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Headway edb 1 preamplifier design

Instant fit and easily transferable violin pickup with no instrument modification or battery required. Warm, natural tone and smooth response via a standard jack lead. Instant fit and easily transferable viola pickup with no instrument modification or battery required. Instant fit and easily transferable cello pickup with no instrument modification or battery required.

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Read the current issue of VG. The EDB-2 has three inputs: Channel 1 supports a standard. The third input is a mini-stereo connection for an iPod or other music player. The EDB-2 is powered by two 9-volt batteries for up to hours of playtime with lithium 50 hours with standard alkali , or via an volt AC wall wart supplied with the unit. The EDB-2 also includes LEDs to designate whether the unit is on, as well as the status of the notch filter, mute, and phantom power.

This article originally appeared in VG Acoustic no. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited. Current Issue Read Now! VG Approved Gear. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Headway EDB-2 H.E.

Perhaps the most important aspect of your signal chain, preamps can dramatically impact what you send to an audience or to a recording. We offer a comprehensive selection from the top brands in acoustic instrument amplification. Some models we offer by special order only. Others are on back order with the vendor. Please email us to check availability of any product shown here. This belt clip unit has been specifically designed for the frequencies of the acoustic guitar but it is also great for many other instruments. The Pure Preamp features a special super wide band midrange filter, which is absolutely great in combination with the Pure pickups.

Return that may have slight traces of use. Multifunctional Acoustic Preamp. Equaliser Direct Blender, 2-channel harmonic amplifier, acoustic preamp, EQ's, D.I.

Headway EDB-1 Acoustic Instrument Preamp

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. This topic This board Entire forum Google. Pages: [ 1 ] Go Down. Author Topic: Specialized D. Specialized D. This is not only a DI but a full featured preamp designed after our famous AG-series amps. Whether at a local open mic night or at a major concert venue, you will be able to dial in the clear natural acoustic sound that our amplifiers are known for, and route it to the stage PA through a balanced XLR output. Sound engineers will appreciate the versatile controls and the optional volt phantom power operation.

Headway EDB2 Pro Acoustic Preamp

headway edb 1 preamplifier design

I can remember a time when trying to amplify an acoustic instrument was far more difficult than it is today, due to the predominance of amplification gear best suited to amplifying the magnetic pickups most electric instruments utilize. Without specific controls to address these issues, amplifying an acoustic instrument in a live situation can easily become a sonic nightmare. Fortunately, these days, there are a lot more options for the instrumentalist who wants to amplify an acoustic instrument cleanly in an increasingly noisy and therefore complicated soundstage. Headway offers two such products with the EDM-1 and EDB-2 instrument preamps, which are designed to handle the exact sorts of problems regularly presented by acoustic instruments, from basses and guitars, to violins and mandolins.

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Preamp vs. Compressor/EQ pedals

Premium quality pre-amplifier for any acoustic instrument giving you complete control over bass, mid and treble and helping to achieve an authentic and clean acoustic tone. British design, Korean made. A gigging musician playing any acoustic instrument will know the difficulties in reproducing the sonic qualities at a cafe or pub gig, that sounded so great at home. The EDB-2 is supplied with belt clips, rubber feet and is threaded for microphone stands. Menu Skip to content Search for:.

Headway Pro Acoustic PreAmp EDB2

I have over 10 years of new snipets. Stay with me!.. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Sadly though, the unit I received was faulty. Getting a replacement from Headway took a sterling effort.

Fender Precision Bass Wiring Diagram Acoustic Guitar Pre Amp Schematic Yamaha Acoustic Fishman's Pro EQ Platinum, and Headway's EDB-1 are examples of.

Headway EDM1 & EDB2

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Headway Acoustic Twin Preamp EDB2

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E Preamp is a Pre-amplifier or Analogue Audio Signal processor with many additional features, offering huge reserves of gain and headroom designed to bring instrument output levels up to optimum levels to interface with a wide range of other such devices and at low noise. E Preamp shapes and equalises uneven tones, defeats feedback, and allows two sound sources to sit together and sound better by reversing the phase or cancelling hum loops. Your email address will not be published. Headway EDB-2 H. Long Life Heavy Feel Controls that hold their position. Add to Wishlist.

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Headway EDB-2 in great condition. Details from headway here:. The EDB-2 is supplied with belt clips, rubber feet and is threaded for microphone stands. Why become a member? Basschat t-shirts now available! Cluck for more info.

Please call Animato Strings on 07 regarding availability before ordering. Thank you. In this sense, the EDB-2 is as much a two-channel mini-mixer as it is an incredibly capable preamp. The EDB-2 let's you EQ your sound with knobs to control bass, low mid-range, high mid-range, treble, and presence.

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