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There is a lot of interest in soundbars that aren't too expensive, but aren't exactly budget products either. A good soundbar at around the Rs. Although a soundbar at its core, the Sony HT-S40R is unique in that the package also includes a pair of wireless rear speakers and a subwoofer, making for an authentic 5. Is this speaker system convenient to use, and is this the best you can buy for less than Rs. Find out in this review. Sony's latest soundbar is better described as a home theatre system, with 5.

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New adventures in surround sound

An excellent home theatre system can rival the experience you get in your local cinema. And if your standard family excursion revolves around movies, the expense of a year of tickets and snacks can pay for a home theatre system easily. However, the term home theatre displays a ton of weight. The hidden thought is striking since it offers the magic of a cinema hall in your house. With that said, there are countless variations and confusions when it comes to home theater systems. But lucky you, we are here to clear your doubts and selection process with not only a vetted list of the best home theatres in the Indian market but also a buying guide and answers to some commonly asked questions.

So that after reading our information-rich guide, you will be less oblivious. It is improbable that we go for purchasing Home Theater Systems frequently. It is a once-a-time investment — so you will have to make sure that you are getting the right and the best Home theater system, albeit you can upgrade it later and accordingly. To make your selection process much more comfortable, here are the few best home theaters that are currently dominating the Indian market.

Once again, another Home Theater System from Sony, known for quality, performance, durability, and innovation. Talking about this Home Theatre System, it consists of a three-channel soundbar, a subwoofer, and two tall-boy rear speakers.

If you are a fan of listening, you are for sure going to like this home theatre system by Sony. The sound quality is what gets most of the attention, while the smart and slim design of the rear speakers not only looks good but also can be placed anywhere beautifully.

Talking about the features, one of the most prevalent is the one-touch wireless listening thanks to Bluetooth and NFC ability. You can remotely connect the home theatre system to your wireless devices without any hassle — a classic blend of technology and quality performance. Another unique feature that catches our attention is the tall-boy rear speakers. They are explicitly designed for listening at height while can also be adjusted within a limited space.

They provide beautiful, charming, and immersive sound quality. The color-coded connections make it easy and convenient to set up and control the home theatre system. Besides better and smart connectivity, users can also traditionally connect with the theatre system — thanks to the USB port. And for those overwhelmed by setting up the theatre system, Sony ensures that the theatre system is not difficult to operate and install.

The design and functioning of the system are very user-friendly. It is highly unlikely that you have not heard of Sony, a company that shares a rich history of delivering and producing top-notch quality electronic appliances for years.

Out of all the features, one of the stand-out features of the Sony HT-IV is that it is NFC and Bluetooth enabled, meaning you can enjoy an immersive sound experience without missing out on anything. Users can connect to their wireless devices and enjoy. Thanks to the powerful W output and five speakers with one subwoofer, you can get an immersive experience while watching your favorite movies, TV shows, videos, and listening to songs.

Besides, the connection is relatively easy and simple. The Dolby TrueHD makes your experience more precise and realistic, while the provided plenty of connections make it easier for you to connect. As for the design, we have to give more points. Not only is it sleek and stylish but also compact and has multi-angled speakers that can be placed in any manner so that you get the perfect sound. Overall the quality offered by Sony HT-IV is impressive, and if you are looking for the best home theater system, this one should be high on your list.

One more consecutive home theatre system from Sony, a brand we all know, is globally acknowledged for quality products. Sony has a proclivity to provide products that are state of the art.

With two external speakers and one subwoofer, this theatre system comes with a 5. This system is famous mainly for three reasons. Firstly, it has a minimum power output of W. Secondly, it is way affordable than the other Sony products, especially for its quality. Lastly, the uniqueness of its design attracts customers and offers a quality that cannot be denied.

As for the features, one of the best yet seldom features to be found in the 5. Since, typically, 5. Like all the other Sony theatre systems we have mentioned, this one also comes with NFC and Bluetooth enabled. You can efficiently operate and install this theatre system, as it has a user-friendly design and system. It is lightweight and easy to handle, plus it has a high-class speaker combination. Last but not least is from Philips, a pioneer in the electronic industry since the s.

This Philips speaker can be used as individual towers or an excellent soundbar. These speakers are excellent for those ideal home entertainment. The 2. The quality and durability of the speakers are remarkable and undeniable. Not just that, they come at an attractive price tag. So if you happen to have some tight budget and lack of space in your room, these multimedia speakers can still offer a compelling yet immersive experience close to a home theater.

For easy and direct music, you can connect the USB, and thanks to file transferability, you can enjoy your music at your convenience, plus you can access the music with the help of a USB direct port. Not only limited to that, but these multimedia speakers can also be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled devices making them more reliable and comfortable to use. It facilitates easy wireless connections with other Bluetooth devices so that you can easily listen to your favorite music from any tablets, smartphones, or even laptops.

