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This is specific to the Movies and TV app only. My drivers are all updated, all my apps are working fine, including my media servers, my media players VLC, Media Player, etc. I recently lost the sound with my media files when I use the TV and Movies app. I read the numerous posts on this issue and tried to reinstall the app but still nothing. The video is great, but nothing more.

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Fiio e10 line out speakers bureau

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The E10 was very easy to like from the very beginning. High quality all metal packaging with an exceptionally well designed volume control with numbers too! The finishing of the brushed metal is so good in fact that at first glance the Fiio looks like a typical product from Ray Samuels.

Like any gear fresh from the mailbox, what I do is set it up with the simplest system I have around. First impression: this thing sounds good.

Amazingly good in fact, despite the fact that I just finished the ALO Continental amplifier review less than 24 hours ago. Full mids, good bass, spacious open sound, unoffensive treble. Fiio has really nailed it with this one. Everything sounded right and full sounding. In particular was the bass, which I find very addictive.

I had mistakenly switched the bass-boost switch on as I thought that to be the power switch the E10 automatically powers on as you plug in the USB cable to the back panel.

So the thing is running with the bass boost on. You get these punchy, fat, round bass, beat after beat. And the most important thing is that the bass is just fun. Punchy, round, a lot of fun. Turn off the bass boost and you get extra clarity in the bass section, but with the HD, I just like it with the bass boost on. The midrange is just nice and full sounding. No complaints there, really.

I never felt the E10 to be lacking musicality at the slightest bit. So would using the E10 as a DAC via analogue out into the E9 mean that the amp section of the E10 was no longer functional? Thanks for the advice. From what I understand, the 10 ohm will easily affect the sound signature for any low impedance cans like 32 ohm.

In fact, I am replacing the e7 with it for my E9 since the extra sharpness of the e7s dac section is eliminated when using the d3 with the e9 instead. I now really want to get this e10 too.

I know we really should have a big gathering one day. Mike, soundstage wise, does the audinst sounds better? Soundstage wise the Audinst is better, overall SQ the Audinst as well. But i think the Fiio has a better toe tapping factor. JDSLabs slightly more spacious and smoother. I can sense your excitement and your enjoyment of the E10 in your review.

How does this compare to the Yulong U? The Yulong has better technicalities, but if you find the Yulong to be too bright for the FA then the E10 would be better in that sense. For the Fostex, yes I agree the Yulong is probably going to be a better match. The Fiio E10 seems like a better option because i could use it as an interim dac until MS2. Good idea? Srry 4 long post. How does the E10 hold up as a pure DAC? Paired with something relatively high-end, what kind of level does it reach in terms of other products?

I ask since this would probably be my most likely long-term use for the E Hi Benedict, What is relatively high end?

Great review! So excited as this is going to be my first amp ever and first plunge into the audiophile world. Please excuse my ignorance! For instance, using simple numbers: Low gain: on the loudness scale High gain: on the loudness scale. Any thoughts? Thanks so much for all your reviews. Hi Rohan, I really have no experience with DJ gear, but I think you can give the Fiio a try, at least to replace the headphone jack on your laptop. I did enjoy it a good amount but I felt the bass left a bit to be desired for more bass heavy tracks.

Or should I sill go for the headphones as well? Dan, If you feel the bass to be lacking and I agree the M is too weak for Trance or Dubstep , the Pro Mk2 will make the bigger difference. But on top of that the E10 will also add in even more punch to the mix. I think Micca will be the first agents in US who sell E I think around October, and since Amazon.

By the way, can you use this as a DAC only and connect it to another amp? I really want to pull the trigger on something that i wont be regret a week after or so : I mainly listening to Rap Eminem , RnB, some Pop and mainstream as well. I prefer round, tight, punchy bass and i wonder if this E10 is right for that duty. Besides that, shoud I go for the Audinst amp-HP for portability purpose? Take the Iphone 4 for instance, it is the best Iphone ever, until Iphone 5 comes out.

Hi Mike, would like to ask compare to E11, how does the E10 fare? Does it give any benefit to pair the E10 with E11? How does the amp section on E10 fare against that on the E11? Mike, thank you so much for your replies. It is amazing to see how you put your heart and soul into this website and even interact with all the readers in the comments section.

Thanks for all your insight. Yes actually I have. One thing suffer though, that is the midrange body was a little hollow, and the frequency transition from bass-mid-treble is not as smooth as I hear out of the E So while certain things were nice with the E9, ultimately I think the E10 won me over one more time. Try the e9 with the FiiO D3 and the thin sharp sound goes away!

I hear no hollowness to the sound with this combo right now with the e9. Maybe the E10s line out is weak making the hollow sound with the e9? Oh, of course the high gain setting adds hollowness to the sound of the e9 regardless of the dac used. E10 is designed for home use. I am imagining at least 5 watts of power and a refined sound. I think the E10 will be able to smooth the high frequences of the JH13 and D and improve the mids at the same time.

I wrote about how the two compares on the article. As to whether the difference is worth it, I think only you can decide. So, depends on your priorities I guess. Thank you so much for the comments and esp. Nonetheless I will also seek the chance to audition out the E10 to fully grasp the difference….

