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Our intensive Student Leadership Day programming engages students in 9thth grades with captivating, world-class Upstander speakers, interactive programs, and the opportunity to create an action plan to take back to their school. Student Leadership Day inspires the change-makers to build leadership skills, explore their roles as citizens, and develop a deeper understanding of the Holocaust, genocide, and other human rights issues. Students return to their communities with the tools and drive to promote acceptance and understanding. We invite you to nominate up to ten of your 9th — 11th grade students to participate in this powerful day. The goal of Student Leadership Day is to increase awareness about the Holocaust, genocide, and human rights, and to help participants think about lessons we can learn from the past. Participating students will develop and carry out an action plan to address a social justice issue in their school, community, or the wider world.

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Event page -The 9th Annual Wyeth Nutrition Science Center Global Summit

Partnering: What will the new partner relationships look like in the post-pandemic world? The ongoing digital transformation of procurement processes Risk management: How to manage the cost pressure and the increase of prices? Due to country lockdowns, travel bans, factory shutdowns, shortages and bankruptcies, aspects such as digitalisation, resilience, sustainability, localisation of suppliers, ScaaS models or future-ready company strategies have become the centre of attention indeed.

What precisely will the wave of revolution bring upon us? This interactive business conference will present you cross-industry sourcing and procurement leaders who will reveal their key strategies standing behind their success. Join us to be part of the community and enjoy unique networking opportunities with senior-level decision-makers. You can become an active part of highly insightful discussions ensured by limited seats to exchange ideas and learn from benchmark professionals.

Critical factors for business success are no longer limited to quality, competence and diligent financial management, but are more than ever driven by effective steering and risk management along the entire value chain.

Insofar a holistic Business Partner risk management is key for business success. Boehringer Ingelheim introduced an approach to keep control of supplier and customer relationships.

In this presentation a new light will be put on procurement. Not only does the focus shift from cost to value, but procurement needs to redefine itself. Complex supply chain networks need an orchestrator of tomorrow. Fundamental for the transformation of procurement will be digital fluency and more.

Procurement has gone through a deep transformation in the last decades. Today procurement is still in transformation and the changes are faster and more impacting than ever.

Some of the changes we will discuss: — The shift to a socio-economic focus where diversity, inclusion and the environment are key — The new analytics and digital capabilities for procurement — The automation frontier of procurement — The new Supply Chain Risk Management — The new capabilities and the expertise required by SCM professionals.

The role of the procurement has been changed in the last years. The essence of the procurement activities in the past does not meet the requirements of the VUCA times anymore. The procurement role and strategic target should be adjusted to the market and expectations of the internal and external stakeholders.

The only one way to do procurement nowadays is to embed all the activities in the ecosystem of the companies and willingness to understand the expectations and needs. We need to reorientate our function and approach. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Designed for. Sourcing Digital signage Hybrid meeting rooms Mobile key In-rooms tablet solutions. Enable business steering Keeping up with regulatory requirements Ensuring quality standards Obtaining a competitive advantage.

Network Orchestration. The complexity of supply chains in automotive Procurement as an orchestrator The need for digitalisation People business. The approach towards procurement yesterday, now and tomorrow Strategic direction for the procurement in the future Revenues from the procurement activities instead of savings — Why not?

Invited Speakers for 2019

Evox Therapeutics. National Institutes of Health. Genentech Inc. Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. Click here for our privacy policy.

The UNO School of Accounting invites you to the 9th annual UNO Accounting Speakers Series, featuring keynote speaker Ginger White and ethics speaker Nathan.


Fathers, Grandfathers, Mentors, Coaches, Partners, Uncles, and any other male caregivers are all vitally important in the lives of all children. Join us for a day dedicated to helping dads and male caregivers become strong role models for their children and families. If you are a male caregiver, a father, a supporter of fathers, or a professional working with and advocating for fathers, this event will provide speakers, resources and breakout sessions that every father, male caregiver, supporter and professional should attend. Founder and CEO of Yunion pronounced union , Jason Wilson has over 14 years of experience in training and developing young black men. Under his leadership, The Yunion has effectively reached more than 10, youth and young adults in Metro Detroit. Through his passion and leadership, CATTA has garnered numerous acknowledgments and awards for their work teaching boys how to introspectively confront and conquer their negative emotions with composure. June 24 am - pm.

