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FiiO's little bundle of joy, the X1, looks cool and sounds great, says the Audiophiliac. Neil Young's new Pono high-resolution music players are just starting to ship, but Fiio has been making stellar players for years, and all of them sell for less than the Pono. I'm a huge fan of Fiio's X5 player , but for less than one-third the price of that one we now have the new X1. So if you're curious about the hubbub surrounding high-resolution music, the price of entry has never been lower. The all-aluminum-bodied X1 certainly doesn't look or feel cheap. The user interface is more straightforward than the X5's -- it's Fiio's best yet.

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Fiio fan

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FiiO FH5s Semi-Open Hybrid IEM – Review

The device had support for high-resolution audio signal decoding, can act as an amplifier for headphones, and also had line-out functionality. FiiO has today announced an upgraded variant for this veteran device, meet the all-new FiiO K3 While the outer body is still similar to the former K3 model, the internals are completely changed. The main upgrade here in K3 over the previous model is the upgraded flagship-grade DAC chip. This powerful DAC is backed by dual independent crystal oscillators for quality performance.

K3 has a two-level gain switch and bass boost switch to enhance the sound experience for its users. The high gain mode shall be used for high impedance cans that benefit from higher output power. It allows for fine, easy, and precise volume adjustment. It has low power requirements that it fulfills with connected source devices. FiiO has implemented over-voltage protection and a double-filter circuit to ensure a stable power supply. Articles , News. The device had support for high-resolution audio signal decoding, can act as….

Hunter posts.

FiiO Q5S Modular DAC/AMP Review – Blessing In Smol Package

Fiio has been one of the biggest proponents of high-resolution audio, and its range of audio players has enjoyed success the world over. Available at various price points, the Fiio X-series offers varying levels of sonic performance. This is why we're looking forward to reviewing Fiio's most affordable model yet, the M3. Priced at Rs. Find out if the M3 offers enough bang for your buck. Look and feel The biggest difference between the Fiio M3 and Rs.

My Impulse Fiio Purchases: FH7, LC-RE, K3, UTWS1, HB1. 2 weeks ago, I decided to upgrade my 1st IEM (TFZ MyLove3). After reading reviews and.


This is my second Fiio player after using my X5II for quite a few years and it a very nice upgrade. It took some time to get used to the fact it's an Android player since it's my first but once I did I really starting to enjoy it. The fact it can hold so much music using SD cards is great, I believe it can hold up to 4 gb. Battery life is good and charging is pretty fast but not as fast as my phone. All in all its a great dap and for the price is well worth it seeing as other daps with the same kind of specs can cost as much as twice what the M11 does. The Fiio M11 is am amazing sounding masterpiece I was comparing the sound quality of the Sony to the Fiio. Right out of the box I was disappointed with the Fiio M I decided that the Fiio didn't sound as vibrant as the Sony so I decided to request a refund This Fiio literally had me in tears

FiiO - FH1S

fiio fan

Disclaimer: The FiiO K3 sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. We thank the team at FiiO for giving us this opportunity. To read more about FiiO products we have reviewed on Headfonics click here. Despite setting prices really low, Fiio has always offered great value in the portable audio hobby. The K3 is not simply a minor rework.

If you want to watch my video review on the Fiio FH5s, click here. The FH5s have a very high tech, modern look.

Best Music Player Android Sound Quality

A strong competition to Poweramp is Onkyo HF Player, which features absolutely amazing sound quality. Musicolet is an ad-free, lightweight music player with a lot of features. Figure A JetAudio is definitely the Android audio player for audiophiles. Let you enjoy an amazing Media Player which has hundreds and thousands of popular music. Tidal offers great sound quality, but is costly, due to which it falls to second place.

Z Unboxing Fiio Fan Fiio Fd1 Secret Prototype Yaxi S Cushin

FiiO has equipped the latest FA7S with six high-performance balanced armature driver units. They have chosen high-quality Knowles BA drivers. For the midrange, Knowles developed a custom driver set for the FA7S. FA7S has a three-way frequency crossover with 2 balanced armature drivers assigned for a specific frequency range. Each frequency range takes two different drivers that are designed and arranged in an electronic and physical crossover.

Shop for your favorite FiiO products such as Portable Amplifiers, DACs, Hi-Res Music Players and Earphones.

Fiio X1: Finally, a high-resolution music player that won't empty your bank account

So included with these earbuds are some foam covers, which do take a bit of effort to slide on, but once on they stay put. Feature wise these do include an include an inline mic which you can use for phone calls. I find these extremely comfortable to wear as I can wear them all day long without a problem. You can use these with the foam covers or without.


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Check Authenticity. Fiio is for everyone. Fiio listens to the consumer. Fiio is unstoppable. The K1. Just a few weeks ago we looked at the Dragonfly V1.

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Fiio M3 Review

See the seller's listing for full details. For instance. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store. Gift ideas for any occasion diploma at best plastering of the World. Make an Appointment.

FiiO EM3 Review

Every year FiiO has traditionally updates its line-up of Hi-Fi players and simultaneously adds new models. For example, last year the flagship device X7 with interchangeable amplifiers was added. The company still does not decide on the updated models marking, we have already seen both versions of X3K, and the prefix Gen2 at the end. Causes some associations with SLR cameras.

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