Mike, The E10 works great for many different music including your hip hop. Power for HD yes With laptops: use the E10 it should be better than your laptop. How would the e10 pair with alessandro ms1? I have the fiio e7 and wondering if I should consider upgrading. But nevermind. Im thinking about getting an amp solely to pair with my laptop, would the fiio e10 be a good fit? Photography is my day job but I am not a very busy photographer so I get plenty of time to answer questions such as yours.

What do you think? Thanks in advance! I would get the E10 since your source is a PC. A little clarification. I guess in my experience the headphone out from a PC tend to be loose and easily loses a channel or two and in this sense a USB connection is more robust. Just interested since e10 has bass boost, and people been saying the ad lack bass, so thinking that might fix the issue, what do you think?

As for the bass, it should help a little, but still the AD is never a bass heavy headphone to begin with. Well in that case then, yes, go ahead and try the E I think it would make a fitting gear to get you that 2 genres in 1 headphone. The E10 after all is still a solid state. Now, tonality wise: If you feel that midrange is very important then go with the Tiny Tube. If you feel that midrange and lows are important then go with the E I dont plan to..

FiiO E10K USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier (Black)

Warning Your browser version is unsupported. Please update for best experience. Heading in-store? Noise cancelling headphones are pretty cool, and are proof that headphones tech is always changing for the better. JB has a heap of different noise cancelling headphones across its range of headphones including:. Our range of headphones includes the latest technology and design, and also all the big brands.

I have a Fiio E10 and on the strength of its performance a colleague Marc, that looks great, but ideally I want a line out from the DAC.

Sorry I went on a rant here!

Foreword will be a particularly memorable year for FiiO for whose new product plans in were all disrupted by the epidemic and chip shortage. The reason why I do this is that I discovered that we have some old products that have been sold for ten years while many users have never heard of them. Sheep is used as our mascot for that FiiO is located in Guangzhou, which is also known as "Yangcheng" the City of Rams, if translate literally. In addition, this animal image are harmless and well-behaved that we all love them. After a long period of internal discussion, we decided to make a unified upgrade from brand to product ID design towards a greater sense of science and technology in the future. To show this vision, we thus switched to a sheep wearing space suit that fully represents high technology. Notice Close Choose the thread to merge vice-posts.

FiiO – 9 Years of Kindness To Your Wallet

fiio e10 line out speakers bureau

Jump to navigation. This month I'm taking a bit of a break from my tagging journey to look at the latest gizmo in my house—a new DAC digital-to-analog converter. First of all, let's talk about DACs in general. I imagine that most people have watched a video, listened to a song, or held a conversation with a friend far away, all enabled by Linux-based computers and various bits of hardware. I also imagine that many people have heard sound coming from their speakers or their headphones without giving too much thought to how the digital signal is converted to an analog sound that can be played through those devices.

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Side by Side Comparison of: Fiio vs Pyle

The E10 was very easy to like from the very beginning. High quality all metal packaging with an exceptionally well designed volume control with numbers too! The finishing of the brushed metal is so good in fact that at first glance the Fiio looks like a typical product from Ray Samuels. Like any gear fresh from the mailbox, what I do is set it up with the simplest system I have around. First impression: this thing sounds good. Amazingly good in fact, despite the fact that I just finished the ALO Continental amplifier review less than 24 hours ago.


If you are completely crossing over to the dark side of the audiophile world, an amp and a hi-fi headphone will not be enough. And for good reason. It can by-pass the less talented internal DAC of your playback device and bring the full worth of the technologically-forward recorded audio. Since, you will be indulging here, we researched and reviewed the 15 best DACs in the market. These are spread across a wide price range and include both desktop and portable types. A Digital-to-Analogue Converter is a device is that decodes digital data into analogue signals.

-The mixed L+R line output is used from the Tape 'Record Out' on the amplifier and plugged into a pair of active speakers.

All Features. Good addition to any audio collection May 14, Very good amp!

I just knew what to expect from it, I started to know its sound signature very well, in return it gave me multiple hours of musical bliss. When FiiO told us about a year ago that a successor to E10K is in the works, my nipples got hard. I have it for more than two months, so I feel I am ready to cast my humble opinion on what I liked and disliked about it. K3 comes in a simple white cardboard box.

Thomas Davidson 17 April

Which headphone amp is better? Which one do you need? People who seek the best for their sound know that using a headphone amplifier is of great importance. On the other hand, if you don't use an amp, then you will not be able to accomplish the best audio quality. If you are planning to spend a good amount of money on professional headphones or if you want to mix music with DJ headphones, it is important to buy the amplifier.

Anyone on a budget looking to wade into the world of portable headphone hi-fi should take a good Pei Mei stare at Fiio. The E17 also packs both bass and treble EQ controls for dialing in your personal sound preferences, which is pretty much unheard of for typical amps. In short, the Alpen will vastly improve sound quality for iPhone toting road warriors who desire more from their music, for less than the cost of a monthly Starbucks habit.

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