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This is the best amp I have ever owned. Don't let the max watts fool you. It feels like about watts from other companies. Overall for the money and your ears,its the best. Get it, I did. I've never actually owned this particular amp, but I have an Audiobahn High Current sub amp.

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Audiobahn amp center

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Audiobahn A6601T 6-Channel Class A/B Amplifier

A simple head unit upgrade will improve the performance of even stock speakers, but make sure the head unit you add to your Audiobahn car stereo is capable of handling and controlling the power of your upgraded speakers.

It is important to let each aspect of your car audio do only what it is best at, to give you the best overall result. To allow your Audiobahn car speakers to focus on frequencies of mid-bass and upwards, you can install bass blockers in-line on your speakers. Depending on the size and output of the speakers in your door panel, you can choose bass blockers with a variety of filter settings.

Audiobahn Subwoofers. A specialised Audiobahn subwoofer can enhance the lower frequencies in your music; when you install a subwoofer running from its own amplifier, you also have increased control over the treble and bass controls and are better able to enhance the sound of your car speakers. Therefore, install vibration dampening products to absorb the vibrations caused by your car speakers, and the road noise. Vibration dampening can also put necessary constraints on your subwoofer, to ensure more clarity.

An amplifier can improve the performance of your Audiobahn car speakers by increasing the overall power going to the speakers, and as you boost the sound, you also improve the accuracy of your music. Infinite Baffle for Subwoofer The subwoofer in an infinite baffle box is separated by a barrier of baffle board which ensures there is no path for the sound to reach from the rear, to the front, as this causes cancellation of the sound and a reduced bass output.

Sealed Subwoofer Box A sealed box is a completely airtight enclosure for your subwoofer, where the speaker is mounted in one face of the box. Vented Subwoofer Box. The best performance from your Audiobahn subwoofer will be gained when it is mounted in this type of box, also known as a ported or bass-reflex system. A vented box uses a duct to allow you to fine tune the performance of your speakers, and output comes from the vent and reduces the excursion of the subwoofer, which in turn reduces distortion.

Get the Right Staging. The key to getting the best sound from your Audiobahn speakers is to closely mimic the staging of the performers. Typically the singer is in the center, and the guitars and other instruments are to the sides.

A properly staged car audio system will have the speakers placed close together to give the impression the sounds are coming from the different elements of the music, rather than the different speakers. Begin by aiming your tweeters towards the middle of the car, and have your mid-base speakers and your subwoofer play overlapping frequencies as the mid-bases will pull the bass sounds to the front of the car.

Also have your sub at a frequency of 60 HZ or less. You should mount your Audiobahn car speakers in the front, pointed towards the center of the car, while minimizing the distance between the right and left speakers. Your rear speakers should use a crossover to cut off higher frequencies, and you should only barely be able to hear them. Knowledge of car speaker placement and the optimal output for your chosen speakers can give your affordable Audiobahn system a sound to rival the bigger car audio brands.

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AudioBahn AMPP210H Owner's Manual

The amp is very large and quite heavy, measuring approximately The AHCJ is all about the bling, baby. Adding to the bling and techno dazzle is a large three digit voltmeter that also lights up in a matching blue color. The big shiny chromed out amp is rated at watts per channel into 4 ohms, and according to the manual, can manage 2, watts when bridged into a 1 ohm load. THD is not specified. On the technical side, I pulled the heavy chromed steel top off and had a look inside.

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Amp 4 sale Audiobahn A8000T Mono

Customer Rating: 5. Unit A Broomfield, CO Troy, MI Customer Rating: 4. Customer Rating: 3. Customer Rating: —. Lawrenceville, GA NE Albuquerque, NM Bloomfield, NJ

Audiobahn a8000v

audiobahn amp center

Remember Me? Site Navigation. I'm sure Inifinity tops in quality, but I haven't had any issues with my current Audiobahn T for almost a year. A local shop fried my T, so I've been given the option of swapping it for the a or having them send it back to the manufacturer to be replaced.

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Audiobahn A2600E Amplifiers

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Rockford fosgate p3 12 vs jl w3

That should be your signal to stay away from that brand. The Rockford Fosgate P3 12 Inch is for you if you like to really experience your music. In-car entertainment systems have come a long way over the years. Out of the two you mentioned, the T1 will get louder and sound better doing so over the w3. Check out Image Dynamics, cheaper than JL and will get you what you need. For a long time, the P1 and P2 were priced competitively, with the p3 stuck in a weird middle ground where the t1 wasn't that much more. Sub Ive owned many subs, including the rockford and jl subs. We all understand there is certainly a sound distinction between 8s, 10s, 12s or 15s.

Allow the user to enhance the sound quality with improved signal power by using Watt 2-Channel Amplifier in Vehicles.

Sony 5 Channel Car Amplifier Sony says the soundbar and sub deliver watts of power; the satellites 50 watts each. All of that is packaged into components compact enough to fit just about any TV viewing room. The A Sleek, Ergonomic Design Provides.

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