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WATCH RELATED VIDEO: Montel Williams on Multiple Sclerosis

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Montel Williams is 51, has six-pack abs, a new wife and multiple sclerosis. He's equally fine with all of it. Living Well, the title of his new book, released earlier this year, seems fitting to describe the life of the Baltimore native and the Emmy Award-winning host of The Montel Williams Show.

Williams' book, which is subtitled 21 Days to Transform Your Life, Supercharge Your Health, and Feel Spectacular, details his day plan for transforming your life and health through diet and exercise, and includes personal stories, expert interviews, recipes and workouts. Williams devised the "Living Well Plan" -- a combination of a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish and a program of frequent, moderate exercise -- to help tackle the painful symptoms of MS, an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system.

Williams has had the disease for eight years. The latter aids troubled guests after they appear on his television talk show. Here he discusses his new book, his thoughts on America's obesity issue and more. What do you hope readers will take away from this book that they haven't from your other productions? This book is about how to transform your life.

The DVD series, which I released a year ago, brought together six of the top life coaches from around the world. What I wanted to do was motivate people to make a change in their life. This book is about a lifestyle change when it comes to what we eat. You've had your talk show since , established the Montel Williams MS Foundation and the After-Care program, and supported charitable organizations. What led you to your chosen life path? There's not one thing. Living is made by what you earn.

Success is made by what you give. In the book, you discuss your MS diagnosis. The doctors told you to prepare to die. You went through depressive episodes. Other than changing your diet, what helped you get through those tough times? My initial reaction with MS was just as devastating as anybody -- a death sentence. We know a little more now -- that it will decrease my life span and it's a progressive disease.

There is no cure for it, and there's nothing that can slow it down. The truth is, I'm like a ticking time bomb, and I dealt with that for a minute. Then I had to put that into perspective. I had to deal with the fact that the disease and medication causes depression. But what I've been so hopeful about is that I wasn't on a journey for naught. I was reaching for things that could make a difference, and every time I made a little difference, I realized it made a bigger difference.

So I just kept making little differences at a time and, collectively, I've reduced the impact of my symptoms directly through diet.

So what's some of the best life advice you've been given? Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a lot of great life advice from a lot of people. I think the best advice I've gotten, and I hate to sound pompous, is the advice I keep giving to myself every day. When I wake up in the morning, I ask, "What did I do yesterday that's worthy of talking about today?

If I wake up in the morning and I did several things that were positive, I start my day off positively. You tied the knot last October. How has your wife helped you cope with MS? She's been an integral part of my disease since we met.

She wasn't afraid of it and embraced all aspects of it. I walk funny. I don't sleep right. A lot of strange things that I do, most people don't do. I take three needles a day. She deals with all those things and is extremely supportive. There is an obesity issue affecting Americans today. How do you think this book or you, yourself, will help combat the problem?

So many people are wasting We look at obesity from a vanity standpoint. I'm trying to look at our weight from a health standpoint. Look, you can wait around and die or you can start being proactive.

I can make a choice to sit around this weekend and eat nothing but slop and feel miserable this whole week, or I can eat correctly and feel better. What can we expect from you in the next year or two? Well, with the Living Well Plan I'm the extreme.

I do everything in the book 10 times more than you would. I'm giving people parameters. I don't expect anybody to attempt to be me unless you really have a reason to do it. I'm 51 years old and have a inch waist. And I'm carrying a six-pack every day. Because I'm exercising. I'm working out. I'm a walking example of what I'm trying to do over the next year; I want to give people who want to try this regimen the tools. Combine these steps and you can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, several forms of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and other conditions.

Base your diet on a rich variety of vegetables and fruits, especially in their fresh, natural and whole states. Include healthy carbohydrates from whole grains, and healthy fats and protein from foods such as fish, beans and nuts. Minimize saturated and trans fats, sodium, processed foods, added sugars and cholesterol in your diet. Be mindful of your calories in and calories out, to work toward a healthy body weight.

Don't skip meals, deprive yourself or go on fad diets. Get regular physical activity -- at least 30 to 60 minutes of moderate exercise most days of the week. Rainbow foods: a colorful palette of fruits and vegetables, the brighter the better. Antioxidant superstars, such as blueberries, blackberries and beans. Leafy and cruciferous veggies, such as greens, broccoli, kale, spinach and arugula. Super-fish: salmon, sardines, cod, herring, mackerel and oysters.

