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A powerful, portable and flexible bass head featuring the classic Aguilar tone in a super lightweight package! Tone Hammer features watts, a solid state preamp section with 4-band EQ and fully adjustable drive control, switchable high and low impedance Golden-era SVT sounds and modern-day upgrades, channels, period-correct graphics, fonts and laser The portable, powerful solid-state Ampeg SVT Micro Classic head in traditional Ampeg drag is a pleasant surprise from the second you lay eyes on it to This dynamically powerful all-tube bass amp d Tubes, tubes, and more tubes!

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Can You Use A Bass Amp For Guitar?

We all know how important the bass sound is to a band. A roaring bass tone can glue everything together and bridge the gap between the rhythm section and the rest of the band.

So while your choice of bass is certainly important, the amp you choose to play through dramatically affects the quality of your tone - and is arguably one of the most essential elements of your rig. Our list features bass guitar amps of all kinds, from super-portable micro heads to state-of-the-art hybrid amplifiers, high-end all-tube heads, to budget-friendly practice combos - there is something for everyone here.

Are you looking for a great deal on the best bass amps this Black Friday? Check out our Black Friday guitar deals page for the latest news, and the best deals around. We have a couple of recommendations here. The control it offers you over the EQ is exceptional, with a smart front panel that has everything but the speaker and tuner outputs, and the preamp is awesome and sold as a pedal.

If you want a bass head with enough power for shows, offers a fuss-free control panel with an excellent 3-band EQ, that sounds great and that you can throw into a backpack, the Trace Elliot ELF has got to be the one. It really is a pocket rocket. The Tone Hammer is a truly exceptional solid-state head that offers you phenomenal control over your tone. The treble control allows for a healthy 14dB of boost or cut at 4kHz, the bass a hefty 17dB at 40Hz, while you can park your mids anywhere between Hz and 1kHz and boost or cut by 16dB either way.

The drive control interacts with the gain structure and EQ, offering a vintage-sounding EQ that rounds out the bottom end as you turn up the gain and takes off some highs. Aguilar encourages you to use those drive, gain and mids controls as base camp for tone exploration. The performance is exceptional, with a respectable watts at 4 ohms and all the essential features you need.

The 3-band EQ plays the percentages and parks the lows at 80Hz, mids at Hz, and highs at 4. The LX represents excellent value, somehow squeezing what is a vertiginous stack of features into a compact aluminum chassis. It is a hybrid, with a Class A valve preamp feeding an watt Class D amplifier at 4 ohms.

Slap players will naturally love it — that compression is tight and intuitive — yet there is enough range for players of all styles. Where to start with the bass amp that can do everything except drive the tour bus? But, lo! Just a cursory adjustment of any one of the six EQ parameters delivers a profound effect to your tone. The overdrive on this amplifier is exceptional too, with two voicings — the modern, pugilistic B3K and the vintage VMT — selectable via a switch, with a colored LED to let you know which is engaged.

This is a top-line, professional bass head, with all mod-cons in the back making it ideal for stage or studio. It has a tonal power that could give you a black eye, a stage-ready voice that is perfectly attuned to the needs of the contemporary rocker.

Besides, the -6dB pad does a reasonable job of cleaning things up otherwise. There are no great mysteries but plenty of sweep in a 3-band EQ that can apply 15dB of cut and boost to the bass, middle and treble, and the onboard compressor is excellent at tightening your tone up.

Read the full Orange Little Bass Thing review. The U has got a lot going on but kudos to Blackstar for laying out the control panel so it all makes sense. There is a preamp section where you can choose from three voices.

Classic offers a vintage tube-amp tone, Modern goes for super-clean with a contemporary EQ profile, and Flat is exactly that, totally transparent. Of course, there is an independent compression control, plus an onboard octave and chorus effect, and you can change the gain structure for overdrive, distortion or fuzz. You may want to. This is a do-it-all amp, for players of all styles. Each channel is footswitchable and has its own effects loop. While the two-channel setup encourages in-depth tone hunting, the global gain switching and Bright and Deep switches offer you the ability to make quick changes to your tone.

Kick in Deep to let that low-end bloom, or use Bright to add that bouncy electricity slap players just love. Pretty neat. The Rumble comes in various formats but for practice and small gigs — and for the money — this is our pick. Just plug it in and turn it up. The Ashdown Studio 15 is the Sam Elliot of bass combos, deep, sonorous, authoritative, and musical in its own right.

Like the Rumble, this has got a straight-ahead control panel, with a pad switch for active basses and a shape switch for a quick, pre-EQ tone fix, effectively changing the voicing of the amp.

All the important stuff is on top, so that balanced XLR out, effects loop, headphones out, footswitch and line in are all right there in front of you. You first have to assess your current needs. What kind of style do you play? Is your bass guitar active or passive? What level are you at? In what environment are you playing — at home, in clubs… Fenway Park? What you play and where you see yourself playing in the near future plays a big part in the decision. After all, if you intend to play in the house, an watt head is overkill.

Conversely, gigging bassists need enough power to be heard in the mix. Price is always a concern too, but the good news is that the bass amp market is full of very giggable options that will give you change from bucks. All players want a certain level of versatility. Options are great, and features present options. Those looking for a more vintage-voiced tone might want to seek out a bass amp with a tube-driven preamp, which can add a sense of warmth and harmonic response that feels eminently musical.

