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This project is finalized, that means it is no longer experimental. This amplifier, altough limited in output power 20W , has been designed to give the best listening pleasure. No compromise has been made during components choice: the output triode is one of the best tube available today in that range of power for single-ended applications, the driver stage uses a B, a long revered audio tube note that you must use a WE B or a Sovtek B. This technical choice has been made in some commercial like Marantz T1 or amateur realisations and can be questionnable since the B is itself difficult to drive.

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Please help, if you can. Discussion in ' Tube Audio ' started by kward , Jun 14, Log in or Sign up. Thinking of building an SET.

Have questions. Messages: 4, Location: Utah. OPTs, chokes, those huge 4 prong sockets. Looking into the requirements needed to drive the output stage. Not trivial.

I need a driver that will deliver v peak to peak swing. I need a decent driver stage that will deliver A LOT of swing. You can get close in that configuration but not quite there. Anyone got any ideas? Maybe a cascode or SRPP or something like that. Messages: 10, Location: miles N. Messages: Location: Virginia. Messages: 3, Location: Terra, 21st century CE.

Antique Sound Lab used paralleled 6sn7gtb. A lot of builders use a 2a3. Then there are those that swear by interstage transformers. Messages: 54, Location: Southern NJ. I was thinking something in the 6L6 family, maybe triode-strapped if you're going for all-triode sig chain. Last edited: Jun 14, Messages: 2, Location: Portland OR.

Will be curious to see how you make out. A few years ago an ex coworker gave me a few tubes that she found when she cleaned out her father's basement. I have no idea if they are good Dadbar , Jun 14, Messages: 17, Location: northern cal.

Take a look at Tube Labs. I think he has a power drive board to drive 's. It uses a couple 45's and a if I remember right. The schematics should be listed as well. It might give you an idea. Lavane , Jun 14, Messages: 1, I built an SE that a friend of mine still uses.

I used parallel 6N7 for the voltage-amp stage, a resistor-loaded triode-wired EL34 running at around volts and 25 mA. About volts on the More investigation: A B or 12B4 could do it. I don't really like using a B for this purpose. They need low impedance drive themselves to work well, so it just pushes the same problem forward to earlier stages as I already have with the I'm thinking the EL84 in pentode mode might be a good choice.

But I don't like using a pentode in a SET amp. Seems somehow like merging matter with antimatter or something. A quick load line analysis says it would need approximately a 12K plate resistor at about 10 watts dissipation handling at 20 mA quiescent current.. I dunno. Seems complicated. But this is still a lot of work for the high voltage supply, the 10V filament circuit, and the negative bias circuit.

Still seems like a boat load of work for a mere 20 watts. My current SE UL amp delivers 14 watts. Not sure I need two SE amps of the same power category. Yes the is a directly heated triode I'll think on this some more But it now seems cost and complexity prohibitive for my expectation level. Last edited: Jun 15, I know it seems like a boatload of work. Took me half a day to dial in the 10V DC supply for the filaments.

I used a 3A common-mode choke to smooth it out. The sound from an is There's no other word. Nothing wrong with using a pentode in an SE amp but I don't think you need it. A triode EL34 is a lovely match for the , and the gain of 11 gives it an extra dynamic force. I personally wouldn't mess with CCS's or things like that, but it's up to you. Here's a thread from Audio Asylum that talks about the design I used, and includes a schematic, just to give you an idea.

Shouldn't work but it does. Thanks Zackthedog. Good to hear your results. I was going to ask you for your schematic. Got no voltage gain to speak of but it should be able to produce some current if required.

Last edited: Jun 17, Run half to the cathode and the other half to the plate. Not really sure what you'd call that topology but it might be a way to use push-pull iron with a single ended tube since the current flow in each half is necessarily identical. Probably not many transformers that this could work with though.

Not sure of the turns ratios needed. Kinda-sorta I guess. Mac also has that cross-coupled screen thing so I don't know how much of a wrench that throws into a comparison. I've got a Chicago BO sitting here and it has what amounts to two seperate windings on the primary. UL too, so I could fool with the ratios a bit. Maybe something to consider next time I'm bored and have the HV supply on the bench.

Messages: 12, Location: New Jersey. How about a kt run in triode? I plotted out last night an EL34 triode strapped load line. I needed V rail and it showed V signal swing peak to peak.

So I think that will work. The analysis I did last night showed it idling at 25 mA at volts across the tube, thus 6 watts plate dissipation. Seems like a waste to use a 42 watt tube loafing along at 5 or 6 watts. Good suggestion though. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

Thinking of building an 845 SET. Have questions.

