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Founded by David Hafler and Ed Laurent in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in , Dynaco was an American hi-fi audio system manufacturer popular in the s and s for its wide range of affordable, yet high quality audio components.. They also manufactured other tube and solid state amplifiers, preamplifiers, radio tuners and bookshelf loudspeakers. Dynaco was liquidated in , and the trademark is now owned by Radial Engineering Ltd. In David Hafler and Herb Keroes started a Philadelphia-based company called Acrosound to build and sell audio-quality output transformers, primarily for home electronics hobbyists. In Dave Hafler and Herb Keroes parted company.

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Dynaco A-25

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Probably meant to be used near or even on a wall, that adds bass support. Click to expand Joined Dec 12, Messages 3, Likes 6, Dennis Murphy said:. I'll be getting a pair of Dynaco A25's in for testing this weekend. The owner wants me to replace the crossover components a cap and some resistors.

I won't be able to send one to Amir, but I will take lots of measurements. As I recall, the woofer had a big rubber surround and usually doesn't need repair.

Joined Mar 17, Messages Likes 2, Joined Feb 26, Messages 68 Likes View attachment Well, I ran into a little snag in measuring the A25 woofer parameters--the woofer was sealed with glop rather than a gasket, and I haven't been able to get it out yet.

So I'll just post my impressions of and measurements for the whole speaker system. I'll preface this my saying both speakers are in excellent condition. The owner is a prominent recording engineer he does the broadcast recordings of the chamber music series from the Phillips collection in Washington, D. Overall sound: I think most of you would be pleasantly surprised. Heard on their own, they are quite balanced with no glaring colorations.

They are certainly a step up from the Advent I sent Amir, although no match in the deep bass. The bass isn't very extended, but reasonably tight with a bit of a "whump" in the midbass. The upper highs are quite smooth, and the midrange is full with no nasal quality. However, there is a lower treble, upper midrange peak that smears the detail in that range, which becomes quite evident when you switch to a modern design with a fully optimized crossover and smaller woofer.

In comparison, the midrange on the newer design is much more open and detailed, and more relaxed at the same time. The more complex the musical material, the more obvious this is. But still, if you just walked into the room I don't think anyone would hold their nose and ask to switch speakers. I think the best description of the sound would be "pleasant and quite enjoyable, but lacking in midrange detail.

I'll give bass measurements and comments in a second post. And here's the system impedance and a nearfield measurement of the woofer. The last plot is a nearfield of the New Advent loudspeaker that I took, followed by a copy of the impedance measurement Amir made of the Advent.

Two findings stand out. First, the Advent has way deeper bass response. That's due in part or mostly to the Advent's larger cabinet and to the aperiodic loading slot in the Dynaco, which introduces leakage in what would otherwise be a completely sealed cabinet. Although the aperiodic loading is intended to lower the box tuning impedance peak, it's interesting that there isn't much difference between the Advent and the Dynaco in that regard.

The Dynaco peaks at about 17 Ohms, the Advent at 18 Ohms. Both peaks are lower than what I measured in a sealed design I just finished using the Scan Revelator 7" woofer, but I'm not sure what the practical difference would be even for a tube amp. I think the main point of the aperiodic tuning was to allow use of the large 10" Seas woofer in the small Dynaco cabinet. That's the larger varient of the Athe A50? It looks like the same drivers in a bigger box. The woofers on the two I just got in are in great shape.

I've listened and compared, and have taken a lot of measurements--I'll post later today. Aperiodic Active Member. Joined May 2, Messages Likes Interesting stuff. Yes, A was a slightly larger version with a sealed two-camber cab, the divider containing the port.

It occurs that a couple A25s, for the right price, might make a good low-buck system with a 'budget' modern sub. Not competitive at that price. The basket they used was big enough for a 12" cone but they made a 9" custom cone.

Definitely went deeper than the A25, but with the right sub. I opened my A25s back in the day and coated the baskets with plasticlay as suggested by Frank van Alstine. Opening them was intimidating but not that difficult, I can understand why Dennis might be reluctant to open speakers that aren't his, but it's the only way to access the crossover cap.

Speaking of diffraction, a thin layer of plasticlay on the front panel might alleviate that a bit. I'd be careful not to let any on the grill cloth though- you'd never get it off or run the speakers without grilles.

Thanks to Dennis for the data. One question, the phase plot for the A25 looks more uniform or does that have someting to do with the graph? Last edited: Jul 25, Joined May 15, Messages Likes I had a set of bullnose Advents I never warmed up to them and eventually went through 3 pair of A25s: 2 originals and one XL. Still own a set of originals.

Funny that the low end never impressed on the Advents and yet on the A25s I always felt a nice robustness. I wonder why my impression doesn't jive with measurements - unit variation? Probably, just a faulty memory. Aperiodic said:. They did this on the production line for each speaker , according to Dynaco literature of the time which I have unfortunately long since lost.

Box tuning peaks are indeed present on every box speaker but there is a difference- to an amp- between an 8x peak and a 2x peak.

