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We shape the Future of Sound

Derek Dunlop and his late father Peter used to make one the greatest affordable turntables on the market. It was called the Systemdek and it sounded fantastic in almost any system.

So, in , Derek and his brother Ramsay started making loudspeakers — big expensive loudspeakers at that, and the fact that they are still doing so today suggests this was a good idea. What makes ART loudspeakers stand out from the crowd is the sheer range of choices that are available to prospective buyers.

These are not just veneer or finish options, but choices about cable quality and components in the crossovers. However, this means there are significant price steps between different versions of what, in terms of box and drivers, is basically the same speaker. The Alnico range uses the same approach with a stack of 36mm MDF slices glued atop one another to create the mm high main cabinet. I have seen speakers that use a similar approach with plywood but usually with a vertical orientation, the ART system makes for a very rigid box indeed and one with high natural damping.

It stands on stainless steel legs that provide a gap for the reflex port to vent into: this gets around the question of whether to put the port at the front where you might hear it or the back where it needs extra space to breathe. The bottom plinth is fitted with meaty stainless feet that are dimpled to accept stainless balls rather than spikes.

These provide a similar type of interface with the floor without making the sort of holes that a 44 kilo speaker would achieve with spikes. The feet are screwed into M8 inserts so those who wish to spike can remove them and put in some beefy points. Alnico is a mix of aluminium, nickel and cobalt along with iron ore that was used by the likes of Tannoy and Lowther and is still prized for its sound quality, mostly by aficionados of valve amplification.

Derek chose to use it in the tweeter alone because he feels that its performance at low frequencies is not as good as ferrites. ART does however, make a speaker with an alnico powered midrange which is could be interesting.

Derek chose aluminium for its flexibility of machining and the fact that it offers a stable anchor for the drivers while reinforcing overall cabinet rigidity. The baffle and the cabinet are available in a range of finishes, with matte automotive colours and even pearlescent options on the menu.

ART does the cabinet making and finishing in-house, so the company is very flexible in this regard. The P1 was able to provide plenty of power, extension and dynamics, but also brought out a slightly forward and loud characteristic that made the pairing less enjoyable in the long term. Being a sucker for power, I went back to the ATC P1 to find out whether it was truly as badly matched as had initially seemed the case.

It still sounded a little forward, but this brought out more of the sparkle: so long as I stuck with the better recordings, things were pretty dandy. And this speaker is designed to make the most of such details without breaking a sweat.

Strongly recommended. URL: www. Change it at your peril. Will there be pitchforks and torches ready to burn the heretics, or does it make a good speaker better, asks Alan Sircom.

But are they really a great deal? Jason Kennedy thinks so. Having tried - and bought - the Amphion Argon 7LS floor-standers, Steve Dickinson wonders how do the smaller Argon 3S stand-mount loudspeakers compare. In a world where loudspeakers are boring, in a time where people are held captive at home. One man, a renegade speaker designer, can change everything. Most Popular. Magico M6 floorstanding loudspeakers Alan Sircom Nov Back to top.

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James Loudspeaker

When Art Embraces Science,. Anything is Possible. If you already enjoy Paradigm's legendary sound indoors, this system takes it outside. Whether you want lifelike realization of your music sources, or an earthshaking home theater experience, Founder Series offers you the best seat in the house.

Upon Systemdek's demise, the Dunlop brothers decided to concentrate on the other end of the system chain. A.R.T. Loudspeakers was founded in Scotland in.

e-351 Coax 3.5” Nano Loudspeaker System

We would like to provide some additional information regarding our EASE files as we represent our products differently than other manufacturers. Linear Peak SPL will be When using standard playback material music or speech rather than pink noise each product will be able to achieve a few additional dB than what is shown. Refer to the B-Noise paper. Whether used as a compact main system or as fills or surrounds in a larger system, count on the ULTRA-X20 to deliver high power output, low distortion, and consistent polar response in any configuration. It features two 5-inch cone drivers and a 2-inch compression driver in concentric configuration for more consistent pattern control below the crossover point. It's available in three Constant-Q horn variants, for optimal coverage in any scenario. The ULTRA-X20 is engineered with versatility in mind: Use it as the foundation of a compact main system, or to supplement a larger system. If you can dream it, you can design it: Four integral M8 rigging points allow a range of configurations including requiring pole mounting, hanging, wall mounting or ceiling mounting—in horizontal or vertical orientation, at any angle. Four M6 points on the heatsink are compatible with most industry-standard wall mount brackets.

