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Setchell carlson speakers for sale

Too late! This listing was so awesome that it's already gone. Check out other similar ads in your area. For sale is a lightly used "Discwasher Perfect Path" audio cassette head cleaner. Cleans both the tape heads on your audio cassette recorder and the tape path. High quality and in very good condition.

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WATCH RELATED VIDEO: 1955 Setchell Carlson TV Model 17P68

Antique & Collectible Radio Auction

Details: Admiral, Model 26X56A, c. Details: Wooden wall clock with promotional image and message for an unspecified credit union Dimensions: 18" H x 15" W Quantity: 1. Details: Antique mahogany grandfather clock with gold mechanics, numbers, hands and an illustration of a sailing ship on the face Dimensions: 80" H x Details: Tall wooden vintage speakers with distinct thin striped wood grain pattern Dimensions: 39" H x 17" W x 11" D Quantity: 4.

Details: Setchell-Carlson, Model P67, c. Powered by Shopify. Are you a New User? Open the menu. Sign in 0. Home Electronics Wood Dark Page 1 of 2. Add to Cart. Customer Login. Reset Password. Create Account.

416 Frog Eyes

The Setchell Carlson Company was a manufacturer of radios, electronic equipment, and televisions from until the s. The company was founded in St. The company took the name Setchell Carlson in , and produced consumer radios. During World War II , the company switched to war production, and its most prominent product was the BCC aviation range receiver. After the war, the company moved to New Brighton, Minnesota , in , and produced televisions, which continued until the s.

Collectible Tube Radios () for sale | eBay. Get the best deals on Collectible Tube Radios () when you shop the largest online selection at.

Setchell Carlson RP-91? Tube amp and speakers

Our eBay store features a large selection of fabric for grill cloth, decals and a wide variety of radio parts and supplies. You can purchase these items directly from our eBay store or email me the items you would like to purchase. Here we have a seldom seen Philco Transitone model PT table top tube radio featuring a handsome American Walnut cabinet, attractive dial, great Art Deco appeal, built in loop antenna and terrific performance. Here we have a gorgeous Crosley 'Fiver' model AP table top tube radio featuring a beautiful American Walnut cabinet, attractive dial, great Art Deco appeal, built in loop antenna and outstanding performance. You'll be hard pressed to find a nicer example of this highly collectible radio from Zenith's famous cube line. The classic Zenith Model 5-S Long Distance table top tube radio featuring a beautiful American walnut cabinet, stunning black dial, side mounted speaker, great Art Deco appeal and excellent performance. Here we have a stunning Philco model table top tube radio featuring a handsome American Walnut cabinet, attractive dial, great Art Deco appeal, built in loop antenna and outstanding performance.

Setchell Carlson Art Deco Restored Table Top Radio Bluetooth

setchell carlson speakers for sale

They play anywhere — on their own batteries or on house current. This Zenith Hi-Fi came into my shop for a full overhaul including an electrical repair, dial re-stringing, and some work on the turntable. Read more for details! Read More.

A family owned business since in Portland, Oregon, specializing in the repair and restoration of vintage tube radios from through

Setchell Carlson 6M917T 5" Three-Screen Video Monitor - As Is / For Parts

We sell high voltage film capacitors, high voltage electrolytic capacitors, silver mica capacitors and AC-rated line filter safety capacitors for tube electronics. Also for sale are Electrolytic capacitors with long axial or radial leads and high working voltages, ideal for tube radio repairs and restorations. We also carry V clamp mount single and dual-section Can electrolytic capacitors with solder lugs. Trimmers, tantalums and sals capacitors are not stocked. If you are new to antique tube radio restorations, here are some practical Capacitor Tips for the Beginner.


Yes thats a Sparton Blubird and No it isn't for sale Zenith model 72 and Zenith 9s with a nice Philco table radio on top of it.. Thats a Majestic model 85 Tombstone Detrola on the top shelf and an Emerson next to it Top row a Philco table radio Row 2 a nice Music Master wooden horn speaker

Jun 10, - Houston, we have two very small hairlines! I guess it's tough not to have a hairline when you're a beautiful ivory Plaskon Setchell Carlson.

Category: Zenith radio parts for sale

We have a diverse selection of antique tube radios, ham gear, vintage communications receivers and test equipment from two different collections, dating from the 's through the 's. Go ahead and take a peek, there should be something for everyone. If you have any questions about any of these items, or the auction in general, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Zenith walton radio for sale

Too late! This listing was so awesome that it's already gone. Check out other similar ads in your area. Notify me when new ads are posted.

Maybe there were two designers, or maybe a designer and an audio engineer.

This Mid-Century Modern working tube radio was made by Crosley in Toronto Canada in approximately in the period stream-lined style. The radio is done with a molded coral pink pl View Full Details. This radio is done in a walnut case with bakelite knobs an H 11 in. W 19 in. Patek Philippe Radio Controller. Originally commissioned by the President of Zenith at the time to monitor his daughter on his yacht Category Vintage s American Architectural Models.

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