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Fe166e fostex speakers

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Fe166e fostex speakers

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Fostex Enclosure Plans

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. So I took the leap and got the drivers For my first box I decided to stick to the Fostex recommended enclosure In the future I want to experiment a bit So this is what the plans look like: And the speakers that they present: Step 1: Getting the wood The week before Christmas is not a good time to try get wood I had to beg and plead to get them to cut it for me First step was to measure and number the wood according to the plans Step 2: Start measuring Measure and measure again Step 3: Starting construction on the inside pieces I was torn between glue and screw or dowels I used dowels where I did not want screws showing on the outside The back 'ladder chassis' I think it is there as much for strength but also to balance the weight of the speakers Step 4: Dry construction Just to make sure I have everything right I had to shave some pieces to get them all the same height Step 5: Pre finishing There is no way to finish the inside visible bits once the speaker is together so I decided to do some pre-finishing before I do the final glueing Step 6: Final construction The past, the present and the future walk into a bar.

It was tense. That looks great! Question: Do you keep a cat? I used to have one a cat, that is. Now when I see an enclosure like that, I don't only think valve amps and vinyl. I see the most glorious potential for feline adventure If it 's going vrot, put it on the buffet!

Very very nice!!! I was thinking of a Fostex type speaker, but I still need some woodworking experience!! Are you going to use some damping in the cabs, or are you first going to have a listen when you are finished?

Keep em coming, ok? I am very tempted to play with a back-loaded horn this year. Well, if you feeling a little adventurous you can get 3mm ply that has some fancy veneered attached to it already. That'll take you up to 21mm as per the plans and then you won't have to be too worried about the condition of the commercial ply.

In fact, this is what I've been doing of late using MDF as a substrate. Anyway, nicely done. Timber - cool! Looks like a great project! I'm considering doing the same. Instead of using plywood, could I do the same using supawood? Second questions - where would you get the driver? Quote from: Willi on January 06, , AM. A project actually being completed on AV Forums. Good job!! Hi-Fi is what YOU make of it.

SMF 2.

Unusual-looking speaker makes beautiful music

A good full range driver? VR3 Posts: 24, September edited September in Speakers. I am just looking at some options here What are some fairly decent full range drivers Any options that come to mind?

I was also planning on using the Fostex FEE driver. Rather than plywood, I would like to use heavy MDF for the cabinet with veneer. My.

Fostex Fe208ez

Fostex Feez. FEEZ vs. The new model has the exact physical. I will post the graphic when i get a chance but basically the measurements for a Sigma old style with wizzer : 45 L bass reflex box. It doesn't have extended HF and low-mid range dip. I don't have a microphone setup but using the Stereophile test CD, bass starts to roll off very slowly from about hz until you reach about 50Hz where there is a definite rise and a there is an even bigger rise at 40Hz. FF85K, FW I normally playing "pure direct" without boosting bass. Sadly to say, the new owner of the building.

Fostex fe166en pdf files

fe166e fostex speakers

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Fostex FE166En

Recent discovery of unknown origin Fostex individual speaker unit for sale, low price, is completely unreasonable price Taobao shop , full-frequency sound so please be careful lovers , do not be cheap! Of course, we and our distributors as Fostex certainly not coming calendar unidentified goods! All of our units are Fostex speakers from Japan over the purchase , Guangdong Panyu plant is the production of Foster good speaker , first exported back to Japan , and then sold to all over the world , may belong to the nature of processing it, so can not be directly in domestic sales , we can only sell orders over China by the Japanese Fostex factory. Buy Fostex speaker please look us only a Fostex speaker brand , we have the most complete model , the spot! No two! Speakers price is based on a calculation , postage is calculated according to a purchase of a pair of speakers , please click to buy two , postage also need a corresponding increase.

Fostex FE103En 4 inch 8 ohm high efficiency full-range speaker unit / HiFi speaker

David, aka Grumpy, needs our help. Great news. David is home! It was quite the ordeal to get him home and into the house, but it is done. Thank you to everyone for their support.

See plots below. spjpg. Fostex FEen - Microphone 24" from BK cabinet (no subs running) Fe 24in.

Building Speakers with Fostex Drivers - Thoughts?

Posted by zobsky yahoo. I popped one of them in one of my cabs to do an A-B. The other horn cabinet was running my FFK which has been broken in for a month, The difference is quite startling.

DIY options for Fostex FE-166En

Please login or register. Pages: Author Topic: Back to Speakers! And so it begins Madisound BK Fostex fe kit. Read times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic.

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Speaker Components

Discussion in ' DIY ' started by purr1n , Feb 10, Super Best Audio Friends. Read these "rules" AND introduce yourself before your first post. A healthy approach to understanding measurements Being true to what the artists intended. I like them.

High Efficiency Speaker Asylum

LOG IN. I am considering a DIY project to build a pair of single driver speakers. My current idea is to put Jordan JX9s into Transmission line cabinets. I am a competent woodworker and there are lots of plans on the internet.

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