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My current setup is a semi-passive 3 way speaker for the front and coaxial for the rear back speakers. I have an amplifier driving all of them togther with an 8 channel processor. Was wondering if upgrading the back speakers to component would have a significant difference to the surround sound, According to articles on the web it mentioned that you should not use component for the back as it may affect the sound stage and imagining of the sound as the back speakers are more like a filler or support for the front speakers. However i believe it is under the assumption that there is no dsp. Having a dsp should be able to solve that issue?

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Rear fill car audio

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What to choose for rear fill?

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Previous Next. Aug 8, 3, 1 I have a simple question that seems like it would work logically, but might not work in practice. First a little background: I recently bought a Sony car stereo for an older car VW Jetta I'll be using when my daughter gets her license.

It supposedly puts out 52 Watts x 4 channels. I understand that the output is probably significantly less maybe as little as 17W per channel. Anyway, I bought it as part of a 'bundle' in which it came with a pair of 6. The stereo was an improvement over the old one, but I still found it lacking even with the 6.

I recently added a Alpine MRP-F amplifier to drive the rear speakers and it made quite a nice difference. I am considering bridging the other 2 channels of the amplifier to run a small subwoofer maybe a 6" or 8" Bazooka tube or something similar. Now, here is my question: Since I am using the 'Pre-Amp' rear channel output for the rear speakers, can I bridge the Sony Stereos amplified rear outputs with the amplified front channel outputs in order to power the front speakers?

I'm thinking that maybe the amplified output is dropped once you plug in the Pre-Amp output? Or, maybe it isn't possible to bridge an internal amplifier? If it would work, what configuration should I try? Any thoughts or insight would be appreciated.

I also don't have the need to impress people with my car stereo. Soundmanred Lifer. Oct 26, 10, 6 Most internal amplifiers in decks are IC based and are already internally bridged, so no.

Sep 21, 64, 83 NutBucket Lifer. Aug 30, 26, I would upgrade the front speakers too and use the amp to drive the 4 main speakers. Amplifying the rear speakers instead of the front is counter productive as the sound stage is now behind you, not in front of you.

Rifter Lifer. Oct 9, 11, NutBucket said:. Last edited by a moderator: Mar 23, Smoove Golden Member. Aug 2, 1, 6 The Boston Dangler Lifer.

Mar 10, 14, 2 0. Smoove said:. Well, if he's not driving and it still sounds like shit, then the road noise has nothing to do with it. What I would do?

I'd get a 4 channel amp. Run the fronts off the front half of the amp in stereo, then bridge the other half of the amp to a sub in the trunk. I would then run the rear speakers off of the 'rear' output of the deck. The rear speakers don't need the power of the amp since you only want those for rear-fill anyways. OP Already has a 4-channel amp. He just has to amplify the right speakers. Joseph F Diamond Member. Jul 12, 3, 2 0. I'f you're not interested in rattling the windows with sound then why are you getting a W Subwoofer?

Joseph F said:. QueBert Lifer. Jan 6, 21, Thanks for all of the replies and information. I was typing a reply last night when the power went out and I lost everything. I wasn't very clear about my planned layout in my first post, because I haven't yet decided on what the final layout will be. In my Jetta there are 3. There were also 4" speakers in the rear deck now replaced by 6.

As an option, you could have gotten the 'Aktiv' sound system which had some weak in-line amplifiers for the front door speakers. The Aktiv setup used 5.

I just ordered a set of speaker grills that will fit my front door panels and look stock. Originally, I was thinking that I would run the rear 6.

Lately, I have been thinking of using the Head Unit to power the front 3. That is why I was hoping I could bridge the HU outputs to get a bit more power to the dash 3. I specifically stated that I didn't want to 'rattle and house windows as I drive down the block'. I didn't say anything about rattling my car windows. Frankly, I've never owned a car subwoofer.

I am only going on a co-workers suggestions. He suggested a W bazooka tube. I already dropped it down to W from his suggestion. Couple that with the fact that every single review of the 6" 50W Bazooka tube on Amazon. I figured that in a trunk 50W might not be enough. I also figured it was probably better to get the W and be able to turn it down if it was too much rather then have a 50W be too weak or having to have everything on the 50W turned to Max. Please let me know what you guys think about the layout I am planning.

Also, please let me know if you think I would be better off with a different brand subwoofer. I've never been a real fan of the Bazooka, or tube subs for that matter. I feel for the price the output is rather lacking. I would prefer a sub that mounts under the front seat over a tube in the trunk. Not only will the low frequency volume be louder, but you will be able to 'feel' bass a little better too.

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Car Audio N00b question...

Forgot your password? Pretty much as the title implies I've got a Yukon XL, and I'm updating the entire system. Just replaced my alternator with a amp model from a series pickup factory option! Currently only running 1 amp, and old Lightning Audio Two Powerbass Sd dual coil subs in a 2.

#1 Car Audio Enthusiast Forum in the world! I have no experience with rear fill what are my options should the woofer match the front or.


This Porsche was such a joy to work on, the vehicle is in mint condition with only 35k original miles. Some may say, the sounds of the Porsche are all you need to hear while driving this vehicle; however, we beg to differ. Now, not only can our client enjoy driving he beautiful Porsche, he can enjoy crisp, high-fidelity music while doing so, if he so chooses. This project was one that looked as great as it sounded, the rear seat addition to add the sub woofer, amps, and DSP, really turned out incredible, and best of all, it looks true to the vehicle. That was the theme of this project, keep everything looking as OEM as possible. Luckily, we were able to perform this entire upgrade without making any permanent modifications to the vehicle. Upgraded the Front Stage — The goal with the front stage was to make it sound as good as possible, without making permanent modifications to the door panels.

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rear fill car audio

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Neil McConnell.

Do I Need Rear Speakers in Car Audio?

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Rear Speakers – a Benefit or a Bad Habit?

Guests are allowed to browse most of the forums To begin registration, click the link on the upper right and follow the instructions. Registration is quick, relatively painless and best of all Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: How to rear fill.

Upgraded the Rear Speakers – We wanted to add a bit of rear-fill to this vehicle mostly to add more volume to combat the noise from the.

Rear Speakers – A Benefit or a Bad Habit?

One of the more difficult obstacles to overcome in auto sound installations is the simulation of a natural listening environment. The reason for this, perhaps, is that most vehicles dont even come close to exhibiting real world acoustical characteristics. Some vehicles are so bad, in fact, that one has to wonder if its manufacturer has deliberately tried to break every rule with regard to proper acoustical design. Hard, reflective, multi-faceted surfaces are combined with soft, spongy seats and upholstery to create a hodge-podge of standing waves, reflections, reverberations, peaks, dips, and just about anything else one could think of and then maybe more.

How To Add Rear Fill To Your System

For decades, automobile manufacturers have installed relatively large rear speakers in their vehicles. As the industry has evolved, the importance of rear speakers has diminished. Are rear speakers necessary? Do they offer a benefit? Are we just holding on to a bad habit? Read on to explore more about rear speakers.

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When upgrading car audio, we usually do not pay attention to the rear speakers. That made me think if we really need rear speakers in our cars? The primary role of the rear speakers is to create a perfect soundstage effect in the car. Speakers that are placed in the back of the car should produce strong bass.

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