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Sony amplifier service manual. You should definately bridge them. Firstly, lay the 2 speakers face down next to each other. New member. For some reas

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Audio Amplifier for Vehicles. Sony Amplifier, Xplod 880 watt - $50 (Hinsdale, NH)

I'm not a big Thump kinda guy really I prize clarity. Planning on placing the subs according to Hakuna's install guide. Speakers are components and not sure of best location for tweeters either. Any experienced help would be appreciated.

I think you'll be pleased with the Polks. I just helped a friend install some in his car and they sound pretty good. Thanks for the reply bunyak, Couple options I'm considering for the subs No problem. Even though I've been out of it for some time, I would still bet on Alphasonik or something comporable over either of those names.

I'd like to hear people's opinions on the new stuff from Alphasonik, Soundstream and Precision Power. Problem with the 1ohm amp is that I'm very, very sure your sub isn't able to run in 1ohm.

In fact, I bet it probably won't take too kindly to 2ohm either. And that's peak. My advice, match the amp to the speaker. What's the peak power of the sub? Best bang for buck is probably a lightning audio amp. Made by rockford fosgate, they're good quality, but cheap.

Look on eBay, under username "thedeepdiscount". No affiliation. Yeah, that's why I recommended the sub amp I did. If you run them in parallel, you show the amp a 2-ohm load for an output of watts. A little over their ratings, but should be fine. Couple options I'm considering for the subs Very very bad, I would never recommend them to anyone. The Crunch PZi I'm just knocking around ideas but time is growing short. I want to purchase both amps or amp within a week probably.

Thanks for the imput guys plz keep it coming. Another option I like the 2 you first came up with though bunyak. Aisthima one amp to run them all may be the way i end up going, dunno yet, still weighing my options. That's why I was asking what the deal was with their quality today. I know alot of companies that I used to consider high-end have been bought out. I was thinking at first to get this amp.

Seems like a good one. Not sure what the Alpine would do for you. I think Phoenix Gold might be one of those companies that used to be good. The Soundstream looks good.

Would the x 1 be at 4 Ohms or 2? This is the only reason I would consider 2 amps instead of one beause I want to get max performance from my speakers.

BTW, I have no idea what I'm doing. Actually, if that x2 4ohms is correct, that may be a bit much. I thought it was x2. You would almost have to put the tweeters on 2 of the channels and mids on 2. That would also gain you some flexibility in x-over settings. You wouldn't gain anything by having 2 amps, especially 2 cheap amps. This amp should do it all. The only thing that concerns me is that this amp has great features and power, but is way too cheap for what I remember about Soundstream.

OK, so I've answered one of my own questions. Sounstream was bought out. Who bought them? It appears that they are definitely going after the mass market. I still probably wouldn't let that scare me. In that price range, I can't imagine that you would find anything better to do all that. Some may disagree, but I would bet, given your HU and speakers, that you could never hear a difference between that amp and oh, let's just say a Nakamichi :D.

Any reason why I should reconsider? Those specs SUCK. You stated in your original post that you were after "clarity" Even if the specs were better, that is WAY overkill as far as wattage.

Don't get hung up on wattage claims. Thanks for the info Catman. I was thinking the DEI amp matched the wattage requirements better.

I'm not familiar enough with amps to know any better that's why I asked the question before I made the purchase. You don't need that much wattage. The Soundstream amp will be overkill for the rest of your system I read it, re-read it, took a nap and read it again. A nod from Catman So Catman, what is the deal with Soundstream these days?

I remember when the original Tarantula came out. Boy did they run with that marketing concept. The amps still look fairly solid, are they? One more question I probably wouldn't get sucked in by the massive sale gimmick. There probably isn't a big quality difference if anything the SS is better and the Soundstream is still cheaper. If you get the SS, let me know how it works out. I may eventually be looking for an amp. Lots of people say Kicker is the great.

I'll get the Soundstream anyway since you think it's probably a better amp. Kicker is no where close to the amp that the Soundstream is.

