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Tube amps at low volume

Do you insist on having glowing glass tubes in your rig? These tube amps are the best in class for And even the most popular digital amplifiers expend the majority of their processing power attempting to recreate the chest-thumping tones of old. But the list that follows includes amps that span a wide variety of prices to help you find the ultimate valve companion for your budget — whether you want something pedalboard-friendly, easily overdriven, loud enough to drown out an obnoxious drummer or versatile enough for a small session. Their dynamic response, feel, articulation and harmonic complexity are still difficult for even high-end modellers to emulate.

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Tube amps at low volume

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The Best Small / Low Watt Tube Amps - Combo & Amp Heads

I live in a apartment and can't have big amps. I used to have a little fender 8 inch speaker combo that had perfect volume, but lacked features. I was thinking about running a line 6 pod hd x into a rocktron power amp and into a set of blackstar 4x8's. But I thought I would see if any one knows of a better product.

Doesn't seem to be to much on the market for bedroom players, and the amps there are seem to be crappy "practice" amps. Any thoughts? I havent used a real amp in years for practicing.

I use a line 6 ux2 with a tremendous amount of plugins and can pretty much dial in what ever tone I want. High gain low gain whatever. I still like playing with a real tube amp, but I hardly have the need to. I am not in a band, just an at home musician. I wish I could go with tubes but all the micro tube amps I tried were still to loud.

And not being able to crank them is a tease. I think I might be stuck with SS amps for now unless something awesome comes out at namm. What features do you need? Most Amps that I cam across have only very few features 2 or more channels, 3-band-EQ, Gain, Master - maybe one or two "special" controllers to adjust some overdrive effekts or to boost the mids. What you may want is a Modelling amp like the Roland Cubes.

You have a lot of options to find your sound. Loop, Reverb and Delay, 10 different Amp models andeven a acoustic simulation. The volume ranges from "low volume" until "disurbing your neighbours".

It has a powersoak to turn down the poweroutput. It has "Full Power" 15 Watt which is very very loud some people use it for their gigs - no joking , 5 Watt, 1 Watt whch would be low volume to play in an apartment and 0 Watt "Speaker off" it has a stereo line-out which can be used for recording - you can turn up the master as high as you want to get the sound you want for recording but turning off the speaker so you only hear the sound on your PC for example.

Although I love this amp I doubt that this is what you are looking for. But it's not cheap so start saving!!! Of course if you want one of the best things in the market right now it's going to cost you. That's why you see it in most of todays guitar rigs around the world. I still use from time to time my Amplitube 3 which is a computer software plug in. Check it out! Solid State: Peavey Vypyr 15, one of the most underestimated modeling amps out there.

As a practice-amp for "bedroom-volume" it is effordable and sounds really nice. I use this one with monitors in my small house and it has enough volume and quality to practice or record. With the right cab impulses you can sound as any amp you want. The smaller version, the RP is enough to begin, you only need a laptop and a good set of computer speakers. Mark V head in 10w mode on a 1x12" cab is nice. Then for a gig, switch it back to 90w and throw it on top of a 4x12'' cab. Line 6 got the DT25 n 50 that has a push pull pot that lets you use the amp at low volumes and balances the loudness of the tubes.

In an apartment it would be hard to beat a pro-grade modeller. The Pod 2. Digitech are in there too. It is always a good idea to have a modeller up your sleeve and have a range of favourite patches ready to go. Modellers work in stereo and guitar amps don't and stereo trumps mono most times. Modellers solved the volume problem for everyone I think.

Low volume amps. Updated July 03, Like 1 Dislike 0. Brian wrote November 19, Yahmaha THR10 is a great practice amp. Like 0 Dislike 0. Its awsome, but its not a very good amp for a bedroom. Toejam wrote November 19, Carvin V3M has three channels and sounds great at low volumes as well as louder volumes.

