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Adcom a thought. Sorry for the "can" comparison but I don't know the correct term for the transistor. Yes, but the output power would be lower because class A heat is less efficient than AB. More cooling is necessary to accommodate the greater heat dissipation.

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An all original Adcom GFA amplifier from a mint one owner system, circa This was the first generation of the GFA -- an understated classic, sold to countless well read audiophiles of the era --a landmark solidstate amp from the s. Over built and consertively rated, many audiophiles of s and 90s cherished these under-hyped, and powerful amps. By the s, solid state power amps had very nearly matured, and silicon power output devices had improved to the point that designers almost didn't know what to do with all of the new, amazing current capability.

The available wattage had readily outpaced many reasonable bookshelf and tower systems of the era -- making way for a new era of excess power hungry decadence. As massive super speakers Infinity and Duntech come to mind grew even larger, lots of the value oriented audio companies shrunk, the once popular Dynaco ST series, Crown, GAS, SAE and other amp makers took a back seat to new high end offerings from lots of smaller companies, higher priced, glamourous looking, higher end power amps -- from companies like Mark Levinson, CJ, McIntosh, Bryston, later Krell and many other brands talked fine line, enticing mid-fi customers to step it up a notch like overly hyped early Carver.

As the price hikes and wattage frog-hopping progessed, a new market opened in the late s -- the counter sell These gimmick leary, rebelous new audiophiles wanted killer performance, conservative ratings and design, no corner cutting, super quality manufacture No glamourous 70's style giant meters aka Phase Linear and McIntosh , and the age of the brushed silver face was gone.

Ushering in the new, better sounding, better performing and much more relaible designs were two new comers NAD and Adcom. NAD a british firm, early on mastered and perfected the integrated amplifier, introducing the You want one with original output transistors.

NAD was mid-fi. Adcom made more substantial and much more powerful amps for the USA based anti-glamour audiophile. Adcom amps were high end amps disguised.. They also had all of the features needed by the lastest audiophile configurations -- bridgeable mono, and bi-ampable. The product and design were timeless -- this good looking and sounding work horse is still sold, with some sound changing updesigns you might not want For the same reasons it sold so well back then, today if you need a powerful, excellent, rather exciting sounding, and safe-to-run classic solid state amp -- this is a supurb choice!

Many experienced audiophiles to this day place the GFA 1st gen on their list of must-own amps in the wpc region. See exhibit I and J to see the common sense, proud advertisement of the era. Adcom wasn't afraid to taught their plain wrapper looks and amazingly durable, over-protective designs.

As with all solid state amps of the era, you want primarily To judge that, you look at ratings and weight, and design. If you are familiar with the GFA , you know how nicely made they are -- this is a wonderful, original babied one -- it will sell quickly -- as many who love these want the early ones from the mid 80s -- they're a good value to this day. If you are in need of a large power amp, an want to avoid the unrealistic softness, a polite fuzziness that dominated later amps of the 's -- and persists to this day -- still a flaw in many modern Class D amps -- then it's sensible to search for a well designed strong classic just like this GFA Do your research, and you'll see these are incredibly well regarded.

Suitable for countless low, medium and even power hungry speaker systems. This amp is nearly 30 years old, and while working very well -- a true classic. You should use with care and common sense. Don't overload it and keep well ventilated -- as with all amps Will be double boxed, ie factory packing box will go inside another, outer protective carton for guaranteed safe arrival.

Shipping weight is 42lbs. Will be shipped domestically via UPS ground with tracking number, quickly after purchase. Overseas buyers welcome, shipping costs will be quite high due to weight. Will be professionally double-boxed.

All tracking 's and proof of shipment via email. Buy now to avoid a bidders war. This is a nice amp and will sell quickly. Please study photos below. Powered by Online shopping cart. CODE: adcomgfa Availability: Out-of-stock.

Add to wish list. One owner, babied, low hours near mint survivor, from smoke free, pet free home. Includes it's orignial box and manuals. Top and face are flawless. Condition is stellar, near mint, under bright inspection lights I only noticed a few small scuffs on sides, and rear fins -- nearly invisible.

Only a slight bit of dust could be sighted, from it's 2 decades of careful ownership under a glass cabinet. The amp sounded great, powering a vintage Polk system, and works well on both channels. It's beautiful and nearly 30 years old and orginal, so daily users should make a long term plan on a trip to the bench for a check-up -- as with all classic audio..

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A tour of a Hoppe’s Brain GFA-555 restoration

David, aka Grumpy, needs our help. Great news. David is home! It was quite the ordeal to get him home and into the house, but it is done. Thank you to everyone for their support. Now a long road ahead to get him back on his feet and functioning normally. I have started a GoFundMe to help with the medical bills.

I'm researching buying a used Adcom GFA II amp to drive my new (to me) Magnepan MGIIb's. Is there any advantage to buying the Adcom.

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Improved input board for early-model Adcom GFA Mark 1 amplifiers with a vertically-mounted circuit board. Later and more common models use a horizontal board, which I also sell kits for. MK2 board is available here. Which kit should I get? This mezzanine board holds the original bridge switch in place, and allows installation of your own chassis-mount RCA jacks. If your amp looks like this on the inside, and has two separate, widely-spaced, chassis-mount RCA jacks…. See what I did there? Note: This is an advanced-level electronics project.

Adcom GFA 555 II Service Manual

adcom 555

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An all original Adcom GFA amplifier from a mint one owner system, circa

A few Adcom GFA 555 questions

Mint condition. I need a good preamp. So I need recommendations. Tell us what you are using with the Adcom and what do you mean by "doesn't seem to be working"? I am surprised you would say that. I have had Adcom GFA amplifiers and they are a good sounding unit that can supply ample amounts of power.

Adcom GFA-555 Owner's Manual

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Adcom Power Amp Model: GFA II watts per channel at 8 ohms watts bridged to mono. SOLD! Category: Power Amps Tag: Sold. Description.

Currently have a original Adcom 555 amp and pre amp, what would be next?

Is any one using this WPC amp? Typically, I don't mess with old electronics but I thought I would be adventurous. Do amps deteriorate with age or do they generally stay within the orignial factory specs?


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Read or download the pdf for free. If you want to contribute, please mail your pdfs to info audioservicemanuals. This service manual is intended to assist trained and qualified technical personnel in verifying the performance The procedures described here are not intended for persons unfamiliar with the appropriate safety and test procedures. The output stage is capable of greater than 60 amps into low impedance loads.

By aquila , August 23, in Acoustic Research.

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