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What is 432 hz music reddit

About Blog Location. Far, a long, long way to run. While this form of study known as sonocytology is relatively new, the theoretical implications are vast. Exercise Motivation.

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432 Player – Pro Music sound v32.6 [Paid] [Latest]

Super Best Audio Friends. Read these "rules" AND introduce yourself before your first post. A healthy approach to understanding measurements Being true to what the artists intended. Pitch shifting hz to hz So johnjen mentioned something on HF yesterday that I hadn't heard about before. Basically, that shifting the pitch of A4 from hz to hz can result in music sounding interesting. If the instruments in the music recording are tuned so that A4 is hz, it's easy enough to run an experiment, adjusting the playback rate to This will more or less change the pitch to hz, while also changing the length of the song, the tempo of the song, and generally something most people aren't interested in trying.

Completely understandable; the artists intended for the tempo and speed and pitch to be how it sounds on the original recording. However, after reading into this hz vs hz debate, I have to admit that I was fascinated.

I loaded up the Soundtouch plugin for Foobar, and tried it out. Pitch adjust works, however it sounds like junk So I had to endure slowing the music down using rate adjust, as mentioned above. Instrumental music is probably best for trying this on I'm not interested in debating whether this makes music sound better, whether or not the Nazi's were involved in defining the hz pitch, or whether there is some seemingly stupid random number coincidences between either frequency. I just wanted to bring it up as I thought it was interesting, and others may also think so.

I'm going to post some resource links if anyone else is interested in trying this experiment out Mikoss , Mar 19, Lansing, MI. Actually, this is a genuinely interesting topic for me. I was involved in concert performance from ages , and it wasn't until I took a theory class in college that I really learned the A standard is somewhat aribtrary.

It blew my mind. I have not taken the effort to reclock my music to force a Hz, so thank you for the suggestion. I will be spending some quality time chained to a desk with speakers this weekend, and will report back whether I find nirvana or vomit involuntarily. The problem is that you're not just altering pitch.

If you record a song twice, one time in and one time in at a slightly slower speed to match the clocked down to the playback rate that gives you , And shift the hz recording down to get by clocking i down The two won't sound the same! The methodology here is flawed.

To take a violin as an example. The violin is a specific length and size, has a specific resonance, and the strings at that specific size and tension give you a specific sound. Shifting the recording down means you virtually make the violin bigger, the resonance of it deeper, the room it's in larger, the string thicker, etc. If the mix engineer made a boost at 10k and a dip at , then those values will end up being lower if you ahift the recording. There is no way to demonstrate this otherwise, unless you're doing it with electronic music with softsynths that aren't sample based.

THEN you could truly test this, because you would be creating the exact same content at a different pitch through the same mix. I should add that what I've been reading about psychoacoustics recently completely undermines this whole theory, because what we hear as correct pitch changes with volume. Generate a Hz and a Hz sine wave. They'll sound horribly dissonant. Turn the volume up, and eventually you'll hear them as a perfect octave Hz and Hz , because our detection of pitch isn't bound to just the frequency of that sound.

I last read anything about orchestra tunning, err, dunno No giggle? Unless my dim brain cells are completely up the creak on this, I also seem to remember that some orchestras prefer to play a little sharp , as people found that more interesting! Indian classical music defines the intervals between the notes, not the notes themselves. You can start where you like. Actually, I suspect that, whilst still theoretically true, this has been subverted by the use of electronic drones. Load up a bunch of studio DSP software.

Play with it. Have fun. But remember, once you start using it, "bit-perfect" is out of the window and bit-juggled is the order of the day. We can have either, but we cannot have both. Thad E Ginathom , Mar 27, I don't think Mikoss was suggesting this is the right way to see if you like different standardized tunings. It's an admittedly imperfect methodology, but a spring board for an interesting thought experiment.

Also, aliens. It stems from pythagorean tuning which utilizes perfect 5ths. There is music out there like this but unfortunately we cannot simply use DSP to translate music recorded using standard tuning into pythagorean tuning. Hope this makes sense. As an update, and probably related to the comments about "your method won't work right" I found the music that I shifted to be, in general, much closer to the vomit end of the spectrum, as opposed to nirvana.

The most interesting track I did this with? The good version from the Telarc disc. It was I'd be interested in checking it out And aufmerksam I pretty much felt the same way as your impressions.