While all-tube bass heads are getting thin on the ground, hold-outs such as the Ampeg SVT are formidable performers — heavyweight, but still unsurpassed for old-school bass tones. For players at all levels, though, a well-voiced EQ is essential. The Ashfield Studio 15 combo we list here even offers a 3-band EQ approach to the midrange alone. That says it all. If you want an all-in-one unit, there are a number of great-sounding combos with lightweight builds. Portability is forever an issue. Bass speaker cabinets are getting lighter but are still unforgiving beasts, so it is a blessing that the amp head is getting smaller and lighter.

Bassists who ride the subway to rehearsal have options, and our top two picks — the Aguilar Tone Hammer and Trace Elliot ELF — have a combined weight of 5. Others, such as a balanced XLR output, can be essential for live performance, allowing you to send your signal straight to the PA.

Today there are many different bass amps available online from a range of different companies - so it can be difficult to cut through the noise. Jonathan Horsley has been writing about guitars since , playing them since , and regularly contributes to MusicRadar, Total Guitar and Guitar World. Guitar World. Included in this guide: 1. Aguilar Tone Hammer Power: watts into 4 ohms, watts into 8 ohms. Type: Class D head. Weight: 4lb 1. Reasons to avoid - No headphones output.

Trace Elliot ELF. Type: Class D micro head. Weight: 1. Reasons to avoid - You want a more comprehensive set of features - No aux-in. Hartke LX Power: watts into 4 ohms. Type: 2AX7 tube preamp with Class D power amp.

Weight: 8. Reasons to avoid - Some players may prefer all tube. Darkglass Microtubes v2. Weight: 6. Reasons to avoid - Not for those seeking retro tones. Orange Little Bass Thing.

Reasons to avoid - Lacks a little headroom - Orange glyphs on the dials take some getting used to. Blackstar Unity Bass UB Power: watts. Type: Solid-state combo. Features: Single-channel amp with 3 voices and 3 drives, 3-band EQ with sweepable mids, 2x 10" Custom Eminence Opus speakers, compression, chorus, octave, 3 amp models Linear, 6L6, power 2x XLR outputs, effects loop, headphones out, USB, footswitch.

Weight: Reasons to avoid - Not much at this price. A super-versatile hybrid head from the original boutique amp company. Power: watts into 4 or 2 ohms, watts into 8 ohms. Type: Class D head with Class A tube-driven preamp. Weight: 7. Reasons to avoid - It will take some time to get used to. Fender Rumble v3.


Bass guitar amps are a very significant part of any bassist's overall sound. They are available, as either combos with the 'brains' and the speaker all in one enclosure or as separate units made up of a head and a cabinet. Bass amplifiers use different speaker configurations than guitar amps. This helps accentuate the low end frequencies required by bass guitars. Bass amps come in all shapes and sizes. This ranges from small practice combos with built-in effects to larger gigging combos and towering stacks Lots of guitar amp manufacturers such as Fender, Laney and Mesa Boogie offer ranges of excellent bass amps.

The difference between guitar and bass tube amps is usually only the way the tone controls work. If it sounds good use it (with a good bass.

Bass Heads

Bass Amps are much different than normal guitar amps, they are specifically tuned to reproduce bass frequencies efficiently. We offer next day delivery service for orders before 3pm, just select 'Next Day' at the checkout to get your next day delivery! If you'd like to try out our range of Bass amps then head down to our store in Colchester and try out our range for yourself. If you're unsure on what to choose from or need some helpful advice on what is a suitable bass amp for you then please do not hesitate to contact us or pop into one of our stores for a chat. Bass Amps Bass Amps are much different than normal guitar amps, they are specifically tuned to reproduce bass frequencies efficiently. Bass Amps. In Stock. Ampeg Classic Series V-4B.

Best bass amps 2021: killer low-end amplification options for bassists

bass heads on guitar

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Matching on-the-move designs with supreme playability and heavyweight features, the FP-X series represents a fresh generation of portable pianos. All-in-one song production with authentic Roland sounds and songwriting tools to assist modern music makers at any level.

Bass Amp Heads

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Total bass control. With bass amp heads, you have a range of tonal options and can add or remove multiple speaker cabs. Showing 40 of 83 products. Bass Amp Heads. Read more Total bass control. Many also have a DI output you can connect to a PA system or audio interface. All this means you can build your own sound.

TC Electronic Bass Amplifier Head (BAM) · Hotone Thunder Bass Mini Bass Guitar Amplifier Head, 5 Watt · TC Electronic Guitar Amplifier Head (BQ) · Trace.

Solid state bass head as guitar pedal platform instead of Quilter, Duncan Powerstage, etc?

The amount of options and brands to choose from when it comes to bass guitar amps can be somewhat overwhelming. Whilst a lot of bass players choose to go direct by using a Di box, there is just something about the tone that comes from a bass amp which cannot be always be replicated otherwise. If you need a bass amp for either practice, live performance or Studio use Paul Bothner Music has the solution for you. But, before going ahead with your bass amp purchase, there are some things to consider that can simplify your choice.

Bass Amplifiers

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Our brand new bass range consists of amplifiers, pedals and cabinets and is already moving air and turning heads on stages. Laney is the signature of high quality British guitar and bass amplifiers. When Lyndon Laney needed an amp for his band in , little did he know that the amp he made was the start of a long journey, a journey spanning over 50 years and every continent on the planet. Designed and Engineered for musicians, by musicians. We are a proud family business dedicated to supporting players like you with the equipment to perform at your very best.

Bass Guitar Amps

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