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Leanda cave instagram download

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Trapdoor spiders of Perth

After episodes over 4 years, I take a chance to reflect on the lessons learned from hosting the Supporting Champions podcast and speaking with some of the world's best performers, coaches, support staff, mainly from sport but also from a range of other performance fields too.

I'm joined by my close colleague, friend and initial podcast guest Dr Jamie Pringle to help me reflect. I truly hope you have enjoyed all the episodes.

When I look back now only a few sections of the conversations are specific to time, and so the discussions are pretty evergreen. I want to say at this point a huge thank you to Rachel who caringly curates the podcast episodes, Rachel does this with a coach's eye for not only the dialogue but also for the deeper motivations, passions, concerns and insights that people share in the conversations. From humble yet so powerfully formative beginnings Sue has become one of the most effective and infectious leaders in modern sport.

Sue now leads the English women's FA, in pursuit of growing the game. Her achievements are profound and pioneering having led the development of support for coaches, children, whole system wide sports. Recognition for her work includes 11 honorary degrees, appointed Baroness Campbell of Loughborough and Dame Commander in Throughout her career Sue has infused teams, organisations and the people within them to become better, lift the standards all in service of celebrating the power of sport to affect lives, show us that things are possible and to do so with deep respect for each other.

Designing a pathway for girls professional football. Creating the best professional league for women in the world. Click here to refresh the feed. Mike has held the long jump world record for the last 30 years, taking the mark from the legendary Bob Beamon - who held it himself for 23 years. The record stands at 8.

Mike broke the record at the Tokyo World Championship in one of the most tumultuous tussles with the equally legendary athlete Carl Lewis, having played second fiddle to Carl for so many years.

In the conversation Mike describes in such a colourful and engaging way how he went about pursuing the title, using Carl as a motivator, how he tapped into a coach that could take him to another level, how he harnessed sports psychology long before it was common place.

If you can take a look at the youtube link in the below of the competition either as a reminder or to soak up for the first time what I would describe as one of the best head to head sporting competitions of all-time.

Ben coached the England Rugby Sevens team between and Ben then took a big leap of faith in taking up the head coach role with the Fijian team, leading them to Olympic gold at the Rio Olympics. In recognition of these achievements the IOC named Fiji as the best male team performance at the Rio Olympic Games and Ben was awarded the Companion of the Order of Fiji, the highest order attainable on the Islands. Ben is a thoughtful, observant coach. This approach makes him one of the most compelling coaches to listen to.

Laurence is a former Olympic fencer, having competed at the London and Rio Olympics. Since retiring as an athlete Laurence has been supporting athletes in a bold new way to support the whole athlete, through holistic thinking, mentoring, developing self-awareness, care and mental health. Martin Yelling is a former international runner, duathlete and ironman athlete and since retiring has, along with his partner Liz Yelling coached s of athletes, and everyday folks to marathon and endurance achievements.

Recently, Martin has set about creating a charitable organisation called Stormbreak. He did so at the age of Duff has an incredible story to tell about trying and trying again, testing himself in several different sports, in the pursuit of finding the one that would suit him and allow him to take a shot at being an olympian.

This is a lesson in valuing the experience along the way, experience above detail, journey above destination. Duff has such clarity on this philosophy that he has written a book called the Tao of Sport in which he lays his experiences bare and creates a campaign for us to be more cognisant and skilful in how we create the journey for young athletes in the future. Talking to Duff reminded me of the quote from Confucius We all lead two lives, the second one begins when you realise you only have one.

Dan Bigham is an athlete of the highest order, principally in the disciplines of individual and team pursuit with multiple national and World cup titles.

Dan is an engineer by training and spent numerous years working in motorsports and sports analytics using his big brain and curiosity to ask questions, explore, be willing to go off script in the pursuit of performance.

Steve has won 5 gold medals at 5 successive games and is a 9 time world champion, Matt has won 4 Olympic golds and 10 world championships. They were successful before Britain became good at sport, winning before the UK Olympic system grew sophisticated. But not just the occasional win - sustained and dominant winning.

Martin has been a real leader in applied sports science and research particularly in team sports and George is a track coach and writer based in the US. They have done this with a powerful collection of interviews and reflections from support staff from around the world with an accumulated experience level of over years.

Their writing and reflections resonated deeply with me and yet the conversation challenged me. There is an urge for us to be a little bolder with the experiences and insights we need to find ways not to get ahead of ourselves.

There is a balance to be had, a tightrope, almost a dil for which we have to find a better way to manage. This week I spoke to Mike Hughes. Mike is a Performance Analyst, having worked with some of the best teams in the world and developed them by providing understanding and insight based on deconstructing and exploring phenomena in training and performance. Mike and I worked alongside each other at the English institute of Sport, though on different teams, Mike worked with British cycling in the years that it went from mediocre to utterly dominant.

