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Akg k712 amplifier

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Joined Nov 14, Messages Hey there, I recently got stationed in Germany and will be here for a few years. My old AVR is v and is already bulky enough, I don't feel like adding another clunky power transformer to the office setup.

Onboard audio is not very good. Could someone please suggest a decent v headphone amplifier to buy, one that I can take back to the US with me after my time here is up? B00nie [H]F Junkie. Joined Nov 1, Messages 9, If you're going to stay a few years, just sell the amp when your tour is up. Only mass produced gear usually has dual voltage support and headphone amps are a niche product. I will probably end up having to do that, I did my own research a bit before I made my post and came to a similar conclusion.

I was just hoping someone here might know of something I overlooked that would save me the hassle of re-selling later. Already have a big list of kitchen appliances we will have to get rid of before the move back. Don't you have a recycling program where you could transfer the device to some other serviceman starting their tour? Most outgoing people try to sell their v stuff and other European specific furniture like wardrobes directly to the new tenants that move in to the house they are vacating, and the leftovers get posted to online marketplaces at a low price to get rid of it quickly.

Algrim [H]ard Gawd. Joined Jun 1, Messages 1, What about a DragonFly? Do you have any personal experience with one, or know people who do? Any idea on which specific model to go for? Unfortunately, no. Stereophile reviewed the Cobalt which is the most expensive one, unfortunately and appeared to have a positive impression of it. I'm still reviewing my headphone amp needs and I haven't settled on a contender yet.

The biggest reason why I suggested DragonFly is it doesn't rely on off-board power to work and you can simply bring it back with you; no investment lost. Alternately, you could consider one of the Schiit products with off-board power supply bricks. I'd hope you could simply swap the brick depending on which region. I think I'm leaning towards ordering a v Schiit Jotunheim and using a small step-down transformer for it.

I really wanted to avoid cluttering my tiny office but oh well. Danny Dawg Gawd. Joined Nov 5, Messages Flexible little beasts. You must log in or register to reply here.

AKG - K712 PRO

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No, I don't have any problems with DACs. It was bad enough for me to pay £ for an Ifi amp/dac. Just headphones .. because I.

Customer reviews of the AKG K712 PRO

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DAC/AMP for AKG K712 Pro

akg k712 amplifier

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This is an ever-evolving list. Actually when I received the xDSD last year, I thought that device would make it as a standalone portable amplifier because of its form factor and lightness.

Headphones and Headphone Amps

I do not use smoothing because some info about sound quality is lost when plots are smoothed. Aside from a small correction of the microphone itself also some correction in the lowest frequencies is applied to the plots to compensate for the perceived loss of bass when using headphones. This is described HERE in more detail. Frequency response tonal balance is the most sound-determining aspect of headphones. A horizontal line shows audible neutral response in the plots on this website. Deviations in different severities at different frequency bands have an effect on the sound character.

AKG K712 Pro Headphones

I used to work with AKG microphones that was a real pleasure. Maximum reliability and sound quality, alongside with one of the best characteristic I ever heard. I based my decision of picking this product upon my previous AKG experiences and I have to say, yes, this is what I was looking for. Unique sound quality and appearance and very comfortable to wear even for long hour sessions. Do not buy these headphones if you expect a wonder plugging these to a laptop or cheap sound source.

Hello, I just ordered my first pair of real headphones and now I need a Dac and Amp or a dac/amp combo for them. I currently have a bad 25€.

AKG K702 Do i need a amp?

ModMic 4. My main purpose for the setup would be gaming on Xbox One. I doubted if I will use it that much for anything else like listening to music. Edit - Been reading up more and have thought about this combo.

AKG K1500 Class A Headphone Amplifier K701/K702/K712 Suitable for AKG Headphones

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Hello Guys, I am an enthusiast PC gamer. So I've decided to go for them. Anyways moving on to the main question , what AMP and Dac shall i buy to use for gaming mainly for footsteps hearing and all. I can pay a little higher if really needed.

Hello everyone, I have an AKG Pro pair of headphones and I read everywhere that the only way to take the best sound out of this phones is to have an amp so I decide in addition to buy one to build a tube one so can you suggest me a good tube amp that combined if anyone knows better with my AKG?

AKG K712 Pro Reference Studio Headphones

Free Express Shipping. The low end performance has been improved by 3 dB for more powerful sound imaging and sonic precision while providing spacious sound. These headphones come with a revolutionary flat wire voice coil that helps in providing incredible impulse and treble response. These headphones come with a revolutionary flat wire voice coil that helps in providing incredible impulse, higher sensitivity and treble response. The AKG K Pro has carefully handpicked transducers that provide consistency and accurate localization. These circum-aural headphones have been engineered in Austria and hand-crafted in Europe with highest attention to detail adequately representing the high quality and legendary design AKG is known for.

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