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Commonwealth of the Bahamas: House of Assembly, 16 September Prime Minister Dr. Elections are not constitutionally due until May At stake in this election:. Description of government structure:. Description of electoral system:.

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Speaker of the house 2013 bahamas map

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From: TheBahamasWeekly. Speaker, I wish in public interest to say for the record what the position is with regard to the quest for reparations to counter act the ill effects of slavery. Unfortunately, this has attracted some alarmist headlines and ill-informed commentary, all invented to unnecessarily frighten and alarm people. The fact is that no decision has been taken to sue the United Kingdom by The Bahamas government with regard to slavery and its ill effects.

The headline was a complete invention of The Tribune. If you read the story, you will see that the story does not say that at all. Not to be undone, the opponents start with a false premise and they and all their progenitors then proceed to attack the government based on their false premise. What strikes me is the fundamental disrespect of people of African descent which underlines all the criticism, notwithstanding for example the fact of recompense made to the Jewish people because off the injury done to them in the millions during the Second World War.

The record will show that tens of millions of Africans were brought to this hemisphere against their will, half of them as many as ten million some say, died in the middle passage. An official attended the detailed briefing session and we joined the Caricom consensus that indicated that this was an issue which deserved to be studied.

This becomes a teachable moment for the public. Vincent and the Grenadines and their unanimous support of the road map.

Another letter writer who is from a minority ethnic group in the Bahamas that was at one time itself discriminated against by the local Bahamas establishment sought to make fun of the idea.

It was not her best effort. What was most uprising though was a series of questions by another of the now opponents of this who one would have thought has the intellectual heft to know better, who raised a series of questions. Underlying each question was misinformation based on a Tribune headline and further that we were being misled by Caricom and that somehow The Bahamas was caught unawares and the Bahamian people misled or fooled by its government. The fact is everything is there in plain sight and on a slow news weekend, someone decided that this was a good idea to spread alarm.

I am advised that the lawyers from the United Kingdom who made the presentation at the Heads of Government meeting in Trinidad are the same firm of lawyers that led the successful fight for compensation from the British in the Mau Mau case.

State parties I am advised are able to take action pursuant to the terms of the convention where states are not adhering to its provisions. Hard cases make good law. The matter if it arises as litigation will be before the International Court of Justice at the Hague.

I such a case were successful and The Bahamas failed to be at the table would we not have been badly advised not to be at the table? I am advised the British government has already expressed regret for slavery. That is a form of reparations already given. I will lay all the documents from the conference that was held in St. Vincent which unfortunately we were unable to attend. It is to that conference that I said we were unrepresented. Having regard to the communique from that meeting, there has been no material change in the position of Caricom since the Heads meeting.

The decisions about what ultimately to do rests with the Cabinet and the Bahamian people. In the meantime, an informal ad hoc committee has been formed to work within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Foreign service officer Charmaine Williams will coordinate from the Ministry's side. I have asked Alfred Sears, the former Attorney General and Philip Smith the former MP to provide their informal ideas and consultations on this matter until we are in a position to formally advise the government.

The facts will show that the economies of the old world were built on the backs of African slavery. Contrary to the view being put by the local critics, Africans were not responsible for slavery.

The fact is that while there is individual responsibility for what happens today, it is clear that there are some ill effects from this issue on all our societies which need to be studied and on which we need to be advised. In ending her column on the matter, The Tribune's editor said we must let by-gones be by gones. This is interesting coming from a lady whose father after having fought for an end to racial discrimination in the then colony of The Bahamas was defeated by Sammy Isaacs of the PLP in He and she never forgave Mr.

Isaacs or the PLP. She cannot let that by gone be bye gone from 57 years ago. Life is very interesting. I would like now to lay the documents on the table. I thank you.