New Products for 2022 and Beyond

art loudspeakers system

DALI loudspeakers fill a wider area of the room with smooth, integrated sound. We design our loudspeakers for optimal frequency response consistent sound pressure regardless of frequency , even for listeners seated off-centre. When listening to DALI loudspeakers, you will not be able to point out the exact location of the loudspeaker. You hear exactly the sound the artist intended. For example, if the artist wants you to hear sound coming from certain angles, DALI loudspeakers master this perfectly.

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Bang & Olufsen's modular speakers double as wall art

It has become well known that electric cars accelerate much faster than their counterpart with combustion engines. This circumstance also applies to the topic of loudspeakers. The most important part of a loudspeaker is the drive unit or accelerator, even if the industry wants to make people believe that the cone is of the highest importance. The difference of WVL loudspeakers transducers, chassis to other loudspeakers is the drive itself. Yes, there are others who offer field coil speakers.

WVL State-of-the-art loudspeaker components Wolf von Langa

Stock Availability : We have 0 in stock. We our in the process of updating our Doug Brady Hi Fi website, which now provides you with automatic real-time stock updates. We believe in an honest approach when displaying the availability of products. When viewing a product listing page, you'll see one of the following stock indicators. Stock Information : We have current stock level number in stock. In Stock - Order Now - Delivered free to you on [delivery-date]. Availably to order.

which photograph or art piece. Your can now eliminate the clutter of cables and large speaker system by seamlessly integrating SoundART via bluetooth.

RCF ART-710a-MK2 10" Digital Active Two-Way Speaker System - Black

This review page is supported in part by the sponsor whose ad is displayed above. They are the sons of Peter Dunlop who founded the well regarded Systemdek turntable line years ago. The Systemdek turntable design was certainly a good one and is still coveted by LP-spinning music lovers today. Audio Note UK currently manufactures a very nice version of the Systemdek under license, testament to the enduring musical prowess of Peter Dunlop's original Systemdek design.


A loudspeaker or speaker driver , or most frequently just speaker is an electroacoustic transducer , [1] that is, a device that converts an electrical audio signal into a corresponding sound. The speaker driver can be viewed as a linear motor attached to a diaphragm which couples that motor's movement to motion of air, that is, sound. An audio signal, typically from a microphone, recording, or radio broadcast, is amplified electronically to a power level capable of driving that motor in order to reproduce the sound corresponding to the original unamplified electronic signal. This is thus the opposite function to the microphone , and indeed the dynamic speaker driver, by far the most common type, is a linear motor in the same basic configuration as the dynamic microphone which uses such a motor in reverse, as a generator.

Expert engineers and users have teamed up to create thoroughly professional products with innovative details such as our unique colour coding rings.

Speaker System Art

ART 9 combines raw power and technological innovation to reliably deliver superior clarity with impressive sound pressure. With RCF build quality and packed with premium features, it's the most versatile loudspeaker for professional applications—on the road, on the stage, and is also suitable for fixed installation. The ART series was a milestone in the market. It's one of the very first portable, composite material speakers, with exceptional sound quality. ART 9 is very energy-efficient so there is no need for a cooling fan - the amplifier is attached to a solid aluminum heat exchanger in the back of the unit - with no moving parts. Being physically connected with the internal frame, the amplifier is firm and solid within the cabinet. The input circuit features a new low distortion design with an advanced safety limiter, maintaining the true character of the input signal at all levels.

It accurately depicts stage scenarios so that each sound object corresponds both visually and acoustically. The entire audience can now hear what it sees and vice versa. These reverberation signatures are emulations derived from acoustic measurements of seven internationally renowned performance venues and convolved within the audio processor.

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