Becker's Healthcare Conferences – Call for Speakers/Presentations

center speaker 9th

Partnering: What will the new partner relationships look like in the post-pandemic world? The ongoing digital transformation of procurement processes Risk management: How to manage the cost pressure and the increase of prices? Due to country lockdowns, travel bans, factory shutdowns, shortages and bankruptcies, aspects such as digitalisation, resilience, sustainability, localisation of suppliers, ScaaS models or future-ready company strategies have become the centre of attention indeed. What precisely will the wave of revolution bring upon us?

Spiros N. Professor Agathos was a faculty member at the University of Western Ontario in Canada and at Rutgers University in the United States and has served as a visiting professor in Europe and the Americas.

Center for Innovation in Urban Education (CIUE)

Becker's Healthcare accepts proposals for speakers and presentations at our annual events throughout the year. We begin accepting proposals approximately 11 months before the event date and announce the final schedule four months prior to the event. To propose a presentation or panel, please send the following information to Scott Becker and the Agenda Team at sbecker beckershealthcare. A complete list of submission deadlines is listed below. If you are interested in speaking at a virtual event , please email the Agenda team at agendateam beckershealthcare.

ISRS Schedule

Due to the COVID outbreak the talk will be streamed online and users will be welcome to join using the video conferencing tool Bb Collaborate. It is natural to endow them with geometric structures that allow to realize and understand different types of operations measurements, movements, solving differential equations. The most prominent geometric structures are those coming from Physics or Algebra in particular Algebraic Geometry , and very remarkable results are those in which a geometric structure of local nature yields global properties of a manifold its topology. Among the diverse geometric structures, we will focus on complex structures appearing for algebraic varieties and its cousing the symplectic structutres, that happen in even dimensions. In odd dimensions, we will discuss the Sasakian and contact structures, mentioning some novel results on the topology of Sasakian manifolds. His research interests lie in differential geometry, algebraic geometry and algebraic topology. More specifically, rational homotopy theory, gauge theory, moduli spaces, symplectic geometry, complex geometry and functions of one complex variable. Poster 9th Math Colloquium.

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine; am –am: Trainee Speaker - Nathaniel Henning, Graduate Student.

New President was Keynote Speaker at QCC's 9th annual August Assessment Academy

Lynn C. In her prior position with Covance Laboratories, Inc, Dr. She provided global executive leadership for veterinary services and animal welfare regulatory compliance for 10 AAALAC-accredited facilities located throughout the U. She and her staff of more than 30 veterinarians supported and advanced excellence in veterinary medical care of research animals and supported 3Rs initiatives to reduce, refine and replace the need for animals used in research.

Ed Maydew Keynote Speaker at 9TH EIASM Conference

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Rodgers will discuss how to overcome disparities in obesity, diabetes, and kidney disease at the annual event. Reed, M. Lectureship, featuring Griffin Rodgers, M. Rodgers is widely recognized for his contributions to the development of hydroxyurea, the first effective—and now FDA approved—therapy for sickle cell anemia. The lectureship is named in honor of James W.

This is a recorded webinar, watch the link here.

12th Annual Optimising Contact Centres Summit

Weill Cornell Medicine. Dr Artis completed his doctoral research training at the University of Manchester, UK focusing on regulation of immunity and inflammation in the intestine. Following receipt of a Wellcome Trust Prize Traveling Fellowship, he undertook his post-doctoral fellowship training at the University of Pennsylvania where he continued his research training in examining the regulation of immune responses at barrier surfaces. Dr Artis joined the faculty at Penn in and became a Professor of Microbiology in Dr Artis has developed a research program focused on dissecting the pathways that regulate innate and adaptive immune cell function at barrier surfaces in the context of health and disease. His research program also encompasses a significant effort to translate research findings in pre-clinical models into patient-based studies of immune-mediated diseases. Elasmogen Ltd.

How to ensure a seamless experience regardless of the channel? Why employee engagement, staff turnover reduction and development of future strategies are a key point to have in mind for business? Volvo Cars is going through an intense transformation journey as many automotive companies.

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