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After Barbados removal of the Queen, Caribbean nationals are examining British imperialism broadly. A celebratory spirit is in the air in Barbados after ditching Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state on Tuesday — its independence day. Which has kicked off a conversation amongst Caribbean nationals from British Commonwealth countries about the influence Barbados' has brought to their country's future. The move is pushing other Commonwealth nations to consider formally separating from Great Britain, rethinking its imperialist role in their society. Barbados, settled by the British in , is one of the world's oldest colonies. The island fueled the British Empire's sugar exports at the height of the transatlantic slave trade, and continued its rule until Barbados declared its independence in

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However, the remaining four commissioners revealed late last night said that the report was submitted with a single signature — indicating that they intend to write to the governor-general to reject it. In an exclusive interview with Eyewitness News yesterday, Moultrie confirmed that the report had been submitted after government representatives refused to go along with recommendations made by the commission for additional seats or a shift in boundaries to ensure voter parity. He said when the argument was included in the report, the government representatives refused to sign it. He noted that when compared, the commission found that there was a difference of over 2, voters among some constituencies in Nassau — such as St Barnabas which only has 4, voters, and Golden Isles which has 7, voters. The statement noted that the speaker announced a meeting — which was not properly constituted — would be held to sign the report but there was not a quorum. Cooper reportedly advised members via email that he was in his constituency in Exuma and not available for the signing on New Providence. The statement noted that the speaker did not adhere to Article 69 6 or Article 70 1 which requires the commission to have a quorum of members and submit a single report.

“One Man Report”: Boundaries report submitted to the governor-general — without all signatures

speaker of the house 2013 bahamas map

Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage earlier that day. Some talked about how the ruling that a federal law denying benefits to same-sex spouses was unconstitutional would affect them personally. Members of the Republican Study Committee reacted to the Supreme Court rulings that day on same-sex marriage. The court…. Same-sex marriage opponents and supporters spoke from the steps outside the U.

Jay R. He has developed an enviable record of success in persuading the government to terminate investigations of his clients and in defeating the government in court.


He was sworn into office on November 4, On January 29, , he was sworn into office for a new term, following his re-nomination by the President and confirmation by the United States Senate. Senator John Cornyn, since January Senator Jon Kyl. He previously worked for the Republican Policy Committee in the U.

Blue Flamingo Literary Festival

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Freeport, Grand Bahama -- The season for youth baseball and House Speaker Halson Moultrie said yesterday that he is minded to.

Jay R. Nanavati

Sponsor Levels. Live Stage Schedule. The three-day festival promotes reading writing, and literary arts.

Bahamas Vacation Rentals


And he is one of only two African-American Representatives to chair three separate committees. Rangel helped found the Congressional Black Caucus in , and was a staunch defender of inner city economic development and international trade. Charles B. The second of three children, he was raised by his mother and his maternal grandfather, Charles Wharton. Three years later, he completed a JD at St.

Globally, the 20th century was marked by: a two devastating world wars; b the Great Depression of the s; c the end of vast colonial empires; d rapid advances in science and technology, from the first airplane flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina US to the landing on the moon; e the Cold War between the Western alliance and the Warsaw Pact nations; f a sharp rise in living standards in North America, Europe, and Japan; g increased concerns about environmental degradation including deforestation, energy and water shortages, declining biological diversity, and air pollution; h the onset of the AIDS epidemic; and i the ultimate emergence of the US as the only world superpower.

The Bahamas

On September 2, , year-old Diana Nyad becomes the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the use of a shark cage for protection. Nyad completed the mile swim from Havana to Key West, through the jellyfish-and shark-infested waters of the Straits of Florida, in approximately 53 hours. In , two years after graduating from Lake Forest College in Illinois , she made headlines by swimming the 28 miles around the island of Manhattan in a little less than 8 hours. In , she attempted her first swim from Havana to Key West; however, dangerous swells and strong currents that pushed her off course forced her out of the water after about 42 hours. The following year, she set a record for swimming the miles from North Bimini, Bahamas, to Juno Beach, Florida, a feat she accomplished in

House Democratic Reaction to Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

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