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Superhero quiz iphone answers speakerphone

Or will you crash back to Earth? The sensing element, capable of detecting acoustic waves, is manufactured using a. This device features an adjustable gain from 0 to 40 dB with excellent. Q All right, stop, collaborate and listen — who rocks the mic like a vandal? A: s rapper, Vanilla Ice Q In the film. Comfortable lock ears, Dual mic noise reduction.

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5 Tips for Better Call Quality

Help for people with sight loss From screen readers to virtual assistants, we look at ways to get the most out of your smartphone if you're visually impaired. Help for people with hearing loss Settings tweaks and useful apps can help you out if you've got a hearing loss.

Help for people with physical disabilities There are loads of great apps to help you get the most out of your smartphone if you've got a physical disability. According to statistics from Royal National Institute of Blind People , there are more than two million people living with sight loss in the UK.

And thanks to our modern-day reliance on smartphones, there are more challenges and more opportunities for people with sight loss than there ever has been before.

Luckily, there are lots of ways to turn your phone into a really useful tool for people who have sight loss. Perhaps the most useful asset in the accessibility armoury is the ability to have the text read aloud to you. All you need to do is turn this feature on in the settings menu. And after enabling the built-in feature, simply highlight the desired text, scroll right on the appearing menu, and select Speak. Android customers, meanwhile, will need to visit the Google Play Store to download a text-to-speech app.

My favourite is Text to Voice Read Aloud, which is unobtrusive, easy to use and free set up. Not all apps come with the functionality of reading text. If this happens on either ecosystem, simply copy the text and then paste it to your text message app. Although Siri, the Apple assistant, does an adequate job of answering questions, setting reminders, and timers, Google Assistant is the undisputed leader.

This puts them way ahead of some virtual assistants that will merely return internet results and expect you to view the information for yourself. Google Assistant is also great at handling internal phone functions such as checking battery charge, turning Wi-Fi on and off, or operating the flashlight. It can be accessed across most platforms, even on the iPhone. That said, things work best when on its native home of Android.

Of course another major issue for people with sight loss is constantly misplacing things, And for those who struggle to find their iPhone, Siri has a nifty trick up its sleeve. And of course the frontrunners are Apple Pay and Google Pay. As you might imagine, both allow you to store card information on your mobile and settle bills with contactless payment. Pure ease-of-use sees Apple Pay come out as a clear winner.

While both work by hovering the device over the contactless terminal, Google incurs far more error messages than its counterpart. There is often a lot more time spent trying to wave the phone into the correct position, than paying.

To be fair to Google Pay, it mostly works speedily. This includes high contrast keyboards, extra fonts and filters. Which is ideal for anyone who struggles to cope with certain colours.

Those who own a basic Android set up can make use of, a screen reader, zoom, and a large text tool. The screen reader function is designed to help those who are blind or severely visually impaired. When turned on it reads the selected elements of the screen. This means that the phone will read out things like, menu options, app names, text within apps, and web browsers.

This will be a useful tool for some, but for anyone who also has physical difficulties with their hands, this will be a tricky feature to master out of the box. This is because both systems use double tap and multi-finger gestures to manipulate the interface. If you struggle to control multiple fingers, then it may prove to be a trying experience. If you have some level of vision, then combining other accessible features might prove more beneficial for you. Screen magnifying could come in handy as it allows specific sections of the screen to be enlarged.

Android patrons can even attach a shortcut button at the bottom of the screen to enable the feature. According to a representative from Apple Support, iPhone users have a similar option as they can set the side button to activate the Zoom function when triple tapped. The iPhone may be especially vexing as it uses three-finger gestures as a default. The handset does accommodate for physical disabilities, which may offset the barriers but its default setting can be a bit tricky to use if you struggle with coordination.

People with sight loss who use basic Android are likely to struggle with the colour of the pre-set keyboard. We recommend downloading Nova Launcher from the Play Store.

To access keyboard Themes, open the app, hit the small arrow on the home screen and click on the Google keyboard icon. Then select keyboard from the options, and choose Themes. You should now be able to pick from a range of different keyboard colours that better suit your visual needs.