Performance Analysis has risen in prominence in the last few decades - nearly every top operation has analysts as a central part of their backroom teams. This week I spoke to Mandy Hickson. I was fascinated to discuss with Mandy about the physical and mental challenges of training to become a top fighter pilot.

The conversation is so rich with insight, where Mandy unpacks a number of situations, scenarios and seriously pressured circumstances with powerful detail and shares a number of useful frameworks that helped her to manage the fears and doubts but then rise to the top. She shares her insights with a combination of breeziness, fun, care and a level of wisdom that comes from profound experience.

Steph is the England Football Captain, having played for her country over times. The conversation with Steph was interesting because she had this quiet resolve, this inner steel, almost stoicism all in service of trying to be the best she can and to take the opportunities in front of her. I felt there was no facade about Steph - just genuine, values driven commitment to her craft and profession - all while honouring the role and responsibility she recognises she now holds - and that is as a role-model for the people she plays with, the game and a community of people looking up to her.

Breathing exercises are a no go for Steph but she is seeing the benefits of pilates mentally and physically. In his recent book, The Tough Stuff, he explores the challenges of coaching in elite sport, but specifically the dynamics and perspectives, the difficulties and the pressures of being a HEAD coach.

He ratifies his own feelings, in conversation with a series of top coaches too, such as Dan Quinn Atlanta Falcons and Stuart Lancaster England Rugby , to name a few. There is a disproportionate and unwarranted expectation, storm of opinion and lack of support and empathy for the head coach. If anyone wants to work in or learn from high performance sport - I compel you to listen to what Cody has to say.

We have two copies of Cody's book, The Tough Stuff to give away. Simply give an honest review of the podcast on iTunes only new reviews accepted , take a screenshot of the review and email it to enquiries supportingchampions. Two reviewers chosen at random will receive a copy in the post. It could be one of the most worthwhile screenshots you take this year! David Martin is a leading light in applied sports science. He was senior physiologist at the Australian Institute of Sport, where along with a number of brilliant minds, pioneered the application of science to elite performance.

Their work was the benchmark of excellence that we looked to. In this conversation David and I reflect on our parallel universes, how they drove us, how we in the UK system came to catch and overtake them, and in all likelihood, though some would deny it, then served as the benchmark for the Australian system. David then went onto work at the NBA at the Philadelphia 76ers, an experience and a professional set up that is worth comparing to the national systems we both cut our teeth in.

What I truly value when talking to David is piercing insight by that I mean raw intelligence, powerful communication skills, honesty, reflection, all informed by experience of working at the coal face. Kevin has written several books on the topic, for example The Wisdom of Psychopaths, Flipnosis, The Good Psychopaths Guide to Success and his recent book, Black and White Thinking all of which are illuminating because they unveil a world that is for many of us so alien, so peculiar, so grotesque, yet so close, so relevant and in some cases so familiar.

Because as Kevin explains, many of the characteristics that we associate with malice, danger and evil - if dialled differently are definitely determinants of personal success. This was such a fascinating conversation not least because Kevin turns his evaluation measure onto me to find out if I have psychopathic tendencies with interesting results, somewhat surprising.

To cap it all off, in the same week that Thommo made the plane to Tokyo his wife Jemma Simpson, now Jemma Thompson had their first child, a young boy Theo. It was great fun catching up with Thommo, moving at times, and a reminder about the cost and the meaning of pursuing personal goals.

Alistair is a two time Olympic Champion, four time World and four time European Champion amongst many other honours in triathlon. But quite simply Alistair is one of the greatest racers in the history of the sport and probably across any sport in his generation. After the Rio Olympics Alistair began racing over half and then full ironman triathlon distance.

Alistair has set out the goal of a full Ironman in under 7 hours. To put the performance into perspective the current best time is Speaking to Alistair was extraordinary. Many athletes have physical abilities, many have the will to win, but Alistair has these in bucket loads. A lot of athletes are invested in the process of preparing and performing, interested to know how they can get better, but many of the best just need to stay out of the details, leave that to the coach, the support team.

Often overthinking the details can lead to a negative spiral where people become increasingly wound up about minutiae. His appetite, his command and his acumen to pioneer across the whole spectrum of physical, mental, tactical and technological methods as well as to go out there and perform - is a bandwidth of capabilities that is truly exceptional.

This was a masterclass in high performance and I was left in no uncertain terms that Alistair is a true sporting great.

Bookings are open NOW and full details are here. Here I explain what the course is, who it's for, how it's unique spoiler - it's applied in focus , everything you need to know. I spoke to Glyn to try to cut through some of the noise, make sense of an area that has to all intents and purposes exploded in interest over the last few decades. Latest Earliest Most played Most popular Search.

Listen Listen again Continue Playing Listen later Listen later. A very, very warm welcome to our th episode. A milestone for us having started the podcast just under 4 years ago. Share your thoughts about the podcast in this quick survey This week's guest is Baroness Dame Sue Campbell.

