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Finance sundown audio

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When you hear the name Sundown Audio, what do you think of? Personally, I think of SPL monsters that can also get down musically. This is one reason Sundown Audio sticks out from the rest of the subwoofer pack. All jokes aside, Sundown Audio subwoofers are not to be taken lightly.

No matter which series you use, Sundown incorporates industry-leading research, technology, and the best parts available in every subwoofer they build and offer. Whether you are new to car audio, or a seasoned car audio veteran, Sundown has a subwoofer for you. In this post, I will discuss the different subwoofer models Sundown Audio offers to help you decipher the differences and aid you in choosing which series is right for you.

While most subwoofers in this class struggle with mechanical limitations and power handling, the LCS series excels. The LCS implements many features that the competition does not. The LCS series is perfect for you bass heads that are on tight budgets. For entry-level, these will definitely not disappoint. You will not find a better-sounding subwoofer for this price.

Introduced in , the Sundown Audio E series has become a leader in the budget subwoofer genre. Many subwoofers placed in this category are limited by how they perform based on their out-dated technology and design, but not the E series.

The E series subwoofers feature a double-stack motor structure and longer voice coil to help it perform well above its competitors in the budget subwoofer category. One of the leading metrics of this series is its ability to push the limits of what we typically see in a budget subwoofer, in term of X-max.

The E series is no slouch here. In addition, the E series also sports a 2. To remain extremely linear, the E series uses a super-strong poly-cotton spider, that is not only glued but is also bolted down to the frame. What about construction? Well, the E series is no weakling here either. The all-new stamped steel basket provides all the stiffness needed to let this subwoofer rock without worrying about it destroying itself.

To keep things cool when things get wild, the E series utilizes motor ventilation similar to the ever-popular SA series. This ventilation and upgraded 2. The features and technology that have been incorporated in this line far exceed any other subwoofer in its class. So, if you are looking to truly bang on a budget, look no further. The E series is for you. This is plain to see when you look at its overall construction, and all of the features that are packed into this beast for the price.

Sundown has done an excellent job at designing this line, giving it an edge-up on even subwoofers that can handle more power. The reasons? The SA series features a 2. The SA series uses a double-layer spider with sewn-in and doubled-up tinsel leads to help reduce damage from clipping. The construction of the SA series is second-to-none in its class.

It features aluminum bolted-on surround clamps, vent rings, and a newly designed basket borrowed from the U series.

These newly tooled build features have made the SA series THE strongest contender in the mid-tier subwoofer market. All of these features are why the SA series is a no brainer if you want to step up from the budget class and add some SPL to your system. The SA series subwoofers are available in 6. Well, the beginning is right here, the U series. The U series is, what I would consider, the not so smaller brother of the Z v.

What is great about the U series is that you get the same overall power rating and performance watts RMS as the Z v. How did Sundown do it? Well, according to Sundown, they have had numerous advancements in how they design and build their subwoofer lines.

The rigidness of the U series comes from a completely new cast aluminum frame structure. This new basket design also allows for Sundown to use taller cones, which keep things highly stable under extreme movement.

Just like the SA series, the U series also features aluminum surround clamps to keep everything in place. If you are looking for a subwoofer that can perform as well as it looks, the U series is no joke. You get some of the features of the SA, Zv.

If not, well, now you know. So what makes the X series a great choice? This new coil has been wound around a thicker aluminum former to aid in the increase in the overall excursion. To keep things straight, the Mega-Roll surround has also been upgraded, making it stronger.

The Z series is the big brother of the X series line of subwoofers. This subwoofer is entering a different dimension in subwoofer performance. This could configuration not only keeps mass down but also aids in heat dissipation. This coil is the same coil as the stock-configured NS v. The Z v. This conservatively rated, watts RMS monster, is for someone looking to destroy the competition.

This is the subwoofer you get when you want to decimate all in the SPL realm. The motor structure also features a huge 1. The voice coil winding of the Nightshade is an impressive 3. This voice coil was designed to keep weight down, and maximize cooling, all while providing extreme, linear excursion. The neo motor structure of the NS series combines heat-treated N48H neodymium magnets and several new ventilation improvements to keep the subwoofer and its voice coil cool, all while going this beast a watts RMS power handling rating.

They are also available in a variety of voice coil, and other configurations. These are the biggest and baddest in the car audio world if you are looking for high excursion and SPL. The TEAM series was built with a couple purposes at hand. It was designed and built to destroy all of the music-based classes in the SPL lanes and it was built to handle all of the day-to-day musical applications.

Either way, the TEAM series is a powerhouse. The power handling rating on this series is watts RMS. Though not as shallow as other brands, the SD series incorporates features in its design to provide the lowest mounting depth possible while keeping it mechanically able. What makes the SD series a great sound quality choice? The SD series, by design, lack a pole vent. This allows the backplate to be mounted flush to the rear panel of the enclosure.

What about voice coil cooling, you ask? Well, Sundown has designed the SD series to have vents on the outside diameter of the pole and side-firing gap vents. The surround is another key feature that makes the SD line great for shallower mounting depths. This makes the SD perfect for applications such as behind the seat of a pick-up truck.

If you are not looking to blow your back window out, the SD series may be the choice for you. Its design makes it perfect for those who like to truly enjoy the musical experience within their vehicle, but have some low-end bass to compliment and bring it all together. The SLD series was designed to work within a ported enclosure application making it great for SQ as well as letting you get down, as well. It incorporated some of the same features that their traditionally popular designs deploy, such as bolted down spiders and upgraded tinsel leads.

If you are more of an SQ person, but like a little more thump in your system, the SLD series is the perfect subwoofer for you. When it comes to high-end subwoofers, Sundown Audio has the subwoofer designs and technology we all look for. I hope this post has given you some basic information about the Sundown Audio brand and the subwoofer series they offer. We carry all the Sundown Audio you would ever want or need.

Check out our selection by clicking HERE. E Series Introduced in , the Sundown Audio E series has become a leader in the budget subwoofer genre. The X series subwoofers are available in 6. Z Series The Z series is the big brother of the X series line of subwoofers. Conclusion When it comes to high-end subwoofers, Sundown Audio has the subwoofer designs and technology we all look for.

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Rent to Own Pair Of Sa-12 D2 Rev.3 - Sundown Audio 12" 750w Dual 2-Ohm Sa Series Subwoofer Sa12d2,

finance sundown audio

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New Sundown Audio SFBD: The Sundown Audio SFB color is black, 00 - Annual subscription fee which includes up to 8 users for financial.

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The all new Sundown Salt series. New heatsink design, and now comes with a "Status" LED to indicate whether the amp is powered on, or on protect mode. Sundown Audio.

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We are dedicated to affordable, quality work for our customers. I have over 16 years experience in car audio and custom installations and guarantee professional installation. Extraordinary Audio specializes in:. Custom Subwoofer Enclosures. Custom Fourth Order Bandpass.

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