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We have calculated the highest win rate item build, best runes for Braum, mythic items, skill order, full item build, starting items, summoner spells, item build order, trinkets, and counters. METAsrc Champion Build Guides for League of Legends are based on statistical analysis of the latest match data, so you can trust that our stats are unbiased and always up to date. METAsrc isn't endorsed by Riot Games and doesn't reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing Riot Games properties. Riot Games, and all associated properties are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. META src. Ultimate Spellbook.

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Windspeaker s blessing braum guide

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A Nami Guide for Climbing to High Elo

I recently peaked G1 and am currently sitting in mid gold. I do not claim to be high elo, but have been told on numerous occasions by high elo players that the tips I often speak of are highly specific and accurate, even in high elo.

Nami has been one of my greatest benefactors in helping me climb, due to her useful poke, sustain and engage. In my previous post, Nami won first place in the vote for which support I should write a guide on, so I will cover aspects I find important.

I personally use the same runes and masteries I would use on any mid lane mages. For preference, you may wish to use mana regeneration runes, to allow continuous healing, and play making, without going oom. For masteries, you may take Windspeaker's Blessing or Thunderlord's Decree.

I personally highly prefer Thunderlord's. Not only do I not build damage on her, so it benefits to have a damage dealing keystone, but the proc of this keystone is great for trades in lane, which I will get into when discussing how to fight as Nami. As a utility support, I find it most useful to build Nami in order to sustain her allies. She would not be useless building damage, but if you seek a damage support, there are many other, more useful options. Here I will provide a list showing items I tend to build on her, the order and the situations.

On your first back, if possible, buy Sightstone, a control ward, Frostfang and a sweeping lens. Since backing with that much gold is unlikely, you'll likely just buy a ruby crystal, a few pots and a control ward. I would put off getting sweepers until you have sightstone. After sightstone, build boots. If the enemy team has many slows, build swiftness boots, if they do not and you intend to roam frequently mid lane, build boots of mobility. I prefer swiftness boots, since they aid you in battle.

Then buy Redemption, this item is great on utility supports. This item provides sustain and a great healing active, though it takes 2. At this point, mana issues should cease to exist. After Redemption, build Locket. Though the aura is gone, the active is great, especially with Redemption.

After building the essentials for teamfighting, I like to build Sightstone into Eye of the Watchers. This combines your starting item and Sightstone, allowing room for an extra item and making support mechanically easier, by reducing the amount of item actives you have, by not getting Frost Queen's Claim. Lastly, I build a situational item. If you're struggling to survive, you may wish to build randuins, against ad champions, or banshees, against ap champions, you could build Ardent Censor, for extra healing power, or Rylai's, for a bit of damage and a small slow.

If these were not listed as unique passives, they wouldn't stack. Lastly, empower e, uses for empowering 3 auto attacks and increasing mobility, which is helpful in aiding allies to win trades, or escape. Early game, without denying your ADC cs, auto minions, to rush level 2, as you approach lvl 2, if you know you will reach it before your allies, advance towards the enemy.

This will enable brief lane dominance and a hopeful bubble opportunity, for first blood. As your ADC farms, during laning phase, maneuver safely not predictably, don't allow yourself to fall victim to, for example, a Blitz hook. Around the lane, using your W to poke the ADC, to hinder their farming, or the support, making them too vulnerable to engage. Nami's bubbles are all about prediction, I've had some games where I've went about half the game without missing a bubble.

One great way is to place the bubble behind the enemy if they are likely about to move away, in fear, or after poking, or while they cs. If they are likely to advance towards you, because they are chasing you down, which is unlikely during laning phase, bubble in front of them. Use your e to empower your ADC, if they are about to proc an auto on the enemies, or if they need a boost to advance or retreat, before or after a trade.

You may also wish to e yourself, in order to poke, while your ADC sits back and farms. If you land a bubble, you may wish to W your ally, so they can rush over to output damage. If your jungler wishes to gank, you may do one of these options. Get near the enemy and start autoing, be close enough to bubble behind them easily, as your jungler rushes in.

