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Dayens amplifier uses

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Meet the Dayens Ampino. The name alone suggests a small size maybe a bit of a weakling - don t let the name fool you. Should mention that I purchased this product at full retail it was not manufacturer supplied, so I put my money where my mouth is.

The design of the Ampino stands in stark contrast to the current trend of massive, half empty boxes that weigh enough to require a two man lift. No, the Ampino. About the Ampino The design is classified as dual-mono, with two clearly separated power modules, which share a toroidal output transformer made to Dayens specs by the highly respected Trafomatic. The selection of input from either of its two sources is controlled by a high quality relay and the potentiometer for volume control is sourced from Alps.

The device actually uses a passive preamplifier system: the incoming source signal goes to the relay, and then through the potentiometer and after that directly to output power amplifier. The size is pretty small: about 6 x 11 x 3.

The Ampino arrives in adequate packaging with no real documentation and no cables of any type, including power. As you will see, this amp is worth using a better-thanstandard computer power cable.

See, not all Stereomojo reviewers have super-ultra systems! Publisher s note: most of us don t - by design. Higher-end reviews go to the guys with higher-end systems and vice versa in an attempt to keep things as much real world as possible.

It s my job to match the review samples to the appropriate reviewer. First things first power up the Ampino and what do you hear?

Nothing, zilch. Total and complete blackness with not even a hint of hiss. Very promising indeed. Like a true champ, the Ampino comes alive at whisper levels - to a clearly superior extent than any other amplifier I ve heard in its price range. As the volume rises and the complexity of the material increases, the Ampino distinguishes itself further and pulls ahead by retaining more clarity and less distortion.

Take anything speedy and sharp -- rapidly plucked strings, blatty brass, drum kit workouts -- and the Ampino is clear and incisive without ever becoming brutal or hard. The Ampino offers excellent transparency to the source and to the music therein. Transparency is a wonderful thing, however in some cases this it can be a mixed blessing that reveals the strengths and weaknesses of a performance,. Within a given album one quickly appreciates that some cuts are more equal than others.

The Ampino does not gloss over harsh or compressed recordings to provide a more palatable sound. The fact is, Ampino delivers the recording as is, warts and all for lossy MP3 files, and with perfect porcelain skinned beauty on properly recorded albums.

On familiar tunes there may be a previously unheard gentle tapping of the foot or a jazz bassist s humming. With an Ampino in place driving your system that is otherwise capable, you ll hear all of this. The treble is extended and sweet.

On good recordings there s little evidence of any grain or dryness introduced by the amplifier. Cymbals sound like tiny gongs as they should; pin-point bursts of metallic richness rather than fuzzy spots of white noise as they might on lesser am[s. With regards to bass, per its specifications the Ampino readily goes right down to palpable but inaudible levels below 20Hz, and depending on the quality of your subwoofer or full range floor standing speakers, can convey surprising subtlety.

Bass texture and weight is evenly painted to exacting standards by the Ampino, opening a window on the lower registers of the recording and leading one to wonder how such marvelous quality could be packed into such a small component and for such a reasonable price! Part of the magic of the Ampino is the way it allows the music to flow along in tempo in such a liquid and utterly natural way, such that it seems to take full advantage of the positive traits of solid state amplification while imbuing some tube-like attributes into the proceedings where necessary, though it would not be mistaken for tubes by a veteran tube guru.

I think that aspect of its performance plays a large role in what makes the Ampino so absolutely captivating in its ability to draw me deeply into the feeling of the music. Once heard and felt, this emotional connection to the music is very, very, addictive, and the Ampino possesses the ability to provide it in spades. The broad frequency range of the Ampino really delivers on the sonic side of recordings as well, projecting a huge billowing sound stage that will fill a small to moderate room from top to bottom, side to side, and front to back, dependent only on the quality of your speakers.

Back Down to Earth Reviewers often say, There is no perfect component. That is true of the Ampino as well, due to a few small nits I have to pick with it. First off, some Ampino users may be slightly put off by the relative looseness of the volume dial. I contacted the manufacturer about this issue and quickly got this response: Regarding usability, there are some people who will balk at the lack of a remote. While the volume pot is large and easy to use, those who require an integrated amplifier to have a remote control will need to look elsewhere.

At the price point of the Dayens Ampino, a remote control is certainly not expected to be included, but offering one as an upcharge option is something that Dayens might want to explore in the future. The Dayens distribution channel is not especially wide, with only a handful of internet-only resellers operating in the US. However, most of those resellers have a decent return policy and quite frankly, the chances of you wanting to return this amplifier at this price are exceeding slim once you experience its performance.

The 25 watt per channel power rating may sound minimal, especially if you are used to reading about amplifiers with power capabilities in the hundreds of watts per channel. Despite its seemingly frugal power delivery, the Ampino has never struggled to pressurize my medium sized room with distortion free sound at high SPLs through my 89db efficient speakers, a reflection of its large power supply. The amp sounds like it has more guts than a typical 25 wpc solid state amp.

Obviously, higher speaker sensitivity will yield even greater results, especially if the size of the listening room is on the larger side. There are many packages out there by JBL, Wadia and even the computer sound card makers that cost well over Cheap Bastard limits. While the price is more than reasonable, the sound quality you will get will easily surpass those you ll find in big-box stores or over the internet. This is custom, hand built stuff here! Nothing cheap about the sound at all.