All things considered, these speakers are your one-stop for listening to music, playing multimedia music, and videos with excellent quality. You can enjoy games, music, TV, and other online videos.

Sony BDV-NW 3D Blu-ray surround sound systems is a premium quality home theatre that can support various formats and files to make you experience high-resolution studio-quality sound. The music box machine is technically enabled with digital music arena mode with its five speakers and one subwoofer with watts RMS power to clarify all sound effects in detail. The Virtual Football Mode of this home theatre makes the device more attractive for its buyers. This 5. Moreover, this home theatre system is backed by a DSEE engine that has the capability to upscaling the compressed audio formats like ACC, mp3 and WMA and produces a natural, clear and loud sound.

This musical equipment also has the functional advantages for up-scaling your normal video content into 4K resolution for micro detailing. You can also enjoy 3D Blu-ray disk playback in this machine. You can control your music with the SongPal mobile app on your smartphone. The speaker cone is made of Mica-reinforced glass fiber that is the ideal material for speakers.

Its WD super tweeters are there to reproduce high-frequency notes in high-resolution audio. If you are searching for a 5. The home theatre supports high dynamic range HDR videos including Hybrid Log-Gamma and Dolby Vision that have all the incredible facilities like smooth tone and rich, bright colors, fine quality contrast and more to deliver HD quality, natural and realistic video output. The technology helps to transform the dynamic environment with acoustic reproduction to make it more realistic to you.

This home theatre is featured with YPAO Yamaha Parametric room Acoustic Optimizer sound optimization that has the ability to precisely adjusts various audio parameters to deliver the best quality acoustics sound in your room.

You just need to switch-on the YPAO option in the supplied microphone on this set and it will get tuned automatically. This HTR model from Yamaha is backed with the bi-amping capability to tune the treble and bass ranges by the independent amplifiers. The advanced technology also helps the system to prevent interference between low and high sound.

Yamaha is a famous company that makes a plethora of quality products, and the home theatre system is not an exception. The YHT home theatre system supports 5. The dynamic surround sound combined with 4K ultra HD support makes the theatre system remarkable while offering a realistic and immersive sound experience. The secret behind its excellent audio performance has to do with the receiver, and it has a low jitter PLL circuit and discrete amp configuration.

The AV receiver was specifically designed to deliver exceptionally precise sound clarity. Compressed music enhancer processes the music to the way it should always sound, and besides that, you can easily transition between different modes with the help of the scene button.

The speakers offer a virtual surround sound with top-notch resolution and quality. A unique feature provided by Yamaha YHT is subwoofer trimming that enhances low frequencies by forestalling overlapping.

So, if you are planning to watch full HD and 3D pictures in your Blu-ray device and get a first-class audio-visual experience, then this home theatre system with Digital Music Arena can be the perfect solution for you.

It has a Live Football Modes option to enjoy live matches realistically. The 5. The model is crafted with in-build Wi-Fi to stream and Miracast-compatible facility to mirror your smartphone on your TV.

The fluid technology can ensure you about a compact speaker design that delivers powerful but soothing sound. It includes an S-Master HX digital amplifier that reduces the distortion level so that you can hear every sound explosion. The HD 5. With the advanced technology Digital Music Arena, this home theatre can deliver every sound clearly, like crowd loud whistle and roars in its Live Football Mode that enable you to feel the on-field playing moments in your home.

The Watts music system comes with a wireless speaker along with built-in Wi-Fi for easy connectivity. The 3D Blu-ray Disc player displays the highest quality picture of your favorite movies. You can also enjoy instant access to the latest movies, music, TV shows and more attracting programs through its online channels. This home theatre model is compounded by 5. The package of this product contains 5 satellite speakers in small size and 1 central subwoofer with 60W of power.

This model is suitable for small environments to get entertained. It comes with a remote-control device that helps you to handle it from the distance. You can enjoy all of your stored data on a big screen and audio platform. The wall-mounted speaker looks great in design. It is an easy-to-install home music device dimensioned with

Walmart Audio System

Every good home theater starts with two fundamentals: the largest and sharpest screen possible, and high-quality surround sound to accurately reproduce the multi-channel soundtracks of modern films and digital entertainment. For years, that meant doing some extensive and, sometimes, expensive wiring for at least five separate speakers plus a subwoofer. But if you are willing to settle for very good , then you now have another option: a wireless surround system. Depending on your budget, space, and priorities, a wireless surround system could be just the ticket to make your movie nights a little more immersive. The traditional surround-sound specification calls for five full-range speakers: one center channel, left and right up front, plus left and right speakers mounted on either side of your listening area. Whether branded Dolby, DTS, or something else, this is a 5.

