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Who was speaker of the house in 2013

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Who was speaker of the house in 2013

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WATCH RELATED VIDEO: John Boehner Sworn in as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

House of Representatives

Boehner of Ohio was narrowly re-elected speaker of the House on Thursday amid open dissent from conservatives on the House floor that signaled that the turmoil and division of the th Congress is likely to spill into the newly constituted th.

Boehner, in his opening address to the new House, indicated that the Republican majority would make the federal debt and deficit its singular focus. He also delivered a blunt message to those he sees as more interested in stirring dissension and scoring political points than in being constructive. Boehner said, calling for the House to focus on results. In the Senate as well, hard feelings from the old Congress were reverberating in the new. The Democratic leadership said it would hold off on efforts to limit the filibuster while negotiations with Republicans about procedural changes continued.

As the th Congress convened just after noon, leaders of both parties in both chambers tried to strike a note of comity after the struggles of a Congress marred by acrimony almost to its final minutes.

The children and grandchildren of members romped through the House chamber, and lawmakers clapped one another on the back. The young son of Representative Jeb Hensarling, Republican of Texas, slept, slumped against his father. Newly elected Representative Tammy Duckworth, Democrat of Illinois, displayed her grievous wounds from the war in Iraq, wearing a skirt that revealed two prosthetic legs, with red pumps on her feet. But discord was on plain display in the roll call vote for speaker as Mr.

Boehner weathered defections from the rank and file to defeat Ms. Pelosi by a vote of to West of Florida; Mr. Colin L. Powell — drew 14 protest votes from members of both parties.

The tension around Mr. Boehner, who was elected unanimously by House Republicans two years ago, showed in the long, pomp-filled roll call vote, in which each member was called on to publicly announce a choice. A dozen Republicans either voted for someone other than Mr. It was not until the very last votes that Mr. Boehner cleared the majority he needed.

Labrador of Idaho; and Walter B. Huelskamp said. There were a lot of members who wanted to vote no. House Republican leadership aides denied any such tactics and said rumors of strong-arming were unfounded.

A few who opposed Mr. Boehner were newcomers, signaling a new generation of dissent. Representative Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma voted for Mr. Cantor, and Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky, who prevailed in the Republican primary last year with the help of young Ron Paul acolytes, voted for Mr. Representative Steve Stockman, a Texas Republican who served for one term in the s, voted present.

And as their names were called repeatedly for their votes, Mr. Labrador looked down at his desk and Representative Mick Mulvaney, Republican of South Carolina, stood silently in the back of the chamber, arms crossed, staring at the House well.

On the other side of the aisle, the dwindling ranks of Southern Democrats showed that Ms. Pelosi is seen as a liability in some quarters. The agenda laid out by both Mr. Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, jibed well with the demands of small-government conservatives who have complained that neither leader has been sufficiently confrontational with Mr.

Both said cutting spending would be front and center, putting them on a collision course with the president and Democratic leaders. McConnell said. Partisan battles are brewing on issues beyond the budget, including on same-sex marriage, gun control and welfare programs. Among the new rules of the House adopted Thursday, one requires committees to identify potentially duplicative programs when considering the creation of new programs or reauthorizing existing ones.

Another will require annual budget resolutions to contain information about the growth of entitlement programs, like food stamps, a senior Republican leadership aide said.

The new rules will also authorize House lawyers to continue a legal defense of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as a legal bond exclusively between a man and a woman.

The first day of th Congress included some hopeful notes, especially the return of Senator Mark Steven Kirk, Republican of Illinois, a year after he suffered a major stroke. Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. President Obama called Mr. Boehner to congratulate him.

Tom Foley, A House Speaker Who Embraced Compromise And Comity

House Democrats on Wednesday elected Massachusetts Rep. Katherine M. Clark as assistant speaker, making her the second-highest-ranking woman ever in party leadership, behind Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Clark, 57, who got her start in leadership this Congress serving as caucus vice chairwoman, beat Rhode Island Rep. The vote was

Speaker of the House: Directed by Reggie Gaskins. With J. Patrick Wise, Kathryn Taylor Smith, Carl Gilliard, Jalissa Durham. A young actor is asked to lead.


Last Name. Share this page. Follow Ballotpedia. Report an officeholder change. John Andrew Boehner b. November 17, , in Cincinnati, Ohio is a former Republican member of the U. House of Representatives from the state of Ohio. He served in the U.

Boehner Retains Speaker’s Post, but Dissidents Nip at His Heels

who was speaker of the house in 2013

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives elections are held when the House of Representatives first convenes after a general election for its two-year term, or when a speaker of the House dies, resigns or is removed from the position intra-term. The speaker is the political and parliamentary leader of the House, and is simultaneously the body's presiding officer , the de facto leader of the body's majority party , and the institution's administrative head. There have been elections for speaker since the office was created in Prior to , the House elected its speaker by paper ballot , but since, on all but three occasions, has done so by roll call vote.

Ron Elving. Democrat Tom Foley served Washington state's 5th Congressional District for 30 years and was House speaker from to

John Boehner re-elected as Speaker of the House - as it happened

The daily hour of meeting is set by a House Resolution adopted on the first day of each session. On January 3, , the House adopted H. The hour of meeting can be changed by order of the House at any time, usually by unanimous consent after consultation between both party leaderships. Article I, section 5 of the U. Constitution prevents either house from adjourning for more than three days not including Sundays unless the other House concurs.

Boehner re-elected as House speaker

The House of Representatives convened on the first day of the th Congress. After he was sworn in, he swore in the members and delegates. The leaders of the House were announced and the rules for the th session were agreed upon. The U. The House considered H. January 3, Part Of U.

Democrats' proposed rules establish House speaker term limits, fail to satisfy Republicans Recognizing the risks of in-person meetings during the COVID

How the House Speaker election rules could let conservatives embarrass John Boehner

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Today, the new House of Representatives will elect its Speaker. While John Boehner is extremely likely to win the post, there may be some last-minute drama from conservatives unhappy with his leadership.

The Speaker

In the wake of the first visit of Pope Francis to the United States in September , John Boehner announced that he would resign one of the most powerful positions in government, the House Speaker, at the end of October. The vote in the House of Representatives for a new Speaker is likely to take place on 29 October and elections for other Republican leadership posts will be held thereafter. John Boehner was first elected to serve as Speaker in November for the th Congress. He was re-elected by the House in January for the th Congress, and again in January for the th Congress.

Both Chambers Senate House.

The first Black lawmaker to hold such position. I am humbled by the honor of serving in such capacity. My goal is to serve in an open and transparent way with the utmost integrity. Moreover, I want to be accessible to you. Please feel free to visit me at my Constituent Service Office or contact me directly by sending me an email by visiting the contact page.

Compiled from Minnesota legislative manuals and other sources, including previous library compilations and several histories of Minnesota. Citations to "Toensing" refer to W. Where a name or party designation is not given in the list, it was not given authoritatively in the sources so far consulted.

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