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I have no idea whether they will accept such results and what they will make of it. But it certainly seems weird. I would not do so. Although Harvard does not accept SAT in your native language, there are exceptions.

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SAT Subject Test in Spanish

I know some people think it is pointless to take a language that they already speak, but I thought if I get a full mark it will look good on my application Just it case the language test doesn't help the application, I will still have two other SAT subject test scores to send physics and math.

That is why I am wondering if I can still make it to a good college with a perfect Chinese SAT score, even though I am a native speaker. I really do not think that it will look bad if you take the Chinese SAT. I didn't even know that there is such an SAT. But if you think about it, SAT is mostly for native English speakers, and they all take it.

I do not see why it would be bad in any way for you to take Chisese SAT. If you are going to study something that has to do with languages in University, then taking the Chinese SAT will only benefit you. But if it is just to take it and you will study math, for example, then its kind of useless I would say.

This is pretty much a no-brainer: of course it looks bad! One cannot compare the critical reading and writing sections with the Chinese SAT 2, because the Chinese test is not for native speakers. If you opt to take the Chinese SAT you're basically showing that you like to take the easy way out and I doubt many universities respect that. Moreover, if you're tied with another student for admission, they'll probably take the one that actually took a legitimate SAT.

Wow that absolutely makes sense What a shame though, now my future is looking really dismal. On the other hand, the english sections of the SAT reasoning test are for native speakers. That is why I am worried The thing is I have heard that there are quite a number of native Spanish speakers who take the Spanish SAT test anyway, and get perfect scores.

I'm sure there are many people who do that - even Chinese. It never looks good, but it's allowed, so it's ultimately your choice. Usually when you have to ask yourself the question "does this look bad?

Obviously they'll raise an eyebrow at you doing Chinese, but you must weigh that against how bad you are at your second best option. I'm from Argentina and I've taken the Spanish test, but basically because I wanted to see how easy it'd be for me. A lot of people send in scores for subjects of their native language. For the Chinese exam, I've heard that you really have to make a perfect to get an If you make one error, you lost a lot of points and your rank is wayyy decreased because so many natives take it and make s.

To OP: I'd send all the scores. If you don't know what the physics score is going to be, then let the school decide. The admissions people should just take the three best ones [or the two best ones if they require two]. Bee: I'd think Harvard would appreciate an from you. If there was a Korean test and you took that and made an , it wouldn't be as valuable, I think. But why not send all of them? They'll only consider the best three, but they'll probably be impressed by the in lit.

I'm sure Harvard agrees with me on this. The fact that it's from literature versus Spanish moreover provides an advantage that is much higher than the 30 point difference. As for sending all the scores, I'm not altogether sure I'd do that. You want to show that you can listen to directions. I emailed an elite college about that question before I think it was Yale but I can't quite remember , and the admission officer recommended that if I were to take a language subject test I shouldn't take it in my first language.

However, I don't think it will hurt if you send in, say, two language subject tests. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. IB Survival is now part of Lanterna Education. Reply to this topic Start new topic.

Recommended Posts. Posted November 6, edited. Any ideas? Link to post Share on other sites. Peachez 33 Posted November 6, Posted November 6, I'm leaning towards sending all of them in and letting them decide.. Posted November 7, edited. Edited November 7, by avident. Posted December 1, Join the conversation You can post now and register later.

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Need to Take a SAT Subject Test?

SAT Subject Tests. Let's review what it covers and how students usually score so you can decide if the SAT Subject Test in Spanish is right for you. First, you have to know what's on the test. Many students were understandably confused about why this announcement happened midyear and what this means for college applications going forward. Read more about the details of what the end of SAT Subject Tests means for you and your college apps here. Before you can decide if your language skills are up to the challenge, you should know all about the SAT Subject Test in Spanish— when it's offered, how it's structured, and what's on it.

If you're a native speaker, you should still study for the test to make sure you know grammar and other rules of the language. Don't worry about.

¿ Tú hablas Español ? Spanish Tutors in Houston are Here to Help

It was typically taken after three to four years of studying the language, once the student had reached a significantly level of understanding and competence in it. Passage selections were drawn from prose fiction, historical works, and newspaper and magazine articles, as well as advertisements, flyers and letters. This was effective immediately in the United States, and the tests were to be phased out by the following summer for international students. The test was one hour long and was composed of 85 multiple choice questions. This test was offered five times annually and did not include a listening section, which could be found on a separate but similar test, the SAT Subject Test in Spanish with Listening. The listening test was only offered once every year. According to the College Board, the three overall topics on the test were evenly divided among the 85 questions, with each comprising about a third of the test. They were as follows:.

Preparing for the SAT as a Non-Native English Speaker

native spanish speaker sat subject

Your SAT Subject Test score report provides a lot of feedback, and it might be hard to know where to start. Sign in to view your scores. Subject Test scores are reported on a scale of to Language Tests with Listening include subscores, on a scale of 20 to

Usually the students who choose to take them want to inform the colleges they apply to of their strength in a particular subject, and taking the well-known SAT Subject Test is an excellent way to emphasize your skills and interests. If your demonstrated concentration in high school has been mathematical achievement, but you also turned in a solid performance in French, you might choose those two subject tests to show why you earned good grades in those courses.

Online SAT Subject Test in Spanish with Listening Tutors

The Huntsman Program places a heavy emphasis on advanced language training, not only so that students can master the mechanics of communicating in another language, but also so that they learn the cultural context that underlies all communication. Combined with the Area Studies and Study Abroad requirements, the language component builds more than just linguistic skills — it empowers students with the skills and knowledge to move beyond communication to in-depth understanding. Applicants should demonstrate intermediate proficiency in their target language. Applicants to the Huntsman Program also have the opportunity to explain their experience with their target language in the Penn supplement. All admitted students are expected to pursue the target language for which they were admitted.

Second Language Requirement

If you need to know it, it's in this book. Read more Read less. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Previous page. The Princeton Review. Next page. Tell the Publisher!

SAT Subject Test. I'm debating on whether or not I should take the SAT II Spanish test in October. I'm a native speaker, and that's the main reason I want.

SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips

University Tutor allowed me to connect with a fabulous tutor and teacher. He adapts his teaching style to the individual student's needs and never falls short of giving them a challenge to build their confidence in the subject areas he tutors. Called them the day I was struggling in Calculus 2.

For students beginning a new language , they should register for the beginning course of that language e. You do not need to take a placement test. You will not need to take the placement test. Your AP test score will serve to determine where you place, as well as any course credit to be posted to your transcript.

Compare qualifications, hourly rates, and reviews to find the right expert for you.

Our current times are rapidly changing and gone are the days where speaking another language is optional. Learning Spanish in a classroom setting can be tough. Spanish teachers are often focused on vocabulary, conjugating verbs and translating passages from English to Spanish or vice versa. At Suprex Learning Center, our Houston area tutors are native Spanish speakers who are fluent in writing, reading, and speaking Spanish. Our tutors have a proven track record of success and are highly qualified to teach these skills to your child. If you child needs help memorizing, absorbing or speaking Spanish, the Suprex Spanish tutors can create a program to improve their fluency. It is common that a child can complete four to five years of Spanish even taking AP Spanish and they are still unable to hold even a simple conversation.

The test is hard enough for native speakers. Coming from a different language, it might seem impossible. Applying to U. This will not be as difficult as it might seem.

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