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Unfortunately, in my opinion, this last trend is a direct cause -- and effect -- of the decrease in the number of good high-end retailers. PBN produces some of the best audio components around, but in an effort to bring big doses of his top models to a larger audience, Noerbaek is going direct with his Liberty Audio line. So the B2B seemed an interesting compromise, assuming its High Bias mode could embody some of those qualities. The B2B sounded very good in Low Bias mode, to which I listened happily for several days before realizing there was another gear to be had.

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Seas speaker kits

Few commercial systems incorporate parts of this quality and yet here is a kit that you can build on your own. Scan-speak was founded in in Denmark - the birthplace of loudspeakers.

Scan-speak has focused on developing, designing and manufacturing loudspeakers of the highest quality with their "no compromise" policy. All Scan-speak drivers are hand built at their factory in Videbaek Denmark. Their focus has always been on quality of manufacture and quality of sound from beginning to end. For 40 years Scan-speak has worked on developing products to give the listener the optimum sound experience with minimal distortion and dissemination of the finest details.

Scan-speak's endeavor to create speakers with "true to life" sound experience has not gone unnoticed, as you can see their loudspeakers in high end systems worldwide. More on the drivers can be found below. From the very start PBN was dedicated to produce high-end audio products for the aficionado. Each speaker is always a deft combination of art and science in which compromise was never a consideration. It is this refusal to compromise that moved Peter Bichel Noerbaek to attain that elusive perfection between electronic prowess and acoustic reality.

Review of the B by UltraAudio. Scan-Speak product brochure PDF. Kit pricing shown includes a discount on all drivers and accessories package. If you already have the loudspeakers, the crossovers are available for seperate purchase here. Baffle width, baffle angle, and driver spacing are critical to the performance of the B speaker.

Internal bracing and cuts for airflow within that bracing can be done to taste. Madisound has chosen premium crossover parts to compliment the exceptional Illuminator drivers. All crossovers are professonally assembled on our silver soldered copper circuit boards. Mundorf MOX metal oxide film resistors are also used on the tweeter section. Solen Fast caps and Bennic electrolytic caps are used in the shunt circuits.

Our steel laminate and Bennic electrolytic caps are used in parallel. This tweeter has quickly become one of are favorites, and this is from folks who live in the candy store! It's performance really separates itself from the pack. This tweeter excels through it's entire frequency range. You might think that you can expect that from all tweeters, but it is actually difficult to achieve.

The very high frequency reproduction is fantastic, as well as the clarity and detail of the lower frequencies. Although we all hate to admit it, we lose the ability to hear high frequencies as we age. A tweeter that really shines on the low end is a valuable asset, and this tweeter stands out. Illuminator drivers were designed to take speaker design to a new level.

These meticulously designed and tuned motor systems using Neodymium magnets are at the peak of their class. Everything has been done to reduce reflections and distortions to their lowest levels. These woofers have the same exceptional features as the midrange.

A linear excursion of 9mm provides fantastic bass output for a 7" driver. The unique motor systems assures a very tight and responsive low end. Everything about this system speaks to quality and accuracy. This speaker is immediate, live and real. You will find this speaker to provide true realism to your recordings, something a hi-fi enthusiasts mind will be comfortable with and thoroughly enjoy. We provide you with the drivers, crossovers and a hookup diagram. You can use the cabinet drawing from this page.

There is no instruction manual for this speaker system. You should have some prior experience with building loudspeakers kits before taking on this project. We also offer an optional accessories package, which provides all the misc.

Login Register. Click to enlarge. The selected item is out of stock, please select a different item or combination. E-mail to a friend Please complete this form. All fields are required. Your name. Your email address. Your friend's name. Your friend's email. The Loudspeakers Scan-speak was founded in in Denmark - the birthplace of loudspeakers. The Designer From the very start PBN was dedicated to produce high-end audio products for the aficionado. Product Reviews Login or Register to write a review.

The B has nearly the low end power of my previous system with much better mids and highs. Either way, the B is, by a large margin, the best speaker I have ever heard. If you happen to be in northern Minnesota, drop me a message on AVSforum and come listen for yourself.

