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We scheduled a one-on-one consultation with the client to discuss where and how he used the boat and his goals for the sound system. Once we had a firm understanding of his expectations, we laid out a solution to meet his expectations. We chose the new Hertz HMX 6. A total of four pairs would provide even distribution of sound throughout the boat.

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The Best Marine Audio Gear of 2021

You might already have a great sound system in your boat, but you can still enhance your audio experience with subwoofers and amplifiers. Brands like JL, Fusion offer a lot of room for expansion. Boat subwoofers are designed to increase the bass frequencies that result in deep thumping sound. Besides that, you can pair it with amplifiers to boost the sound and create full-on party vibes. You can get the Subwoofer installation services to enhance your boating experience with your folks.

You might be wondering how to install a subwoofer or where is the best place to install a subwoofer in your boat. It depends on your boat's layout and design, but mostly it is installed underneath the helm.

Here is a complete guide to help you install subwoofers and amps in the boat. To start installing your subwoofer, you need to mount it at the ideal place. Subwoofers are mostly mounted with a baffle or in a box. If doing so, buy the specific subwoofer that is designed for that purpose. Most subwoofers for marine are designed for baffle installations and free air mounting. Marine subs are the favorable choice for boat installation, even if you are using a box.

It is because they are designed using water and salt-resistant materials. The first compartment of your marine boat is an ideal place to mount the subwoofer. You can opt for manufacturer-enclosed marine subwoofers as they are water-resistant and available in several sizes. If you want to install a subwoofer box, you need to screw them onto the best location in your boat. However, for flush mount subwoofers, you will either cut a new hole using a drill or use the existing holes if they can fit your subwoofer size.

If you want to cut new holes, make a hole based on the subwoofer dimension. For example, you can use a 5-inch hole saw for smoothly-cut holes. You can further make holes for mounting screws using a hand or power drill. When you are wiring an unpowered subwoofer to an amp, you mostly have two choices.

You can wire the subwoofer in series or parallel. In the case of parallel, connect the positive lead of the amp with the subwoofer's positive lead. After that, connect the negative leads of both devices. The other method is wire in series. Just connect the positive lead of amps to the subwoofer positive terminal. Then connect the negative terminal of one subwoofer to the positive terminal of the second.

Lastly, connect the amplifier to the boat battery with ground wire. In case you have a powered subwoofer, get an amp kit for ground and lead wires. Now, run the wires to your remaining system and boat battery. The last step is to test the subwoofer as you are done with the wiring process. Just turn on your stereo and test your subwoofer.

Make sure that everything is working correctly. You can increase the volume to check if there is any rattling noise or other issues that can be addressed before finishing. Always test before you put everything back so you can fix the mistakes you may have made along the way. For pontoon boat subwoofer install, you need few options for mounting or installing.

You can use a baffle or inside of a box to install subwoofers. However, these boats are designed in a way that you may not find a place where you can fit a box. Additionally, you can use marine subwoofers as they are water and salt-resistant. When you install a subwoofer in your pontoon box, make sure to build a box to mount it in. It will help insulate and keep it dry. You can use an MDF wooden box and then further coat it by spraying Rhino liner. Apply multiple coats to make it hard.

After that, you can follow the wiring process as it is the same as subwoofer installation in other boats. After the wiring test, your subwoofers and you are all ready to enjoy music in your boat. You can also get the help of professionals like marine tech Miami to get all your installations done. First of all, find the place to mound your subwoofer and cut new holes by using drills.

Now wire a subwoofer properly with an amp. Next, connect the amplifier, connect the ground wire to the ground terminal on the amp and run the other end to the metal piece to ground the amp.

After that, connect the amplifier with the subwoofer or marine stereo system. With all the steps mentioned above, you can easily install a subwoofer on your boat in no time. Before you start installing anything on your boat, make sure to understand your boat, as all boats are not the same. It depends on which marine subwoofers are best for you. You can also hire professionals for subwoofers and amp installation.

At marine tech Miami, we offer professional subwoofer installation services , and we use the best brands products like JL audio, Fusion, and Clarion to install in your boat. Address: Marine Tech Miami. E-mail: sales marinetechmiami. Please send us your email so we could send you information about our service:. Welcome To Marine Tech. Boat Subwoofer Installation Tips How to install a subwoofer and amp in a boat? How much does it cost to install a subwoofer in a boat?

Wrapping up. Subwoofer installation tips. Step 1: Mount your Subwoofer. Step 2: Cut new holes. Step 3: Wiring a Subwoofer. Step 4: Subwoofer Testing. Pontoon boat subwoofer installation. How to install a subwoofer in a boat? To install a subwoofer in a boat, follow these steps: Mount your Subwoofer Cut new holes Wiring a subwoofer Subwoofer Testing You can also get the help of professionals like marine tech Miami to get all your installations done.

Contact Us. Contact Us First Name. Last Name. Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Oops, there was an error sending your message. Please try again later. Recent Posts. The usage of advanced technologies for transforming the port eco system toan open and efficient community would aid growth. The research states that the market stood at USD It is set to exhibit a CAGR of4. How to Mount Marine Electronics Easily? Looking for the best marine electronics mounting solutions for your yacht?