Jay Y. I record bass vocals and guitar all through the line 6 unit. Like 2 Dislike 0. Death Magnetic wrote November 28, Diogo M. Gisornator wrote November 20, EvolutionVII wrote March 27, Grant G. Definetley a case for the Blackstar HT This little amp sounds sick at low volumes!!

Bennesto wrote November 20, Tube: definetly a Blackstar HT-5, because the tube sound at low volume is extremely authentic. Adrian Arreola wrote November 20, Clopstyle wrote November 21, Death Magnetic wrote November 22, Adam Crow wrote November 23, Peter C.

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a list of the best solid-state amplifiers with near-tube sound quality. solid-states can achieve full potential at lower volumes.

5 Best Small Tube Amps in 2021

Guitar amps are, no matter how you cut it, black boxes. Electricity is largely non-mechanical. Or in other words, magic. And when the magic stops, most people think all they can do is resort to prayer. Or an amp technician. JPG Fig. My trusty Fender Vibro-King was on the fritz, and the suspects were the output tubes and the speakers. Here are some holistic approaches—and solutions—you can try yourself, as I did when my tube amp went on the fritz. Warning: Some of the following procedures involve messing around with the components of the amp, so be careful.

High gain "metal" amps that sound good without power tube...

tube amps at low volume

Beginner Guitar HQ. One question that plagues many guitar players of all levels is what type of amp to buy. This guide will help you make an informed choice on what type of amp you will be looking for. It will also answer any questions that you may have about the process and how to tell the types apart.

Matching on-the-move designs with supreme playability and heavyweight features, the FP-X series represents a fresh generation of portable pianos.

Why Does My Guitar Tube Amp Lose Volume?

Low-wattage amps have become quite popular in the past few years and with good reason. They are easier to carry and store, and will allow you to practice without getting evicted. Jokes aside, high wattage amps present a variety of problems for most regular guitarists. Additionally, smaller amps are better suited for the reality of club and coffee house gigs that seem to be the common denominator for blues and jazz players. Manufacturers know this and act accordingly.

Playing a tube amp on low volume

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Power Scaling for tube guitar amplifiers - a technology by London Power. the same tone as one's preferred “loud sound,” but at a much lower volume.

Common Tube Amp Malfunctions: My amp makes no sound.

Whether you are practicing or you have no other options, you will most likely spend lots of time playing guitar in your bedroom or your small home-based recording studio in the basement. I know what it feels like — you try to find a moment when no one is home, but then, there are also the grumpy neighbors who keep knocking on your door. I can feel your frustration.

How to Listen to and Care for Your Amp When It’s Sick

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For Canadian musicians a Traynor amp was your companion from your first chords to rocking stages around the world. See the icons using Traynor today. The all-tube Traynor YBA watt bass head has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate high-power head for the working musician. Traynor recreates the classic cathode bias amp tone in the new all-tube watt two-channel YGL2 combo. The Traynor Custom Valve 20WR answers the need for guitar players looking for superior sounding all-tube tone in a smaller, yet still feature loaded, lower-powered amplifier.

Home Ways to control your amp volume.

These players use their amp for a good portion of overdrive. The amp volume can sit anywhere between depending on how much grit you want and what guitar you're using. These players may still use a boost, overdrive, or fuzz pedal to get more gain. Fuzz pedals sound considerably different run into a clean amp as opposed to a dirty amp. The Hendrix fuzz tone was a combination of a Fuzz Face pedal and amp overdrive via his Marshall Plexi amps. These guitarists like to have a clean foundation at their amp and use pedals for gain.

As a guitar teacher, I constantly see beginner and intermediate guitarists get frustrated with their amps, then buy a new one in search for the perfect tone only to get frustrated again a few weeks later. If you are considering buying a different type of guitar amp, have a read through my Guide on Types of Guitar Amps. Learning how different types of guitar amps compare will help you work out whether the amp you have right now really is the best for your needs. A scooped tone might sound fine on its own, but it sounds horrible as soon as you play along with anything else such as a backing track or band.

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