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People selling speakers out of a van

I have been approached several times in Los Angeles and Seattle by year old men while driving in my car. They always have this bug-eyed shifty look to them and they want to sell me home speaker systems. And we all enjoy fast-talking, hurried salesman. The first time, out of curiosity, I stopped and looked at the products. I am somewhat familiar with speakers but I had never heard of these "revolutionary" brands. When I finally said that I wasn't interested, I was met with lower prices and "do you have any friends that might be interested?

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LOG IN. Anyone heard of this scam. I guess people go around town and try to sell "left over from an install" products for "cents on the dollar" only to sell people junk!

Seams like it would hardly be worth the effort, but i have had guys pull up to me in traffic and say the have nice speakers for sale. I guess these are made in china for like 5 dollar a pair? I cant see too much harm IF you know audio and dont pay too much. I know, my local Craiglist often has unknow speaker brands pop up all the time, and if i do a google, it always goes to a web site about White Van rip-offs.

Anyone else have knowledge of this and can explain the supply chain a little more? Edit Delete. I haven't see a 'whitevan' in decades. I thought they got a flat tire, mugged, and then quit the business.

In what city neighborhood? The scam is still alive and well No particular city, state or neighborhood, these guys work the entire country. I haven't seen that scam since the 80's. I wonder if it still exists. I saw it less than six months ago at a gas station no less. The person was a chick and very insistant, claiming I had a flat tire whir which I did not after I told her to bug off.

It happened to me once in the 90s I told the guy my car stereo had better stuff than anything in his van. I hadn't heard of these guys in years. But I remember my next door neighbor about 20yrs or so ago got suckered into buying a pair. I had just sold a pair of JBL L50's and he wanted them but offered me about a third of what I sold them for. He kept telling me that I was trying to rip him off when he showed up with these "box o' crap" speakers.

I helped him hook them up and they sounded worse than a megaphone. But he was thrilled and was telling me that he got a much better speaker than I had tried to sell him for less than half of what I wanted for my JBL's. I told him crank 'em up lets see what they can do and after about 45 seconds at the higher volume the mid range smoked. The next day he told me the other speaker quit working, so he blamed me for hooking them up wrong. It was all I could do not laugh in his face about what a fool he was.

He took them to a local repair shop and they told him that they would make a decent end table but weren't worth repairing. To this day he blames me for them failing when I bring it up. I had seen them at different parking lots but never took any interest from the onset by the initial sales approach of ultra high pressure.

WhiteVan Audio and Video, you never see them advertise in Stereophile do you Old scams never die, they just wait for a new crop of marks to be born. Been on craigslist lately? It makes me sick that people fall for it. Nice shiney cabinets and lots of drivers Nothing new, it's been going on for a very long time. Over the years I've heard - "We're doing an install in a new subdivision, apartment complex, commercial hi-rise, you name it and these are leftover from the job.

We'd rather sell them than have to take them back to the warehouse". It's my company and I'm gettin' rid of everything before she and her lawyer get their hands on it. A guy I know came by my home a few weeks ago claiming that "Every amp I hook up to these speakers just dies," I asked him "What type of speakers are they?

He could not remember the name but that he had bought them off of some guys on a truck on "Broadway Ave". These assholes are alive and well and ripping people off every day. If you are new to this hobby and want to by a system talk to the people on this site if you do not have any close friends to help you. This is a very expensive hobby even if you buy used gear because it takes a certain amount of money to make quality components, and then whoever touches it before you get it gets a cut.

There are just too many variables involved, and all components do not "play" well together. This hobby is not for the cheap, timid, or the impatient. Yep, same people looking for the same fools. Its been happening since time eternal. The only reason it continues is people buy into it. I have to say that I have bought named speakers that aren't much better, but that's part of my learning curve. I had a guy try to sell me a pair in about '96 in a shopping strip parking lot near Cincinnati.