It would help to exhaust at this point. E yourself and get close, at this point bubble and ult or ult and bubble where they are, since they can't run when ulted. Bubbling after ulting is easier. If the enemies are far and you know your ult will take too long to reach them, you may wish to ult in the direction where they are heading, making sure they're in range of your ult. This will be highly predictable, which is the point. They have no choice but to turn around, to not get hit by your ult, at that point, your team may engage on them.

If your ADC and you are winning lane well or losing poorly, these are good times to roam. I wouldn't roam unless I believed my mid laner could beneficial.

I duo with a mid laner, so this tends to bed the case. I often do not use my control ward in bot, I place it in the small bush between mid and dragon. This provides the mid laner vision of bottom river. For aiding your bot lane, I would put a regular ward in front of dragon pit and in tri bush. This provides vision of both entryways and time to react. Never leave the adc to ward or roam, unless they are in a safe place, in the lane, or base. Don't ward a distant bush, if the enemy can sandwich you.

If you're on the red team, don't ward the tri bush, if the enemies are pushing you in, or are in the center of lane, or they can lock you in. You may wish to use your e to boost the mobility of tanks, bruisers and or mages. Champions that peel and engage. ADCs don't tend to engage, they follow up. They can be good to e in the middle of a fight, but not for engaging. E your main engaging champion. Use your W to sustain those soaking damage and your squishies, depending who is being targeted.

Nami ult has a slow cast tine, it is predictable, it is a good follow up engage and dhpuld be used widely as a starting engager. Bubble the enemy threat, in regards to dmg or threatening cc. It is smart to save your ult for hyper carries. In regards to items, throw down redemption, when it is clear your allies are getting low, and use locket, while the 2.

She can follow up cc, or provide cc, she also sustains decently and her e is helpful for enhancing hyper carries. Weak against: Strong poke or cc: Brand, Yasuo, Braum. She struggles to out sustain burst damage and if an enemy jumps on her, she is in, unless she ults before the enemy gets on to her. Good against: Utility champions, because she also sustains well, but pokes too.

Squishies, whom she can poke with w, or tanks, whom she can poke down with W, though she must not let those supports get on to her, unless she can survive the cc and bubble behind them, as they back out. Thes tips are all that currently come to mind. Many of them are highly preferential, but I find that significant, to differentiate between this guide and many others.

Just remember though, it's always beneficial to have ranked partners, whom you trust, to play with, when going a utility champion, such as as Nami. Leave comments and questions below, or inbox me! You're the third person to comment that, please look at the previous comments. I'm not claiming I'm high elo, but the advice I have to give is the exact same information that I discuss with high elo players, who confirm it to be true.

XD It's alright, it's just somewhat frustrating for me to have to answer the same question 3 times, since there's also very few comments, so the comments asking that are rather evident.

It's a valid question, though depending on how people word it when they ask me, it can come off offensively. I want to let people know I aknowledge the fact that I myself am not at high elo yet, but that I have learned knowledge that I have gotten approved by high elo friends of mine, so that I could share what I know with aspiring support players. I'd like to validate that I wouldn't pull random concepts out of thin air, unless having them stated by high elo players, in a video or to me personally, or have seen these concepts to be accurate, in my personal ranked endeavors.

Aside from Nami I think Sona is also another high damage-utility support that can get you easy wins. Well I've only just passed Gold myself so I might not have any place to say; but her sustainability did help the team a lot. I think so long as a player knows how to position well, so as not to get cced or poked down as her, Sona could be a good asset to a team. EDIT i mean the guide is really in depth and well done and gj about that win rate and kda, but thats not high elo.

I used to main adc and was pretty good, but I stopped, I think because I stopped playing with my support and I got rusty fast. I think cockiness is ok, if it's not toxic and if it's justified. I can be cocky, but I also dislike conflict, so I wouldn't bash my teammates or enemies, unless they picked a fight with me first.

Thanks, I'll check it out now. I think I'll get Platinum by the end of the school year, hopefully, since I already got so close. I hope along the way to improve, so that I can reach diamond. I don't think I'm quite there yet. But the great thing about climbing is that you get better as you get higher. I'm not sure what I would consider high elo to be, since there are a lot of factors I take into account.