Using another font away from the default may be a little bit more hit and miss. Not all phones come with the option of choosing from a selection. If this is the case, then an exploration of the Play Store is in order. Apps on the store are typically rated by the public out of five and are often given reviews to go with them. As one of the 11 million people living in the UK with a hearing loss, making calls on a mobile phone can be a disproportionately challenging task.

The reduced sound quality on a mobile, combined with competing background noises and not being able to see the caller in person can make a mobile call a horribly testing experience. In an endeavour to provide a more inclusive user experience, the majority of modern smartphones are now equipped with some basic tools to support users with a hearing loss.

For example, on a standard iPhone, a user simply has to select Settings and then Accessibility to see a range of options to assist people in various different ways. However, the end results of this can be mixed depending on the handset and the type of hearing aid which is being used. A common challenge is the whistling or buzzing noise that occurs when a phone is held too close to a hearing aid, which is often due to a lesser quality Telecoil or microphone in the device.

With continual advances in messaging communications, there are more options than ever to use your phone to send texts, emails and photo messages, along with gifs, memes and emojis. So you can have long conversations with friends and family without having to rely on your ears at all. Apps such as WhatsApp, with 65 billion messages sent daily, have become a far more routine way to communicate. And this naturally provides the significant advantage of text-based messages which make the communication far easier for people with a hearing loss.

Of course another benefit of, WhatsApp, along with apps like Skype, is the opportunity to make video calls. Many people with a hearing loss are, to a greater or lesser degree, dependent on sign language or lipreading to communicate. Until these apps, there was a significant barrier for people with a hearing loss when they were not able to see the other person on the end of a call.

However, now people with a hearing loss are able to physically view the other person, they can use sign language or lipreading to have a conversation with someone miles away. Alternatively, you can take a more text-based approach by using the Next Generation Text Services.

This is available for Android and IOS devices and can translate between text and voices. So a voice message can be typed out for people with a hearing loss to read. Now more than ever, there are more alternatives to having to make a phone call to communicate with people, which is a significant advantage for people with a hearing loss. While nothing can entirely compensate for a hearing loss, from my personal experiences, there are some useful tips that can improve your experience of making a call on your mobile.

This may sound obvious but finding a quiet space to use your phone can make a significant difference to the sound quality of the call. For example, if your mobile rings in your workplace background noise from colleagues, printers or other phone handsets can have a substantial impact on your ability to hear the person on the other end of the call. Instead of having background noises detracting from the quality of the sound, move to find a quiet place which allows you to focus on the call.

Even if you have perfect hearing, using a hands-free kit to take a phone call when driving is not advisable. If you have a hearing loss, then the potential risks of trying to focus on hearing someone on the other end of a phone are even more significant.

Passing cars, pouring rain and passers-by can all have an impact on your ability to hear on a phone call. So, if possible, consider heading indoors to try and get a clearer call. This should take away at least some of the external factors which may have a negative impact on a phone call.

Getting a poor signal can be frustrating for all of us but for those people with a hearing loss it can significantly increase the difficulty of making a call.

Some people with a hearing loss find this a helpful feature which enhances their ability to hear the person on the call. For others, competing noise and reduced sound quality on speakerphone might make it more difficult to hear, so make sure you test it first and see if it works for you.

To avoid the frustration of not hearing phone calls or alarms, try different options and select one which works for you. Some frequencies are harder to hear than others, after all.

Equally, you can test the other features such as light or vibrate alerts to see if these provide a more consistent way of knowing when your phone is ringing. By the very nature of a smartphone, there are lots of functions and features built into modern handsets that are designed to help people with sight or hearing difficulties. Whatever your physical disability, choosing a durable handset is a pretty good idea. Luckily, most modern-day smartphones are pretty robust. But as a guide, any phone screen made with Gorilla Glass 5 or higher will be scratch-resistant and difficult to break.

More and more smartphones are now waterproof and dustproof too. While loudspeaker is useful for people with a hearing loss, it can also be really helpful for people with a physical disability.

If you struggle to hold your phone to your ear, loudspeaker can be a real life-saver. Open Sesame Enable is an incredible piece of subscription-based software that lets you use an Android phone completely touch-free. It also has an on-screen cursor that picks up even the most minor of head movements which enables users to interact and utilise apps without having to hold the phone.

