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Slim 2,5-way loudspeakers look very nice; the quality of panels' facing admires - can't distinguish from natural veneer. The baskets of woofers are cast from the special plastic. Both compartments are densely filled with mats of foam-polymer sound absorbent; the lower compartment is reinforced with horizontal struts. Glass-fabric-plastic commutation block on the inner side performs the functions of the printed circuit board, which simple 1 and 2 order crossover filters inductor coils with ferrite cores are assembled on. Nobly accentuated bass plays an important role in sound image of the system.

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Visiting Audiovector - Audiovector R6 First Listen

Its fine openness and freedom from boxiness confers good musical communication and stereo imaging. Audiovector might not be one of the larger Danish loudspeaker companys to participate in the global hi-fi scene, but it does create models that bristle with original and interesting ideas.

We've reviewed some half-a-dozen examples to date, but these have been spread across a year timespan, and the current distributor, South Yorkshire dealer Mayflower Sounds, is the fourth operation to take on the company during that time. In truth, Audiovector finds UK distribution no more difficult than any other overseas brand, but over the years, very few non-UK firms have managed to get themselves properly established here.

The most interesting of these is, perhaps, the upgradeability concept. The four S3 models in the S-series are identical in size and configuration, but purchasers can start with the base model and subsequently upgrade its performance.

The basic ingredients of the S3 Super appear to be conventional enough: two mm main drivers, plus a solitary tweeter housed in a very attractively presented and reasonably compact floorstanding enclosure. The two sides are curved towards a narrower back to minimise internal standing wave focusing and the enclosure is mostly decorated in a smooth and very nicely finished real-wood veneer. It was cherry for our samples, with black, rosewood, maple or silk-finished silver the options.

This Super variation features an extra silver painted half-baffle and thick back panel for additional stiffening, with exposed magnets holding the optional grille in place. A matching moulded plinth tilts the base slightly at the back again to reduce standing wave focusing , and supplies an outlet for the port.

This plinth accommodates the spikes securely and does also extend the footprint, but only slightly, so physical stability remains rather marginal. The promotional brochure is quite nostalgic, identifying a whole string of features with a whole string of mostly unmemorable initials, some or all of which apply to the S3 Super the brochure is a little vague on which feature applies to which model. Such technobabble notwithstanding, the S3 Super does incorporate several features worth further examination.

The main drivers' cast frames have three-point fixing to ensure firm and accurate contact and use mm diameter cones formed from a woven carbon fibre and Nomex sandwich. The tweeter has a 30mm fabric dome, the rear of which is vented through two holes at the top of the rear panel — the SEC treble system, which adds some extra high-frequency airiness via room reflections.

Possibly, the most interesting feature doesn't seem to have found its way into the documentation. Experiment revealed that this switches in or out a high pass filter feeding the upper main driver, so that the speaker may be converted between three-way and two-and-a-half-way operation.

The latter is the 'normal' setting and supplies substantially more bass output. First impressions were a little disappointing, as the overall tonal balance sounded rather cool and lean, while the upper-mid was distinctly forward and exposed, factors which inevitably dominated the sonic character. Furthermore, these two subjective observations were clearly confirmed by the far-field in-room averaged measurements we made. However, this was using the delivery settings. When we moved the switch to the upward position, we effectively converted the speaker from three-way to two-and-a-half-way operation, lowering the impedance through the bass region and boosting the bass.

This transformed the sound into a tonal balance that was not only much more acceptable to us, but which was actually very good indeed. Surprisingly, when I mentioned this to Simon Pope, who is currently acting for Audiovector in Britain, he commented that the speakers had sounded much more comfortable in his smaller, squarer room with the switches down.

This clearly illustrates the importance of the interaction of the loudspeaker with the listening room, as well as the usefulness of the adjustment provided by those switches. There's rather too much 50hz output and smaller peaks are visible at hz and 1.

However, a sensitivity rating of 89dB looks more realistic than the specified 91dB and a 6ohm rather than 8ohm nominal impedance. While the measured performance goes some way towards defining the sonic character of a speaker, it's no substitute for listening to music and it's here that the S3 Super really shines switches up everyone! Midband voicing is particularly impressive, timing is very good and there's plenty of notably coherent musical detail. Although the bass end might have a bit more weight and authority, it's always agile and informative while the midband is commendably free from any boxy colorations.

Even the measured upper mid-peak is barely audible and it is certainly not in any way intrusive. Indeed, this Super is so good it's quite difficult to conceive that there are two stages of upgrade that presumably perform even better. Perhaps its most engaging quality is the open midrange, which might not be the last word in dynamic grip and tension, but which is always informative with very little audible coloration. Another key factor is the lack of boxiness, which ensures that the actual speakers themselves do a very good job of 'disappearing', aurally speaking, while the stereo image they create is well-formed, with good focus and a good measure of depth.

The top end does just what it's required to do — add appropriate detail while remaining discreet and not drawing unwanted attention to itself. I presume the tweeter fitted here is a little less sweet and transparent than the more costly example used in the Signature, or the planar device found in the Avantgarde, but it certainly does what's required without fuss or foible.