Great gift for college students, too. Within reason room size and speaker sensitivity , you re pretty golden. The beautiful, lifelike sound that this amplifier is capable of producing ensures that it will spark some conversations regarding the ever elusive point of diminishing audio returns.

The Ampino only has two inputs, so if you have more than two sources, that could be problematic if you don t like switching cables. Another potential deal breaker is that there is no remote control available. For those wanting an initial tempting taste of high-end quality, the Ampino is a very affordable way to cross that unmarked boundary in audio, the other side of which is realism.

The Ampino will transport you to where you can sit back and listen for hours to music rather than an audio system. And it does so without conspicuous shortcomings. With respect to the fundamentals of dynamics, tonal balance, transparency, soundstage and timbre, you ll be over that invisible line of realism by a considerable distance and may well find that you ve just permanently cured your case of audiophile upgrade-itis.

More gain than some of us. Just plug in and stand back. The power is undeniable. The soundbars. If you have any questions concerning. Please read and ensure that you fully understand the installation and set up procedures.

The Fender BXR. Xeo xeo the next revolution. Totally lossless. With advanced digital technology. For awesome sound. When the original Xeo was. Owner s Manual With almost no sacrifice on sound quality, BT Sahyoun, a music freak and Aerospace Engineer unhappy with existing loud speaker technology and performance, decided to put his advanced.

Our products are based on a simple philosophy: The component shall reproduce the original. These interconnects are great.

All rights. Please take a. Connecting up using the high level input. Connecting up using the low level input. Tuning Subwoofers - Calibrating Subwoofers WHY The purpose of a subwoofer is to fill in the bottom octaves below the capabilities of the mains speakers.

There are many reasons to use a subwoofer to do. Sound System Buying Guide The Guide format is like an FAQ frequently asked questions , with the answers taken together forming a great basis for picking your favorite components.

With this information,. General The immediate appeal of the elegantly moving melodic lines of Mozart s music is grounded on subtly sophisticated musical structures. Similarly, while the elegant lines of the Mozart Grand cabinets. Ultra flat panels with high definition sound Sound with details you never heard before Speakers designed to fit your lifestyle Silver I Black kHZ 35 watt 50 watt.

The versatility of the Amplifier makes it the perfect choice for almost every type of custom multi-room. The DB is a groundbreaking hybrid amplifier with a discrete Mosfet output section and an all.

Contents Mission Statement We believe that every piece of music. Used properly and carefully, it should give many years of outstanding musical reproduction. Savant Systems AMP is a multi-room amplifier for distributed audio applications. The AMP is an ultraefficient Class D amplifier delivering 8 channels of reliable amplification rated at 25 watts. With CD sales dropping and downloaded MP3 music, streamed music and digital music players taking.

Dayens Ampino Integrated Amplifier 25/40 watts Upgraded Version Price: $699. by STEVE KOZLE

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Iain has a long standing relationship with products that provide a truly musical and value for money stance in the marketplace. Iain was responsible for introducing the well regarded Clones Audio brand to our fair land and they followed suit with his mantra. Also coming up soon will be a preampifier from Audio Music — again another truly musically engrossing product that belies its price. We talked about this new brand on the scene I was very receptive in appraising it on the merits that Iain pursues when taking on brands for distribution in the UK. The Menuetto is a shoe box sized integrated amplifier with four line level inputs and an output power of 2 X 50wpc into 8ohm and 2 X 70wpc into 4ohms. The unit is of a sleek classical design with two knobs, one for volume and one for source selection and a power button — it includes a remote control. The product feels well made and has a good weight to it and a nice sturdy feeling chassis.

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dayens amplifier uses

Meet the Dayens Ampino. The name alone suggests a small size maybe a bit of a weakling - don t let the name fool you. Should mention that I purchased this product at full retail it was not manufacturer supplied, so I put my money where my mouth is. The design of the Ampino stands in stark contrast to the current trend of massive, half empty boxes that weigh enough to require a two man lift.

But with the HAD it was love. I read about it.

Dayens Ampino | Integrated amplifier

Read times. Pages: [ 1 ] Go Down. Best 2 channel amp for efficient speakers. Joemamma Jr. Member Posts: » Gallery. The amp would only be driving the top portion of my wedgies.

dayens integrated amplifier

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The device actually uses a passive preamplifier system: the incoming source signal goes to the relay, and then through the potentiometer and after that directly.

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How do you decide between two terrific-sounding stereo amplifiers? The Rega Brio is a two-time Award-winner and our reigning Product of the Year for stereo amplifiers — but, with plenty of appealing features, the Audiolab A is a formidable threat. But how do you make that selection? Let us walk you through the pros and cons of these two excellent amps….

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He wanted something better than what was out there — and so immersed himself in the world of DIY audio. He developed his own loudspeakers, amplifiers, and eventually the entire chain. When friends and family started praising his work, it only made sense to share these creations with the rest of the world. In , he founded Dayens and started his legacy.

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We strive for utmost excellence that goes beyond of what industry tried to enforced on the listeners for past few daces. Where most stops, our journey just begins. The one and only true pure Zen high-end audio venture is welcoming you to joins us on the endless quest for the audio nirvana. Trafomatic Audio Price List. Trafomatic Audio was always pursuing the very different path of the musical reproduction beyond typical audiophile norms and with the inner momentum of pure, unaltered sonic performance at the highest level.

Looking for a new Amp or Preamp? If you're after tubes, post over here. Garvey Industry Professional. Are there really any VERY good solid state amps for under a grand?

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