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Speakers range from not being able to handle even a drop of water to being able to be fully submerged in water for several minutes. Do you plan to take your speaker outside? To the beach? To the pool? In the shower? Then you definitely need to verify the level of water resistance before purchasing.

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Marshall emberton battery

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Portable Bluetooth Speakers

It lacks some power in its audio performance, but a strong battery life and waterproofing makes it an appealing portable speaker. The Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker almost looks like a novelty gift you get for someone when you couldn't afford the full and 'real' thing. It's effectively a miniaturized version of a Marshall guitar amp, and that immediately makes it look stylish and cool. While many Bluetooth speakers in this price range bundle in many features, the Marshall Emberton keeps things pretty simple.

It's a fairly rugged and immensely portable speaker that you can easily toss in your bag and take wherever you're going. It only weighs 0. It also has IPX7 water resistance so you won't have to worry about this waterproof speaker falling in the pool or getting wet.

However, while the Marshall Emberton looks great and has the basics covered, it lacks some key features we'd normally expect to see. There's no app support either so you can't tweak the equalizer like you can with many other Bluetooth speakers. It doesn't even have a 3. Design-wise though, we can't fault the Marshall Emberton's looks. It genuinely does look like a mini version of a Marshall amp which means it looks great on a desk, living room side, or mostly anywhere else.

At the top of the speaker is a gold four-directional joystick of sorts that's embedded in to look suitably stylish. Besides being a power button, it allows you to adjust volume as well as skip tracks. A glowing red light indicates remaining battery life to the side of it while there's a subtly placed Bluetooth pairing button too.

It's all well designed and attractive looking. Perhaps understandably given the size of the Marshall Emberton, it sounds great up until a point. Keep the volume low-ish and you'll be impressed by the bassy sounds that emanate as you listen to your favorite tracks. That's not to the detriment of the mids or lows either with a fairly balanced sound whether you're relaxing with Childish Gambino's bouncy Feels Like Summer, or switching it up to more aggressive music like a walk down memory lane with Linkin Park's Points of Authority.

It's ideal for placing in a room where you're taking some time out, or in need of quality background listening. Where things falter is if you whack up the volume too high. The music doesn't distort. It just seems to fade away a little, losing its powerful sense of bass, albeit without losing any clarity.

It's not always an issue but we could see it being an annoyance in a party atmosphere where it may get lost in the mix of voices and other noises.

Small occasions are where the Marshall Emberton shines through the most. Looking good and sounding mostly good, the Marshall Emberton is certainly appealing. It's hard not to be instantly beguiled by its looks the moment you pull it out of the box, even if it is style over substance. We'd have appreciated it if it had a bit more to offer for the price, such as voice assistant support or even simply a 3.

Its hour battery life and fast recharge time means you won't be stuck reliant on a power source too often, and it's rugged enough to withstand the odd knock and any issues with water, meaning it'll easily keep up with you and your travels. It's just a shame it doesn't offer a bit more for the price.

The Marshall Emberton is quite widely available already, having launched in July this year. There's also only one color scheme to choose from — black — but at least it means you won't have to spend time figuring out what suits your aesthetic most. As mentioned, the Marshall Emberton only comes available in one color, but that's not to its detriment because the speaker is irresistibly designed. It looks exactly like a shrunken down version of a regular Marshall amp meaning it's immediately endearing towards anyone with a penchant for rocking out and embracing the iconic look of Marshall gear.

It's also suitably small in every way. You can easily hold it in one hand, even if you have quite small hands, and it only weighs 0. While small, it's rugged enough to withstand a few knocks and its IPX7 water resistance means you can feel confident that it'll survive a trip to the pool, next to the bathtub, or when out hiking in poor weather.

Often, stylish speakers lack the ruggedness that's needed from something so portable, but Marshall seems to have it covered here. Control-wise, everything is fairly straightforward.

There's a button for Bluetooth pairing, along with a gold four-directional joystick that dictates power, volume adjustments, and the ability to skip tracks. It's a neat touch that has a kind of retro feeling to it. While other manufacturers are keen to embrace touch-sensitive technology, we appreciated the reliability that comes from this button that requires pressure.

It also saves you the need to remember potentially complex gestures, just to perform a simple action. It's embedded into the top of the speaker so it's not like it's intrusive anyhow. To the right of the joystick is a glowing red light, which indicates how much battery life is remaining. More on how well the battery performs later, but it's useful to have a constant reminder of how it's doing rather than having to switch over to your phone to see what's going on.

The only thing we found a little tacky about the Marshall Emberton is its startup noise. It sounds like every time you open a new menu in a Guitar Hero game, and it immediately grates.

It's not the worst thing ever but it's out of place in an otherwise stylish device. Utilizing two watt drivers and two class-D amplifiers, the Marshall Emberton accomplishes a fair bit for its size. It promises degree sound which doesn't entirely work out but it sounds close enough to ensure a sense of a wide soundstage while you listen. The speaker offers consistently smooth mids whether you're listening to a heavily instrumental piece of classical music or feeling romantic with a dose of John Legend's All Of Me.

In a similar vein, we also appreciated the crispness of the trebles exhibited when we went down a path of rediscovering David Bowie's discography. Turning a little more modern, the likes of Childish Gambino's Feels like Summer felt suitably balanced each step of the way. Where the Marshall Emberton falters a bit is when you crank up the volume. It still sounds good and you don't lose clarity, but any sense of powerful bass fades away. It's only really going to be an issue if you expect it to hold its own in a large social gathering, which is a bit ambitious given the size of this speaker.

