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I have been approached several times in Los Angeles and Seattle by year old men while driving in my car. They always have this bug-eyed shifty look to them and they want to sell me home speaker systems. And we all enjoy fast-talking, hurried salesman. The first time, out of curiosity, I stopped and looked at the products. I am somewhat familiar with speakers but I had never heard of these "revolutionary" brands.

When I finally said that I wasn't interested, I was met with lower prices and "do you have any friends that might be interested? I'm almost sure their business is not legit, but I'm curious as to where they get these speakers and it's always speakers , and why do they always hit me up when I'm driving. Date: Wed, 29 Aug Maybe you know the scam I've encountered a few times years ago and recently twice within the last month.

Two guys have a bunch of Speakers in their vehicle. They find someone to approach. Their story goes, "I've got these speakers to install in a nearby home. When picking these speakers up at the warehouse, our invoice indicates 4 speakers, but the warehouse gave us 6 speakers. We're trying to unload these before we show up at the house to install. Two guys approached me just before going into my bank about 2 weeks ago.

When I went to the same bank today, I saw another 2 guys pitching the same story to a guy as I walked by. I was reading through some of the popular street scams when I came across something that caught my eye - "The Speaker Scam". This actually happened to me in West Los Angeles about four years ago. I was driving down Sepulveda Blvd with my boyfriend, when two very friendly looking guys pulled up in a blue pickup truck in the lane next to us at a red light.

They excitedly explained that they had just come from the "warehouse" and "the factory ordered four speakers but they gave us four sets" and "we're just two broke delivery guys trying to make a buck!

We initially said "no thanks" but then the driver proceeded to tell us how state of the art the speakers were and how he'd give them to us for CHEAP. They would even follow us to the ATM!

So we pulled into a parking lot and they bombarded us with all these glossy brochures and advertisements from so-called hi-tech magazines. They really suckered us. They pull the speakers out of the box and believe me, they were impressive looking to someone who is not an expert.

I still remember the brand name "Acoustic Response" which I had never heard of, but I just thought that was because it was such a high-end brand! We told them no way, and actually started to leave, when the guy said, "Hey dude, what can you afford? When we got home, we hooked the speakers up to our entertainment system, and of course, they were CRAPPY to say the least.

I was checking around on the Net trying to find out the real price of some speakers I had just purchased, when I came across your site. I started reading and noticed that the stories sounded a little too familiar for I too had bought some speakers from two guys in a gold SUV who pulled me over, while I was driving near Salem in Oregon, by yelling something about free speakers. Anyways, they told me they were picking up four house speakers and got loaded with six.

They wanted to get rid of the two extras before they had to meet their boss. He went through the steps on your site perfectly, though he told me he just needed some extra money for the "titty bar".

Speakers are being sold the same way, under the brand name of Denmark, all over Texas. They are exactly like the Audiofile Speakers, same make, numbers and all.

But from what I understood from the "scamsmen" they are almost all from Michigan, Pennsylvania, and a couple of other places up north. The more consumers that buy from these scam artists, the more than can continue to screw us. These people need to be stopped.

I've been approached 3 times with this speaker scam. I didn't know what they were up to but I knew it was a scam of some sort. The last time I saw them I reminded them of the last 2 times and quickly informed the shopping mall security and Miami Metro Dade Police.

Surprised that I received the initial letters within days from different parts of the country led me to investigate this situation which I had never before heard of yes, I am fallible. Much to my surprise this turns out to be a scam of international proportions Canada, U. There are even web sites specifically devoted to exposing it.

Essentially it involves selling cheaply made, but impressive looking, home stereo speakers under the names:. Most shocking is that it appears to be some kind of franchise operation for cons with impressive brochures, van decals, and a bogus website to delude you into believing you have gotten quite a deal.

Speaker Scam. Speaker Scam News Report Video. In the typical stereo speaker scam scenario you are either approached on foot in a large high-traffic retail parking lot Home Depot, Loews, McDonalds, gas stations, banks , hailed to the side of the road by someone next to a van in apparent distress waving a sign, or actually urged to stop while driving by the demonstrative hand signals and shouting of the driver of a company delivery van.

In most cases the van will be white, new and bear a stylish corporate logo with the name Dynalab on the side. Your fears of being hijacked, kidnapped or robbed are dispelled by both this and the neat, respectably monogrammed t-shirts with name tags the young driver and assistant are wearing. Fearing an unnoticed mechanical difficulty in your own vehicle; coming to the aid of a person who may be stranded; or simply being sociably compliant to a reasonable request to approach their vehicle, you eventually hear their story.

They begin their rehearsed routine which is both persuasive and assertive. We were going to a jobsite and they put too many on the truck. So tell you what. I'll let you have them for a great price. These are left-over studio speaker sets from a job we did over at the Olympic Stadium. If we can get rid of them now, at cost, we won't get toasted by the boss.