Well, read this blog till the end to know how to mount marine electronics easily? Marine Electronic installation Cost Guide. Wondering about how much Marine electronics installation cost? Well, read this blog till the end to get the complete information about cost and more. Why is the Boat Security System Important? Read this blog to find out why boat security is important and some mindful tips to enhance the boat security system. Boat Window Tint Laws in Florida. Thinking about having a boat window tint to protect your yacht?

Well, go through these Florida Tint laws that need to be considered to avoid inconvenience. Want to install a Bluetooth-capable stereo system in your marine boat?

Read this complete blog to enjoy music on your boat on Bluetooth and FM stations. Application Brief - Marine Electronics Installation. Electronics devices are used in marine to increase their security and functionality. Read this blog to get a marine electronics installation accessories list.

Lake City Pontoon Boat Receives Upgraded Stereo System

A client from here in Fargo recently returned to Audio Garage for assistance upgrading the audio system on his new Harris Grand Mariner pontoon boat. After learning about the sound system that came with the boat and how he planned to use it, we proposed an audio and electrical system upgrade that would satisfy his needs and expectations. The first order of business was to add two sets of wakeboard tower speakers to the boat. We mounted the tower speakers to the underside of the tower and routed all the wiring through the aluminum tubing for a clean and tidy look. The Grand Mariner pontoon boat came with a single, relatively small battery to start the engine and run the electronics.

Tahoe Pontoons has many electronic options, this page will lay them all out for you. 5-channel amp, 10" subwoofer & USB audio input and charge.

How To Install Flush-Mount Marine Speakers

He wanted a sound system that would be loud enough to be heard when out on the water or partying with friends. After inspecting the boat to determine the available space for upgrades, we put together an audio system design that would meet his expectations. We started the project by removing the Infinity radio. We mounted the controller for the Power Pole anchoring system on the left side of this acrylic panel. This amp can produce up to 75 watts per channel for the new speakers and watts for the subwoofer. We mounted the amp on a sheet of white HDPE starboard using stainless-steel fasteners. We always use corrosion-resistant hardware when upgrading boats. The client was thrilled with the way the stereo system upgrade on his pontoon boat turned out. It sounds clean and clear at high volume levels, and the sub gives it a nice warm sound. For more information or to schedule a personal consultation, give us a call or send us an email using our online contact form.

Tips for Improving Your Boat Stereo System

subwoofer for pontoon boat

Boats are not just meant for cruising and fishing. Many people prefer to host parties and get-togethers on their boats. Organizing a party on the water has its own charm and appeal. There are many party boat accessories that can enhance the fun of your parties.

Sound Bar Buying Guide.

Best Boat and Marine Subwoofer Reviews for 2021

Post Your Comments? We offer our boat stereo systems with or without a head unit and they start in either 2 or 4 speaker packages. We also offer you the option to add aditional speakers or wake tower speakers. Website: Marinestereo. Category : Use words in a sentence. Website: Rocktheboatmarinestereo.

" Free Air subs " I just dont get it.....

Tige boat in for some great sounds with 4 each 10" Rockford Fosgate tower speakers. Moomba Boat. Installed 2 Rockford Fosgate amps, 6" Rockford towers, 10" Rockford marine sub, replaced all 6 original speakers with 6" Rockford marine and a Kenwood marine deck with marine remote. Kenwood marine media player, Kenwood 5-channel amp, 2 Rockford 10" marine subs, Rockford 8" tower speakers, 2 pair Hertz speakers with LED lighting, Hertz controller and 2 custom subwoofer panels. We added 2 Rockford Fosgate amplifiers, 4 each 8" Rockford Tower speakers and built a stand for the customer's subwoofer. Gave this Nordic Boat a nice audio upgrade. Installed all Rockford Fosgate components: MotoMarine Digital Receiver, 2 Wired Remotes, Power Amp there was already an amp in the boat 2 pair already 2 pair in boat so this brings total to 4 pair Wake Tower Speakers and 4 Marine 10" Subwoofers with some custom plastic baffling.

If you do choose to install your boat subwoofers in a box, the front compartment of the boat is a practical place to mount the box. To install.

Polk Audio Boat Ultramarine Subwoofer UMSW1000 | 10 Inch

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JL Audio now standard on all Harris 2022 deluxe pontoons

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Stream your music wirelessly for ultimate convenience. You can also connect to the front USB to play music directly and keep your phone or device charged while on the water.

Pictures are Better than Words.

If you want a great sound in your pontoon boat and already have a marine stereo system installed, then you might want to consider installing a subwoofer. It will let you pump out some great low frequency bass volume to enhance the party vibe. It will very much depend on the layout and design of your boat, but most of the time the easiest place to install the subwoofer tends to be underneath the helm. Here are some photos showing some examples of how could fit a subwoofer into your pontoon boat, and where you would place it. In this example the pontooners installed the subwoofer in front of the helm and one in rear behind the seats due to the interior layout Image credit unknown, found shared on Facebook.

You might already have a great sound system in your boat, but you can still enhance your audio experience with subwoofers and amplifiers. Brands like JL, Fusion offer a lot of room for expansion. Boat subwoofers are designed to increase the bass frequencies that result in deep thumping sound. Besides that, you can pair it with amplifiers to boost the sound and create full-on party vibes.

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