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The audio technology behind Sing! New and free songs are added all the time! Like a little competition? Aim high to get on the Top Performances list with singers from all over the globe. Share your creations with the Sing!

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WATCH RELATED VIDEO: Justin Bieber - One Less Lonely Girl (Acoustic Kid Version)

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View the profiles below to learn more about some of our talented master's and doctoral students and alumni! MS in Astronautical Engineering. PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering. My favorite Green Technologies project that I have worked on was in my environmental engineering class.

My group and I explored the different carbon impacts of an omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan diets based on specific food groups. We took an in-depth approach to how the foods are made, where they come from, and how they get to a location, which is something that not many people consider. The project really made me think about my own personal food choices and the impact it has, which has led me to make various changes in my own diet.

How has living in Los Angeles impacted your experience as a Green Technologies student? Living in LA has greatly impacted my experience as a Green Technologies student.

Los Angeles is one of the most innovative cities in terms of Green Technologies and there are countless companies and groups that are moving towards more sustainable energy in the city. Being able to see these different companies and their work firsthand has really inspired me in my classes. In addition, a lot of the professors draw on data and events in the LA area, which really makes the classes much more interactive and applicable.

As a Green Technologies student, what do you see as two of the most pressing changes our businesses and society must make in the coming years?

The two most pressing changes that society must make in the coming years are the transition towards more sustainable buildings and more incorporation of renewable energy. In addition to this, I think that another large change that needs to be made is to expand renewable energy infrastructure. Why did you choose to enroll at USC? I chose to enroll at USC as it had a program that uniquely fit my interests. After finishing undergrad, I knew I wanted to go into the renewable energy field and USC's Green Technology program precisely prepares students for work in the field while also allowing for flexibility in pursuing other interests, such as environmental policy or green buildings.

Looking back, what is an experience at USC that you'll never forget? My dad is a high school soccer coach and had two players playing in the game, so it was fun to both cheer on my school and share a fun experience at USC with my dad.

What did you enjoy most about living in California? My favorite part about living in California is all the different experiences it has to offer. I have lived down here for the past 5 years between undergrad and my first year of graduate school, so I have gotten to experience a lot of what California has to offer. It is one of the only places where you can go to the mountains one day and the beach the next. The city of Los Angeles itself is also incredible since there is so much to do from sports games to concerts to experience the hundreds of different cultures that have made different parts of LA their home.

What are some personal achievements or experiences you'd like to share? While at USC, there are a couple of personal achievements that I have made. First, I have become accredited as a LEED Green Associate and earned my engineer-in-training certification, thanks to the education I have gotten through my graduate program thus far. In addition, I recently accepted an internship with ENGIE, the 6th largest energy company in the world, to work on renewable energy projects in Southern California.

What advice would you give future Viterbi students? My advice for Viterbi students is to get to know your professors. They are experts in their field and have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon, which can be useful to classes or even life in general.

Often they have fun stories from working in the field or interesting projects that they are looking for students to get involved in, so knowing them personally is a great way to get involved in research at USC. Prior to joining USC, I completed three summer internships: 1. Summer research student at Harvard University ; 2. Research and development intern at Kraft Foods Group ; and 3.

Research and engineering intern at ExxonMobil What attracted you to choose USC for your graduate studies? I chose USC because it very well aligned with the field I wanted to pursue in the future. I wanted to have a fundamental background in chemical engineering principles. Moreover, USC gave me the largest scholarship. Tell us about your interests outside the classroom. I also participated in activities organized by USC Christian Challenge, a campus ministry that held events such as discipleship conferences and bible studies.

Additionally, I love outdoor activities and playing sports. Tell us about some exciting and unforgettable incidents from your two years at USC? As a part of the graduate student association, I was able to develop a strong network within Viterbi by functioning as student liaison between administration and staff. I strengthened my financial, organizational, and leadership skills as a treasurer and built many connections through this association.

One of my favorite sports-related memories was being taken on a free trip to Las Vegas for the PAC basketball tournament and getting to see Magic Johnson. Is there something that may surprise people to know about you?

I am very passionate about basketball. In fact, I was on the Trojan Fever leaderboard for attending the majority of men's and women's basketball games at USC. Overall, how was the two-year journey at USC? My experience at USC was awesome. I learned the importance of networking, developed professionally, and formed lifelong friendships. I am proud to be a member of the Trojan family. What are your future plans after completing your degree?

My reasons to choose USC for my graduate studies are threefold: 1. Master of Science in Computer Science research is encouraged and supported by well-regarded faculty, 2. USC has an excellent location near Silicon Valley. Through consistent and fun weekly training, many of us were able to complete the LA marathon.

Attending one of the premier conferences in AI and interacting with world-class researchers has been an unforgettable experience. Experiencing the massive tailgate and witnessing the game at Coliseum -- filled with 90, people --has been a truly unforgettable experience.

Contrary to most CS masters students, my background is actually in analog circuit design. My interest in physics and the urge to build things led me to pursue this interesting field of study.

