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Best placement for surround speakers

Updated: September 28, You have the AV receiver and the home theater speaker system. Now what? Get the best sound in your room with this guide to surround sound speaker placement. Finding the best surround sound speaker placement for your room can make or break your 5. If you spend some time placing the speakers correctly, you will make the best of your surround sound setup.

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Best placement for surround speakers

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5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos Surround Sound Speaker Placement

In home audio systems, speaker placement can have a significant impact on the quality of sound you get. In fact, speaker positioning is among the biggest issues for most people, especially when furniture is a hindrance. Proper speaker placement can transform an average sounding surround sound system to give you the experience of an elite home theatre. However, proper positioning can be tricky, considering that the acoustics of every media room is different.

As such, you might not be getting the audio experience that you desire from your system due to poor placement. This guide will help you position your 5. Keep in mind that placing your speakers in the wrong position messes up with the sound waves and affects the sound quality. For example, one of the best placement for hard-hitting bass is placing your subwoofer behind your couch and one of the worst placements is placing your subwoofer under the couch.

After buying a 5. These are the most common surround sound systems on the market, offering five channels with a single subwoofer. That means your surround sound system comes with a center speaker and a pair of back and front speakers. The subwoofer puts out all the bass frequencies in your sound system. These bass frequencies are omnidirectional, giving you a lot of flexibility when it comes to positioning.

Some people consider placing the subwoofer on the sides, though that might not work out very well. If you have an issue connecting your subwoofer with the surround speakers in your wired system, you should consider buying a wireless subwoofer conversion kit. That will allow you to set up your subwoofer where it sounds best and eliminate tangled wires in your system without sacrificing the audio experience.

When connecting your system, you can position your surround speakers using speaker stands or mount them on a wall. For the best audio performance, ensure that your couch is at a central position from where your TV is located.

While most speakers work best in this type of set-up, others produce better sound better when set perpendicularly against the rear wall. This speaker is dominant in creating mid-range frequencies, unlike the front speakers, which mainly deal with the vocals and low frequencies. After all, every little detail matters when it comes to enjoying the quality sound. For most people, it takes a while before they can figure things out, though the hassle is worth it once they finally do it.

If your couch is set against the wall, you might not have the freedom to set the rear speakers at an angle. Where a side-by-side placement is possible, the best way to position the speaker is to put them on each end facing the couch from an equal distance.

Unlike in a 5. When it comes to positioning the speakers, the set-up process is pretty similar to the 5. The front speakers should sit at each side of your TV set, looking towards your couch at an angle of 30 degrees. The center speaker is best placed in the middle, or right next to your TV set, facing straight towards the center of your couch. With a 7. The second subwoofer is very useful in leveling out the bass in your media room, especially in the areas where people sit.

For the best audio performance with a 7. Choose a position where the bass level is consistent all over the room. For starters, you can have a person sit in the listening area, while the other moves the subwoofer around. As might have noted, setting up a 7. As a result, your bass might end up being worse than before. That includes:. As earlier mentioned, every room has different acoustics. Additionally, your media room might also not be the perfect place to house a surround sound system.

As such, it might be challenging to find the perfect position to set up your speakers. However, most people are forced to compromise in the location of some speaker. Modern AV receivers come with automatic room correction, helping to compensate for the speaker placement in your room. Corners are where your ceiling, walls and the floor meet. As such, most speakers and subwoofers tend to sound louder in corners, though the audio quality is not excellent.

To know whether your speaker placement is working to give you the best audio performance, you must do a listening test. To do that, consistently play a familiar sound while sitting on your normal position on the couch and listen carefully.

You can try moving the speakers a few inches or point them in a different angle and note how that affects the sound. The test can be instrumental, especially when trying to position a subwoofer or set up a 7.

Always make sure that nothing can hinder the sound from reaching your ears. Obstructions make the sound waves bounce in your media room before reaching your ears. However, you want the sound to go directly to your ears from your speakers for the best sonic experience.

Ideally, you want to ensure the speaker is pushing the sound directly to your listening position. Additionally, putting your subwoofer next to the wall can lead to noise leakage in the other rooms.

