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Refinishing vinyl speakers

Well my Daddy died a few years ago and Mom gave it to me. Sound still comes out of the speakers and the turntable still turns but I need to get a needle to confirm that it will still play a vinyl. The radio will produce sound but the turner will not move. You can see it's broken.

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Refinishing vinyl speakers

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Stereo & Speaker Designs and Info

As a reviewer of oft-frivolous things, I'm impressed by still-functioning, ancient items like cast iron pans, insulated thermoses, and hundred-year-old sewing machines. I also agree with the philosophy of the movement; buying well-made stuff that is repairable saves everyone money in the long run, and it means less junk in the landfill.

Cooking eggs and keeping liquids hot for hours is great, but I'm most thankful for the human nerds who figured out how to accurately reproduce sound waves. Unlike TVs, computers, or other electronics, stereos that produce lifelike audio haven't changed too much in a few decades. The best part? Here are classic components that we audio nerds swear by, and a few tips on what to look for when buying old-school equipment.

If you choose wisely, it will last a lifetime. Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and even the music-instrument reselling platform Reverb are great places to look for cool vintage audio gear. I also like meandering around local estate sales and pawn shops, though you'll want to take proper precautions in the Covid era. If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. This helps support our journalism. Learn more. The amplifier is the heart of your system.

It's the thing you plug your turntable, CD player, or streaming device into, and it's what powers your speakers. If you want to save money and headaches, skip the finicky vintage tube amps in favor of something more durable from the post-tube, solid-state era of the s and '80s.

Also look for receivers, which are usually but not always an amp with a radio tuner built into it. There are a number of great brands that made excellent-sounding solid-state options from the disco days, but the one that I keep coming back to is NAD. When I was at conservatory, there was an NAD amp in every room. The thing to look for is quality knobs and components. Quality transformers are heavy!

The funky styling of vintage speakers like these JBLs will add a splash of charm to any room in your home. Passive loudspeakers—the kind you plug speaker cables into and are powered by an external amp—are super durable. They're different from powered speakers, which have their own power cables and are commonly found these days with AirPlay or Bluetooth capability. Nope, a passive speaker is just a box with a speaker cone or two. They're simple, and they're far less expensive than their powered cousins.

Most finds will just work straight away, but if a speaker needs a repair, the job is usually very basic. In general, be on the lookout for solid wood speaker cabinets and brand names you recognize. Just like amps, quality speakers are heavy.

Also check the foam that surrounds the conical drivers. In many cases, this foam is the thing that degrades first, and if it has holes, cracks, or other wear, the foam will need to be replaced. Luckily, this process is remarkably easy, and most major speakers have readily available refoaming kits.

Again, a quick Google search is your friend; it can easily tell you what something is worth and how easy it is to fix. It's worth noting that there's no reason vintage speakers can't compete with modern counterparts. Sure, they might not have the latest waveguide technology, but they still sound amazing.

The capacitors that allow this to happen wear out over time, but they are easy to replace on most speakers. Refoaming will be required less frequently. I particularly like options from Grado Labs , Sennheiser , Beyerdynamic , Sony , and Audio-Technica , though there are plenty of great wired headphones out there.

As far as options that will last forever, I suggest only buying wired headphones with replaceable cables, earpads, and headband pads. Looking for earbuds? Those too can be bought for life! Check out options from Ultimate Ears and Shure , which both sell models with replaceable ear cables and even custom-molded eartips on the high-end buds.

The name of the game for high-wear items is replaceable components! A record player will last generations if you take care of it. Vintage turntables abound, and they're often better than modern models that cost the same. When shopping vintage, look for models from Technics, Pioneer, Sony, and other still-in-business brand names.

Make sure you get a vintage turntable properly serviced, including a look at the middle bearing which needs oiling about once a year and the belt, which can get stretched out over time. The is the most famous record player ever, having made a name for itself as the hyper-durable favorite of DJs around the globe.

You can also find used SL turntables; just be sure to check them for signs of worn-out bearings and other mechanical issues. Many of these were workhorses for decades—they're the preferred model of hip-hop and techno DJs—so they might look beat up and still work great. Audiophile web forums might try to convince you to spend big on speaker cables, but you can ignore them.