After working on more algorithmic circuit design and publishing several papers, I realized that my interest in the booming field of Artificial Intelligence was even bigger. This inspired me to make the surprising jump from analog circuit design to AI and machine learning. I can now say that I am very happy that I made this change, and I look forward to the future! Actually, I managed to complete the journey in a little less than one year.

Putting a lot of work into courses and research has been a truly rewarding experience. There I will be able to continue AI research on an international level. My favorite Green Tech project was sustainability consulting cases that we did for our Environmental Sustainability and Competitive Advantage course.

It is great to be in LA as California pioneers the country in sustainability. So, it is a great opportunity to follow up with recent technologies, implementations, and progress. In my experience, I have seen and learned about great green tech solutions here and have been able to follow up with some of the efforts for sustainability.

I have also seen that there are a lot of improvements to be done as green tech and sustainability approaches are not broadly adopted.

I believe that the most important thing that needs to change is the awareness of climate change threat; society and business have to realize how serious the problem is. Businesses that are focused on short term returns should stop viewing it as an external issue that needs a few adjustments to handle. Instead, they should include it in their strategy for long term viability. The most difficult one but probably one of the most important things that can aid the situation is changing consumer behavior.

I had visited before as a tourist. Go out there and socialize as much as you can, meet interesting friends and experience new adventures USC is a great place for it! This was the first course I've taken on renewable energy and on electric power systems and I really enjoyed all the topics that I learned there. I am also very curious about the development and deployment of clean energy technologies toward a sustainable future, which I was able to learn throughout this course.

I worked on a team of six students of diverse backgrounds which was an enjoyable experience and a great opportunity to learn from my teammates and exchange ideas with them. Green Technologies is a highly interdisciplinary degree program that emphasizes green systems and the environment, energy technologies and efficiency, and sustainability and society. I benefit from multiple green energy and sustainable projects throughout the Los Angeles region. In addition, many of the engineering consulting and energy firms that I would like to work for after I graduate have offices in Los Angeles, and I have had the opportunity to meet and network with some of them at professional events on campus.

Climate change is one of the most pressing global challenges of the modern age in achieving sustainable development. The understanding that climate is changing has been widely received and countries across the globe urgently need to support efforts to further diversify their energy mix and the clean power supply of a rapidly increasing demand due to population growth.

Climate change is an obstacle itself to eliminating global issues such as extreme poverty while countries also work to lower their emissions toward net-zero. I'm extremely curious about the development and deployment opportunities of, for example, bioenergy in Brazil. As the world gradually transitions from conventional energy sources to a renewables-dominant future, Brazil remains a global leader in renewable energy generation with its electricity mix made up predominantly of clean sources.

In addition, profit, for any business, is still the primary goal, along with growth being crucial to long-term survival. On the other hand, climate programs and policies not only require a high cost to catalyze but get grudging acceptance because of the lingering belief that environmental regulations - which would help to address the threat of climate change - erode competitiveness. The prevailing view in many businesses is still that there is a fixed trade-off: the environment versus the economy.

The major sources of soil and groundwater contamination are organic pollutants, among which mineral oil is the most frequent contaminants.

Sustainability is one of the most pressing global challenges today and as an Environmental Engineer, I am uniquely positioned to address this problem. My undergraduate and graduate education, engineering projects, internships and engineering studies abroad have equipped me for service and leadership in this field. Specifically, I took a Sustainable Design course while getting my Master of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rice University where I learned more principles of sustainable development.

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-rrb- this one is really moving for me because it 's the story of a girl who one of the biggest stars in the world right now, justin bieber, got his.

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25 Songs That Tell Us Where Music Is Going

justin bieber one less lonely girl acoustic audio speaker

I used to have to burn every CD and print out the album art for friends— now we all share playlists all the time. What a world! Below is an archive of my favorite tracks for you to enjoy with me. The summer mix is a time honored tradition— the holy grail of playlists.

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Justin Bieber – Justice

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Mais acessadas de Justin Bieber. Lolly Justin Bieber. Ludacris Justin Bieber - Intentions feat. Poo Bear Justin Bieber - Friends feat. Dababy Justin Bieber - Eenie Meenie feat. Justin Bieber - No Sense feat. Poo Bear Justin Bieber - Playtime feat. Busta Rhymes Justin Bieber - lonely christmas feat.

That said, when choosing the stereo loudspeakers that will fulfill these duties in 4 The room acoustics are at least as important to the sound of your.

Wild At The GRAMMYs: The Church Of Funk

True to horror franchise tradition, there is always a sequel Welcome To Horrorwood: The Silver Scream 2 follows in the bloody footsteps of its predecessor, paying tribute to 13 more of the most gruesome tales to ever grace the silver screen. The only traces of the crime are 13 songs left behind by the suspected killer. Silk Sonic Bruno Mars, Anderson.

View the profiles below to learn more about some of our talented master's and doctoral students and alumni! MS in Astronautical Engineering. PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering. My favorite Green Technologies project that I have worked on was in my environmental engineering class. My group and I explored the different carbon impacts of an omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan diets based on specific food groups.

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