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With that in mind, here are some of the best guitars for small hands currently on the market, as well as some additional information about guitars and related products that you should keep in mind when making a purchasing decision. Here are my favorite guitars for small hands. Don't take the numbered ratings into heart too much - it's more important to read the review itself and determine which of these would suit you best! It features a spruce top, mahogany for the back, sides, and neck, and a rosewood fingerboard for playing.

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Best guitars small hands

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5 Best Electric Guitars for Small Hands in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

A perfect guitar is pretty much a matter of preference. There are different types of woods, shapes, and many other things that have an impact on sound characteristics. Still, what about the playability? Which are the best guitars for small hands?

Although there are some general rules, this is mostly about our physiognomy. While those with big hands can relatively easily adapt, people with smaller hands need to pay attention to many aspects, as their playing requires much more effort compared to most guitarists. Fortunately, most manufacturers realize this problem, so the market is full of guitars that are designed to provide best-possible playing experience for kids, teens, women, and others with small hands.

Of course, the best guitars for small hands should have a neck that is slim and comfortable to play. Therefore, make sure to check dimensions of a guitar before you even take it for consideration.

The things you should check are thickness, fingerboard width, and neck shape. For players with big hands, this is nothing more than a matter of preference. For those with small hands, it is much more than that. Practically, you need a neck that you can envelop with ease. Generally, electric guitars have slimmer necks, though there are differences between them as well.

For small hands, the friendliest guitar necks are probably those that can be found on Stratocaster-like guitars, particularly superstrats. For example, the famous Wizard III neck from Ibanez is one of the thinnest necks you can find around, so take its dimensions as a reference. LP-style and hollow-body guitars usually have a little bit fatter necks. In the past, acoustic guitars were characterized by notably fatter necks. However, things are a little bit different these days, as you can find models with necks that are as thin as on electric guitars.

For example, Fender Malibu Series features pretty much the same neck as electric guitars like Stratocaster and Telecaster. Another thing that plays an important role is neck shape. These days, manufacturers offer various kinds of neck shapes on their models, as guitarists have different preferences.

Some of the most common shapes are:. The bigger width, the bigger distance between strings. In practice, this means that small hands would probably struggle to reach low strings on a guitar that has a pretty big fingerboard width.

Fortunately, most acoustic and all electric guitars will do the job very well. If you are choosing an acoustic guitar, keep in mind that most of your playing will probably be chords. This may be an even more important aspect than neck dimensions. The scale length is a distance between nut and bridge and longer scale also more distance between frets, which would require more finger stretching, especially in the first couple of frets, where most chord shapes are actually played.

If you want to prevent chord-shapes and other issues as much as possible, pick a guitar that has a shorter scale. A typical scale length measures between 24 and 26 inches. For example, Fender Stratocaster has a So, both guitars are small-hands-friendly in their own way. The Strat has a slimmer neck, but Les Paul features a shorter scale. Acoustic guitars feature similar scale lengths, while there are also electric guitars with significantly shorter scales.

For example, some Rickenbacker models measure only Another thing you should consider is small-size guitars. Although designed for kids, these guitars can be used by anyone who has small hands. Obviously, the smaller size means a shorter scale, which means a smaller distance between frets.

In most cases, these guitars feature scale lengths around inches, which definitely makes a notable difference. They can also be a great choice for traveling. However, there is a couple of drawbacks as well. The first one is the sound. Due to a smaller body, they obviously can resonate as full-size guitars, which has a bad effect on the sound. Although not a deciding factor, string gauges can also affect playability, especially for players with small hands.

Therefore, keep in mind that the best guitars for small hands should also feature lighter gauges. For electric guitar, that would be something like 0. This company is known for many great things and its patented Wizard III neck is definitely one of them. With just 19mm of thickness at the 1st fret and two more and the 12th, this is definitely one of the thinnest guitar necks you will find.