Sony. HT-A 2. Home cinema soundbar: Sonos Beam Gen 2 Not that many soundbars at this price point come with networking capabilities.

The Best Home Theatre Speakers Play Smooth Sounds In Style

Have a look at the latest price list of Sony home theatres in India with expert reviews, specifications, ratings, photos etc. PriceDekho consists of the most updated list of 4 Sony home theatres in India as on October to help you get the best prices. Here you will get the home theatres from 7, to 68, Contrary to this, the lowest priced model is Sony SA-D20 2. The price of Sony home theatres vary when we talk about all the products being offered in the market. On the other hand, when talking about affordable home theatres, then Sony SA-D20 2. Home Home-theatre-systems Sony Home Theatre. Sony Home Theatre Price in India Have a look at the latest price list of Sony home theatres in India with expert reviews, specifications, ratings, photos etc. Best Sony Home Theatres in India October The price of Sony home theatres vary when we talk about all the products being offered in the market.

Sony Home Theaters Price List In India

home theater speakers sony price

Home theatre can undoubtedly enhance anyones music listening and movie watching experience. Paytm Mall is one of topmost online shopping portals in India with an extensive collection of home theatres from famous consumer electronics brands like Sony and Samsung. Make the most of festive cashback offers, deals, and discounts to shop for the chosen products at least possible prices and make online payment through easy payment options, no-cost EMI and cash on delivery. If you are looking to get the very best movie or television experience in the comfort of your living space, then, a premium home theater system will do the trick for you! Home theaters are an incredible innovation of the recent times which has transformed the outlook towards home entertainment.

Versatile, powerful, and convenient to use, the Electrolux Well Q7 Animal Cordless Vacuum is a practical option for regular household

Best Home Theater under 10000

Using clever sound optimization and psychoacoustic techniques, the system consists of wireless speakers real and imaginary that are designed to put you in the heart of action when you watch your favorite films - and the result is mindblowing. Sony has made some very successful soundbars over the years, but its latest home cinema solution moves away from the all-in-one Atmos speaker in favour of a multi-speaker setup. But, how successful can an array of make-believe speakers really be? We spent a little time getting to know the HT-A9 Home Theater System ahead of our full review - and so far, we like what we hear. Availability in Australia is yet to be confirmed.

Best soundbars 2021: the best TV speakers you can buy

Sony debuted its latest flagship Dolby Atmos soundbar in July. If you don't want to spend that much, but still crave the same features, Sony announced another home theater speaker today. The HT-A is a 5. S-Force Pro Front Surround creates a wider soundscape horizontally, using the company's X-Balanced speakers and "digital sound field processing" tech in an attempt to make things more immersive. In terms of the actual speakers, the A has seven of those X-Balanced drivers: two up-firing, three front-firing, two built-in subwoofers. The soundbar also packs in a pair of beam tweeters situated on the front corners of the device.

Sony DAV-TZ Channel W Speaker · Sony BDV-E Home Theaters · Sony HT-S40R W Soundbar Home Theatre System · Sony HT-RT3 ch Dolby Digital.

Sony HT-A9 Uses 4 Speakers for Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio

Bring the cinema experience to your home with this ultimate list of best home theaters under Get customer reviews and detailed specs of best home theater systems under from Philips, Sony, and more! Get Credit Limit. Watching a movie on a lazy Sunday afternoon with friends and family is a wonderful experience.

Sony WMA Home theater system

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Sony did not come to play this summer. After launching four new speakers in May, the company is now revamping its home theater lineup with the HT-A9, a new modular system, and the HT-A, an incredibly beefy Dolby Atmos soundbar. You can pretty much see that in the design, which looks like it blends easier into your decor than the typical boxy black speaker. The four speakers are identical in terms of specs.

Did half an hour of experiencing what the HT-A9 has to offer convince me of its surround-sound prowess?

Best Home Theatre Systems Under 15000 rupees (5.1 ,2.1 )

Sony Electronics have announced their new top-of-the-line wireless home theater speaker system that reimagines the soundbar category. Since each speaker is wireless, it merely needs to be plugged into a wall outlet. Sony says even the exact location of each speaker need not be precise, because two microphones in each speaker ingeniously measure their relative height and position. The brains of the home theater system is housed in small set-top box that connects to a TV via HDMI, while also establishing a wireless connection to all speakers. All the latest HDMI 2. Plus voice activation works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. And a subwoofer is not included.

Sony Home Theatre Price in India 2021

Watching a great movie without the best home theatre speakers is a little like drinking your favourite cocktail without its base ingredient or throwing on an incredible outfit but going barefoot. Much like how the best TV is another important element to the ideal home cinema set-up, the addition of some crystal clear sound elevates your movie night like never before. The best home theatre systems do what the best headphones or the most impressive earbuds do, but on another level.

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