I asked a guy in a pawn shop about it and he said they actually come as kits. They're flat and need to be put together before being sold dishonestly. They built "Bose " speakers. They even had the same nasty brown and orange cover material and fake badges. Somehow they made something of a living off of dupes buying the things for discount rates - enough to buy their beer and pizza for a week. And yes, they had a white van. They did have the first and maybe only when I think about it Quadraphonic system I heard - real Pioneer gear and real Pioneer speakers.

Funny how the "Bose" were only for demo purposes, not what they listened to. At one time we carried a replacement midrange for the - identical in every way except no blue cone.. I actually purchased a pair back in the mid 80s. I was walking into my local mall and a van drove up and asked if I wanted a pair of great speakers for a great price. I don't remember the story they told me on why they were available. The speakers were a big-box 3 way with frequency control buttons, kind of like JBLs back in the day.

They had some name I don't remember that sounded like a well known brand at the time but wasn't exactly the same so I told them I wanted to check with the audio store that was in the mall. The two of them followed me in and we all went into the store and I couldn't find a match for me to get a feel for their true value.

At the time I had a little bit of cash and a check from work, they took the cash and were happy to have me sign the check over. In hind site that all seems pretty strange, right? My speakers would have been much better built and used much better parts than the knock-offs, but I didn't see it at the time.

They sounded OK compared to my home made ones, but were nothing special. Since I didn't need 2 pairs of box speakers in my room and realized I had made a mistake buying them, I donated them to my local small country church and they hooked them up into their PA system. As far as I know, those speakers are still in use at the church! So yea, I was young and stupid, and the parts and build costs was likely what folks here say they were, but in the end their use at the church and my life experience of the event was definitely worth the cost :.

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White van speakers on craigslist!

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Like Apple products, Sonos speakers sell at a premium, offer for Gear readers: Get a 1-Year Subscription to WIRED for $5 ($25 off).

How to sell "white van" speakers - a step-by-step guide.

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OPP warn about guys in white van selling 'hi-fi' speakers

people selling speakers out of a van

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White van speakers on craigslist! I-SIG Posts: 2,

Car Media Players

The white van speaker scam is a scam sales technique in which a con artist makes a buyer believe they are getting a good price on home entertainment products. Often a con artist will buy inexpensive, generic speakers [1] and convince potential buyers that they are premium products worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, offering them for sale at a price that the buyer thinks is heavily discounted, but is actually a heavy markup from their real value. Con artists in this type of scam call themselves "speakerguys" or "speakermen", and usually claim to be working for a speaker delivery or installation company. The speaker scam was common in the s. Despite widespread information about the scam on consumer forums and watchdog sites, the scams continue operating across several continents.

Dominican car stereo culture uses all the speakers

Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. How to sell "white van" speakers - a step-by-step guide. Location: South Mountain, NC. This is amazing! And I thought car salesmen were bad!

That's part of the scam. That way the guy selling them out of the back of said van can "prove" to the person he's scamming how much they are.

My bro is an idiot! He bought some speakers out of the back of a van!

Learn More. One of the greatest benefits of upgrading your car speakers is to create a higher fidelity and clarity of sound. With improved sound clarity, your favourite songs or radio stations will be clearer, crisper and sound closer to reality.

White van speaker scam


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I was in a pawnshop once looking at cameras, when a guy lugged in a pair of JBL L speakers.

Best Truck Speakers: Strive for a Clear Sound

Deputies have stopped the vans several times and determined the salespeople on wheels from Whirlwind Entertainment are operating lawfully. However, their sales methods are questionable, he said. A common practice for the hard-sell sales representatives is to drive down the street yelling at drivers, hoping to get them to stop so they can show them their product, deputies said. Whirlwind Entertainment sales representatives refused to comment on their Valley operation. Numerous attempts to reach management at the Whirlwind Entertainment office at N.

What's the deal with selling speakers in parking lots?

We received paramax speakers from a friend as a gift which they bought from someone who said it retail at ? I searched around and guess it is this scam but I am unsure How much are these speakers really worth?

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