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Ubuntu hdmi 5.1 audio wrong speakers not working

I also have a full 7. But out-of-the-box, Ubuntu refused to recognize my full 7. All it would let me choose were stereo and 5. After beating my head against this for a day or two I finally stumbled on the solution.

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Ubuntu hdmi 5.1 audio wrong speakers not working

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Cant get 5.1 audio over HDMI

Post by Hominidae » Sat Sep 13, pm. Post by kalocsa1 » Sun Sep 14, am. Post by Hominidae » Sun Sep 14, am. Post by odroid » Sun Sep 14, pm. Post by Hominidae » Sun Sep 14, pm. Post by odroid » Mon Sep 15, am.

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Post by Hominidae » Fri Jan 30, pm. Post by Hominidae » Thu Feb 19, pm. Post by enterprise11 » Thu May 07, pm. Post by odroid » Fri May 08, am. Post by enterprise11 » Fri May 08, pm.

Post by odroid » Sat May 09, am. Post by harrop99 » Sat Jun 06, pm. Post by odroid » Sun Jun 07, am. Post by Json » Fri Aug 21, pm. Post by rooted » Sat Aug 22, am.

Post by Json » Sat Aug 22, am. Post by odroid » Sun Aug 23, am. Post by rooted » Sun Aug 23, pm. Post by Json » Mon Aug 24, pm. Post by plathelo » Thu Jan 21, am.

Post by voodik » Thu Jan 21, am. Post by plathelo » Thu Jan 21, pm. Post by odroid » Fri Jan 22, am. Privacy Terms. Quick links. What do I need to do in order to improve things? Edit: updated subject. Last edited by Hominidae on Sun Sep 14, am, edited 1 time in total. Re: no sound over HDMI Post by kalocsa1 » Sun Sep 14, am Same here, system sound ok, youtube app sound perfect, mx player sound with avi ok, but mkvs have no sound.

Off:CM is freezing randomly, official release is better with respect to freezing.. Im waiting for my uart to debugging. The official image has no issue of HDMI audio output. I actually started with the official image, as said in the first post Open a new thread if you have any problem. Edit: Unlocked. I checked with v1. Looks like this is in a way related to the TV. When I reported it solved, I was using a different TV. However, as I said, with ubuntu all works well This must be something in the Android image as the others are Linux based.

The problem is reproducable, without changeing the HW setup.. I do own other Android based devices, which all work well with this TV. I'd love to have an Android option with my XU3. Did you try to disable the EDID option to "0" from "1" in the boot. Anyway, it is really hard to trace the root cause of your HDMI audio issue. I know and I understand I rather think this is a timing issue in non-EDID mode The TV in question is a model Pana Plasma.

If I were to try a TV where audio fails and another where it will work OK, thanks! Maybe the experts can figure out what is the difference here? Then I booted that image, with edid still active in boot.

Edit4: did another try with EDID set to "0" in boot. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. We need more investigation. I am willing to run further tests if need be, of course Many Thanks for your support! As asked before, what can I do in order to debug? Since sound from Linux works OK, I don't expect this to be a hardware issue So, again I'd rather have an option to run Android on my XU3.

I have my XU3 lite now for 3 days and use voodkis Android 5. All the rest works fine, incl. Kodi, but I can't do any sound settings except the 3. Even when I start Kodi and go to audio settings, there is no choice, just the analogue output is visible. Do you have any suggestions? I've tried this, but had no success and don't want to destroy something I tried setting EDID to 1 as it was initially 0 with no result - video worked, sound didn't. Under the CM My TV is a Panasonic. Any ideas? Is there a way I can input a setting that will force the sounddrriver to load, instead of using the autodetect?

It must be "0" to disable the auto-detect. Even tried various combinations of EDID and hpd, resulting in a wrong resolution - for some reason the screen went back to p at 50hz despite being easily able to display p at 60Hz.

I believe that is plenty loud. Still nothing to hear. With Android 4. I would like to use CM and there the app does not work. I think under 4. I checked a Philips TV and had same problem.

I want to use it in my car so i need to get it work with my hdmi adapter to vga with 3. As I said, under Android 4. Board index All times are UTC.

Sound Troubleshooting

Linux mint is working flawlessly for me for years. No major problems or any awful experience related to black screens, no sound or crashing applications. Only some minor problems or unexpected user experience. No need to search and manually install drivers in order to get several monitors, mixed sounds, HDMI and DisplayPort to work - most of the devices are plug and play. And yet sometimes you may want to identify and fix issues related to the sound and video or you to change the system behavior. In this post I'll try to cover as much as possible for audio and graphic stuff related to Linux Mint indirectly to Ubuntu and Debian.

it forgets which sound output device it's set to, I tried to reproduce it on many machines, but so far can't reproduce the problem.


Remember Me? News What's New? Results 1 to 7 of 7. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Hello, Thanks in advance for help. I'm kind of a noob but I'm learning. I'm trying to get 5. I know the adapter is fine as the setup works in Windows partition. I can't use Win7 partition for this due to firewall. Phonon says I have Pulseaudio and the only back-end listed is GStreamer.

Installing PulseAudio

ubuntu hdmi 5.1 audio wrong speakers not working

These problems can be very frustrating to troubleshoot. They're usually related to drivers and other software issues, although you should always check your cabling. Be sure the audio output from the capture card goes to the sound card's audio input jack! If your ALSA setup works, but you still get no audio recorded it may be related to pulse audio. See this bug report.

Select the [Start button], type [Sound] in the search box and choose icon [Sound] from the list of results.

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This is something that has given me a lot of stress. What is the basic description of the problem? I cannot hear music and audio normally. On every application and site, would it be Rhythmbox, Audacious, YouTube, etc, the audio is choppy. What I mean by that is that the audio cuts itself every two or three seconds, and the sound icon on the bar of GNOME disappears for the moment in which the audio goes off. Is very infuriating.

Troubleshooting Audio Issues on Intel® NUC

I have been a Mac user for many years and am recently getting interested in Linux I have been able to install Ubuntu on an old MacBook and it works fine. I have installed Ubuntu My bluetooth headphones work fine. I even tried one that made me blacklist a few things and that resulted in Ubuntu not booting up anymore, had to reinstall. You post suggests you are booting UB from an external drive, AND that your bluetooth speakers are working. I know this article linked sounds like magic thinking, but I did experience speakers working, then not. Your frustration is very real.

The cause is either the Linux SteamClient or the NVIDIA driver. I tested a Windows laptop also as client machine connected to the Linux host for.

How to quickly change audio output to HDMI device in Ubuntu and Fedora

View Full Version : [ubuntu] 5. Google is a wonderful thing. I bet you if you were to type in enabling 5. Anyone want to take this action?

How to enable multi audio output samsung tv

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You sit down to watch a movie, press play, but there's no sound. How frustrating! If you ever find that a movie has no sound, here are the steps you need to take to fix it. Whether you've downloaded the movie for playback on Windows or Mac, or are streaming through a platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime, this is how you fix a movie with no sound. This is the oldest trick in the book, but you'd be surprised at how often it works. Simply turn your system off and on again.

Recently Linux Mint has been experiencing a few bugs. Some users of Mint have reported no sound when installing or upgrading the OS.

Rocksmith Cable Detected But No Sound

Click the Apply button and any sound picked up by your mic should play through your speakers in real time. It always plays from the computer. Check that the sound isn't muted, and that the volume is set properly both on your laptop and TV. Did you try to connect one display via analog stereo audio, and the other via HDMI audio? Overview There are two ways to join meeting audio: joining via computer or joining via telephone.

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