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His voice, tough and tender as well-aged boot leather, is one of the most recognizable across the wide plateaus of American pop, country and jazz. Unaffected, unadorned and blessedly unpretentious, his is a gut-level musical honesty that knows few equals. Willie Nelson sings what he believes and believes what he sings. Start my Free Trial.

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Neil Young News. Release "Time Fades Away". Discuss Neil Young's Sound and Equipment. A collection of articles on Neil Young's Guitars, Amps, Whizzer and Equipment on how he obtains his unique grunge and feedback sound. Neil's electric guitar sound has been described as like "a jet plane in a thunderstorm" and those who have witnessed and directly felt in their chest the aural assualt that is known as "Crazy Horse-style" know that which we speak.

Many of the standard questions like "What's the meaning of 'Powderfinger'" song lyrics? This photo is amazing, with guitar tech Larry Cragg showing the extreme wear and abuse which Old Black has suffered over the years from "Hurricane", "Down by The River", and other feedback laden finales that leave him lying in shreds on the stage floor. Visually, Ol Black is the electrical equivalent to Willie Nelson's battered "Trigger" -- his well-worn Martin acoustic guitar.

Neil Young's guitar Old Black has been meticously reproduced right down the the wear and tear. Jeff posts some beautiful photos and details of the job. More details on Neil Young's guitar Old Black reproduction. I try to do the right thing with the guitar. You don't want to stink with Hank's guitar. I lent it to Bob Dylan for a while. He didn't have a tour bus so I lent him mine and I left the guitar on the bed with a note saying Hank's guitar is back there. He used it for a couple of months.

According to Gibson Guitar : "Whatever the music of the new millenium will be, surely singer-songwriter Neil Young will lead the way as he has for almost three decades--with a Gibson Les Paul in his hands.

The award-winner embodies Les Paul's outstanding technical and creative achievements. The Les Paul Award was created in to honor those individuals or institutions that have set the highest standards in the creative application of technology examplified by its namesake. Among the first major artists to record in his own studio, Young owned one of the first digital multitracks in the United States.

Most recently, he has been doing 5. Young has played a customized Les Paul Standard, among other Gibsons, throughout his career. We use very old amplifiers and tune them for each show. After the show we meet with the crew and talk about corrections for this kind of show, which is new to us too.

Usually we play smaller venues, like for instance this bar near my house. We rehearsed in this bar for 3 months. Two, three days a week, sometimes four, we play two or three sets in the night. We play together for 30 years, infact there is a kind of telepathic relation between us. It takes time to develop such a situation into mature communication, which happens without words and without arrangements.

W: That sounds rather esoteric. Young: Bullshit. It's similar to how the musicians in the old jazz era functioned. We don't have to prove anything to nobody - besides ourselves. Only that brought us to where we stand today.

Only that moves me. I can't go out with big light shows and that shit. No interest in that. A gaggle of amps--a Magnatone, a huge transistorized Baldwin Exterminator, a Fender Reverb unit and the heart of it all: a small weather-beaten box covered in worn-out tweed, vintage.

They sound nothing like this one. Also, see technical details for Neil Young's Whizzer. Underneath, however, critical differences are revealed. Whereas the standard, Epiphone-derived mini-humbucker is designed like a PAF-type humbucker but narrower, with a bar magnet placed beneath the two coils and in contact with the individual steel pole pieces running through them, the Firebird pickup is constructed with two alnico bar magnets, positioned one each within the two coils, in a dual-blade-styled design.

Using magnetic material within the coil helps to increase a pickup's definition and treble response; the Firebird pickup is, therefore, a little weaker than the standard PAF-style humbucker or mini-humbucker, and also a lot brighter than either. As heard in Young's playing, it's also a very lively pickup, with a certain amount of microphony contributing to the dimension of the sound, and also easing the way to feedback, a tool that Young exploits like few other players. For a shortcut to Neil Young's feedback zone, check out the release Arc, a montage of feedback segments at the beginnings and ends of songs from the Ragged Glory tour, the full songs themselves released on the live Weld album.

A relatively simple mechanical device, the Bigsby vibrato added to Neil Young's Les Paul also occasionally available as a factory extra on a Les Paul makes a very real contribution to his tone. Used to give lead lines anything from a jagged, angular irregularity to a bouncing, wobbly vibe, Young's Bigsby also functions as a trigger into feedback, and is used to bend decaying notes to nail down the howl zone. Of course, truly effective use of feedback is enabled by the right amp and the right amp settings.

