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A few months ago I found a reputable tech in Chicago to modify my c. I asked him if he could install 'main inputs' so that I could experiment using the c as an amp only. He did better than that I wanted to mention this so anybody that owns one of these Scott tube integrateds might want to give it a try

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Scott 222 amplifier

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HH Scott 222B

Hifi Devices of Scott's famous engineering leadership and skill. This amplifier is ideal for those who prefer a top-quality monophonic system now, and wish to expand to stereo sound later. Together with the LM35 Stereo-Adaptor it also makes an excellent add-on system to existing amplifiers. Outstanding features include two low-level preamp inputs that enable you to use both a phono cartridge and tape head; extensive tape recording and monitoring facilities; and front-panel stereo expansion switch.

Scott monophonic amplifier to your present system. The Stereo-Daptor permits control of two separate amplifiers from a central point. A Master Volume Control adjusts the volume levels of both channels simultaneously. Special switching lets you play stereo, reverse stereo, use your stereo pickup on monaural records, or play monaural program material through both amplifiers at the same time. This gives you the full power of both amplifiers. No internal changes are required when used with H.

Scott amplifiers. The 30 watt output stage of this complete amplifier makes it ideal for less-efficient speaker systems or where the absolute optimum in performance is required. The unique Acoustic Level Control insures perfect operation of the amplifier with any speaker and in any room. A convenient front-panel switch facilitates instant expansion of the to a Stereo system, together with the Stereo-Daptor and a second amplifier. Important operating features include dual magnetic inputs; three-position scratch and rumble filters and extremely high gain permitting use-with any phono cartridge or tape-recorder head.

Renovating the Scott 222C, Part 1

Return to Vintage Audio Equipment. Scott Discussions of vintage tube and transistor audio equipment. Ads are not premitted. Scott by Chris Props » Sep Thu 18, am I'd like to know anything about this particular amp. I'm more of a radio person, but have been keeping my eyes open for a nice amp. There is one near me for sale, and I was wondering if this is a desirable unit.

Ahh there's just nothing quite like a gold faced Scott. This is a beautiful set. Tuner in leatherette wrapped cabinet. Amp in walnut.

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scott 222 amplifier

It has Sophia electric Princess B carbon plate output tubes and the circuit employs a 2 stage driver consisting of vintage type 27 and type 56 tubes. Posts: The brain and brawn behind the projects and articles presented here is Milan Uskokovic, Ph. Amplifier weight is 16 kgs.

This unit is in clean overall original condition with very nice cosmetics.

HH Scott Schematics

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LOG IN. Based on where this amp is, I have no reason to think its been abused or damaged. As with many of the other things in this house, it most likely has been sitting unused for several, if not MANY years. I've not had any tube audio equipment before.

H. H. Scott, Inc.

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For sale is a fully restored H. Scott C tube integrated amplifier.

H.H. Scott Stereomaster Type 222C Amplifier.

December 15, , AM Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Check it out and join in here! Member Offline Location: Scarborough N. Yorks Posts: HH Scott C. Hi all I recently bought this.

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