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1969 Guild Superstar tube amplifier

Donate Register Login Main Site. Pages: [ 1 ] 2 Go Down. For about a year now I have thought about building a tube amp. Im really interested in how to shape tone and the internal workings of tube amps. What better way to learn than to build one? After doing lots of research and asking many friends on the topic I decided to by the AXP1 Extreme amp kit.

Here is the link to the drawings and plans. I put the P1 preamp stages on the P1X power amp stage to get a more vintage sound. I also added a switch so that I can change the bias resistance to be able to change the power tube between a 6V6, 6L6 and EL Ill post the schematic and layout drawings once I update them.

I received the kit in the mail this past Tuesday. Here is how it came. I started Tuesday evening with mounting the components to the chassis and the board and wiring the components on the board. Last night I was able to get the board mounted in the chassis and ready to connect the wires.

This weekend I hope to finish all the wiring and start it up for the first time. I have spent about 8hrs on it so far, but it has been fun and very educational. Of course Ill do a proper review on this kit once its all done and I have time to hear how it sounds. My buddy is building the AXP1X with no modifications so we are going to compare the differences. Good on you!

Looking good so far. You've got to the second hardest bit now - keeping it neat while you connect everything together. The hardest part?

That's resisting the temptation to plug everything in and turn it on the moment that the last connection is soldered up without going through the start-up checks. Are you on the ax84 forum? I've posted details of my latest DIY amp on this thread More power to your elbow - shout if I can help in any way, or if you just want reassurance Andy Edited in an attempt to avoid thread drift.

Great project. Looking forward to updates, and ultimately sound clips too. Both of you. I want to build the also. I've bout a few NOS tubes but have not sprung for the whole deal yet. I'll see if I can get you links sorted. I don't recall your SuperFly. Maybe now that there are a few actual DIY amps here, I can move them all here and index them.

Someone else may want to build them also. Oh,,,, and it's ok the say TrainWreck here. Thanks for the comments. Ill be updating this thread over the weekend as I get things complete. Ill also try to get some youtube videos to show how it sounds.

Oh, I also bought a DIY tubescreamer clone pedal. It came in yesterday. I hope to start on it next week sometime. I missed that post because its not in the DIY section. I agree it should be moved there.

Im not familiar with that amp, Ill ask? Ill definitely post questions if I need help. The AX84 kits are nice, but I will say that I was missing some parts resistors and caps. Yes, please post updates. I'll be honest, if I buy a kit form someone and all the parts are not there, they are going to be ones going to the store and post office. Yes, I don't think people realize how difficult it is to source parts, get the orders together and then receive and sort everything out.

It's a -lot- of work. TB - yes, I bought my kit from Doberman. It took about 7 working days for it to ship from the time I ordered it and another 3 days to get to my house. Yeah, you say you will have them get the parts for you, but you wont want to wait when that time comes. You will be excited to get the amp done that you will go get the parts you need yourself.

I agree about sourcing parts. But I do hope to do that one day just to go through the exercise and learn more. Update: The amp is finished and it works and sounds great. Actually the first time I powered it all up I got no sound at all. My buddy quickly glanced over my wiring and noticed a ground wire not connected to the output jacks.

A quick dab of solder and it was up and running. Here is what the scene looked like while starting both our amps up. My buddy already built his speaker cab. Here it is. Im going to do one just like it because his turned out so good. Pictures of my completed amp. My initial impressions after playing them for about an hour or so is really good. The tone from these amps are very good. Much better than I expected. Our amps are different in that I used a more vintage pre-amp circuit and he built the standard P1-X pre-amp circuit.

His breaks up sooner and has more gain available while mine is more vintage blues sounding. Ill try to get some sound clips up soon. Good grief, that was quick! How may hours did you spend in total? The amp looks wonderful, I'm looking forward to hearing some clean tones from single coils on her. Fly, good to see you around again. I spent about 12hrs total building it and another 2hrs getting it started up but I had to help a friend start up his too.

It does single coils clean really good. I was quite impressed actually. Much better than I thought. As soon as Mrs. Gordon lets me have time Ill record something quick and post it.

Jeez, that was quick, and it looks the proper job, too! Good feeling, isn't it? Congratulations on pulling it together. Thanks, and yes it feels great to have it complete.

Oh, lessened learned today: Leaving extra lead wire on the transformer wires introduces lots of extra noise. Trying to be cleaver I left my transformer leads a little longer for the possibility of future mods. Well, after shortening them today to just the right length I was able to eliminate almost all of the unwanted noise. This thing is quite now making it even better. Link to sample sounds I just uploaded. I cant remember where, but someone asked if I was going to put the amp in a cab.

The original plan was to put it in a cab, but I really like seeing the transformers and tubes, so I just put some plexi-glass on the bottom with feet. This makes it easier to work on and to see inside. The speaker cab is done except finishing the outside cloth or paint. It has oxblood fabric covering the speaker.

I used a 12" 8ohm Kendrick Brown Frame speaker. I see many different brands and types but have no idea of what is good and bad. I did find the volume levels at which I can record clearly through my camcorder. Im working to get some better audio samples of this amp.

Guild Thunder 1 Reverb Combo Amp (1965) Cover, Black, Padding, Tuki (guil005p)

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Fender Twin Reverb Guitar Amp. $1, (Salem, VA) pic hide this posting restore Orange AD30 head - guitar tube amp 70s Guild Superstar Tube Amp.

Roland CUBE-80X Guitar Amplifier **

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John Mayer’s guitar gear: what you need to nail the super-smooth six-stringer’s sweet blues tones

guild superstar amplifier

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Gone But Not Forgotten – Guitar Amplifier

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Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. Anyone can sell on Reverb List your item today to get it in front of thousands of eyes, quickly and easily. Learn more on the Seller Hub. Sell Yours Now. Similar Listings. Amps Guild. Used — Very Good.

Always buying selling & trading pre Fender amps. of his second collaboration with superstar country guitarist Brad Paisley.

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Donate Register Login Main Site. Pages: [ 1 ] 2 Go Down. For about a year now I have thought about building a tube amp. Im really interested in how to shape tone and the internal workings of tube amps. What better way to learn than to build one?

Its wiring, on the other hand, leans towards the Fender Jaguar — offset fans will feel right at home with its numerous switches. In our interview with him , Gary cites Muddy Waters as inspiration for procuring this guitar, but really it comes down to nostalgia.

Contact info vintageguitarandbass. Dan Armstrong. Guild CS Sound Column. One of Guild's most collectable and rarely seen archtops, the Duane Eddy signature, and especially the Blonde-finished "Deluxe" iteration seen here were produced in sparingly small quantities, with only 41 examples made from This particular example is unique, as it was refreshed with "new" Guild hardware and pickups circa , most likely at the Guild factory, given the

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