However, you can use your wall to boost the amount of bass that your subwoofer produces. The type of speakers that you choose to use is also very important when considering speaker placement. For example, are they front ported or rearported speakers? This will decide if you can place the speakers against the wall or not. Nonetheless, these guidelines will ensure that you realize the full potential of your surround sound system with the right positioning.

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How to Arrange Your Speakers for the Best Sound

I'd ideally like to place the speakers in the top corners of my room see circles marked in pic. I obviously want a good sound but I'm unsure as to whether placing the speakers here will have any negative impact. Best answer by vazandrew 26 May , Make sure to use trueplay, if at all possible. Yeah, I keep reading different things. There's people saying at ear level like yourself, 2 feet above your head, feet above your head, tilted forward, tilted towards the viewing area - it's crazy how different some of these opinions are.

Enjoy the best sound from your home theater when you optimize your speakers' positions. Our setup guide will get you started, with basic placement.

How Do I Position Loudspeakers for My Home Theater System?

Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Whether you are setting up your computer speakers or a complex home theater bundle, understanding the art and science of speaker channels and placement is the most critical step in enjoying your new sound system. Read on as we guide you through a crash course in surround sound setup. The other day a friend of ours was showing us his new HDTV setup and new speakers. When it came time to set up the speakers he had purchased to go with the TV he simply plugged them in and set them all on the shelf under his new TV. The only way for that setup to be less optimal would be if the speakers were inside a nearby closet.

Setting up your sound system

best placement for surround speakers

Surround sound means a sound that surrounds the listener from a complete angle of degrees. Everyone wants the best music and movie experience, and proper speaker placement for surround sound creates a home theater environment. You can build an immersive sound experience in your home just by placing your speakers correctly. Surround sound systems are also great for home parties. You can create your own fun with proper speaker placement.

A massive 4K TV is always an excellent addition to a home theater setup.

Best Speaker Placement with your Couch Against The Wall

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Surround Speaker Height Placement Education

Speaker placement plays a pivotal role in the overall sound quality that you will be able to achieve in your home theater. The true art- and science- behind speaker placement is not easily acquired, yet so worth the effort. When it comes to rear speakers, how far back should they be? Realistically, how far back you place your rear speakers will also depend on the quality of the speaker you are using. With a higher quality rear speaker, you should be able to adjust the output to be more accommodating for a larger space giving you leeway in placing them further back in a large home theater room.

Setting the correct angles of the surround speakers (Surround Speaker Position) · Front: When the surround speakers are placed at less than 90° (forward from.

Home Theater Speaker Placement

Education Details: About 8 feet high is the recommended Height Speakers placement for the best surround sound with your speaker setup. Surround sound speaker placement of your height speaker … best placement for surround speakers. Surround sound means a sound that surrounds the listener from a complete angle of degrees.

Guide to Perfect Surround Sound Speaker Placement

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for in-wall, on-wall, or ceiling speakers is where you're going to place them. How you place your speakers depends on how you're going to listen to them, as well as what your room's architecture allows. Whether you're installing them in your current home or pre-wiring a home that's under construction or being renovated, the guidelines below can help you get a speaker setup that sounds good and works with the build and design of your room. After you've determined what type of speakers you'll need and how many, check out our article on choosing in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. You'll find helpful tips as well as key factors to consider when deciding between different speaker features and models. Try to place speakers at least 2 feet away from corners and other surfaces that might interfere with or reflect sound, such as tall or bulky furniture.

In home audio systems, speaker placement can have a significant impact on the quality of sound you get. In fact, speaker positioning is among the biggest issues for most people, especially when furniture is a hindrance.

Tips For Placing Your Television & Speakers In Your New Home Theater

How you arrange your home theater speakers has a big impact on how your system sounds. Proper speaker placement can elevate an average-sounding system to an elite home theater experience. Whether you have a new speaker system or just want to get more out of your existing gear, we can help. You want your front left and right speakers to focus their sound field at your listening position. Have some fun with your listening! Play around with how far your speakers are from the wall.

SONOS One placement for Surround Sound

A critical part of a home theater set-up is positioning loudspeakers and subwoofers properly. The type of loudspeakers , room shape, and acoustics affect optimum loudspeaker placement. Before placing speakers in a surround sound setup, you need to know what each one does.

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