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tube is considered as king of tube with plate volt up to over V, plate current is about 80mA. This amplifer use a very powerful tube as drive tube.

What are some of the top 845 Amplifiers you have heard?

Read the French article in PDF. Test bench by hifi-advice. The LM Premium is the result of many years of research on the triode Single ended design. Thanks to its exceptional design and manufacturing quality, it is fast fast becoming the absolute reference in the high end amplifiers world. With a power output of 2x30W, it can be use with most of the existing reference speakers. The LM Premium is a combination of two units: One is the amplifier unit and the other is output unit. There are two user bias controls for B and have been used for bias adjustment and two meters has been added to the front plate to allow you to monitor bias with ease. Negative feedback switch is on the front plate that you can choose betweeen two levels of NFB to enjoy the different sound outputs.

deHavilland Aries 845-G Monoblock Amplifier Review

845 amplifier using

My answer, is that often when a product has been out for a while, we forget about them. We should never make the mistake of thinking only the newest products are the best. Our designs offer sound quality usually found in products costing several times as much, and this is consistent with our goal of making top quality audio performance available to the enthusiast and recording studio alike. Another aspect of our mission is to have more people experience the beauty of single-ended vacuum tube sound. Our single-ended amplifiers will drive medium, as well as high efficiency speakers, making this type of amplifier available to a much wider range of listeners.

One pair of copper output posts are provided. The type tube has a higher gain than the type tube, and the output impedance of the amplifier is affected by the choice of which tube is used.

Stereo 845 Integrated 845 PP Amplifier - Stereo 845PP

With simple and elegant appearance, stable and optimized circuit, improved the performance of the amplifier. Using a high-voltage transformer and a low-voltage transformer to provide power independently, to ensure sufficient power and reduce interference. In the absence of output feedback, the background noise is controlled within Sign Up Now! This tube amplifier can design with Bluetooth function but need additional 30 US dollars. Please feel free to contact us if you need.

LaoChen 300B 845 Tube Amplifier Single-Ended Class A Amp with VU meter

Contact Us for Pricing and Availability. Following much demand from our customers Audion have re-launched the legendary Black Shadow mono-block power amplifier Delivering 25 watts in pure Class A. The new Black Shadow has been upgraded with an extra buffer stage, improved mains and output transformers, slow start HT to protect the valve life and better components — couple that to a large polypropylene capacitor power supply and large bypass and decoupling capacitors you are guaranteed fast and fluid transient response.. Wherever possible the components are sourced from Europe and the USA and avoiding inferior Chinese components. This triode based mono-block amp uses no zero feedback in the design. This amp will work with most speakers over of 83 — 4db efficiency. Ideally matched with our range of Electron cables. The amps deliver 25 watts into 8 ohms This has both 4 and 8 ohm outputs..

PHONOSTAGE: AudioNet PAM G2 with AudioNet EPX power supply. PREAMP: Audionet PRE G2. AMPLIFIER: Audionet MAX monoblocks. SPEAKERS: YG Acoustics.


To cut a long story short , I am tired of making amps that weigh 30Kgs and my favourite tube is the Even the GM70 is not as good and neither is the or and even B doesnt have all the qualities of the , the 2A3 comes close but has no power The problem with SE amplifiers is that u need a very high voltage , lots of power , and even the driver stage has extreme requirments from a designer point of view.

My page Member registration View cart. Input transforme Output transform Transistor Ampli

Has anyone built a good sounding SET Amp?

Price: S. Every or vacuum tube amplifier has power, so what makes this amplifier design stand out? It is the sonic beauty. As experienced audiophiles know that tube amps can have great mid and bass, but extended and smooth high frequency performance is not easy to achieve. This amp excels in the mids and highs unmatched by other big power tube amplifiers. So the conventional approach does not apply to this amp. There is little that conventional Tweaks can add to the performance of this amp plus the V inside the chassis argues against tweaking.

In the meantime I read everything I could find and eventually fell under the evil influence of a notorious group known as the Dixie Bottleheads. The great thing about groups like this is that you get the chance to hear things you might never encounter in the 'real world'. The horrible thing is that most of these things sound damn good and with the encouragement of others, well, plans begin And so, in the Summer of , I listened several times to a fine amp built by Dixie Bottlehead that'd be dBH in eMail-speak Randy Worthington, and began to think about building an amplifier using it's lower-mu cousin, the

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