Amazing these things. Products You May Like. Zaph Audio SB SB Acoustics Sasandu Kit. Social Facebook Yelp! Loudspeaker Forum. Looking for fast easy answers or need help accessing our website? Call

RMAF 2013: Madisound and Linkwitz

Information Note: These speakers are designed specifically for car audio use and come with a kit of mounting gear such as adapter rings, grilles and additional installation hardware. YouTube Video Review version: Information Per the manual: The Esotec MW is a 24 cm 10 inch diameter woofer equipped with an extremely large, mm 4 inch diameter voice coil with a dual centered magnet system driving the MSP cone to ensure the greatest possible power handling. Standard stereo system no upgrade. These drivers — as well as the others from the AudioFrog GB series speakers — include a LOT of installation hardware to make installs quicker and easier. Some refer to this as one of if not the best pure midrange available.

PBN, A&G SPA. Final Report IL76 (UN) & B (HZ-AIH), en route west of Delhi India, SM ICG Industry Day May - Speaker Biographies.

Equipment Reviews

Scan-Speak systems deliver outstanding performance to meet all levels of audiophile quality in car sound reproduction. In our many years as a loudspeaker distributor, Scan-Speak have always stood out as a superior choice for autosound applications. Revelator series woofers are one of the very few able to achieve tight and robust low end while still delivering detailed and extended upper frequency response. Illuminator series tweeters are simply the best performing small format tweeters available, providing articulate reproduction and high power handling. Over 40 years of loudspeaker engineering experience culminate in these high performance transducers. This system will provide excellent performance with or without a subwoofer. The larger size of the woofer extends the low end and increases power handling. For moderate to medium listening levels, this system alone will be enough for many people. Of course with better sound you may wish to turn it up, and for that we would recommend adding a subwoofer. With a high pass of 70Hz or higher on the amplifier powering the 6.

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pbn b741 speaker

Legacy link: This new site was launched in July Visit the older site to access previous articles by clicking above. I was also looking forward to hearing the Lucys because they would give me a glimpse -- albeit a small one -- into the mind of Peter B. Noerbaek hence PBN , who has designed some very highly regarded speakers and electronics. Did you know that PBN even offers turntables?

SKYbrary bookshelf is a rich collection of safety related material rules, regulations, safety analyses, studies, presentations, and other documents produced and published by recognised civil aviation organisations and entities. A bookshelf entry is identified by its title, the author and the date of publication.

DIY feasibility question for 3 way speaker + power amp

Despite the traditional components that comprise the M2! The New Sammys raise the bar considerably, I feel sorry for the other guys after the audio press hear these. After replacing my current preamp and amps there are not enough moons using the Six Moon scale to grade the improvements I have heard. Before I considered buying the Sammys I had spoken with a major cable rep. What a compliment especially from a guy who sells cables that cost more than your amps.

Scan-Speak B741 Speaker Kit by Peter Noerbaek - Pair

RJ » May 15th, , am. RJ » May 18th, , am. What that means depends on your preference. But I think I would rule out single-driver full range speakers that seems to be in vogue at the moment. I've not heard a single pair in this genre that I liked.

Just completed today a brand new set of the Kit Speaker we designed for ScanSpeak a few years ago. these are finished in a beautiful.

Seas speaker kits Save 1. Among the most remarkable drivers money can buy, sound quality at its very best. First, I added bracing to stiffen the enclosure and support the magnet system.

Noise threshold level has been brought down to such low levels that the Nagra Jazz now no longer needs the battery-driven power supply according to the company. A brushed aluminum case houses the Jazz and is the same size as the Nagra PL-P yet has done away with the connections mounted on the side of the case for the more normal rear connections. The Nagra JAZZ preamplifier has front panel controls plus can be operated by a remote control volume, balance, standby mode, mute, input select. Frequency response is from 10 Hz to 50 kHz with a distortion 0. The Iridium is the flagship amplifier in a brand new lineup from the recently-revived Aragon brand that includes the Iridium-Left and Iridium-Right monoblocks along with the dual monoblock.

Read it's impedance values on the right side of the graph.

Back to news section. News October 5. The first presentation will take place at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. With a large 3"voice coil, extreme long linear excursion and low resonance frequency is it perfect to reproduce the deepest frequencies. It features a brand new type of paper-sandwich cone with a special foam filling technology patented giving the cone very high stiffness and relative low weight. The motor system has heavy duty copper sleeves for the reduction of eddy currents and minimizing the self-induction.

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