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Selmer electric guitar

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It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Welcome to our Community! Sign In Register. Categories Who's Online 1 AM. Today's Birthdays. Hello, all. I want to get back into bebop on an archtop, but it's seems like my left hand is used to the width and feel of a typical gypsy jazz acoustic neck.

Both of my d-hole guitars are 1. They're both "C" shaped. Does anyone here play or know of an electric archtop--preferably a neck-mounted floating humbucker--that has a neck that fits these dimensions or comes very close in feel to their gypsy jazz acoustics? I prefer not to mount a pick-up onto my gypsy jazz guitars because I want tone and volume controls on the guitar. Thanks in advance to anyone with info or recommendations.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. October Posts: What timing. I am in a similar boat. Yesterday I went to three guitar shops and played archtops, including two 50's Gibson L4s, two new Epiphone s yuck , Eastmans, Guilds and more.

The early 's Epiphone Emperor Regent! Actually a really nice guitar. Not exactly what I am looking for, but it had a benedetto style tailpiece and sounded great. If you are looking for 1. I have played a few and liked them all. However they definitely lacked "vibe" in one way or another.

I no longer feel this way since every time I pick up my Dupont Nomade the neck feels small and uncomfortable even though it is 1. After about fifteen minutes it feels fine, but there is always a transition period.

And I don't think I'll ever be totally happy with the feel of the Dupont the smaller frets don't help. I now think it's about finding a guitar that feels good regardless of spec. Necks come in so many sizes and shapes - even on the same model guitar it can change from year to year.

Some feel good to me, some don't. Go play archtops and hopefully you'll find one that feels right, sounds right, and fits your budget. And have fun doing it! Several players in the Pac. NW have electrified SelMacs which sound quite nice actually.

As well, several luthiers, in the US, Canada and abroad are building guitars that sound like what you are wanting. Take a look at Shelley Parks creations here. I am in a similar boat Bones Moderator. October Posts: 3, I have several archtops that I've built or are in process that I could probably configure to fit your specs but I'm located in Santa Barbara, Ca.

If you are in the area give me a shout and you can check them out. Jazzaferri Victoria B. October edited October Posts: 3, I switch between my Dupont my Dunn and my Gretcsh almost daily. All 3 have different necks, different frets and the Dupont has a 10th fret dot.

It took a while but now the transition is very short. Just a few minutes. If you still like the sound of your Emperor, you might try switching between the two on a daily basis for a while to see if you can get comfy again.

The Magic really starts to happen when you can play it with your eyes closed. Thanks for the offer, Bones.

I probably should exhaust all of the "off the rack" offerings before I decide on investing on a custom. Bones wrote: ». Good points. I don't know if I'm so smitten by the sound of my Emperor Regent. To be completely honest, the "sound" of the archtop is less important than the feel at this point. Not to say sound quality doesn't matter overall, but I don't think my current archtop's sound is too "special".

As for the transition to the different neck, I think it's more than just it being different because the transition to my Music Man isn't too big of a deal and after a few minutes it's comfortable and familiar again. A friend of mine has one of the those student Cigano oval holes and it feels familiar playing it even though the neck radius is flatter than on my gypsy guitars.

And again, the volume and tone dials on the pickguard are really annoying. I guess years ago I just played differently. I don't want to go in reverse. Jazzaferri wrote: ». A guy I play with has a newer Hofner archtop. I've played it once, and now that you mention it, it felt pretty natural to my hands. I can't seem to find a dealer here in the States that sells them.

I have to ask my acquaintance where he found his. My Hofner New President has a wide neck - exactly the same size as my Alyward in fact I just measured them both, 1. Maybe the way to go here is a custom build or get a Cigano and have it modded with all the controls you want. November Posts: 3, I think 1. Should be lots of guitars around with that size and shape neck. Sign In or Register to comment. Powered by Vanilla. Home Forum Blog Contact Follow Us. Sound Cloud.

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1932 Selmer Maccaferri Tenor Guitar + OHSC

It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Welcome to our Community! Sign In Register. Categories Who's Online 1 AM.

I bought it to go with my Hofner Senator. I think it is basically the same amp as this one in the video [video=youtube;hqZOm22cd_E].

selmer guitar

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Plan, 1930’s Selmer model 807 jazz guitar

selmer electric guitar

Selmer distributed instruments by a number of major makers in the United Kingdom. Amongst the guitars were models by Gibson , Fender , Hagstrom , Futurama and Yamaha , although it is perhaps Hofner with which they have the closest association. Have a look through some of the catalogues reproduced below, for a look at the Selmer line at different points in the s and 70s. Contact info vintageguitarandbass.

This catalogue features numerous early electric guitars, basses, acoustic guitars and accessories spanning 32 pages. Two Selmer models, the Triumph and Diplomat are included, though both are actually Hofner-made.

Selmer Guitar

We use cookies to provide and improve our services. By using our site, you consent to cookies. Learn More. Vintage Selmer electric guitar hard case, with blonde exterior and green interior. See item details. We offer an excellent packing service for smaller non-fragile items such as jewellery, watches and small collectables.

Robot or human?

By fuzztone , February 19, in Electric Guitars. Thanks,I'll have to see what it needs when I get it,I just bought it on line. Should be in in good working condition. The one in the clip is from '59 from the Red Cream Era. Mine is from with Black and Crocodile covering like this one. I'm starting to hate you.

Nice rare late 50s Futurama missing tremelo arm and bridge cover otherwise intact and all-audio.pro twangy sound from single.

We are not able to respond back to you, so if the ad remains on site after 12 hours then we have chosen to leave the ad live. If you are a victim of fraud click here. Nice rare late 50s Futurama Ad ID:

Is that a neck-through-body design? It looks like it has no heel at all. How strange that they should use "Freshman" and "Sophoamore" as model names in the UK - those terms are almost unheard of here in the USA they refer to new and seasoned university students respectively. And back in the early s few British teenagers had any hope of going to university anyway - most finished school to go to work at the age of In the Ebay listing, there is a picture of the back showing that this guitar has a fixed neck with a small but fairly standard heel. A pretty good price for such an oddball guitar.

Vintage s Selmer 50 Goliath 1x18 Guitar Bass here we have my great vintage les paul style saxon electric guitar. Tracking international post is not express just tracking so takes the same time as standard.

The Selmer guitar —often called a Selmer-Maccaferri or just Maccaferri by English speakers, as early British advertising stressed the designer rather than manufacturer—is an unusual acoustic guitar best known as the favored instrument of Django Reinhardt. Selmer , a French manufacturer, produced the instrument from to about In Selmer partnered with the Italian guitarist and luthier Mario Maccaferri to produce a line of acoustic guitars based on Maccaferri's unorthodox design. The guitar was closely associated with jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. The strings pass over a movable bridge and are gathered at the tail, as on a mandolin. Two "moustache" markers are fixed to the soundboard to help position the movable bridge. The top of the guitar is gently arched or domed—a feature achieved by bending a flat piece of wood rather than by the violin -style carving used in archtop guitars.

A thing of rare beauty, the MM is handcrafted by Aria, one of the oldest and most respected Guitar building companies in the world. Modeled after the original French s Selmer Maccaferri guitar used by the Gypsy Jazz legend, Django Reinhardt, the MM is great value and also surprisingly affordable. The neck joins the body at the 12th fret making for. The original Selmer Maccaferri guitar was built to be used in a live performance situation and the MM has a surprising amount of volume and a rather pleasing tone.

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