They suggest that they need to get rid of them before they return to the warehouse and have to give them back to their boss. They present you with the delivery invoices and business cards to back up their claim. They further justify their claims with colorful ads in audiophile magazines or slick brochures listing a very high retail price. Even the web site address www. They may also provide you with a phone number for an audio company Extreme Audio which you can call and confirm the price before you proceed further.

He is, in fact, actually a shill who assists in the operation. First they roll out all the trappings of respectability. The van, nametags, documentation, T-shirts, brochures, the impressive looking speakers, all emblazoned with the company logo.

After establishing a sky high value in your mind they simply try to get as much out of you as possible while making it seem like you're getting a deal. The drivers, from all around the world, have been known to ask for extra "beer money" for giving the buyer such a great deal.

This personalization offsets buyers remorse by reinforcing that it was you, not them, who made the deal. This aspect of the scam causes the "Speakermen" as they call themselves to regale with laughter at your gullibility once they leave your sight.

Some buyers just give in due to the pressure of intimidation. They end up just hoping they can recoup their costs by reselling the speakers. It reflects poorly on society, and is perhaps a bit sad, that a marketing pitch is successful when it involves creating the perception that the merchandise is stolen. Well, it doesn't come as much of a surprise to see that Jam Audio, is a really big scam.

In college and always needing money, I called and was greeted with a friendly voice, very politely giving me directions on how to get to the establishment, but never mentioning anything about the company or its practices.

I went for an "interview" which involved filling out a generic application and was offered a job helping to sell speakers. I took the job hoping to make as much money as possible, never wondering why everyone wasn't quitting their job and running for speaker sales. I was told to wear a collared shirt and jeans or shorts to start the next day at 8 a. After all the trucks were loaded we had a team meeting, which covered sales goals and a pep talk on the bonus money given to the teams that arrive back at the shop first with the most speakers sold.

So we venture out into a suburb and pull into the parking lot of a gas-station. I thought we were just filling up to start the day out, but that's when I first heard the come-on and knew this career move was a bad idea.

The veteran leaned out the window and yelled to some unsuspecting driver, "Hey buddy!!! You need a set of house speakers? Then we all became part of the act.

The driver asked us to hand him a magazine with a marked page showing this particular brand of "Denmark" speakers. After all, if we brought them back some guy with seniority would get them instead of us. This little "show" must have happened at least times throughout the day with only a handful purchasing but it seems the mark gets made fun of afterwards if you buy them or not.

That the speakers are junk is openly discussed. All employees are required to fill out independent contractor forms which I suppose allows the company to operate without being held liable for the salesperson's actions. I hope something can be done to get rid of this crap, I worked there for one day and saw right through what they were doing and wanted no part of it. At first I thought they might have been stolen but they looked like the real thing.

White van with Dynalab decals on the side. Dynalab shirts, paperwork and everything. Something about rubber speakers that the "salesman" demonstrates by bouncing his fist off of left me more than a bit skeptical. Hey everybody. I kidnapped two speaker guys here in Maryland!

I will be auctioning them on ebay with no reserve. He pulled over to see what it was he wanted and he was shown this brochure of speakers.

He said that they were the best around and used in all major clubs around NYC. But, my friend turned him down.

The white van speaker scam explained, and how it moved to Craigslist and Facebook

David, aka Grumpy, needs our help. Great news. David is home! It was quite the ordeal to get him home and into the house, but it is done. Thank you to everyone for their support. Now a long road ahead to get him back on his feet and functioning normally.

Theater Research TR, Theater Research TR, Theater Research TR Digital Sound Speakers, Theater Research TR Speakers, TR Professional.

Top most Overpriced brands???

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Theater Research

theater research tr-1120 speakers

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Theater Research Speakers Tr 2810 Manual

After my dad brought home the TR Theater Research 6 pieces set, I immediately research and found out that it was affiliated with the White Van scams. Now I don t know if these are legitimate product but the package is very professionally pack. The box is very legit but I m alittle. Need a replacement remote or universal code for a theater research tr Post 2 made. Audio manuals and audio service pdf instructions.


Posted March 31, I would never say never, however I'll be starting on a second system upstairs that I anticipate will require most of my attention. I will need to go with a smaller speaker than the RF-7 due to space constraints. Any suggestions???? Posted March 29, Posted March 27, Posted March 11,

Theater Research TR White Van Speaker Review/Destruction for Subs TR, TR, TR, TR, TR, TR, TR, TR, TR

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TR Suuuuucks! Jake banacek.

"theater research" in Classifieds in Canada

Show Description. Dolby Atmos through a TCL? Check out this how to, and step up your home theater game! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.. Final Cut Pro X.

The White Van Speaker Scam Explained — and Our Guide for What to Avoid

Yet, as you read this, someone, somewhere, is falling victim to the hoax. The white van speaker scam is a global phenomenon. According to Scam Shield , the scam is currently active in 24 cities, four countries, and three continents. It subsists because of the avarice of those who conceived of it, the cunning of those who sell it, and, most of all, the ignorance of those it ensnares.

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