't see that in such a small package. Could this simply be a class D amp with tube buffered output stage? Apr 21, 11, Manila, Philippines. I lived with 6c33s for a long time BAT and Lamm.

It's got to be a hybrid of sorts. DonH50 said:. Well, that's an interesting design choice. I suppose it makes sense given the tube's stated purpose as a voltage regulator pass device.

I guess I was thinking the pencil tube was a small thin "pencil" tube inside the chassis and the 6C33C was the output tube. My apologies, I misunderstood the context.

If you look at the photos from the link in post 1, the 'pencil tube' is the tiny glass tube located on the board near the RCA jacks, lying horizontal. Best guess is that it is the driver for the 6C33C, but that's just my assumption. As mentioned they're often used as tube buffers in solid state output stages. Acuhorn S2 tube power amplifier just arrived few minutes ago. I'm super excited to hear what this OTL contemporary amp will show in terms of performance, but sadly cuirier service did they mighty signature job and left me with the two broken power tubes.

Replacement should arrive quickly in meantime few pictures Accuhorn told me that the Output stage tube is working on a resistor. Matej, please solve that pencil tube mystery for us. You must log in or register to reply here.

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TTG-6C33CSE - Tube output transformer [600 Ohm] 6C33C

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TUBE 6C33C-B Electron tube, power tube, Septar, 7-pin, / V Power tube 6C33C-B • Field of application: electron tubes.

2009 Lone Star Audio Fest: Part 3

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Lansing Audio Tube Amplifier 6C33C High End SE Triode Class A, Driver EL34, Pre 12AT7 2018 cherry

6c33 tube reviews

October World Premiere Review! N ot very long ago I received an e-mail from a 20 year old company called Audio Mirror. They manufacture some stunning tube powered audio amplifiers. Ever curious I set out to familiarize myself with this company.

Originally Posted by tubetvr.

BRAVO 2.3 6C33 class A Integrated Tube Amplifier

Was talking with various audio people about the 6C33C I was amazed that people are so clueless about this tube. I am very much not an electronic engineer authority or an experienced DIYer by I am a person who since went through number of 6C33C-based power amplifiers and burned over of those tubes. That makes me kind of familiar with 6C33C as a user. Also, I use in my audio endeavors my ears and common sense that in order to make audio recommendations makes me much overqualified among the rest of audio crowd. The 6C33C has only one equivalent: 6C18C.

Fluxion Tube Amp Made in Canada World Wide Review, Threading and Discussion

Young Ahn, a Korean-born electrical engineer, who lives and works nearby me, in the rural farmlands outside Brantford, Ontario Canada. Out here, ginseng has gradually replaced tobacco as the main crop, but it seems transistors have yet to replace vacuum tubes. A more interesting gentleman you will rarely meet in this hobby. And I should clarify: not only does Mr. Ahn hand-build each amplifier, he also designs all his circuits, and even winds all his own transformers.

6C33C in my OTL amplifiers have very long life, the tubes in my Review By Dick Olsher but it doesn't show what I have included to.

NEW Acuhorn amplifiers 6C33C tube output transformerless

Rather they designs their tube amps around the unusual but impressive 6C33C-B vacuum tube. Invented by the Russians, this tube was designed to be incredibly rugged. The glass is so thick one tube weighs nearly half a pound!

New Matched Pair (2) Sovtek 6C33C-B Triode Vacuum Tubes

RELATED VIDEO: Lansing Audio Stereo Tube Amplifier 6C33C High-end SE Triode Class A, EL34,12AT7

Read times. Pages: [ 1 ] 2 Go Down. Anyone familiar with 6C33 tubes. Interested to know about their sound. Looking at a pair of Wall Audio amps.

The output transformer has low insertion loss is very important , the best of the best is 0 dB Insertion Loss , The output transformers for High End tube amplifier need under 1dB Insertion Loss. The Insertion Loss over 1.

Review: Fluxion AV-7 Single-Ended 6C33C Amplifier

Bulgarian born Vladimir Bazelkov moved to the U. He now lives in Houston. Hey Vladimir, move to Dallas! They sound and look marvelous. The input tube is a 6SL7, the driver a 6SN7 easy-to-find tubes, and affordable.

6C33C-B / 6S33S-V Triode, NOS

I will be rebuilding this shortly using the same transformers and auto biasing as per the VMOS line driver, and will update this page accordingly. Vg bias of Output configuration to drive: ohm series, ohm parallel. Output impedance: 60 ohms series, 15 ohms parallel.

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