Is it that farfetched to suppose that that might make a difference, especially to a load-sensitive 30WPC transformer-coupled tube amp? I have been searching for that for years. I don't see that page in the linked material though- which doc was it in? Not an 'urban legend' after all, eh? Interesting that those who have expressed an opinion here seem to prefer the 25, considering that the Advent sold for quite a bit more during their parallel lifespans.

Last edited: Jul 26, Heh, tracked it down. Keith Conroy Member. Joined Jan 23, Messages 32 Likes I don't have the technical background to evaluate this, but it would be great if someone with expertise in woofer design could chime in.

I did manage to get the woofer out and test its free air parameters. The Fs is 31 Hz, or about 10 Hz higher than the Advent woofer.

Dynaco A35 Speaker Working Made In Denmark

Brand New. After some extensive testing the Seas tweeter is verified bad. Proac, Sonus Faber, Heybrook, Spendor. The tweeter… Take everything we have learned from our world-renowned Sierra-1, combine that with what is widely regarded as the best tweeter in the world RAAL True Ribbons and top it off with an advanced custom built SEAS woofer and this only begins to describe the performance of our new Sierra Seas Excel T35C 1.

SF bay area electronics - by owner "speakers" - craigslist. 5 Sony SS-TS surround sound home theater system speakers Dynaco A35 Speakers ***.

The New Advent Loudspeaker Review (Vintage Speaker)

The goal of creating an ideal integrated amplifier, initiated by Luxman with the launch of the LfSE in , has now been advanced with the development of the LX. Feb 01, You still have the Leben, and I reckon Luxman has a better resale value down the road, over the marantz if you decide to move on. With configurable inputs, a high end DAC, and a front facing headphone output you can enjoy ease of use with ultimate sound quality. The clarion call of the maximalist audiophile compiling an audio system for ultimate sound quality irrespective of its floor- and rack-space requirements, the hairball of interconnects that joins one component to another or the numerous 3 Hegel H - WPC, integrated DAC, 00 4 Plinius Hautonga - WPC, no DAC, 00 I have never owned "high end" stuff like this, so I am a bit new to it. The DAC, meanwhile, sounds remarkable fluid for a digital unit. Bang for buck I'd get more from the Aethos personally.

Seas Woofer

dynaco a35 speakers price

The 60s and 70s were a prominent time for Dynaco speakers. The companys manufacturing of loud speakers provided the world with a classic texture that can only be found in these restorations. Those tones come from solid state construction and a few tube warmers; the decision is yours, and many options are available in this large eBay collection. These speakers are portable and great for spaces that you can customize.

These speakers are a bit of a mystery to me, there is no model number on the back and I am not finding much online which this speaker configuration. I have listened to them and put quite a few watts to them and they sound really good : If anyone out there knows what model number they are please let me know : 18" Tall

Dynaco Speakers Bookshelf Seas Audiophile 18" Tall - $85 (Green Bay)

It sounded so-so. If you need professional help with completing any kind of homework, Solution Essays is the right place to get it. From a visual inspection, it's obvious that cathode resistor R9 is blown, and the tubes on the Left channel are marked Dynaco - so they're probably the. See full list on madisoundspeakerstore. See complete description.

No Sound On Yamaha Receiver

Dynaco is best known for its highly regarded Stereo 70 vacuum tube amplifier. Introduced in , the 35 watt per channel Stereo 70 or "ST" was sold until mid With more than , STs produced, it is the most popular tube power amp ever made. Dynaco electronics were available either factory assembled or in do-it-yourself kits, Dynakits. Because of their excellent sound quality, low noise, and reasonable prices, Dynaco tube amps were often referred to as "the poor man's McIntosh. Dynaco is also well known for its line of transistor components. In the s, the Stereo was developed and marketed.

Review (mpn: D- 20XL for sale) D- 20XL Vintage DYNACO 20XL 2-WAY Speaker A Dynaco A35 Speaker Used (% similar) In storage for some 25 years.

"dynaco speaker" in Classifieds in Ontario

Read times. Pages: 1 [ 2 ] 3 Go Down. Best Vintage Speakers. Scott F.

Seas tweeter

RELATED VIDEO: Restored Dynaco A 35 Loudspeakers

Trade offers are carefully considered. Contact us to find out how easy it can be to get a quick, fair, cash price for your gently used gear. Click here to get a quote for your gear now. Logistics is our specialty This product has passed all of our rigorous quality assurance testing and is performing wonderfully. Serial : ,

Posted by KKRock on September 20, at I just purchased my first vintage pioneer reciever SX and is looking for a pair of speakers to go with it. My choices are down to the L and the A

Transitioning from Vintage to Modern (speakers)

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We had a respectable woodworking shop at home. This DIY kit for in-wall speakers allow you to easily build high-end in-wall or in-ceiling speaker, simply mount this speaker in your own baffle. A minor cone break-up is visible at 4. Classical coated paper cone gives a smooth extended frequency response with a controlled roll-off.

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