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AVENTAGE brings studio grade sound and sophisticated video enhancements to your home with unparalleled attention to detail in design, engineering, and fabrication. We rethought every electrical path, every part, every piece, and every material to maximize performance. Details that at first glance would not seem to affect the quality of sight, sound, and control, when brought together in an AVENTAGE component, produce a work of visual and acoustic art. Home cinema, perfected. Experience room-filling sound and crystal-clear picture with this innovative AV receiver.

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How to Choose the Best AV Receivers for Your Home Theater

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SVS Newsletter. Audio Shows and Events. Home Audio Gift Ideas. Contact Us. Bill of Rights. Product Registration. About Us. Authorized Dealers. International Dealers. In this post and video, we tackle one of the most common questions we get about home audio system setup, should my speakers be set to large or small on the AV receiver?

In virtually all modern AV receivers or AVRs , you can designate each speaker in your system as "large" or "small. Instead, the setting tells the AVR whether to divert low frequencies or bass away from that speaker and reroute them to the subwoofer. The terms "large" and "small" are used because larger speakers are generally more capable of reproducing low frequencies and deep bass than smaller speakers.

So, if you designate a speaker as "large," the AV receiver will send all frequencies, including deep bass, to it. Even most physically large speakers can't reproduce low frequencies nearly as well as a dedicated subwoofer.

When many large, so-called full-range speakers try to deliver deep bass, they can sound distorted and overworked. Even worse, attempting to reproduce those subterranean tones requires a huge amount of amplifier power. Asking an AV receiver to drive full-range speakers to play low frequencies with authority puts a real strain on the amps and robs the midrange drivers and tweeters of the power they need to create an expansive soundstage with massive dynamic impact.

To avoid this problem, it is far better to include a powered subwoofer in just about any home theater speaker system and, in most cases, designate all your main speakers as "small," regardless of their physical size. That way, all frequencies below the crossover point are sent to the subwoofer rather than the main speakers. The crossover frequency is another parameter you can set in the AV receiver and normally defaults to 80 Hz. The powered subwoofer has its own amplifier, so the amps in the AVR are free to give the midrange and high frequencies all the power they need to sound their best.

Most movie soundtracks are mixed in 5. But the main channels often have very low frequencies as well, and those frequencies are much better served from the subwoofer rather than the main speakers. Based on this, we generally recommend designating all the main speakers as "small," which sends the low frequencies in all the main channels to the subwoofer.

If you have any questions about making this adjustment, or if something just sounds off after changing your speakers to small, we courage you to contact our SVS Sound Experts. No matter what brand or model of loudspeakers you own, we can help. Proper bass-management also means specifying a different crossover point for each speaker channel. For example, you can tell the AV receiver to send more bass to speakers that can easily handle it by specifying a lower crossover point for them.

Likewise, you can specify a higher crossover point for speakers with more limited bass extension so the AV receiver sends less bass to them. They would most likely be used as mains and sound best with a crossover frequency around Hz. They would likely serve as surrounds or Dolby Atmos height speakers and sound best with a crossover frequency of Hz.

Of course, if your sound system does not include a subwoofer, bass management is moot. All speakers should be set to "large"—which the AV receiver will probably do automatically if there is no subwoofer connected and you run Audyssey or some form of auto-calibration. Speakers will do their best to reproduce the lowest bass along with the rest of the sonic spectrum. But to really experience the visceral thrill and sonic impact of movie soundtracks and feel every note of an infectious bassline, a good powered subwoofer with proper bass management is a must.

For more info about bass management or speaker and subwoofer calibration, post questions in the comments or reach out to the SVS Sound Experts: custservice svsound. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Call us at 1.

Crossover should generally be set to about Hz above the deepest frequency a speaker can play. Read more. Analog vinyl r Share Your Thoughts. You've selected to compare. You may remove items to compare others. Continue Shopping. Learn More.

3 Turntable-Speaker Combos That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

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Traditionally, manufacturers communicate with, and sell to retailers. In turn, the retailers sell to the consumers. Everybody involved in the process needs to make money, and this increases the cost to customers. We've cut out retailers and sell customer direct to save you money. Since the design and manufacture of the products that Outlaw sells is under our direct control, we are more familiar than anyone else with how these products work. This familiarity translates to better pre and post sales support. The bottom line is, with Outlaw Audio you are going to get great products at incredible prices. Best Best Featured New Our products. Add to cart.

These Home Theater Receivers Will Make You Feel Like You're at the Movies

best 11 2 receiver

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The Best AV Receivers for Most People

Which one is right for you? Are you looking for the best AV receiver for the money? You've come to the right place. From 8K video to Dolby Atmos to Wi-Fi music streaming -- and high-quality audio -- modern home cinema receivers offer everything a home theater enthusiast could need. The latest such feature is 8K compatibility, which is available on many of the best models we've reviewed.

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Let's face it, home theater receivers all kinda look the same. However, not all are created equal. Note: A home audio receiver is not the only component that you need in order to enjoy movie theater-quality entertainment. Capable speakers are also essential, so budget accordingly if you don't already own a set. This midrange offering from Yamaha packs plenty of features and ports. It upscales regular p content to 4K on a supported TVs, connects to your smartphone or tablet to play your music over Bluetooth or AirPlay, streams music from Spotify, Pandora, and Sirius XM , and delivers a cinematic Dolby Atmos audio experience. There's even a downloadable app that lets you use your smartphone as a remote.

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A/V Receivers

AV Receiver Reviews Review. Gene DellaSala — September 15, The Marantz SR

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The latest and greatest 4K TVs may be doing wonders for picture quality, but they also tend to be moving toward ever thinner designs. While those new designs make for slicker entertainment setups and also make the TVs easier to move, that thin nature tends not to lend itself to great acoustics.

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Get a good Bluetooth speaker , a music streaming service , and voila! But for those who care about sound quality, miss the tactile feel and look of an album, or want music to be the centerpiece of a room, a turntable, receiver, and pair of speakers is a must. Plus, of course, a respectable vinyl collection. So where to start?

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