Still, keep in mind Another important thing to mention is that this is a neck-through guitar, which allows a much easier reach of high frets. Jumbo frets and typically-great ergonomics are another great reason why you should try this one. When it comes to general characteristics of the guitar, it features a mahogany body and a typical H-H configuration. Unlike most RG guitars that have Floyd Rose, this one comes with a fixed bridge.

If you have small hands and also prefer vintage-style guitars, this one would be a great choice. Compared to more popular Stratocaster and Telecaster, the Jaguar has one important advantage, when we are talking about small-hands-friendly features. Compared to Strat and Tele, which feature scale length of In practice, this means that frets are closer, which is most notable on the first couple of frets on a guitar.

Also, it has a comfortable C-shape neck and comes with medium jumbo frets. Other than the neck, this guitar is characterized by a genuine vintage look, highlighted by odd body shape and lots of small knobs and switches. In most cases, it comes with an old-school tremolo, with either single coils or humbuckers.

Fender guitar models are characterized by some of the most iconic body shapes and that is one of the main reasons for their popularity. However, the price of the original Fender model is usually quite high, so Squier comes as a perfect alternative.

Squier guitars are far more affordable, definitely the best choice for those with a tight budget, who still want to get a genuine Fender feel in their hands.

This is a typical superstrat. For example, Charvel uses the same headstock design, while necks are usually quite the same. This is a great thing, as the Stratocaster features one of the most comfortable necks in the industry. The neck features pretty comfortable shape with rolled fingerboard edges, while the fingerboard measures less than 43 mm 1.

On the other side, a possible drawback could be a long Jumbo frets, Floyd Rose and hi-output humbuckers make this guitar a perfect shred machine. The thing with such guitars is a smaller body, and smaller body means a shorter scale. For example, this one measures just Typically for Ibanez, the neck is pretty thin, so you will hardly find such a combination of short scale and thin neck. The price is very affordable and the cool thing about this guitar is that it features a genuine RG look, which is one of the most iconic guitar shapes of all time.

We can hardly consider it as a real instrument. In this price range, you will hardly find a guitar that combines vintage and modern design solutions in such a good way. In addition to a classic look and feel, this Squier adds a bit of modern flavor, which is particularly beneficial for people with small hands. Also, there are significantly more massive, medium jumbo frets that improve playability for a lot. Other than that, count on a typical This is a typical old-school strat, with a vintage feel, low-output single coils and bright tone.

This guitar is amazing in so many ways. One of its main characteristics is a pretty unusual design which, interestingly, has benefits as well. When it comes to neck characteristics, Gibson guitars usually have thicker neck compared to, for example, Fender. The rest of the guitar comes in a typical Gibson manner — set-in neck, mahogany body and a couple of humbuckers are everything you need to rock all day long.

Although this is a product designed for kids, it could be useful for those with small hands as well. Practically, you will hardly find an electric guitar that is so small-hands-friendly. Frets are much closer compared to a regular Strat, but the fact is that the fingerboard width is also much smaller, as the nut width is just around 1. In practice, this means that strings are maybe too close in the first couple of frets, so you may struggle to play chords clean enough.

The rest of the guitar comes in a typical Strat manner, just in a smaller package. There is a typical SSS pickup configuration and you can choose a couple of different colors.

On the other side, this guitar comes with a fixed bridge, instead of the famous Strat tremolo. The Pacifica is arguably one of the best electric guitars when it comes to balance between price and quality. It is also a very good choice for people with small hands, as it is practically a typical Stratocaster.

A thin and comfortable neck makes it very comfortable to play. If you want something more upscale, there are numerous Pacifica models that come in a wide price range. A great thing is that all of them feature the same neck dimensions. For small hands or not, this is a great guitar. The neck is quite slim, with a pretty small width, which measures less than 43 mm 1. Also, the scale is relatively short —

A Pain-Free Guide to Playing Guitar with Small Hands

Grow Guitar may earn compensation from purchases made after clicking links on this page. Learn more Here. It may seem like a pre-requisite to have huge hands to play guitar well. That is, fortunately, not the case. In fact, with the right technique, practice, and the right sized instrument, anyone can learn to play well, regardless of the size of their hands. Here are several options for the best guitar for small hands. Often when you see famous guitarists they have pretty big hands.