The Tarantula and Van Gogh lines get the "Catman seal of approval IMHO they are the best bang for the buck right now in amps. Soundstream seems to be revamping their line I currently have 4 of the Van Gogh and will soon be getting a Tarantula to use in my next work car.

I have not had any problems with the newer Soundstream amps. Thanks for all the help bunyak, Catman and everyone else that posted. I've just purchased a Soundstream TRA Without your help I would have most certainly purchased a substandard amp and would have been unhappy with it. How do I wire up the speakers to the amp? The two subs in parallel need a 2 Ohm output from the amp right?

Amp specs are: 4 ohms: 60 watts x 4 chan. The 2 subs in parallel show the amp's mono channel a 1 ohm load for a output of watts, which is what you want. If you bridge the front channels, you will put watts to each side. My suggestion is to not use the crossover that came with the components. Wire the tweeters to the front channels and the mids to the other 2. Use the amps built in crossover.

That way, you're not over-driving them. If you choose to bridge them instead, be very careful when you set the gain. Right, that's what you want.

When wired in parallel, they will show the amp a 2 ohm load.

Manual Cd Player Sony Xplod Subwoofers

Stereo Power Amplifier - docs. Sony Xm hx Manualidades - Image Results. The manual describes functions of XMHX, tells how to use it correctly and includes instructions on maintanance. Owner s manual usually has installation instructions, set up guide, adjustment tips, trubleshooting guide and specification sheet. Sony XMHX 2 channel amplifier 1ohm stable drive check out natives channel and subscribe!

Kicker Cxa Car Audio Amp Sub Amplifier 46cxa · Sony Xplod w Watts Mosfet 5/3 Channel Power Amplifier Xmsx picture. Sony Xplod w Watts.


Sony dsx-abt bluetooth 55wx4 car Audio Media Receiver See more like this. Brand New. Posted in : Sony xplod car stereo manual Show details. Posted in : Sony xplod 52wx4 manual download Show details. For those who didn't find what are you in search. Posted in : Sony xplod boombox manual Show details. To locate your free Sony manual , choose a product type below. Showing Product Types 1 - 50 of

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sony xplod 880 watt amplifier

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Second hand Sony Xplod for sale on South Africa's largest auction and classifieds sites

If you prefer a paper hard copy of a manual listed on this page, you can purchase it from the True. You will review this before it s final. Gigabyte h81m ds2 manual transmission - Chesapeake Airsoft. New Rancho shocks. Full top made by Besttop it is Gray and has only been partially fitted.

Sony Xm-5150gsx Xplod 880 W 5/3 Channel Amp

Sony's Xplod line of car electronics includes CD and radio head units, subwoofers and external amplifiers. One of the connections that they offer is a remote terminal. The remote terminal on a head unit sends an electrical signal that can trigger accessory devices like power amplifiers to turn themselves on. This trigger signal makes sure that all of the additional devices that a car stereo needs are on when the system is on and turned off when the main system unit gets turned off. Connect a lead to your Xplod head unit's "Remote" terminal. It could be a separate terminal, or it could be a jack located on a larger wiring harness. While you can choose any color you want, remote wires are frequently either solid blue or striped blue and white. Route the remote wire to your Xplod amplifier.

Receivers & Amplifiers - SONY XMGSX XPLOD Watt 5/3 Channel Amplifier for Car Stereo consumer reviews and low price money can buy.

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Results for "sony xplod amplifier" in All Categories in Canada Showing 1 - 10 of 10 results. Notify me when new ads are posted. Sort by Posted: newest first Posted: oldest first Price: lowest first Price: highest first Best match. Sony Xplod amplifier. Works great hardly been used. Sony Xplod Portable Stereo Boombox. Simply one of the best sounding units out there.

The amplifier is capable of producing watts of constant power through 2-channels at 4-ohms, watts of constant power through 2-channels at 2-ohms, or watts of constant power when bridged to 1-channel at 4-ohms. Add to Cart Checkout. All Downloads.

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