The first part of the equation is achieved by a surprisingly simple, petite piece of gear: a lates tweed Fender Deluxe. This little beastie, with just two volume controls and a single, shared tone control, puts out a mere 15 watts from two 6V6GT output tubes, and carries just a single 12" speaker, but has powered Neil Young's rock sound in stadiums and arenas around the world since he acquired it in although the sound is fed through other, larger amps and its own monitoring system in order to be heard on large stages.

A raw, hot little amp, the tweed Deluxe breaks up early, with a lot of tube-induced compression at most volume levels. Up past around 11 o'clock on the dial these amps really don't get much louder, they just saturate more, issuing increasing levels of distortion tone. Young's Deluxe is reported as being rebiased to use larger 6L6 output tubes; the change wouldn't increase its volume all that much, but would most likely fatten up the lows some and give the sound more body.

In order to access the Deluxe's varying degrees of overdrive, Young uses a custom-made amp-control switching device known simply as "the Whizzer. As such, and rather incredibly-if you're familiar with the Neil Young overdrive sound-he uses no booster, overdrive, or distortion pedals to achieve his unhinged tone; just the little year-old tweed Deluxe, and the Whizzer.

Young does, however, use a range of pedals and devices to create effects sounds in and of themselves. He relies heavily on a particular vintage Fender tube reverb unit, which is set up with a separate spring pan mounted to the top of a microphone stand that is anchored on the cement floor below the stage he is playing on often with a hole drilled through the floor to bring springs and tube-reverb chassis close enough together! The convoluted arrangement is undertaken in order to avoid the disruptive, wet "sproing" sound that ensues when you stomp on a stage with a lively spring reverb unit sitting on it.

Young also makes use of an analog delay, an octave divider, a flanger, and a digital delay. From How did he get this tone on the lead guitar? Short of modifying two pieces of prized vintage gear and building your own Whizzer, run a bright but powerful guitar into a simple, low-output tube amp and give it all the gusto and emotion you can muster.

Old Black Read excerpts of books on Neil Young's guitar style and sound.

The History of Willie Nelson’s Famous Guitar, Trigger

Lukas Nelson is having a busy year. He and his band, Promise of the Real, recently released their third full-length album, Something Real , and hit the road in support of it. In addition, Lukas somehow finds time to accompany his dad, country legend Willie Nelson. But despite his pedigree and the auspicious company he keeps, Nelson is no next-generation-of-greatness clone. Its many rooms, nooks, and crannies provided an amazing and varied sonic environment, while its history and location provided the vibe. We spoke with Nelson as he was traveling through the Rockies en route to Texas.

Garvey explains that Nelson's Martin guitar is equipped with a stereo pickup, and the Baldwin amplifier is stereo: one side gets the highs.

Baldwin Prismatone Guitar Pickup

Log in or Sign up. Gretsch-Talk Forum. This thing is on reverb. It's just weird. Echocat23 , Mar 27, It seems to be one of those Baldwin era concoctions where the design and combination of elements dont quite sit well for me. I dont know the signature artist, but i can see why it didnt turn into a production run.

Willie Nelson: American Classic

willie nelson amplifier

Baldwin was one of many large musical instrument or electronics firms to jump on the amplifier bandwagon in the 60's. With the advent of the Beatles, everybody wanted to play in a band and companies like Fender and Vox couldn't make stuff fast enough. Baldwin had been making organs for years so they used some of that technology for guitar amps. This 65' C2 Baldwin is an early example " 40 watt transistor amp.

Modeling amps keep getting better and better, and the folks over at Fender have always set their bar high.

Focal Arche headphone DAC/amp review: It doesn't get much better than this

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PS Audio Sprout100 Integrated Amplifier Review: Simple And Elegant Hi Fi

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A collection of articles on Neil Young's Guitars, Amps, Whizzer and Visually, Ol Black is the electrical equivalent to Willie Nelson's battered.

Willie Nelson

Custom Shop products are not avaliable online. Please call us at or email customshop demeteramps. The VTMP-2b Microphone Pre-amp brings out the best in your microphone collection with a clarity, warmth and depth you never realized was possible. The two channel unit is completely tube-based for a distinctively warm, but clean and quiet sound.

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The Audiophiliac spends quality time with an extraordinary headphone amplifier. As the selection of cost-no-object headphones grows, I keep looking for the very best headphone amplifiers. Tech-talk translation: the HPA-1 is a no-holds-barred design -- power output tops out at 3. The amp's half-inch machined faceplate, aircraft-grade aluminum chassis panels and solid aluminum volume control knob match other Pass Labs electronics. Fit and finish are absolutely first class. The amp measures 4.

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I thought I had heard every Baez album she released, but somehow this one had escaped me. The album gives us a performance by Baez in a bullring in Bilbao, Spain. The performance was dedicated to the mayor of Bilbao. I think this LP will give you insight into why she was an international success and so much more than a folk singer.

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