Sue Campbell trained as a PE teacher, guiding inner city children in Moss side to embrace sport. Links Steve Ingham on Twitter www. What did you learn and still reinforce whilst in Fiji? Notes Laurence explains a little of the fencing rulesPerformance Director for the Danish fencing teamPost Games how do you debrief athletes? Notes Tokyo delays how would they have responded? This week I spoke to Steph Houghton.

Triathlon News & Notes: Mary Cain at Malibu Tri, Arland Macasieb Released from Hospital, and More

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Image: Instagram Image: Via Instagram schoolboys that were trapped in a cave leaves a military airport in Chiang Rai, Thailand, July 10,

General information

Last Updated on June 23, by Christine Kaaloa. My guesthouse manager laughed, with a cackle. Started in in the fishing port of Samut Songkram otherwise known as Maeklong , the market was a normal fish and produce market for locals, when officials decided to build train tracks right through it. The railway was built to transport goods between the fishing ports of Ban Laem and Samut Songkram. When the train comes through, merchants quickly snap up their produce and meats, and collapse their tarp umbrellas and tent stakes. After the train has passes, umbrella awnings pop back up and wares get laid out again. Today, the train continues to run through the market and locals plow on without a hitch. Walking down the tracks, you see stalls selling everything from fruits and vegetable to meats, fish, barbequed frog on a stick, you name it.

Victory Over Injury Podcast

leanda cave instagram download

We asked the creator of www. It was preordered at the bookstore and I was eagerly waiting its arrival. As an Ironman athlete and a woman about to line up for another race, I was looking for insights and inspiration. The words within the book clearly depict the always smiling images we see of Chrissie, showing us her true passions in life — helping others, training, smiling and her love of the sport. The book also delves into some of her sadder times, where self-doubt, anger and sadness dominated her young mind and body.

Directions in Google Maps Find Accommodation. For a long time this sported only one route - Los Hermanos de la Denitente.

Rachel Joyce (triathlete)

Unleashing the new human race with PKRS. A race towards optimal training, performance, fitness, nutrition, mental state, and overall human experience. A race towards breaking the next frontier of personal fitness coaching worldwide. Designed by athletes, for athletes, the PKRS. Coach, Myra, and supported by a full suite of 4 dedicated human coaches. She'll then design a fully personalized, adaptive, and customizable training program that shifts to meet your short-term and long-term goals — access your custom daily and weekly training program within your PKRS.

A trip to Maeklong’s Railway Market (or Umbrella Pulldown Market)

Find this Pin and more on Tyrone power by joseph manna. Please introduce links to this page from related articles try the Find link tool for suggestions. He is the first Eurodancestar to write a book about his life. The best pre-workout supplement has a mix of clinically proven buy coom creatine and beta-alanine to super-charge anaerobic strength, plus caffeine and citrulline to improve endurance. If you are looking to innovate and embrace change, Calix has solutions built for you. Save-o-gram is getx price news way to go if you want to download multiple images from Instagram at the same time.

USA Triathlon is thrilled to have accomplished triathlete Leanda Cave present before Age Group Nationals in Omaha Click image to download printable map.

Expert on New Zealand Spiders

Babbittville Radio — Babbittville. Play Episode It's free! His relay partners were Paralympic Paratriathlete Jamie Brown swimming the mile, Sam cycling 41 miles, and the first double-amputee to finish the Ironman World Championship, Roderick Sewell, doing the ten mile run. Joy McAdams is what you call a growth mindset guru.

Mining Live Crypto Charts

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After episodes over 4 years, I take a chance to reflect on the lessons learned from hosting the Supporting Champions podcast and speaking with some of the world's best performers, coaches, support staff, mainly from sport but also from a range of other performance fields too. I'm joined by my close colleague, friend and initial podcast guest Dr Jamie Pringle to help me reflect. I truly hope you have enjoyed all the episodes. When I look back now only a few sections of the conversations are specific to time, and so the discussions are pretty evergreen.

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TRS87 Leanda Cave and Diaa Nour + Bob Babbitt

As an undergraduate biology student, spider enthusiast Leanda Mason wanted to spend more time studying animals without backbones. So, one of the professors introduced Leanda to an octogenarian who would shape her career and life forever. I was very lucky to meet her. She went on to do a PhD at Curtin University and last week 14 April submitted her thesis on the impact of urbanisation on trapdoors in Perth for examination. Leanda says trapdoor spiders do everything in their burrows, with the males leaving only to mate and then dying shortly afterwards. She says that trapdoor spider, a matriarch first tagged by Dr Main in and known simply as 16, is the oldest spider ever recorded.

If you want to have a look at older Reports, please subscribe to my Mailing List. Thanks for visiting! The bike was really fast — the adjustment of is one of the quickest ever in Kona and roughly three minutes quicker than the average in Kona.

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