The average player rank is silver, so arguably, gold could be considered high elo. But, I'd say high elo is somewhere in maybe Platinum. I don't think I'm quite at that point yet, but I also believe that knowledge of the game itself and performance in the game are somewhat different. What I mean by that is that I may play like a high gold player, but know my champion and role to the degree of a diamond player.

Patch 7.22

Many people think that you can't carry your team from the support role, which is simply wrong. Whether you're Sona getting a 5-man stun or Braum soaking up damage, you'll have a big impact on the Rift. The difference between a good and great support can easily be the deciding factor of a game, so I'm here to give you tips on becoming the support everyone hopes for. What exactly separates the good from the great? First of all, being a great support doesn't start when you get into the game. Knowing the right summoner spells, runes and masteries to choose can be the difference between winning or losing lane, and ultimately the game.

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League-of-legends – Face of the Mountain’s best strategic use

Maxing W first with mobis and domination second is a thing people do and it's worth a try to run around W-ing people but I'm going to go over what feels to me like the standard way of playing Janna. And manaflow increases max mana but not current mana, so you probably reset and buy and get past the point of mana problems before manaflow does much for you. Revitalize is great, second wind for poke or bone plating for all in or conditioning for value after 10 minutes is nice, and situationally you'll get something out of font of life or demolish. Sorcery primary with nullifying orb could also work. Inspiration and domination secondary work too even if you aren't playing W max, you get AP and movespeed from domination. So in the end what matters is how you play and any of these runes are fine. Level 1 W is usually best because it has a much shorter cooldown than E. But in some specific level 1 invade scenarios or tribush cheeses you could go Q, especially if you're confident you'll win the push for level 2 this way.

LoL Carrying as Support Guide

windspeaker s blessing braum guide

Sona, the Maven of the Strings, showed up as one of the strongest supports in the current League of Legends meta. With a Your auras are a great way to boost combat stats, so be sure to position yourself in a way where most teammates will be affected by your buffs. Most importantly, keep track of your power chords. Not only will these add a lot of bite to your trades, but they can also make or break an entire teamfight.

Update: Since this article was written circa Patch 6.

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What runes and masteries do I run? I use this page when playing support Kennen. For runes it depends on the champion. Feel free to run whatever you like. This is just what I?

Mastering Your Pregame: Choosing the Best Keystone

This article will outline some of the prototypical champions that take each one, and why the choice is perhaps optimal. Early on in the preseason, this keystone actually vaulted certain champions into the S-tier, such as Tryndamere and Yasuo. Since then, the mastery has been re-tuned to only heal on champion attacks and has almost faded into complete obscurity. The additional per-hit damage on auto attacks make it an incredible trading tool at all points in the game. Even for melee champions such as Xin Zhao and Master Yi, it can be ridiculously powerful in all-out brawls. This keystone mastery rewards you for consistent aggression more than any other, definitely favoring the mechanically intensive players. Deathfire Touch applies a damage-over-time debuff. Although it is relatively unnoticeable, DFT is probably the best option on poke-based champions who do not rely on combo-burst; think Ziggs and Karthus.

11/10 PBE Update: New Champion Illaoi, new Azir, Braum, Gragas, Hecarim, The Ranked season has come to a close and this year's.

I recently peaked G1 and am currently sitting in mid gold. I do not claim to be high elo, but have been told on numerous occasions by high elo players that the tips I often speak of are highly specific and accurate, even in high elo. Nami has been one of my greatest benefactors in helping me climb, due to her useful poke, sustain and engage.

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Against which champions does Face of the Mountain work the best?

This build has been archived by the author. They are no longer supporting nor updating this build and it may have become outdated. As such, voting and commenting have been disabled and it no longer appears in regular search results. This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading.

When the preseason first started for season 6 of League of Legends, there were sweeping changes to the masteries system. So the pages I have now reflect those lanes, and I have one flex page that will work for multiple roles. Instead of taking a bunch of screenshots and writing a wall of text, I decided to record a video of my pages and provide further commentary there. If you liked the video, please like, share and subscribe.

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