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Fatman itube valve integrated amplifier

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Fatman itube valve integrated amplifier

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iTube MkII Valve Amplifier - Fat-man.co.uk

The original and best low-cost Fatman product for use with iPod and any other audio devices e. Utilising a hybrid-tube design platform, the iTube provides superb audio reproduction and attractive design at an affordable price. The dock allows any iPod to be used except Shuffle and this also comes with a full-function remote control for complete control over all iPod functionality.

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Tube Hi-Fi Integrated Amplifier HCT Fatman iTube Dared MP5 HMS-100 with NOS USA GE Tubes

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Does home stereo really begs for a reinvention? I don't think so, Enter the iTube Fatman, a valve amplifier hooked to a matching docking station.

Fatman Itube Carbon Manual Transmission

Just like about everyone, I have been touched by the iPod revolution. Let's be blunt and direct: this whole iPod phenomenon is a big compromise. The quality of the audio files one can buy on the iTune store is abysmal: nothing less than a lossless format should please the most primitive audiophile. This awful "standard" quality becomes intolerable when one uses high end in-ear earphones such as the Shure E5C my favorite buy but is already blatant with decent cheap ones such as the Senheiser MX Sure, the simple solution is to encode one's CDs using a lossless format such as the Apple Lossless codec. Does home stereo really begs for a reinvention? Only Apple could use a thing such as "Maximum peak sound pressure level" in an advertisement for an audio system and get away with it. No thanks!

Download for Free Ampli Fatman Itube Manual: PDF format

fatman itube valve integrated amplifier

This Award-winner remains about the best-sounding dock around - add decent speakers for a superb system, and check your iPod for compatibility. This is a two-box offering; a classic-looking valve amplifier is partnered by a dock connected via a line-level input — there's another for wiring up a CD player, and a cable for connecting a non-Apple MP3 player. Sonic fireworks In action, the iTube sounds stunning, with incredible musical insight for such an affordable device. The amp sounds as rich as perceived wisdom tells you valves should.

There are some clever people on this forum, but few of us can do mind reading. Could you help us by giving a tiny clue about which amp you have?

Suitable speakers for iPod valve amps?

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Fatman iTube 252

We are not able to respond back to you, so if the ad remains on site after 12 hours then we have chosen to leave the ad live. If you are a victim of fraud click here. Excellent sounding and fully working — check online for reviews. Comes with the remote for the iPod dock. The iPod dock comes with the remote, but needs a power supply.

Table of Contents. Valve Amplifier 2 x 18Watt. Hybrid vacuum tube amplifier with integrated ipod dock and speakers pages. fatman itube

Fatman iTube Valve Dock

Silly name aside, the Fatman iTube is a decent, compact 25 Watt per channel tube-based integrated amplifier. The iTube uses 4 x EL34 pentode output tubes and four dual-triode tubes. Perhaps the coolest visual feature though is the 6E2 tube, a display tube somewhat reminiscent of a VU meter.

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Label: Equipment Product No. TL Audio is one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional tube recording equipment for the pro industry. For over 15 years, this British company has designed and manufactured innovative tube-based recording equipment for studio engineers and professional musicians. Control the iPod functions via the remote control while you sit back and relax enjoying your favorite music and movies.

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