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Field coil speaker vs alnico

November 26, , AM Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Member Offline Posts: 1. Hello William, audiophile,s and reviewers on the different forum advice, that seeing the vast price difference between Alinico and Field coils,the difference in the sound of both is very small. Quote from: mekr on October 02, , AM.

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Alnico Vs Ceramic Speakers – In-Depth Review, FAQs, Tips & More

My speakers are the sublime Shindo Petite Latour. These are the alnico magnet version. These continue to get better and better, you can easily hear how special they are. They have an adjustable tap on the back to change the level of the tweeter in 1dB steps. The high impedance, and high sensitivity compliment my 10 watt power amp perfectly. There is a realness to the presentation that is difficult to convey, and the bass response is the most even of all the different speakers I have had in my medium sized room.

They are working well close to the side walls, and only half a metre or so from the rear wall. I may fiddle around with positioning as they run in, but maybe not.

Recently I have had a hankering for a pair of the full range field coil Lafites, but I have no money left! They live up to the hype. Very happy with them. Mine are in Burr Walnut and look great. All good speakers, but none as nuanced as the Shindos. What a wonderful speaker and wood finish. What are the dimensions of the speaker? Did you ever hear the alnico and field coil version in comparison?

How long have the burn in procedure last, and what is your opinion on the speakers after 3 years? Is there a possibility to contact you in a private way? Best regards. Like Like. Hi, the burn in lasted ages! They kept changing probably for more than a year. I have heard only the full size Latour as a field coil and it was amazing, but out of my reach, and too big for my space in any case.

I like them now more than ever, they have really opened up and give me everything I could want. Of course I am curious about other Shindo speakers, primarily a field coil , but that will have to wait. You can email me at neilyoungnz gmail. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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You must be logged in to post a comment. These are speakers that reward over a long period. They have a vivid presence, amazing communicative ability and a natural top to bottom layering of the musical soundscape. Real texture, musical tension, attack, sustain and release. The interplay in the music is easily apparent. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Best regards Like Like.

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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. Pages: [ 1 ] Go Down. Read times. The primary is 2 6V6's, secondary, schematic shows 8ohm speaker with ohm F.

The fact that field-coil (electromagnet) energized loudspeaker drive units A massive field-coil electromagnet replaces the normal ferrite or alnico.

15” Speaker Recommendations Needed

Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum. What are the tonal differences between a ferrite speaker and Alnico magnet? Age: 51 Messages: 3, EC Strat , Aug 28, Messages: 1, I have some vintage ones, and they are less efficient than modern speakers, effecting tone as well. JustABluesGuy , Aug 28, Age: 62 Messages: 32,

What are the tonal differences between a ferrite speaker and Alnico magnet?

field coil speaker vs alnico

Its a common question, which type of magnet is used in speakers? If you are new to the speaker world, you have to understand that every sound speaker, whether small or the most powerful one, all are designed with a permanent magnet. The magnet provides a permanent magnetic field for the coil in the speaker. The rapidly alternating direction of the current in the coil also provides an electric field. The interaction of both fields causes the cone to vibrate back and forth.

Post a Comment. In the history of loudspeaker development during the first phase cone equipped speakers were primarily developed with an electro magnetic unit so called field coil speakers.

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There's only one speaker repairer in the UK that I know of who will recondition field coil speakers, but they're a nightmare to deal with. So the search is on for a replacement and I was hoping some GDP members might be able to give me some recommendations for a suitable permanent magnet replacement. It doesn't necessarily have to be vintage - or indeed a Jensen. In any event, I have a 55 tweed pro with a JBL that sounds great. Sometimes I swap it with for a vintage P15N when I want a more period sound, a bit grittier and not as loud.

Field Coil Speakers Everything You Need To Know

There is a group of devoted fans of loudspeaker designs featuring a single, full-range driver, yours truly included. The top one, Vigo, and the second one from the top, Allegra are available in two versions. The basic versions of both are classic designs after all, a single driver speakers are as classic design as it gets , and the EX version of each of these models feature field coils. How do they i. The former standard use magnets in their motor, the latter, to put it simply, electro-magnets. Therefore, the latter require additionally direct current DC , which is sourced from custom power supplies. From the outside, the two Allegra versions can be distinguished only by the presence of a power inlet on the rear panel of the EX version.

It also looks like most alnico speakers could be fairly easily converted to field coil by replacing the magnet with a bobbin of wire. Gauge.

The principle of the open baffle or rear open housing was formerly aisle and gait. Also old radio radios were open at the back and provided with a perforated cardboard wall. She did of course make fun of it, but at the time they wanted to leave the appliances completely open because of the high tensions on the wheels then not. Alnico as well as more modern materials such as neodymium can bring the pole plates into the so-called magnetic saturation, which does NOT succeed with ferrite magnets.

Cost reduction is rule 1 nowadays! I don't like neodymium driver personally. They sound 'unnatural' to my tin ears. To me, field coil driver is the ultimate path. Here's another message I found on FC Back in the Gold age of sound reproduction, an electromagnet was the only means of providing a magnetic field for sound reproduction until the permanent magnet made it's appearance, it was a great idea back then to replace those bulky and expensive power supplies to feed the electromagnet coils, but something very subtle happened to the sound quality! A field coil driver uses a dedicated power supply to feed its field coil to produce the strong magnetic field that makes the diaphragm react to the incoming electrical signals and reproduce sound, the stronger the magnetic field the more efficient the driver would be and the higher and lower frequencies it will respond up to the diaphragm physical and acoustical limits of course.

In the beginning I need to say that working with Electro Magnet Speaker Katy Fertin and family is a great pleasure and honor to me.

As such, ceramic pickups generate a more powerful electromagnetic field than alnico models, resulting in higher output and more focus on the trebles. Alnico pickups exist in various forms that each have their own unique characteristics due to differences in chemical composition. Loved by both jazz guitarists and players with a preference for tasteful cleans, Alnico II pickups pack typically warm, vintage tone with a soft mid-range focus and, funnily enough, are more powerful than the Alnico III models that were widely used throughout the s. Also, these days you can even get Alnico 8 magnets, which are basically Alnico Vs on steroids. At the same time, ceramic pickups are more powerful than Alnico Vs and are designed to boost bass and treble performance and retain maximum brightness and articulation, making them a great pick for metal guitarists. Hopefully, the basic information laid out in this article gives you a better idea of the various types of magnets that sit inside electric guitar and bass pickups. So, go out there, gain as much knowledge and experience as you can and use that to complete your personal quest for legendary tone!

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