Mileage will always vary when it comes to battery life depending on how high you crank up the volume, but the Marshall Emberton performed pretty well in our tests. It promised about 20 hours and we easily achieved that at a middling volume, although we'd expect it to dip a bit at higher volumes.

That will matter less so though when you consider how quickly the Marshall Emberton recharges. Thanks to its USB-C connectivity, 20 minutes of charging gives you about five hours of playtime, which is great if you're in a rush and want to quickly give it a boost. We certainly found it very useful. The Marshall Emberton uses Bluetooth 5 for connectivity and we didn't run into any issues here.

It took seconds to hook up and the extended range that comes from the specification is sure to come in handy if you're using the Marshall Emberton across a large area.

You want a small and stylish audio solution In terms of looks, you can't beat the Marshall Emberton. It looks fantastic, and if you want something that looks great in your home without stealing focus, this is it.

You want effective simplicity The Marshall Emberton takes seconds to set up and it all simply just works. There's not even any need to figure out complex controls.

Audiophiles will miss an equalizer feature but for everyone else, it's great to be able to get straight into listening. If you're not the most organized of people, this is sure to make you love the Marshall Emberton a bit more.

You want a smart speaker Many speakers around the same price as the Marshall Emberton offer a voice assistant in some guise but there's no sign of it here. If you're keen to have Alexa helping you out, for instance, this isn't the place to go. You want to be able to take calls with it Because the Marshall Emberton has no microphone for a smart speaker feature, it also means you can't use it to take calls. If you're listening to music and often need to receive calls, disconnecting will get a bit annoying.

You want it to hold its own in a large arena The Marshall Emberton can't quite manage its highest volumes without losing a bit of oomph, so if you want it to cope with a large area, this isn't the speaker for you. It's hardly surprising given its size, though.

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Home Reviews Audio Visual. Our Verdict. For Looks cool Great battery life Durable design. Against No microphone Not particularly powerful at high volume No voice assistant. Two-minute review The Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker almost looks like a novelty gift you get for someone when you couldn't afford the full and 'real' thing. Jennifer Allen.

Marshall Emberton speaker

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Emberton utilizes True Stereophonic, a unique form of multi-directional sound from Marshall. Experience absolute ° sound where every spot is a sweet spot. By.

Marshall – EMBERTON bluetooth waterproof speaker 20hours battery life

Free Express Shipping. Ships in 24 hours. Enjoy your favourite music just the way the artist intended with the all-new Marshall Emberton speakers. Powered by Bluetooth 5. With the added convenience of compact size and a highly durable design, the Emberton becomes a perfect partner for on-the-go music listening. These speakers support quick charging as well wherein a quick charge of 20 minutes gives up to 5 hours of battery life. Designed exclusively for convenient on-the-go music listening, the Marshall Emberton sports a high resilient design.

Marshall - Emberton

marshall emberton battery

Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links; the retailer may also receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes. Summertime may be coming to an end, but listening to music outdoors is, luckily, an all-year-long kind of activity. And even though there are no shortage of wireless speakers to choose from out there, not all of them perform well once you put them outside. The Emberton weighs in at just But its small size is hardly any indication of its big battery life.

Every Bluetooth speaker is built with the utmost skill to deliver the best sound.

Marshall Emberton review

With the Marshall Emberton, you can easily take your favorite music anywhere with you. The speaker has a compact size and a water resistance certification of IPX7. That means don't have to worry about water damage. Even if you're at the pool or in the park, your speaker won't run out of power quickly because the battery lasts up to 20 hours. And thanks to the degree design of the speaker, the sound is distributed in all directions.

Marshall Emberton review: Tiny, stylish stereo powerhouse

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Not got time to read? Have a watch of our YouTube review below:. It retains the same vintage and retro look and feel from Marshall with the prominent Marshall logo on the front. It also has a rugged design with a silicone exterior and metal grilles and was able to be dropped multiple times without consequences in our testing.

Its hour battery life and fast recharge time means you won't be stuck reliant on a power source too often, and it's.

Marshall Emberton Portable Bluetooth Speaker(Black and Brass)

The Marshall Emberton speaker is a great-sounding Bluetooth speaker and has the looks to match. Smartphones have become entrenched at the epicenter of personal entertainment. As a result, the portable Bluetooth speaker market is growing like wild to make up for the sonic limitations. According to reports, the global Bluetooth speaker market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10 percent from to

Marshall Emberton Review

Trusted Reviews is supported by its audience. If you purchase through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn more. Is Marshall onto another hit?

Overview Prices Reviews Specs. Marshall Emberton.

RS Recommends: This Retro-Looking Speaker Delivers 20 Hours of Music from a Mini Package

By Joe Minihane Last updated T With its classic guitar amp looks, the Marshall Emberton is unquestionably one of the coolest speakers available right now, and it's impressive how many of the little design touches of its bigger speakers that Marshall has ported over without it becoming clunky. But do its relatively high price tag and list of missing features make it the right buy for you? Our review will reveal all. It's notably cheaper than the Sonos Roam , which offers extra features compared to the Emberton, but more expensive the likes of the UE Wonderboom 2. Marshall has opted to keep things simple with the Emberton, paying homage to its range of guitar amps with a near identical design. The result is a reassuringly sleek piece of kit that manages to combine effortless cool with rugged good looks.

Marshall Emberton manual

The company is iconic in the music business, and the new Marshall Emberton could easily become an icon. But the Marshall Emberton is my new favorite small Bluetooth speaker out there. Read on for the full review of the Marshall Emberton. Marshall amp designs are iconic.

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