5 Best Electric Guitars for Small Hands in – Buyer's Guide.

6 Best Guitars With Thin Necks For Small Hands

Choosing an acoustic guitar can be really fun, there's such a wide range of models - but for people with small hands, there are important things to consider. Don't worry. We're going to help you find the best acoustic guitar for small hands — the one that's right for you. Smaller than that and you might want to take a look at our Guitars for Kids page for a good size chart. I also have an acoustic guitar size comparison chart here that goes from Parlor size to Jumbo. One more caveat. When discussing acoustic guitars, I'm including acoustic-electric guitars for small hands by default. Since the electronics don't change the nature of the sound, it's entirely your choice whether you want to be able to plug in, or not. Personally, I think it's better to have the option, but that's up to you.

5 Best Guitars for Small Hands Guide [2021 UPDATE]

best guitars small hands

Music, the HGN. Taking the win is the California series Fender Redondo Classic. This acoustic electric is all solid wood and features a fast-playing slim taper neck that makes riffing and throwing down chords a breeze for even the smallest hands. Although its tone is just average due to its laminate top and standard bracing, it just hits the mark for what you need in a practice setting.

If you have small hands you know the struggle some guitar chords give you.

The Best Guitar For Small Hands: Top 7 Options

A perfect guitar is pretty much a matter of preference. There are different types of woods, shapes, and many other things that have an impact on sound characteristics. Still, what about the playability? Which are the best guitars for small hands? Although there are some general rules, this is mostly about our physiognomy.

Best Acoustic Guitar for Small Hands

While buying a guitar, one of the most important things to note is whether it feels comfortable in your hands. People with small hands are recommended to opt for guitars with thin necks. You must make sure the neck fits completely in the palm of your hand for hassle free playing. Given below are the best guitars with thin necks for small hands. It has a mahogany body with a spruce top and a mahogany neck. The rosewood fretboard is playable and easy to access.

Small Hands + Acoustic Guitar = No Problem - I'll will help you find the BEST acoustic guitar for small hands –the one that's right for you.

It can be very frustrating as a guitar player to find an instrument to play if you have small hands. Many guitar necks are just too big for many players with small hands and they tend to struggle with those guitars. I know how hard it can be to play regular guitars as I have small hands. The guitars in this list are designed for players that have smaller hands and are all great choices to make playing the guitar more comfortable for you.

May 07, 6 min read bass guitar. It happens a lot more than you might think. Someone comes into a guitar shop like Adirondack Guitar and has a hard time finding a guitar that suits their hand size. This is especially daunting for people with small hands. Kids, teens and some adults struggle to find a guitar that will feel good in their hand and be comfortable and easy to play.

There is nothing bad with having smaller hands.

For people with small hands, stretching to reach some of those chords is just too much of a strain. Each of the models listed above are good options for an adult with small hands, as well as children and teens. They are actually pretty great to play as they often weigh less than a full-body guitar and they often have just as good of sound. Though a lot of people use this size as a travel guitar, you can definitely make it your make instrument. While some of the guitars listed above are cheaper than this one, I think that this Yamaha FGS Acoustic Guitar is the best value guitar for small hands. It is really a high quality acoustic guitar for the money. Of course, it should come as no surprise that Yamaha is making high quality instruments, right?

We all have different hand sizes and learning to play the guitar can be difficult if you have smaller than average hands. Some entry-level guitarists with small hands fear learning the guitar, but thankfully there are many guitars with specs suited better for these players. Check Amazon Price. Created as a travel guitar, Martin LX1 is an amazing option for guitar players with small hands.

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