The secret of a fine loudspeaker is not found in any one characteristic, but rather in achieving a good balance across a range of different qualities. That is the real strength of Audiovector's S3 Super, which is a good looking speaker that delivers a genuinely high all-round standard of performance at a realistic price. North America. Home Reviews Audio Visual. The S3 Super can be customised to suit the listeners budget or musical taste. Our Verdict. For Exceptionally well balanced and presented Has an attractively open and airy character Fine freedom from boxiness.

Against Tonal balance might be smoother The plinth only slightly improves its rather marginal physical stability.

Audiovector R1 Arreté review

David Vivian takes a listen and R8, the lower-numbered R lineup, while still ostensibly high end, certainly flies closer to the real world and, uniquely, allows purchasers to buy-in with a base model and, rather than chop it in for a more expensive one when the upgrading itch strikes further down the line, send it back to the factory for an incremental upgrade with better drivers, superior crossover and even an up-rated cabinet. Cost-effective or what? And yet you could argue that Audiovector is also the most pragmatic speaker maker on the planet. One tier down from the R11 speaker family with build quality and value for money rarely seen at the price point, but also one built in Denmark with aesthetic and sonic aspects that appeal to everybody, not just audiophiles.

Which means, the R3 plays nice with a whole range of amplifiers and is particularly happy when in a relationship with a moderately healthy.

Audiovector QR 1 bookshelf speaker

With a gold plated grille and machined aluminium surround this drive unit is meant for display: it looks intriguingly hi-tech as our pictures show. So potentially here is a compact loudspeaker different to the norm, looking good at the price. At bottom lies a slot port. Back then, ribbons did not go low, ignoring a Celestion ribbon designed by Graham Bank that I have no experience of. Audiovector state crossover frequency as 3kHz, meaning their AMT reaches down as low as a dome tweeter — and our measurements confirm this. Making its subjective contribution obvious. Front ports can deliver box colouration direct to a listener, which is why they are usually sited at rear. And indeed this port did deliver unwanted output measurement showed but its effect was slight. Not a big issue in the scheme of things methinks. I found the grilles consequential in listening.

Audiovector R6 Avantgarde Floorstanding Speakers

audio vector speakers review

There are some great high-end speakers on the market, but most of them need larger rooms to shine. So, what if you have a generous budget, but a compact listening space? Audiovector is different from most rivals in that it offers upgradable speakers. The changes are wholesale, involving better drive units, higher-spec crossovers and even improvements to the cabinet, depending on the level chosen. The cost of the changes totals the difference in retail price between the spec levels, plus a little extra that covers shipping and labour.

There's a certain austerity regarding this Danish manufacturer's loudspeakers and a distinct family resemblance between the models too. This is exactly what parent company F3 intended: to try to preserve as much of the M-series quality as possible in a more affordable and cost-effective package.

Audiovector R3 Arreté review

Their AMT tweeter provides a very. Filip Kulpa! The company has. The music. Make a playlist of the jazz and pop voices.

Audiovector Ki 3 Floorstanding Speakers

Save any hifi search on your hifishark. Denmark is a small country with a strong tradition in electroacoustics that dates all the way back to H. At Hifishark we have taken it upon ourselves to visit the current champions of the Danish loudspeaker tradition and see where the legacy is currently headed. On the second trip of our grand tour we visited Audiovector - another giant in the Danish loudspeaker scene that has been producing excellent loudspeakers under the technical direction of founder Ole Klifoth for more than four decades. Mads and Ole Klifoth Martin Dunhoff. Audiovector recently moved to larger facilities in Skovlunde, just outside Copenhagen. Our visit happened to coincide with the imminent launch of the new Audiovector R6 series.

The R 3 Series is a compact speaker line based on a mixture of evolution and new inventions. All that we believe a pair of floor standing speakers should ever.

Audio Vector M2 Floorstanding Speakers

Trusted Reviews is supported by its audience. If you purchase through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn more. Piecing together a speaker system individually can be a tricky business at the best of times.

Audiovector R3 Signature Floorstanding Loudspeakers

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Audiovector R8 Arrete by Stereophile Aug Hana Unami Red by Stereonet Aug Hana Unami Red by Stereophile Apr Acapella High Cellini by 6 Moons Jul Antipodes S30 and K50 by 6 Moons, Nov

My first exposure to Audiovector speakers came during a business trip to Atlanta last summer. I managed to take an afternoon off to visit a couple of the high-end stores in the area.

Ask a question about this product. Call or Email Us now for a better deal! Made from high density hardwood HDF for the best possible strength and low resonance. The teardrop shape in combination with a laminated, dense, strong and heavy, rear baffle further reduces unwanted cabinet resonance and avoids standing waves. When assembled, cabinets are heavily braced internally and carefully damped with strategically positioned Nano Pore damping plates. The newly designed baffles and plinth are made from carefully hand finished HDF, complementing the stiffness of the cabinets. The baffles are laminated for improved strength.

Denmark is world renowned as a leader in design and style, particularly when it comes to furniture, fashion and toys. It should come as no surprise then, that we also find a fashionable speaker company called Audiovector there. Audiovector was founded in Copenhagen in , the same great vintage as the author of this article, by Ole Klifoth who at the time had been in the hifi sales business for eight years. During this time, Ole was exposed to a wide range of speakers but was never fully satisfied with what he heard, compared to the live music he regularly enjoyed in Copenhagen concert halls, jazz and rock clubs.

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