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Marantz sr5007 price

So you won? Then enjoy a wireless connection? Labels: marantz receivers. The Marantz M-CR is a network receiver in a slim, compact design that lets you enjoy Internet radio from all around the world as well as Spotify, Pandora, and other music streaming services in a clean, robust sound.

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Marantz sr5007 price

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Nad T748 Vs Marantz Sr 5007 Manual

CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Design The SR receivers from Marantz have gone for a different look than previous designs. It's curvier, more sophisticated, and yet also much simpler.

You'll only find two dials on the fascia of the SR — volume, and input selection. All of the other controls like the Menu button and direction buttons are hidden under a damped flap. The amp comes in two colours — classic black, and "New Silver" which is actually closer to Rose Gold.

In the centre of the receiver is a wide LED display, and the most "Denon-looking" yet. Of course, there's a reason it looks like this — both manufacturers are owned by the same company. That's not to say it's a poor display — anything but, and it's certainly easier to read than the equivalent Sony, for example. The remote is quite functional, but perhaps not the most stylish the company has ever released. We still have fond memories of the almost porcelain-finished remote shipped with the older SR Power output is high at W x 7, though knowing Marantz this is likely to be conservative as well.

Needless to say it should power all but the most esoteric of speakers. While these formats are still relatively new, being able to offload them to a high-quality DAC will have a better result than relying on the decoders of a budget player. This means you could connect both a projector and a plasma at the same time. But it's not as pretty looking as the Sony STRDA's menu, and it's really just replacing the traditional black background with blue and sharper text, but it's easier to use than those on both the Sony and Rotel.

We really liked the ability to view each source and their inputs on a single screen, and to change them on the fly. This makes set-up a breeze. And like most other "musical" amplifiers, the Marantz comes with Pure Direct, which turns off video circuits and the display; however, unlike some competitors there was no real effect from turning it off or on.

Performance As we expected from a company that prides itself on audio, the Marantz was nothing short of thrilling. It was adept at movie soundtracks as it was with music, and the surprising thing was that it was able to keep up on most counts with the more expensive Rotel.

Like many of the receivers we've seen recently, the Marantz features an auto-calibration routine. And while it was less time consuming, and therefore presumably less thorough than others, the results were some of the most convincing we've seen in a while. While the current trend is for an overwhelming LFE Low Frequency Effects channel — you know, to give you that "trouser-flapping" feeling — the Marantz's set-up routine provided excellent integration of bass effects and surround channels.

The rooftop chase scene between the new Green Goblin and Peter Parker gave us the chills. This is how home cinema should be! DVD replay was just as exciting, and the Dolby EX mix of the Bridge of Khazad-dum from Fellowship of the Ring was handled with sure-handed restraint, and was just as exciting and affecting as ever. Affecting why? Well, we don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but Gandalf totally carks it. As befits the Marantz heritage, the SR was very good at replaying music.

We used the on-board DAC, and found that the receiver was very good at locking stereo instruments in place, though not as pin-sharp as the Sony.

Listening to Ben Harper's Widow of a Living Man was natural sounding, but maybe a little "smeared" in comparison to the pin-sharp imaging of the Japanese machine. Lastly, we tried the USB input with a memory key filled with music. It did something with the track order we hadn't seen before.

It made up its own set order at random. While some will just play tracks alphabetically, and even fewer will play correctly by the track order number, the Marantz spat them out as it felt like. The playback screen is a bit dull, but at least the amp uses a screensaver.

Conclusion With the dollar in flux at the moment, the price of the Marantz SR is still quite volatile. It features a classic build, superb sound and tip-top usability. This is one of the best receivers we've seen for a long time. Ty Pendlebury. Pricing Not Available.

The Good Excellent surround sound. Great stereo sound for the price. Beautiful cosmetics. Easy to use. AV Receivers.

Marantz SR 5007 review

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Marantz SR5007 7.2 Channel Network Receiver With AirPlay

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Marantz Mqa

marantz sr5007 price

Every company that is making a home theater system has to make it a habit to release updated models every year or else other major competitors will pull away. The question is, what exactly needs to be improved in a home theater system? In , there were plenty of decent home theater receivers that are capable of doing many things in addition to sound amplification. These pricey components for your home theater cost quite a bit especially if you go for the mid-range or high-end models and should last several years judging from the build quality. Other home theater components are getting cheaper so more people are encouraged to set up their own systems but you will need a fairly powerful home theater receiver if you want to boost the audio quality to audiophile levels.

Marantz Mqa.

Marantz SR5007, SR6007 & SR7007 A/V Receiver Preview

Q: I recently had a party, and one of my friends turned up the volume of my AV receiver really loud. Suddenly, it shut down. Is it destroyed? A: It's possible that your receiver is toast, but don I've auditioned both the current Marantz models sr

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By vandec54 , March 12, in Home Theater. Just like most, I am in the market. Asked a guy from Crutchfield and he recommended a Marantz SR I would like Klipsch forum opinions before I buy. Thank you. I've had a few Marantz receivers now, and have got nothing but great things to say about them. I originally had the SR paired with a Synergy F3 5. I believe they sound great when paired with Klipsch speakers, and have a very musical sound for 2ch listening as well as being incredibly dynamic for HT.

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Marantz SR5007

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