And you can edit the phrases in the settings to personalise it and to make it easier to use. Open Sesame works hand-in-hand with voice activation too. Download Open Sesame from the Play Store. If, like me, you rely on a car to get around, Blue Badge Parking is a total game-changer.

As the name suggests, it uses GPS to help you find disabled parking spaces. When you load the app, it immediately shows you the five disabled bays closest to you by highlighting them in green. The app is crowdsourced so you can submit new bays to be added to the database, as well as remove one if the bay no longer exists. Meanwhile, WheelMap lets you know just how accessible public places such as restaurants, hotels, shops and sports venues are.


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The application (or app) allows a child to use an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or cordless, amplifier telephone with speakerphone and answering machine.

P710e Speakerphone for Hands-Free Conference Calls

One of the best things about using Google on your smartphone is the voice commands. Using just your voice you can get your device to do all sorts of things on your behalf. To find out more, check out everything you need to know about Google Assistant. Google can obviously turn to the internet for answers, but it can also search your Gmail inbox and some other places. Both of these commands will work, even if your phone is on a Do Not Disturb setting. However, your Android phone location needs to be turned on, and the phone needs to be connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi. If you have multiple people using the same device such as a Nest Home to find their phones, then all their individual Google Accounts must be separately linked.

Is this the perfect office workflow?

superhero quiz iphone answers speakerphone

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About five years ago, I buried my desk phone. Feel free to point out that I could have donated the phone or recycled it somehow, but there are times when you just need to rip something out of your office and make it extinct.


Company Video. Sadar Bazaar, Delhi No. Fort, Mumbai Office No. Mumbai, Maharashtra. Industrial Area, Balotra, Dist.

Meizu M5 review: Challenging the odds

Amazon India is back with another lucrative quiz on its platform. Every day the e-commerce platform brings an opportunity for its customers to win amazing prizes by answering five questions. The questionnaire is based on general knowledge and current affairs. The Amazon Quiz is hosted for the app users only which means desktops users cannot participate in the quiz. So before participating just make sure you have downloaded the App. The lucky users might win something by answering all the questions correctly. The Amazon Quiz can be played daily from 8 AM to 12 noon. Daily the e-commerce platform gives a chance to millions of people across the country to win exciting prizes.

Best Buy has honest and unbiased customer reviews for Dell - Mobile Adapter Speakerphone MHP - USB type C -1x HDMI- 2x USB -type.

How to use Google Assistant, plus all the ‘OK, Google’ commands you need to know

The e-commerce website Amazon is back with another daily quiz on its platform. The e-retailer conducts Amazon quiz sessions every day for its customers. Check out 13 September Amazon Quiz answers.

Epic Origin Stories Revealed: How Marvel Cast All of Your Favorite Superheroes

The most powerful superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is one you've never seen on screen: Sarah Finn. Her super power? Casting the juggernaut franchise's stacked lineup of talent. In the nearly 13 years since Iron Man 's release , MCU has proven time and time again that they know how to pick the perfect actor to portray Marvel's vast lineup of heroes, beginning with Robert Downey Jr. In fact, Larson's debut as Carol Danvers in 's Captain Marvel marked the MCU's first official female-led film, a long time coming for the franchise that delivered 21 films in its first three phases. And today, all eyes on are Olsen—and co-star Paul Bettany — in Wandavision, which leaves fans enlightened, confused and shocked week after week.

The Blackwire noise canceling headset lets you switch between collaboration or concentration at the touch of a button. Enjoy hi-fi stereo in your choice of black or white finish, built for all-day comfort.

The Best Way to Record Calls and Transcribe Them Quickly

A big part of learning from your conversations is being able to hear them clearly—something that we here at Dialpad work on behind the scenes to improve for our end users every day. This can quickly have you and your participants experiencing echo. To avoid that, we recommend sticking with a good pair of headphones for your next call, either that or take the call on your phone mobile or desk internal mic. Not just from physical interactions—meetings, lunch breaks, quick hallway catch ups—but just from the general noise of a buzzing office. But with the right headset, much if not all of that noise can be eliminated.

The Meizu M5 is shaping to be the more interesting device of the mid-range M5 duo. We already took the M5 Note for a spin and it turned rather uninspiring without any meaningful upgrades to offer. On the other hand, the M5 comes with a bigger screen and battery, the latest mTouch key with biometric security, and a newer Android version over the M3.

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