If the entire tuning structure would need to be changed, I wonder why there are so many people obsessively posting "shifted" songs on YT. FWIW, I do hear some potential with acoustic guitar, however the differences seem fairly small. I also read that some musicians prefer the lower frequency tuning, however they have a tough time performing this way with others.

Just an anecdote Mikoss , Mar 31, There's nothing wrong with hz tuning, it's just a number. I often tune my guitars by ear to what ever hertz one given string might be, no difference to the "correct" imo. A few hertz up or down does nothing really.

Unless rest of the band tune to Zed Bopp , Apr 20, Also Berlin Phil plays at about Hz. Or is it officially ? Really old organs are all over the place. You'd think from all the baroque practioners that all old A's were way below hz, but sometimes you run into organs that are actually quite a bit higher than , some like a whole tone out! Quite hard to deal with when trying to incorporate such instruments into an ensemble with string players not used to tuning up so high You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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432hz music and its effects on our psyche

For centuries, religious people have claimed that they have engaged in direct communications with God. Wouldn't it be interesting just once to tap into those private and personal conversations? It happens that a group of researchers, sponsored by the Committee for the Scientific Examination of Religion CSER , a new offshoot of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal CSICOP lead by special investigator and magician James Randi, has managed to actually capture on tape some of those "divine" conversations between God and well-known television evangelist and faith healer Reverend Peter Popoff! The first words were captured by a secret team of researchers as the Reverend Peter Popoff of Upland, California, stepped onto a stage at San Francisco's Civic Auditorium, where he was about to start a faithhealing service that would be videotaped for his weekly national broadcast. The team heard and captured on tape an affectionate feminine voice from above: "Hello, Petey. I love you! I'm talking to you.

Hz is the frequency of water, air, fire, Earth, Sun, Universe and You! We are leading the music revolution back to safer frequencies.

What note is 85 Hz?

The magic number everybody is talking about. It is said to be the natural frequency of the universe, to have cosmic healing powers and to attract masses of audience to our music. You can do it laying down, sitting cross legged, standing up or just whatever work for you. It is recommended that you expose yourself to these healing frequencies in normal low energy activities such as cooking, cleaning, reading as a background music. Be creative! It is also okay to fall asleep listening to it. Music therapy can reduce stress and promote relaxation. A study published in found that a minute music therapy session combined with traditional care after spinal surgery reduced pain. The fifth frequency HZ.

The Psychology of Sound

what is 432 hz music reddit

Musicians and music fans far and wide believe that it is the natural frequency of the universe, or that it can somehow cure all of mankind with its healing energy. Many feel that is reflected in ratios of the sun, Earth, moon, and all of the equinoxes. To understand Hz, I feel it is necessary, to begin with, Hz. When it comes to modern music, Hz has been the established tuning standard since its adoption by the International Standards Organization in

Discover how to manifest anything overnight by tapping into a simple sound frequency. Harness sound, one of the most powerful healing tools in existence.

The great 440 Hz conspiracy, and why all of our music is wrong: Alan Cross

Tuning your music to a specific frequency will not unlock cosmic powers, or make your music sound better or worse. As for evidence, I could not find a single solid evidence for ancient flutes or bowls tuned to Hz. Mozart did not use Hz for all his music. Also Giuseppe Verdi did not use Hz as base pitch for his music: he has expressed a slight preference for Hz , because he was concerned about singers. Verdi is the only known composer to even hint towards Hz, and it was obviously for completely different reasons than cosmic spirituality.

How To Manifest Anything Overnight With Sound Frequency

The first time Ivan Yanakiev heard an instrument tuned to Hertz, he says, it was like he'd heard God speak. They were arranging an experiment. It's one of the most often performed and well known pieces by Bach, but in that backroom rendition, transposed not even a half of a piano key lower, the song sounded fresh and exciting. It was brilliant. The group is comprised of 12 string players, some borrowed from the best professional ensembles in the country, and is led by the two conductors, all of whom work for no more than goodwill to explore and profess the power of that particular frequency.

Some music producers may often utilize this feature if they want to make music in Hz tuning instead of standard pitch tuning of Hz.

Pitch shifting 440hz to 432hz...

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Best study music reddit


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What is the perfect frequency?

Ready to answer any questions you have More info at EOBmusic. I wanted to know more about the live at the MTV beach house performance you did with Radiohead back in 93 where Thom screams at the camera and jumps into a pool. Was any of that planned or was that just a spur of the moment thing. ED: spur of the moment.. Thom was getting more and more pissed off with Kennedy the presenter

The Truth About 432Hz Music (Not As Special As You Think)

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