By Carley Dryden.

Montel Williams Net Worth 2018

Talk show host and multiple sclerosis spokesman Montel Williams will be Lehigh University's spring commencement speaker. Williams will address the 1, graduates of Lehigh's Class of at the nd commencement ceremony June 4. During the ceremony in Lehigh's Goodman Stadium, he will receive an honorary doctor of humane letters degree. In August, Williams announced he was afflicted with multiple sclerosis. In announcing the fund, he said he hopes the use of his name will increase donations so a cure can be found in the next five years. Senior class President Jason Clemens said he and his fellow class officers brainstormed for weeks over possible speakers, and even conducted a senior class survey of what most graduating students would want in a speaker. Suggestions included athletes, media personalities and politicians.

Keynote Speakers Montel Williams, Justin Patton, Monica Pearson, and Amelia Rose Earhart Announced.

How rich is Montel Williams?

Montel Brian Anthony Williams born July 3, is an American former television host, actor and motivational speaker. He is best known as host of the long-running daytime tabloid talk show The Montel Williams Show , which ran in syndication from to Williams is active with the nonprofit MS Foundation, which he founded after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in Additionally, he is noted for his service in both the United States Marine Corps and the United States Navy , from which he retired after 22 years of service. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, on July 3, , Williams attended Andover High School in neighboring Linthicum, Maryland , where he was elected president of his class in both his junior and senior years. He was a good student, athlete, and musician, and he was active in countywide student government issues in Annapolis, Maryland. Williams was raised as a Roman Catholic and served as an altar boy from age 8 until an altercation with a priest when he was

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montel williams motivational speaker

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Actor and motivational speaker Montel Williams born in has hosted the Emmy Award-nominated, syndicated talk show, The Montel Williams Show, since In addition to executive producing the show , Williams has also co-executive produced the TV series, Matt Waters , executive produced the film, The Simian Line, and directed Little Pieces Although he revealed that he had been diagonosed with multiple sclerosis in , Williams has continued to host his popular talk show and has appeared in public service announcements, and he continues to serve as a motivational speaker. Slightly creased at blank corners. Fine condition. Following offer submission users will be contacted at their account email address within 48 hours.

Montel Williams on MS, Legalizing Marijuana and 15 Years of Making Television History

Has American former television host, actor and motivational speaker Montel Williams died? Or is he still alive? Living or Dead? Celebrities, films, tv shows, birthdays, deaths We have so much information that gremlins occasionally come in a mess things up. What's gone wrong? We'll look into this issue as soon as possible. Thank you for making Living or Dead a better place!.

Montel Williams' birthday and biography. Montel Williams is a successful actor, motivational speaker, and retired American television personality who rose.

Entertainment and inspiration for corporate events, universities and special functions. There's a reason he keeps getting called back year after year with the same clients. Video Testimonials.

Account Options Connexion. Afficher l'e-book. Montel Williams. New York Times bestselling author Montel Williams offers a pathway to emotional wellness. In his inspiring New York Times bestseller Living Well , renowned talk show host Montel Williams chronicled his personal battle against a life threatening disease, the foods and regimen that countered his illness, and revealed how everyone could benefit from his dynamic plan for better health. Now, just as he shared the story of his physical triumph, Montel now shares inspiration, advice, and a practical program so that readers can overcome personal obstacles to find the peace and love that everyone deserves.

Montel Brian Anthony Williams is an American television personality, radio talk show host, actor, and former Marine.

American former television host, actor and motivational speaker. Montel Brian Anthony Williams. English Wikipedia. Montel Williams by David Shankbone. Swedish Wikipedia. Virtual International Authority File. United States of America.

Montel Williams is an Emmy Award-winning television personality, actor, and a veteran activist whose decorated military service spanned 22 years in two branches of the service—the United States Marines and the United States Navy. He is best known as host of the long-running The Montel Williams Show , and more recently as a spokesperson for the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. In , he began conducting informal counseling for the wives and families of the servicemen in his command. He was later asked to speak to a local group of children in Kansas City, Missouri, about the importance of leadership and how to overcome obstacles on the road to success.

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