These cables will last a lifetime. I suggest buying surge protectors for all electronic equipment, though. I recommend searching Google for the name and model of any component you come across.

There are hundreds of articles on internet forums with nerds debating the qualities of each piece and detailing common issues or tricky repairs. So any repairs you or your local expert can make should keep the piece working for another decade or two. He focuses on audiovisual and entertainment products. Hall is a graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, where he studied jazz percussion. After hours, he remains a professional musician in his hometown of Portland, Oregon.

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Stereo Cabinet Restoration Tips

Paint with Crisp Cotton Chalk Paint. With this old school stereo cabinet I found at a thrift store, the opportunity unfolded to upgrade both the look and usability of the piece. Modernize Stereo Console. We gutted the inside, added a shelf so that she could use it as a bar when she was entertaining. Free - but you must transport. After that, measure and cut a bottom shelf from scrap wood. Turn an old armoire into a Kids Toy closet.

Product details. 3M™ Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit patches tears, burns and cuts in automotive upholstery. Using.

How to Clean Your Home Stereo Speakers

David, aka Grumpy, needs our help. Great news. David is home! It was quite the ordeal to get him home and into the house, but it is done. Thank you to everyone for their support. Now a long road ahead to get him back on his feet and functioning normally. I have started a GoFundMe to help with the medical bills. Please help, if you can. Discussion in ' Speakers ' started by bluemando , Nov 15, Log in or Sign up.

Acoustic Research

refinishing vinyl speakers

The stereo cabinet style is the first impression that you have of your stereo console and your guests will be substantially influenced by what they first see. Whether you have a dark walnut high-gloss finish or a white pine matte finish, we offer you specific stereo cabinet restoration tips to help you achieve the dream look you want. The number one request that we get is to refinish a stereo cabinet. We restored our own Grundig SO and have the following pictures of each step of the process:.

Would it be advisable to paint a pair of RF35's black if they were in the original cherry finish?


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Austin turntable repair

We have been specializing in audio repair for over 20 years, and our expert staff of audio repair technicians have many decades of combined experience fixing a wide array of audio and stereo equipment. From vintage analog receivers and amplifiers to modern digital equipment, speakers, subwoofers, and much more, we are capable of repairing equipment and components of all ages and varieties, from virtually any manufacturer. We have also amassed an extensive collection of vintage and modern audio equipment parts in our Cary, NC shop, which gives us access to expensive and hard-to-find parts or those that may otherwise no longer be available. This in-house part inventory, combined with our vast nationwide network of parts suppliers, enables us to source parts needed to repair your audio component, regardless of brand, age, type, configuration, or function. The popularity of vintage audio equipment has grown noticeably in our local area, and we are proud to help give this analog equipment new life in our modern, digital world. We deliver services including vintage receiver, turntable and record player, speaker, and stereo repair, with unmatched expertise in equipment from the s, the s, and the s. Our highly-experienced audio repair technicians have been servicing audio equipment for decades, which means there are very few vintage audio components on which they have not worked previously.

Vinyl/other: Warm water and a mild detergent. Gently clean the exterior with a soft, clean cloth. Speaker grills: Gently remove and use a.

Robot or human?

Dear customers we need to advise that NO out of warranty repairs will be allowed to be taken into our store whilst the COVID pandemic is on. In the meantime you can call us to see if we can resolve problems over the phone. Your safety and the safety of our staff is our priority. If you have recently purchased a product and is not working please call us on first to discuss how best we can address this.

Refinishing Walnut veneer speaker

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This project took me a couple of weeks of evenings after work and weekends. My parents gave me this stereo console when I was in college. It was perfect for my college apartments because the radio worked and it was another piece of furniture. It moved into our Craftsman in Atlanta when we did back in and has filled the same role.

As a reviewer of oft-frivolous things, I'm impressed by still-functioning, ancient items like cast iron pans, insulated thermoses, and hundred-year-old sewing machines.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The turntable pairs with speakers, headphones or other wireless devices. With its CSR BT chipset, the turntable is even able to connect to devices that support the aptX codec, which offers much-improved sound quality over the standard SBC code.

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